Fleshlight ICE Review and Coupon Codes

Fleshlight ICE is a male masturbator that has been around for quite a number of years now. Today, I will review and compare Fleshlight Ice with other male sex toys.

The main difference of this amazing toy in comparison to the Fleshlight original series is the fact that the insert is not pink in color, or skin toned. Instead, it is milky transparent such that you can see yourself in action when using it, something that is an extreme turn on to many.

The name Fleshlight ICE comes from the fact that the product looks so much like frozen water. It is also made up with transparent real feel material.

Fleshlight ICE Sleeve Review

There are three versions of the Fleshlight ICE Sleeve. The first is the Ice Lady, which has an orifice that resembles a lady’s vagina. The second is the Ice mouth that is designed to simulate a lady giving you a blowjob. The third is known as the Ice butt designed for those who love anal experiences. Initially, they all had various different textures, which you can still get from the old stock, but they were all replaced by a new texture known as Crystal.

fleshlight ice sleeve review

The canal

The crystal canal starts with a chamber that has spherical texture, 0.6 inches in diameter. It contains has a ring with several angular trapezoidal bumps. Just immediately after is a tight connecting passage that measures 0.4 inches in diameter. This section of ICE fleshlight is has a gentle ripped texture covering the entire surface. Next is a passage that widens to measure 0.6 inches. This chamber has a ripped texture but is a little more distinct in comparison to the previous section. Several hemispherical and four cylindrical bumps covers the next chamber which has a diameter of 0.7 inches followed by a connecting chamber of 0.4 inches that leads to an oppositional arrangement of rectangular indentations in the side walls. The last chamber of the canal has a tear shape covered in a texture that is slightly ribbed.

Features of the Fleshlight ICE

  • Packaging

Within the packaging, you will find a clear case that has caps that can be screwed on or off on both ends, an instructional booklet, two packets of Flesh Lube, and your choice of orifice insert.

  • Measurements

The case is about 10 inches long and 3.5 inches wide at the larger end. The insert itself is 9.5 inches and fits perfectly into the case. This makes it quite suitable for a very wide range of penis sizes.

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Main advantages of Fleshlight ICE Sleeve

  • Color

Fleshlight of Nicole Aniston and other stars are known for it’s color and realistic look. However, ICE is transparent to translucent in color. This allows you to see yourself inside the toy as you use it and know exactly which chamber is working on which part to give you the amazing stimulation.

  • Discrete

The casing is shaped just like a real flashlight, making it quite difficult for someone to know what it is. The translucent color of the insert makes it look a lot more like a real flashlight even with the cap of.

  • Suction

You can use the cap end to regulate the amount of suction that you will experience while using it. Tightening the cap will create a tight seal that gives more suction power for more pleasure.

How to buy Fleshlight ICE Cheap using Coupon Codes?

Below are some most common and ongoing deals and Fleshlight ICE Coupons that you should try to get your masturbator for cheap.

Free Shipping – Spend $150 or more and get your entire order at Free Ground Shipping.

Combo Deal – Purchase any two sleeve and get one for FREE. So you will get total three sleeve for the price of two only.

Up to 25% Off – During holiday and special events, company offers huge discount on their newly released and top selling products. You should buy Fleshlight ICE during that time to save upto 25% off the retail price. No need to use any special promo codes here.


As per the Fleshlight ICE reviews, It will provide you with unimaginable pleasure that is particularly varied and extremely intense. Sliding between the chambers filled with bumps and simultaneous alternating tightness sensations will make you value this toy like no other (i.e Japanese Sex doll, Tenga etc).

Unlike Alien Fleshlight, ICE is transparent sleeve which makes it the most suitable to use during foreplay with a partner. Hope you know, how to use fleshlight for maximum pleasure.

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