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The award winning pornstar Tanya Tate offers her best asset to Fleshlight. Don’t buy Lotus sleeve before reading reviews with coupons.

Review of Tanya Tate Fleshlight

Tanya Tate is a popular British porn star and 10 times MILF Award winner. This popular star also known as an adult film writer has turned on many people through her unique sensational adult films. She is excellent at blow jobs, lesbian sex and much more. Tanya Tate is yet to turn on more other people. Tanya Tate casts this precious male masturbator from her own vagina to give you the utmost realistic sensation so that you feel as if you are fucking Tanya Tate’s vagina. Dip your penis inside Tanya Tate’s Fleshlight and reach your perfect climax as you feel Tanya Tate’s super skin lotus texture from her own fleshy vagina.

Tanya Tate Fleshlight Review

Tanya’s male masturbator developed from the popular porn star’s own vagina.  Tanya Tate Fleshlight is the most liked male sex toy that currently tops the market. Lotus sleeve is made from an ultra-realistic material that has the texture of a real skin. Fleshlight sleeve is designed with a nice adjustable cap which helps you to control the rate of suction. The stretchy and soft sleeve lined by the Lotus is adjustable in order to fit different penises. The super skin material with sensitive textures helps to drive you to a strong climax. The sensational textures are uniquely designed from the porn star’s own vagina with a mouth and butt inserts to give you the maximum stimulation. Try it with Vstroker to deeply analyze your strokes.

Tanya Tate Pocket Pussy is the best product for solo fun. It has a very discreet torch-like design perfectly sized compared to other male masturbators. To clean the pussy, you should use enough water-based lube to prevent it from drying out. Wash the fleshlight thoroughly its inside and outside then spray the fleshlight with a cleaning spray before leaving the sleeve to dry. Drying doesn’t take much time but after both the sleeve and the case are completely dry, spread some of the renew powder over the sleeve and them insert the sleeve back in the case and get ready for your next moment of fun.


  • Is easy to use and clean and considered one of the top most intense fleshlight.
  • Has lifelike Lotus Texture lining the sleeve gives a realistic sensation
  • An adjustable cap for tailoring the intensity of suction
  • It has a soft stretchy sleeve which adjusts to fit different penises


It is bit costly, but it worth the every dollar you spent. You will get real like pussy  and that is of your favorite pornstar.

Tanya Tate Lotus Fleshlight Coupon Code

Tanya Tate Lotus Texture Review

Tanya Tate Lotus Sleeve is based on the her real vagina.  The Fleshlight is amazingly pink pearlescent with smooth lips that have creases. It has a plastic tube inside the opening to keep its interior from sticking together. At the bottom, there is a screw cap which looks like the top. You can screw up or unscrew the screw up to control the suction depending on what you want. For extra stimulation, heat up the sleeve with warm water. You will have the utmost realistic sensation that makes you feel as if you are fucking a real pussy. The feeling you get from this lifelike Fleshlight from Tanya Tate is real and incredible. You should never masturbate with your hands again.

How to Order Tanya Tate Fleshlight?

To place your order for Tanya Tate Lotus Fleshlight, visit an official website and order your purchase. The advantage of purchasing it from Tanya’s official website is that the product comes with a 20% discount. You no need to use any coupon code here. Make sure that cart value is $150 or more to get your sleeve for free shipping with discount. Once you place your order and make your purchase, you only wait for 24 hours before receiving the sex toy.

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