Dragon Fleshlight Sleeve (Asa Akira Review)

One of the latest Fleshlight releases is the Dragon sleeve with erotic star Asa Akira in mind. We will review this Fleshlight texture with an aim of looking at how it works.

Fleshlight is the leading brand producing adult sex toys. For many years, It has flooded the market with amazing sex toys that have enhanced sexual experiences of many men all over the world. The beauty of Fleshlight products is that they are always unique and offer very exciting experience.

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Asa Akira is a Japanese erotic star. Her Japanese roots have made her popular in the porn industry with many admirers keenly interested in her. She has a fine pussy that Fleshlight made an orifice out of it.

Dragon Fleshlight Sleeve (Find Review)

The Asa Akira pussy is what defines the Dragon sleeve by Fleshlight. This texture has the following specifications:

  • Length of 22.5 cm
  • Minimal diameter of 12 cm
  • Maximal diameter of 18 cm


It has an extraordinary stimulation with a number of rings in it. The pussy sleeve is so tight and offers the users a maximum stimulation effect when using it. The pattern of the sleeve is quite simple; it spreads through the inner texture, thus, assuring users of consistent stimulation when using this sleeve.

Single chamber

Unlike other Fleshlight products with a number of chambers, the Dragon sleeve has only one chamber that curls around your manliness. However, the beginning part of the sleeve differs from the rest, giving a totally different experience. The first part of the sleeve is very tight and the width increases as the user progress through the sleeve.

The remaining part of the chamber has long cross-ribs with a vibration effect. The vibration works to stimulate the penis giving it a soft massaging stimulation.

The unique feature of the Dragon sleeve is its additional strip that curls spirally from the beginning to the end. It covers the whole texture giving users an amazing experience when using it.

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Asa Akira Fleshlight

The Dragon Fleshlight sleeve makes your penis feel like something is winding around it. It is comfortable and quite interesting to explore. Just right from the beginning to the end, the experience is super-amazing. The inward and outward motion of the penis is really exciting to the many people who use this sex toy. There are several bumps across the single chamber that makes a person enjoy the sexual experience.

The Asa Akira Dragon sleeve has a simple texture that does not require a lot of lube. This means that the users of this sleeve can enjoy their masturbation without incurring extra costs of buying lube. However, you can put some lube to make the experience even more exciting. Check this guide to learn to use Fleshlight for maximum orgasms.

Penis Size Requirement

Many other black celebrity fleshlight sleeves require the users to measure their penis sizes first before buying. However, the Dragon sleeve has a repeating structure that does not rely on penis length for stimulation. Therefore, you do not have to measure your penis length when buying this sleeve for it has a simple repeating structure.

It is a perfect sleeve on the run.

Where to Buy Asa Akira Dragon at Discount Price?

The Dragon Fleshlight Sleeve – Asa Akira retails at price of $79.95 only. This is the recommended retail price set by the manufacturer. However you can buy it at much lower price when you order combo pack.

You should buy it on the official website of Fleshlight to get it at the best price through ongoing Fleshlight sale and deals and avoid poor quality. Hope my review helps, please share your own opinion and feedback here.

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