Janice Griffith Fleshlight Review: Eden Sleeve Coupon

Fleshlight has produced the Janice Griffith’s vagina as one of its latest Eden sleeve. Find out my review and tips to get Janice Griffith toy at discount price!

Fleshlight is the leading brand in the manufacture of adult sex toys. Fleshlight manufactures high-quality sex toys that make men enjoy having portable sexual pleasure. With a Fleshlight, you can quench your sexual urge anytime you feel like.

There are different Fleshlight models based replicas of popular porn stars. One such model is Janice Griffith.

find Janice Griffith eden Fleshlight review!

Janice is a young model popular in the porn industry. Her fine body is what is selling her most. Her body leaves most of her fans fantasizing about her. This is why Fleshlight has manufactured a sex toy with her body in mind. We will discuss all that you need to know about this product.

Janice Griffith Fleshlight (Find Review!)

As the latest in the Fleshlight flagship products, the Janice Griffith Eden comes as a popular product that needs a review. The aim of the review is to see the effectiveness of this product.

The Dimension

The Janice Griffith Fleshlight measures nine inches in length. Within the 9 inches, there are different pleasure points that a man will enjoy. The length can accommodate men of different penis sizes. The pussy itself is tight meaning that a man will just have to enjoy the sexual pleasure at different points.


Pros and Cons:


  • Portable: it is a portable device that you can carry anywhere you go.
  • Safe materials used: one of the leading advantages of this product is that it is manufactured using safe materials. Therefore, there is no risk of suffering any side effect as a result of using Fleshlight of Lana Rhoades.
  • Easy to use: you do not need prior experience with sex toys for you to use this device. It is quite simple to use.
  • Easy to clean: cleaning it is very easy. This means that you can use it and clean it regularly with much ease.
  • Long-lasting: it is a long-lasting device owing to the materials used.
  • Discreet shipping: when the sex toy is shipped to you, there is high-level discretion. Therefore, no one will ever know that you are shipping a sex toy.

Cons: The only disadvantage of this sex toy is that it is a bit pricey.

The Janice Griffith Eden Texture

One of the most unique things about this product is its texture. It has a sensational texture that gives men maximum sensation when using it.

The Eden is the first in the line of Fleshlight products with a medium toned sleeve. This texture is a unique one offering a perfect replica of Janice’s pussy. The texture is smooth with a tight pussy. It is replicating the petite star herself.

Along the texture are different pleasure points that give a man a mind-blowing sexual experience as he maneuvers through the different pleasure points. After engaging with this model, you will be left begging for more.

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How to Get Eden at Discount Price?

The price of Janice Eden Sleeve is $115.80 only. You can get a 15% discount if you buy this device from the official website of the manufacturer. If you visit Fleshlight.com and search for the product, you will find it retailing at $98.43. I suggesting to order in a combo deal or flash sale for maximum benefit.

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