Fleshlight Quickshot Coupon Codes and Reviews 2020

Fleshlight Quickshot is the top selling male product of the year. Read reviews and use coupon codes before you buy Fleshlight Quickshot.

It is a revolutionary sex toy manufactured by the leading manufacturer of male sex toys, Fleshlight Company. This product is said to be innovative for it has come out to bring interesting features which makes it a favorite to different categories of men ranging from college students to the married men who want to satisfy their sexual desires from wherever they are. As a revolutionary male sex toy, Fleshlight Quickshot is considered to be the best male masturbator given the many features of the product.

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The benefits of this range of products can only be seen through the unique advantages provided by the products.

  • Small Size

One of the major features of Fleshlight Quickshot is in its size. The products under this brand are all small in size making them quite easy to walk around with. The small size is also convenient with different people given the fact that it can be easily carried along.

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  • Discrete

Its design makes it very discreet. It can be easily carried without other people knowing that it is a sex toy. It has a unique design that makes it unrecognizable to the public. Until people get used to this design, users of this product will continue to enjoy undisputed discretion.

  • Easy to Clean

The unique material used to manufacture this product makes it quite easy to clean. Furthermore, it dries quickly after cleaning it. This makes it quite easy to maintain on daily basis.

  • Complete Pleasure

Just like any other Fleshlight product, the Quickshot offers complete pleasure when using it. The patented real skin material by Fleshlight Pocket Pussy has been used to manufacture this product thus making it a pleasurable product to use.

  • Fairly Priced

Another unique feature of this product is the fair price given. You can find them at ridiculously fair prices against the many features they have.

Of course there are many other benefits that you can get from it when you use it. The above mentioned are only a few of the top benefits that you will enjoy for choosing Quickshot over other male sex products.

Still don’t satisfy from my review of Fleshlight Quickshot? check why is it the best alternative than other sex toys.

Why is Quickshot better than Traditional Fleshlight Toys?

For a very long time, Fleshlight has been in the forefront of producing quality sex toys. The traditional Fleshlight toys have been leading in the market until the introduction of the revolutionary Quickshot. The Quickshot is definitely better than the ordinary fake vagina. There are different ways in which the it is better than it’s competitors. Here below is a comparison of the features that will help in distinguishing Quickshot from other ordinary Fleshlight products.

  • Compact size and Open-ended Design

One of the distinguishing features is the compact design and open-ended design offered by Quickshot. Same is the case with SizeGenetics. It is better by far to have a compact size for easy carriage and an open-ended design for ease of usage. This is why it has an edge over the traditional sex toys.

  • Secrecy

Another distinguishing feature is the secrecy provided by the products. It is very discreet and can be carried conveniently without people knowing that you have carried a sex toy while the Fleshlight girls are not that secretive. Furthermore, Quickshot can be hidden very easily due to their small size which makes them quite flexible to fit even in pockets.

  • Cleaning and Drying

Fleshlight Quickshot toys are quite easy to clean and dry quickly unlike the Fleshjack or other toys which are a bit difficult to clean and take much longer to dry.

  • Enjoyable Orgasms

Though this feature is subjective, but many people who have used both Quickshot and Fleshlight have confirmed that Quickshot gives more enjoyable orgasms.

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Best Fleshlight Quickshot Models

Fleshlight Quickshot is available in two models i.e. vantage combo and boost combo. They are all of the same size and design but have different colors and sleeve textures. Here below are the two details of the two models.

  1. Quickshot Vantage

Quickshot vantage is completely transparent in both the sleeve and case. A magnified view of your penis is seen when using this model. The texture of vantage is ribbed.

  1. Quickshot Boost

This model comes in a black case with a grey silver sleeve. There is a new texture applied in this model.

General Specs

Here below are the general specs of the Quickshot models detailing manufacturer’s specifications and price.

  • Length when caps is on: 4 inches
  • Length when caps is off: 5 inches
  • Diameter at the cap: 5 inches
  • Weight: 8 5/8 oz
  • Available Textures: 2
  • Price: $38

The prices might vary from time to time. You can also get discount when purchasing this product from Fleshlight by using coupons.

Top rated Fleshlight Quickshot Coupons and Codes

  • vtiypechuozf: There is an ongoing discount on all Fleshlight products, Quickshot included. Apply this code and get 20% off on your purchase.
  • Combo Pack Deal – Purchase the QuickShot Boost Gold edition combo for just $70.70. Offer is valid for Vantage and Black edition too.
  • ATATG: There is also an offer that gets you 15% off on this product. To unlock this offer, use the code given here.
  • FREESHIPNY: You can also get free shipping on your Fleshlight product when you apply the code given here.
  • GLOW: Twitter followers of Fleshlight can get up to 25% off on all the products. Cannot be combined with any other promotion.
  • buildit: All the new customers can enjoy 10% discount on their first order. Check their site for more details.

The above mentioned are some of the top working Fleshlight Quickshot Coupon Codes and deals that can help one in getting it way cheaper. We will update this page once in a week, so please bookmark us or comment here if you want to know more about the upcoming deals or exclusive offers.

Alternatively, you can sign up for their email newsletter to get current promo codes and special voucher.

Otherwise, the revolutionary Fleshlight Quickshot is a sex toy worth buying. You are allowed to stack any discount coupons with other offers. For example, you can stack Free Shipping offer with percentage off code to save even more.

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  1. I have found the Fleshlight quick shot to be my favorite masturbator. It is very easy to use and gets the result desired. Clear so you can observe the action and if working with a partner they can stimulate you through the open end. Clean up is easy as on most cases you can ejaculate through the open end. For a quality product it is priced quite economically . I also have the Boost model but have not used it yet. A quality product for men.

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