Fleshlight Flight Review 2020 plus Coupon Code

Fleshlight Flight is the best travelers pocket pussy. Read my review with discount coupon code tips to buy Fleshlight Flight for cheap.

fleshlight flight real reviews

Fleshlight products are just simply the best when it comes to getting the best adult sex toys for men. One of their newest products is the Flight model. The Fleshlight Flight has been well received in the market by adult men. A comprehensive review of this model featuring all its features, specs and price will be done to ascertain its place in the market.

Fleshlight Flight Model – an Awesome Pocket Pussy Review

This is a sleek, compact refined version of Fleshlight. It is called Flight due to its aerodynamic design that makes it best suitable for travelers. In comparison to other Fleshlight products, the Flight model is quite small and thus a perfect choice for travelers. Another great improvement in the design of this model is the dimpled outside of this case. This outside case makes it water resistant. There are still much more interesting features of this new model.

Unique Features

Here below is a list of the amazing features with my complete review of Fleshlight Flight model get.

  • Real-Feel SuperSkin

The model has a real-feel SuperSkin which makes the user to have a good feeling when using it. It even becomes hard to imagine that the skin is not real.

  • Discreet

This is one of the most discreet fleshlight products that you can find. It is a small sex toy and thus can be stored even in the pocket without raising any suspicion. Furthermore, the attractive and sturdy canister that resembles a fleshlight quickshot makes it even more discreet. You can therefore walk with it comfortably.

  • Tighten and Loosen Special end-cap

The control of the suction has been improved with the special end-caps that allow you to either tighten or loosen to the sexual engagement real.

  • Easy to use and clean

The Flight model is quite easy to use. The instructions of using it are very clear and you will have no trouble using it.

Cleaning it is also an easy thing. There are no complications involved when cleaning this sex toy.

Other features include:

  • Instructions for use and care
  • Shower Mount option
  • Two distinct textures

fleshlight flight discount coupons

What is the price of Fleshlight Flight?

There are varied prices depending on where you buy it and the exact type of the Flight model you purchase. Otherwise, it retails from around $72 and above.

Why should you buy Flight Pocket Pussy?

You will get real value for your money when you buy this product. The numerous benefits mentioned above will all be at your disposal. This is the best male sex toy and thus you have all the reasons to buy it. If you think the price is too much for you, then you should consider using promo codes listed here below.

Top Fleshlight Flight Discount Coupons

  • 20% Off: You can get 20% off on your order. The code for this offer is vtiypechuozf.
  • 50% Off: This is a discount on any of the Fleshlihgt product, the Flight Model included. The code for it is eva2016.
  • 15% Off: You can also use the code ATATG to get 15% off on your order.
  • 20% Discount: You can get 20% discount when you purchase the redeye flight pack. No coupons required for this offer.

There is also a similar offer on the Traveler Pack. Instead of paying €110, you will only pay €87. There are few optional accessories available for you. I would suggest you to buy all to get best experience ever.

The two offers are only valid through the main site or authorized affiliate sellers.

With the above Fleshlight Flight coupon codes, you should have no excuse for not buying the it. If you still have any query then you can feel freely ask me by placing your comments here.

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  1. I was abit put off by the Fleshjack price but it has been the best purchase i have made! when my partner is away, it means i have my trusted toy to give me a helping hand! i would never be without one!

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