Japanese Fleshlight Girl Review – Asa Akira Lotus Coupon

Fleshlight Girl of the Day, The Asa Akira is one of the most popular exotic Japanese porn girl in the world, and without a doubt, a fantasy of many. Her impressive resume include sexual accomplishments such as her vagina being voted for in in the RLA awards as the best sex toy a few years ago, making more men yearn for a piece of it. And that is exactly what Fleshlight are offering, only better.

Asa Akira Fleshlight Lotus Review

You get to choose from three options just how you want to have her;

  1. Asa Akira Vagina (You can also called it as Asa Akira Fleshlight )

This Fleshlight girl toy is a tight sleeve that was molded right from the actual pussy of Asa Akira, giving you the exact same feeling and sensation that you would get with the real porn star.

  1. Asa Akira Mouth

If you fancy blowjobs, then this is the product for you. You can enjoy the blowjob of your life at any time from the porn star of your dreams through this amazing toy which has the exact same proportions as that of Akira.

  1. Asa Akira Butt

You can also enjoy some anal fuck, if it is your cup of tea. Asa Akira Butt is there for you to take care of your pleasures any day, anytime.

Asa Akira – The Japanese Fleshlight Girl Review

Attention to detail is one of the things that make this toy amazing. Not every pussy feels similar just as not every man has the same package below the belt. That is why Fleshlight offers you a variety of textures to enjoy the pussy of Asa Akira. Please take a look at my Japanese Fleshlight Review provided here, before you go ahead and purchase it online.

The Lotus texture

This is as close to a pussy as you will ever find. It has nice tight opening that widens gradually just enough to accommodate your cock in the best possible way. You can choose a degree of tightness that best suits you to ensure that you get the most realistic sex experience ever with a toy.

The mini-lotus Fleshlight texture

This Japanese Fleshlight is in all ways similar to the Lotus, only that it has the changes in texture and the different pressure points moved a little closer to its opening. This is meant to take care of men whose dimensions don’t match those of porn stars, so that they can feel the exact same sensation offered by the Lotus. Kayden Kross fleshlight also have mini-lotus kind of texture.

The Dragon Texture

Just as the name suggests, its walls have some kind of twists throughout its length, which gives an amazing sensation to your cock as it pushes through each of the twists. The twists are housed inside a ribbed cage, a combination that is guaranteed to take you to a climax like you have never experienced before. It is totally different than Riley Reid Euphoria texture, which is best for her butt toy.

Key features of Japanese Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

  • Best-selling Fleshlight masturbator for men
  • Cast from Japanese star Asa Akira, a sensation in the porn film industry, making it so realistic and accurate.
  • SuperSkin that is temperature-responsive and ultra-realistic is used to make the sleeve, giving it the ultimate authenticity.
  • Outer casing is discrete and has a base that is adjustable, meant for suction purposes.
  • Internal length is 9 inches, making it well capable of accommodating huge erections.
  • They come in a variety of colors to match the ethnicity that you fancy the most. See through varieties are available as well.

japanese fleshlight girl review and coupons

Advantages of Fleshlight Japanese Girls sex toys

  1. It is a great sex alternative that minimizes the risks of pregnancy and STDs.
  2. They have a wide variety to choose from
  3. You can get additional accessories for them to make them more exciting
  4. Your size does not really matter, you will always be accommodated.


  1. You have to deal with cleaning issues after every use, for health reasons.
  2. It cost a bit. But we have solution for you if you want to lower the price. Checkout below coupon to save huge.

Fleshlight.com is offering Free Shipping and if you purchase Asa Akira’s Fake Vagina, Butt and Mouth combo then you will save upto 35% off the retail price. You will also get lube for FREE. Moreover, you should check our dedicated Fleshlight discount code page to find some working promotional offers.

Should you buy Asa Akira Fleshlight?

If you decide to go for a toy, then you might as well go for the best. Asa Akira Fleshlight Review is written based on my person experience and by taking consideration of all the other user who used it. This Fake Pussy will get you exactly what you are looking for, if not more. Grab yours and make your sex life as amazing as it should be.

So, What do you think about her? If you have any question about shipping, materials, cleaning process or discount coupons then you can contact us by commenting here. I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

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