Tantaly expands the boundaries of sensual experience

It is becoming the norm for individuals to be able to freely stroll into a sex toy and adult sex accessories store of their choosing to acquire sex toys without being subjected to stress or harassment while making their purchase. This demonstrates that the company is doing really well and continues to grow successfully. If you are searching for a company to start and you are interested in the adult shops market, then you should seriously consider opening your own sex toy store. There is a lot of room for growth in this area.

You do not need a college degree in order to open your own sex toy business; nevertheless, you will need some type of informal training, and it is possible that you will need to work as an apprentice for someone who operates a sex toy shop or adult store. When you first open your own store, it will be much simpler for you to learn how to run it successfully thanks to this. If you ask any entrepreneur, they will tell you that beginning a company comes with a variety of obstacles to overcome. Establishing a successful company selling sex toys calls for a significant amount of labor, commitment, and, most importantly, enthusiasm. If you are serious about starting your own company and are prepared to put in the work required to do it, you will want to ensure that you take the necessary measures to develop a reputable brand.

If you are experienced in the field, have a dogged work ethic, and as astute about money as you are about sex, opening a store selling adult sex accessories and sex toys may be a lucrative endeavor. If you have the correct location, excellent services, and solid marketing abilities, you will be able to serve a diverse range of consumers. These customers include both normal people and celebrities, as well as corporate clients. Tantaly was the name of Steven Liu’s sex accessory store that he launched in the year 2020. He was equipped with the knowledge and abilities necessary to launch a successful sex accessory company, so he went ahead and established it. In the time since its founding, the firm has seen a great lot of success, and it is now active on five continents. In the following paragraphs, we will delve more into the ways in which the company pushes the limits of what is considered to be a pleasurable experience for males.


It is now possible for every man to have a sexual partner

To all the out the males that complain every time about being single and unable to get sexually satisfied, Tantaly has got something that will bring the best sensual experience for you. Tantaly is responsible for the design and creation of one of the most original series of realistic torso sex dolls of the highest quality. By elevating the Tantaly brand to the pinnacle of excellence in the industry of sex doll torsos, the firm has the overarching goal of assisting male customers in having a private experience that is both more fun and more true to life.

Tantaly has developed progressively the sex doll torsos Britney, Nicole, Sarina, Eva, Cecilia, Dita, Candice,Aurora, Channing, etc., with the intention of accomplishing such an audacious objective. Customers have expressed positive feedback on these goods.

The firm has set a goal for itself to improve the realism and overall quality of its goods in the future by increasing the number of design components and creative methods that are included into the product design process.

Customers have the opportunity to have the most genuine experience possible because to the fact that each of their dolls has a body form, skin texture, and touch feel that are very lifelike. These sex doll torsos have a wide variety of applications, such as providing social companionship, facilitating individual sexual discovery, enhancing the sexual experience for couples, and many more.

Andy Lee: The Pornstar who redefined the Game

In recent years, the adult film business, which is often referred to as the pornography industry, has been subjected to a number of important developments. The spread of free pornographic material online and the growth of the internet have both had a huge influence on the adult entertainment business. The conventional recording studio structure has been shaken up, and a growing number of artists are now responsible for the production and distribution of their own material. As a consequence of this, a new dynamic has emerged within the business, one in which artists now have a greater degree of control over their own careers and are able to engage directly with the audiences that they serve. In addition, the proliferation of social media platforms and online streaming services has made it simpler for artists to market their work and establish a fanbase for themselves. Because adult material is now more readily available, the entertainment industry as a whole has become more diversified and accepting of a larger variety of performers and forms of content. Nevertheless, the transition to digital distribution has also resulted in a decline in income for the sector as a whole. The entertainment sector has been hit hard by piracy, which has resulted in a reduction in conventional income sources like as DVD sales and pay-per-view channel subscriptions. Even though technological advances and shifting social mores are driving further change in the sector, it continues to play an important role in the entertainment sector.

Andy Lee is an Irish pornstar who has achieved a high level of notoriety and esteem within the adult film business. The ability to continuously raise the bar and push the limits of what is possible in the profession is what genuinely differentiates Andy from other performances. More than ten years ago, he gave up his job as a plumber and moved away from his childhood home on Sheriff Street. Since that time, he has established himself as the Irish porn performer who gets Googled the most often in every region of the world. The guy, who is 34 years old and has a penis that measures 10.5″, revealed it for the program “My Massive Cock” that aired on Channel 4, and he is now planning to make an appearance on the most popular talk show in Ireland. In the following paragraphs, we will discover how Andy Lee has redefined the game in the adult world.


Where there is a will, there is a way

When Andy initially joined the porn industry, the industry was in the throes of a technological revolution. The prevalence of free pornographic material online and the growth of the internet both started to alter the traditional methods used inside the business. Performers were no longer restricted to working within the confines of the conventional studio structure, and a large number of them began taking things into their own hands by creating and distributing their own material. Andy saw the possibilities in these emerging technologies and immediately set out to explore novel approaches to the production and distribution of pornographic material.As a result of the growth of personal content subscription services like OnlyFans and JustforFans, some adult entertainers are starting to make five figures each month. Andy Lee rapidly came to the conclusion that his participation in this technological revolution may help him make millions of dollars; hence, he made the prompt decision to enter the world of OnlyFans and begin producing material. The Irish pornstar, who has a penis size of around 10.5 inches, is regarded to be among the highest-rated porn performers on OnlyFans as a result of this move, which turned out to be incredibly fruitful for him.


The fact that Andy was prepared to take on parts that were more difficult and contentious was one of the first things that distinguished him from other artists. He was not hesitant to test the limits of what was acceptable in the business, and his performances often tested those boundaries. He was not afraid to push the boundaries of what was acceptable in the industry. Andy’s reputation as a performer who was always pushing the edge was aided along by his willingness to take chances and test the limits of what was possible. To learn more about Andy Lee, please visit: https://andyleexxx.com/

Female Escort Services USA: Everything You Need To Know

Female Escort Services USA offer companionship and sexual services to women in need of relaxation and pleasure. Whether you are looking for a one-time experience or a more regular arrangement, Female Escort Services USA can provide you with the perfect match. These services provide a safe and discreet environment for women to explore their fantasies and desires. From GFE dates to BDSM nights, Vibe-City offers an array of special services that can help you find the perfect match.

For those seeking companionship and intimacy, choosing an escort can be an intimidating experience. Choosing a Female Escort in the USA is no different. There are many things to consider before making a decision.

The first consideration is safety. Before selecting an escort, it is important to research the company to make sure they are legitimate. Reputable companies will provide verified photos and references, as well as background checks. It is also important to read reviews from past clients to ensure the company is reputable and the escorts are professional and reliable.

Second, consider the type of escort you would like. Female escorts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Do you want a petite blonde or a curvy brunette? Do you want an experienced escort or a novice? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your search.

Third, consider your budget. Escorts can range from $50 an hour to several hundred dollars. Consider your budget and find a company that offers quality services at an affordable price.

Finally, consider the services the escort provides. Some escorts provide companionship only, while others may offer sexual services. Make sure you know and understand the services the escort provides before booking an appointment.


A massage is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. Whether you’re looking to relieve stress, ease sore muscles, or just feel pampered, a massage is the perfect way to achieve this. Whether you opt for a Swedish massage or a more intense deep tissue massage, the best way to enjoy a massage is to be comfortable. Make sure to dress in loose and comfortable clothing and let your masseuse know if you have any areas of your body that are particularly sensitive.

Fleshlight Mr Limpy Dildo Review – Buy it Cheap

Fleshlight Mr Limpy Dildo is a popular and fan favorite masturbation product that is made from the same proprietary real-feel super skin that is used in Fleshlight masturbation sleeves.

The Mr Limpy dildo can be stretched, swung, pulled or used as a gag gift, whichever way you desire. It might come in quite handy on those days that you are all alone and need to have some fun as well as when you are with your partner and need to spice up your sexual life. It has been used many times in bachelor and bachelorette parties to bring in all the fun and get the party going. It has also been used so frequently by transgender men as a packer.

fleshlight mr limpy dildo review

Review of Fleshlight Mr Limpy Dildo

  • Realistic

Fleshlight Mr Limpy Dildo is as realistic as the real thing. It is made of a material that feels exactly like real skin, with all the desirable properties of skin which includes texture and stretch. The shape is also designed to resemble the perfect penis which will offer maximum stimulation when used as a dildo. You should also check my post to make rubber pussy.

  • Packer

When used as a packer, it will conform to the desired angles to give it a perfect fit and provide a confident full appearance underneath your clothes. The flat base will allow it to sit comfortably against the body. It also warms up to your body heat which gives it a more natural feel and makes it even more comfortable.

  • Measurements

Mr Limpy Dildo has a length of 6.5 inches for the medium size. The material used is known as superskin thermoplastic elastomer, flesh tone in color.

  • Durability

The material used is body-safe and built to last. If you take proper care of it, you can make use of it for even years. The number of reuses is not limited and it is also quite easy to clean. All you need is some mild detergent and water.

  • Made in the USA

Most product originating from the United States are believed to be of high standards. Fleshlight Mr Limpy is one of such products, designed and developed in the US. Sophia Rossi Pocket Pussy is also made in US product.


  • The elasticity and feel of Fleshlight Mr Limpy Dildo makes it one of the most comfortable packers
  • There are various sizes for you to choose from depending on your needs and preferences
  • It can function as both a packer and a dildo toy


  • It comes at a relatively steep price

How to buy Fleshlight Mr Limpy for Cheap?

You can get this amazing product at discounted prices through various means. The most common avenue is through promotions and sales which usually come periodically. Such sales might be clearance sales or just promotional sales. If there is no ongoing sale at the time of purchase, you can try getting some coupons and vouchers which will also offer you some discount. These vouchers and coupon codes come in the form of codes. You can get some of them online or as gifts from the official site. You can also get that from sale and during special offer. This is how you can buy fleshlight cheap.

Mr Limpy Dildo is for you?

You can improve your level of confidence by packing the Fleshlight Mr. Limpy Dildo, whether you are a transgender or simply trying to get a bigger appearance. Ladies can also enjoy using it for self-pleasure to achieve that fetish of sex with a soft penis. It is a great product with great benefits that comes highly recommended to all.

Best Realistic Pussy – Buy Realistic Vagina Cheap

In the current world, fake yet realistic pussy  have been popularly accepted by the society and come up as a great essential for men. They come in quite handy during those solo moments that the partner is not around and you desire to have some fun.

A fake realistic vagina can be used merely for pleasure or as a training device to improve you stamina and performance in bed. It comes with so many advantages as in comparison to the real thing such as no fear of pregnancy or contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, which is when used properly of course.

bes rated realistic pokcet pussy

Best Selling Realistic Pussy

There are many numbers of masturbator available in market for men. If you want to buy realistic vagina then below are the top rated products for you.

Fleshlight Realistic Pocket Pussy

Fleshlight has been producing sex toys for men for over a decade now and is responsible for introducing more men to the pleasures of using toys more than any of their competitors. They have the highest number of sales when it comes to fake vaginas. They offer quite a wide variety of products that function in a similar way but gives totally different kinds of stimulation. The main differences in their products is mainly in the textures as well as the orifices. The orifices are in the shapes of butt, mouth and pussy.

One of the things that probably makes their sales to sky rocket is probably the fact that their toys are modeled from real-life celebrity porn stars like Nikki Benz MVP, Stoya, Anikka Albrite etc.  You get to in a way, fulfill all you dreams of getting your favorite porn star into your bed. The toys are also made of very high quality material known as super skin. The material is made to feel exactly like real skin, with all the desirable properties of skin present.

It usually cost $70 to $120 based on the selected model. But you can cheap buy fleshlight with the help of coupons. It will reduce your spending by upto 30%.

Cyberskin Pussy

Cyberskin pussy is undoubtedly on of the most realistic fake vagina there is on the market today. It has an amazing look and feel of real human skin which has the ability to warm up quickly to body temperature, mimicking the softness and elasticity of human flesh. It is considered at best alternatively to fleshlight. The toys come in many forms and shapes, replicating the human composition. They are generally considered to be large toys, making them feel closer to reality than most other toys. Most of them have two orifices in a single toy; you get to use both the pussy and the ass as you please. They are however, not travel friendly due to their size and appearance. This makes it suitable for those who live alone or just have a ‘don’t care’ personality.

Sex in a Can Fleshlight

This is a deceptive sex toy for men that even a trained eye would find it hard to recognize. It is a mini vagina that has an outward appearance of a bear can. It has a very realistic tight vagina opening that looks exactly like a real one. Its inner texture is that of the mini lotus, capable of delivering very powerful orgasms as many times as you desire. It is perfect for those men who desire discretion, such as those with a family. You can travel with it and set it right in the public eye and no one will suspect a thing. The same patented Super skin is used for this device as well, giving it the great feel with easy maintenance.

buy realistic pussy for cheap

Where to buy fake realistic vagina for Cheap?

You can buy Fleshlight from it’s official site. They are offering Free Shipping with B2G1 Free Offer. There regularly host sale and promotional coupon to save you huge.

For CyberSkin, Sex in Can, you can browse Amazon.com or check adult toys website like Adam and Eve, lovehoney, Pinkcherry.  In order to buy that cheap you should check some China retailer like Aliexpress, DhGate. They offer sex dolls and real looking pussy for super cheap. You can use coupons to get huge discount on your online order. They offer International Shipping, so you won’t have to worry about delivery.

Which Fake Realistic Vagina should you buy?

The variety of toys to choose from can be quite overwhelming, and deciding on which one to buy becomes a challenge. Either way, you can’t go wrong as nearly all of them will serve its purpose. The Fleshlight toys however, seem to stand out as the best in the industry. The toys have all the desirable properties in terms of discretion, functionality, pricing and maintainability among others. There are also a wide range of toys to choose from in order to match personal needs and preferences.

If you don’t want to buy realistic pussy then you should try homemade fifi that is cheap too but might not give good pleasure.

Where to Buy Pipedream Fuck Me Silly for Cheap

Pipedream Fuck Me Silly is a mega masturbator that is designed to look and feel like the ass of a real woman. Fuck Me Silly is made with a special material known as FantaFlesh which has all the desirable properties including easy cleaning. The toy is life-sized with the core not being anywhere close to a deal breaker. It resembles the ideal shape of a woman with various representations of the perfect girl that you have always dreamed of. It can be penetrated via two holes, either the vaginal tunnel or the anal.

buying cheap pipedream fuck me silly

Features of Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator

  • Durable

The toy can stay in the perfect shape for years, but only under the condition that it is used appropriately and cleaned in the right way. It is meant to be reused as many times as you would desire.

  • Realistic

It is made of material that feels exactly like the real thing, if not better. It gives you the two options of either butt or vagina as entry holes, both of which provides magical sensations.

  • Heavy and stable

The toy weighs up to 7kgs, making it heavy and stable enough for various positions such as the doggy-style and missionary.

  • Extras

It comes packed with some samples of toy cleaner as well as lube that is water based, making it ready for use as soon as you get your package.

Why should you buy Pipedream Fuck Me Silly?

If you are planning to buy realistic vagina then Pipedream is the only hope for you. There are a million reasons to buy Pipedream Fuck me Silly toy, but among the main ones are;

  • Pleasure

The toy is guaranteed to give you so much unlimited pleasure, all without the worries of diseases, pregnancies and the like. You no longer have to worry about not having a woman around when you need one because the Pipedream Fuck Me Silly will always be there for you and will ever say no to you. If you want to gift real looking cock to your girlfriend then you should go with either fleshlight Mr Limpy or Fuck me Hard.

  • Practice

For those with problems of premature ejaculation and the like, you can use this toy to train yourself on how to get full control of your ejaculation. This means that you will now be able to last longer in bed and satisfy your woman even more. If you buy fleshlight then you will have to get fleshlight liberator mount for best ever masturbation.

How to buy Pipedream Fuck Me Silly for Cheap?

With all the great features and advantages that this toy comes with, it is only natural that its price be a bit hefty. This factor might scare people away from buying it but thanks to the various ways of getting it cheaply, it should not be a worry. You can get great discounts from the original price through promotional offers, deals and coupons which can be found from the official site as well as from third party adult sites. Cheap Fleshlight is also available, if you buy it during sale time.

Top PipeDream Fuck my Silly Coupons and Codes

46% discount:  You can enjoy a discount of up to 46% on the extreme Fuck Me Silly masturbator by making your purchase via the retailer Pinkcherry site. You do not need any promotional code for this offer.

Free shipping:  With all your purchase, you get an offer of free shipping. This is however, limited to addresses in the US only.

You should buy cheap Pipedream Fuck my Silly along with Nikki Benz Fleshlight for maximum pleasure.

Fleshlight Motion by Liberator – Mount Review

Fleshlight Motion by Liberator was created to help man enjoy any position without hand-job.

Sex positions matter a lot to most men. A man will derive more pleasure from a specific position depending on his preferences. Any man can now enjoy the good old missionary style with all the benefits that come with it by using the Fleshlight motion. It is basically a specially designed cushion that is meant to be used together with your bought Fleshlight toy. It positions the Fleshlight at an angle that is perfect for maximum stimulation. It can be held against a wall as well for stimulation during standing sex, or work as a foundation for your torso when giving oral.

review of Fleshlight Motion from Liberator

Review of Liberator’s Fleshlight Motion

  • Material

It is made of pleather material, with polyester used for lining. Polyester is used due to its great feel, making it extra comfortable. It is also long lasting, and does not lose any of its good properties with time.

The foam used inside is fully supportive polyurethane. It is firm enough to support your entire weight, but not hard in any way so as to ensure maximum comfort during usage.

  • Cleaning

Fleshlight Motion is quite easy to clean, and does not stain in any way. You can even machine wash it without destroying any of its great properties. For manual cleaning, you only need to wipe it with soap and water for an easy and quick cleaning. Ensure that you use only mild and non-bleaching soap.

  • Variety

The mounts are designed in various shapes and sizes which makes them usable for various sex positions, both with and without a partner. The number of pillow designs is currently three; Top Dog, Two Play and On a Mission.

Advantages of Fleshlight Motion by Liberator

  • Hands free

Review of Fleshlight Motion by Liberator says that it allows you to enjoy all the action without having to involve your hands. This makes it look and feel more like real sex, only better because of the great textures that are found in the rubber pocket pussy toys.

  • Exclusive design for Fleshlight

The mount is designed specifically to fit the Anikka Albrite Fleshlight male masturbators. The dimensions and specifications are an exact match, meaning that you don’t have any issues of lose fittings. Other sex toys might also work with it in a way, but only if they have approximately the same dimensions as those of Sophia Rossi Fleshlight.

  • Discretion

The Fleshlight Mount by Liberator is designed in such a way that you will have to take a couple of curious looks to figure out what it is. Its weight and size makes it easy to hide it just under the bed for easy access whenever you need it.

When buying it, it ships in a brown box with absolutely no information regarding what is inside. You don’t have to worry about any embarrassment while collecting your delivery. [ We vibe Tango ]

Top rated Fleshlight Motion Coupons and Codes

You can get this amazing product at cheaper prices online by using coupon codes or taking advantage of the various promotional offers that occur regularly. A few working codes are given below;

  • Free delivery: All deliveries within the US are free of charge. No code is required for this offer.
  • 25% off: Enjoy a discount of 25% by using the coupon code BEMERRY. This offer is available for only a limited stock.
  • 30% off: You can save up to 30% with any single purchase by using the code VIPMORE

3C New Trend:Leten Technology Classic Masturbation Cup Firmly Ranked C

What is the definition of a product? It is a solution to the needs of consumers. In our era where everything can be a product, high-tech interactive masturbation cup products are a tool to provide men with a closer real sex experience. They have their own needs that must be satisfied. Among them, entry-level products are the ones that best show brand value and design. Let’s take a look today from the product point of view – what classic series of masturbation cups does Leten have? What are they, and why are they sought after by everyone?


Leten one cost-effective manual masturbation cup – in-depth user needs for beginners, empowering their first experience.

For experienced users, Leten one is always at the forefront of all the Leten classics. Regarding its price, the experience and its function of exercise, the whole line of products with three functions has been well received by beginner users. As a fresh tool, masturbation cups are not like high-priced electronic products such as mobile phones. In the current complete chain of consumption, return and second-hand recycling, they have low trial and error costs. Once you buy a masturbation cup, resell can hardly happen if the experience is not nice enough. This is determined by the product attributes of the masturbation cup itself, and it is also decided by people’s consumption habits. Therefore, most of the entry-level products of major brands are positioned below $50, thereby lowering the entry threshold for users. Although it is not a high-tech interactive masturbation cup, we do have a high user reputation of the Leten one series.

laten one series

At a price of less than $50, Leten one provides entry-level users with a quality that is almost comparable to the second-level products of the same brand. It is regarded as an affordable entry-level model. The ultra-soft TPE channel of over 200g perfectly reproduces the softness, rebound and comfort of big buttocks. With the three-hole progressive negative-pressure sucking and the internal three-stage wrinkle stimulation, it brings an extremely real and gradual sense of control to the first experience of entry-level users. The official training guide takes the manual control mode to the extreme, allowing users to go deeper from experience to functional development.

The Youhuang series IIII masturbation cup – entry-level training, fulfilling the dream of entry-level users.

When it comes to the Youhuang series, we have to mention the sexual growth history of many men. Due to various reasons, self-education is the typical development model of many men, and this has led to AV actresses becoming an important role in their lives. No guys dares to say that he has never dreamed of having sex with an AV actress to show his ability. Leten Youhuang’s fourth-generation high-tech interactive masturbation cup, reproduced with a real body of an AV actress, imitating the vagina of the real Hatano Yui + real voice interaction, totally standing out in the market of sex toys. With an extremely high quality, it has become the choice of “first-love experience” for entry-level users. It’s equipped with soft flesh TPE with more than double the weight of products at the same price, a super powerful motor with ten-frequency vibration and magnetic charging design.

A380 III masturbation cup – entry-level, masturbation cup with fully automatic scene experience, the first annotation of immersive experience.

As a product that meets the needs of people to shelter from wind and rain, the house creates a home scenario for us; as a product that meets the displacement needs, the car creates a scenario with a variety of added value for us. A380 is designed to meet the needs of simulated sex experience. The product can create more space for fantasy of users, contributing a new field of situational and immersive masturbation cups, using settings + content + experience to stimulate users’ fantasy, using built-in content and a fully automatic feeling, allowing users to enjoy an immersive experience. It also gives entry-level users the perfect first-time experience of their fantasy of uniforms.

Leten Future cabin 708 – depicting future scenes and creating a cyberpunk-style super-sensual sex experience.

Demand thinking is the most common thing for brand product design – when new technologies emerge, people need new stimuli; when new scenarios appear, people need new experiences, and when new groups appear, we need a full range of new services. These are the entry points of product design. When modern masturbation cups can no longer meet people’s pursuit of novelty, leten’s future cabin 708, starting from the sci-fi scene beyond reality, has created a masturbation cup product far beyond the current sexual experience. The future experience of integration of 7 senses + highly realistic character setting brings a cyberpunk-style sense of future immersion. It pays attention to quality, design details, button design of its ergonomic function, creating limitless possibilities to a cyber-sex journey.

As an advanced entry-level product, leten’s future cabin 708 has won the hearts of users with a configuration that was much better than the same level of products. It also won the recognition of users with a moderate and affordable price, becoming a well-deserved beginner advanced artifact.

The needs of users are always changing, and products thus need to be constantly evolving as well. When the brand really thinks from the user’s psychology, it can then find its positioning from the demand, create a unique user’s experience and allow them to remember the brand, truly creating an eternal classic.

Where to buy leten’s full range of classic masturbation cups?

Leten New Air Oral Male Masturbation

Leten’s latest masturbation cup sucks in deep throat. After removing gas, a negative pressure vacuum is formed in the oral cavity.

Leten NEW X-Sped Automatic Thrusting Masturbator
From the brand Leten, Leten X-Sped Automatic Thrusting Masturbator  is certainly a device that can completely bring a change in love-life.

Leten 708 Future Cabin The Phantom Speed

The masturbation cup works extremely fast. It transcends time and bring you a futuristic appearance.

Incorporating future technological elements, the visual fantasy of 708 tends to be infinite.

Leten 708 Future Cabin The Golden Storm

A sex machine from the future, integration of seven senses to satisfy your imagination.

Integration of as many as 27 future sex technologies, bringing you into the era of sex 3.0 and pushing your sexual experience to a higher level.

Leten 708 Future Cabin Night Trek

The upgrade of the four senses is beyond your imagination

The cutting-edge technology of Thunder Lab in 2020 will allow you to realize your fantasy in the distant future.

Leten 708 Future Cabin PRO

A sex machine from the future that feels far more than a real person.

Seven senses in one, a sex experience that is better than a real person. Take the lead in leading humans into the 3.0 era of sex.

Shipping Policy:

About 1 week, all tax and duty are prepaid by Honeysx.

10% off, use: GETOFF10 and FREE SHIPPING over $69.


About leten:

Deeply rooted in the Internet for many years of sex brand “leten”, closely following the tide of technological changes such as artificial intelligence, VR, big data, etc., constantly upgrading product research and development technology, with the help of high-tech products to create a good user sex experience, for the benefit of the world’s men’s sexual welfare life.


Fleshlight Nikki Benz Reign MVP Review w/t Coupons

Nikki Benz Reign and MVP Fleshlight is the hot selling sex toy in the market. Read my Review with deals to buy it at best price.

Nikki Benz is the stage name of one of the most popular porn actresses. The award winning Ukrainian Canadian star rose to fame in 2010 when she was a pet in Penthouse, and later selected as Pet of the Year. Given that she is a fantasy of so many men, she became one of the top Fleshlight girls. The toys modeled from her are of two textures; MVP and Reign texture.

BUY Nikki Benz Fleshlight NOW!! (Super Cheap)

Review of Nikki Benz’s Fleshlight

The MVP Fleshlight is one that will leave you feeling like a champion. It was released on March 2016 making it among the newest and the best in the Fleshlight series. It is the pussy orifice version modeled from the hot Nikki herself.

Nikki Benz's Reign Fleshlight Review

Nikki Benz MVP Fleshlight Texture

There is a section that is filled with tiny bumps at the start of the canal. The bumps give extreme stimulation such that if you are not careful, you will get off really fast. The bumps are followed by some rows of other tiny bumps separated by gaps, designed to provide a suction effect that is so powerful to enhance the sensation that is already overpowering. This sort of structure has never been seen in any other Fleshlight canal before.

The next section is cross ribbed, with 5 ribs in total. The ribs offer some tightness that is truly unbelievable. It is this section that finishes off most first timers. But that is not all, you get to encounter a large circular bumpy section after the ribs. By the time you get there, you will be already 5 to 6 inches deep with the entire length of your penis being stimulated. For those blessed with length and can go even deeper, you will feel another set of cross ribs at about 8 inches.

Get Nikki Bezn (Regin + MVP) at Discounted Price (Hurry!!)

Nikki Benz Reign Texture

The reign texture is the butt orifice version of the Nikki Benz Fleshlight. It forms the pinnacle of the modern masturbation technology for men.

The canal starts with a section X that is very stimulating. The section basically is filled with x-like structures that get you to a very pleasant start. The next section is a cross-ribbed chamber with large gaps in between the ribs. This provides a suction feeling that literally sucks the fluids out of you. A tight elongated gap follows the cross ribs, spanning for close to 2 inches. Towards the end of the canal are a series of bumps that are angled just like those in the Destroya and Siren Fleshlight.

fleshlight coupons for Nikki Benz mvp

The entire canal is made to feel tight all the way, adding to the already over stimulating texture. Going on for more than three minutes will actually become a challenge with the Reign of Nikki Benz.

How to Buy Nikki Benz’s Fleshlight for Cheap using Coupon Codes?

If you want to purchase reign or MVP texture of nikki but don’t want to spend full then you can use promo codes to but it cheap. You can purchase signature sensations, fleshwash and fleshlube water for price of $211.95 only. Regular price is $241.80. MVP and Reign is available at price of $98. 00 each.

Buy Nikki Benz VIP Fleshlight Kit at $30 OFF! (CLICK HERE)

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Why you should buy the Nikki Benz Fleshlight?

The MVP and Reign Fleshlight of Nikki Benz are some of the latest designs with new and innovative structures that have never been seen before. Modelled from one of the hottest porn stars ever, the Nikki Benz pocket pussy is guaranteed to give you so much pleasure, better than what the real actual sex would give. It will turn those solo moments into wow moments.

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How to Make a Rubber Pocket Pussy

A Rubber pocket pussy is simply a fancy name for an artificial vagina or other orifice that tries to replicate it. Main function of the pocket pussies is for men to use them in masturbation, as a way of increasing the pleasure. Other names given to it are DIY pussies, siren pussy, and portable vaginas among many. Despite the variation in the names, the product is ideally the same item.

Uses of a Rubber pocket pussy

The main function as mentioned earlier, is simply for pleasure but there is another useful function for it; it can help men build up their sexual stamina. Men can use it for practice to try and raise their threshold for ejaculation before orgasm. The different textures and sizes of the masturbation toys gives it something to offer in relation to building sexual stamina, even for those who consider themselves as pros in that area. Premature ejaculation can be a problem of the past, thanks to these great toys.

making rubber pocket pussy

Single men can also use the toy as a great company if they don’t have a partner. They don’t have to miss out on all the benefits that married men enjoy. For couples, it can be incorporated in their sexual activities just to bring in more variety and spice. There are a few cases where penetrative sex cannot be ideal such as during menopause, menstruation time or pregnancy. Such times, this sex toy comes in handy. [ We Vibe Tango Review ]

How to make a Rubber Pussy at Home?

In order to make homemade fake rubber vagina, you will need certain things. Below are the required accessories that will help you to make simulator of original pussy.


  • Rubber gloves- choose the gloves that have high elasticity for best results
  • Flesh material- you can use either hand towels or sponge for the flesh part. Sponge usually works best as it tends to try and regain its original form every time.
  • Support material- this can be anything which has a cylindrical shape and has a good size enough to fit you penis. Examples are well shaped bottles and tubes.
  • Tape or rubber bands- this will help you hold everything together.
  • Lubrication- a nice lubricant that is not water based is found to work best for this toy.

Such type of fake rubber pussy can be the best alternative to fleshlight toy. If you concern about money then you should try it.

Steps to be followed while building DIY Rubber Fake Vagina:

  1. Start by cleaning all the materials that you have. It is of utmost importance that everything be clean to ensure that you don’t suffer any health problems.
  2. Take your tubular support and cut it into two halves, cutting along the lengths. This will expose the inside of the cylindrical tube making even the cleaning process easy.
  3. Lace the inside of the tube with your sponge material or hand towel. How thick the flesh material will be is up to you to decide, depending on your preferences. The thicker it is, the tighter your toy will be.
  4. Put the rubber glove on top of the flesh material, with the glove entrance hanging outside on one end.
  5. Place back the two pieces of the tube back together, with the flesh material in place. Use the tape to hold the back together in place.
  6. You can use the rubber bands instead of the tape if you wish to make it more elastic.
  7. Fold the handing part of the glove over the tube and put in the lube in the glove. That is it. Enjoy!

Caution and care to be taken

You should ensure that every item is hygienic and safe to be used for such purposes. Rubber pocket pussy can be used for one time and also ensure that you replace the rubber glove after every single use and discard it in an appropriate manner. Replace the rubber for the next use and use more lube in Asa Akira fleshlight. Clean the other parts as well as frequently as you can.