Kissa Sins Fleshlight Review (Insatiable and Sinner Sleeve Coupon)

Don’t buy fleshlight of Kissa Sins before you read review! Find insight of insatiable and sinner sleeve with coupons.

For a long time, Fleshlight has been at the forefront in delivering amazing adult products. The brand has gained reputation as the leading one in the world’s production of sensational adult sex toys. One of the latest products is the Kissa Sins pocket pussy. The product has been manufactured with model Kissa in mind. We will review this sensational new product to determine its worth in the market.

find Kissa Sins insatiable Fleshlight review

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Who is Kissa Sins?

Kissa Sins is an amazing model thriving in the porn industry. She was born in California but grew up in Canada, thus, making her a unique persona. Unlike most pornstars, Sins did not start her career early in her life but waited until late to get into this industry. Soon after getting into the industry, the whole world recognized her as an amazing pornstar. She has been nominated and awarded various accolades that crowns her as a top model in this industry.

Her beautiful body and popularity is what made Fleshlight to manufacture a replica of her pussy and ass.

Kissa Sins Insatiable Fleshlight Sleeve Review

Just as the name suggests, the insatiable Fleshlight is simply extraordinarily unavoidable. You can never get enough of this sleeve. If you are looking for a tight pussy that will enhance your sexual experience, then the Kissa Sins insatiable fleshlight is the perfect one for you.

It has separate chambers offering unlimited spaces for sexual pleasure. No matter the size of your penis, you will always find it amazing to cruise through this amazing sex toy. The fact that it resembles Sins make it even much better because you get to enjoy it better with the thought of the super model running through your mind.

Sinner Texture Analysis

If you are an anal kind of a guy, you can opt for the Sinner sensation. This texture offers an amazing experience. It is so tight and you will enjoy every second you try to penetrate through it. Furthermore, the realistic skin makes you feel it is natural skin and thus you get to enjoy more.

The choice between the pussy and sinner butt sleeve is really dependent on a person’s preference because they all offer the same kind of experience.

Kissa Sins Texture Coupons and Combo Pack Deal

One of the things that has always set Fleshlight from other brands is the numerous offers and discounts they give their clients. You will never miss an exciting offer that will get you a Fleshlight product at a reduced cost.

You can get an insatiable fleshlight for only $99.84 instead of the recommended retail price of $121.75. This 17% discount does not require any coupon code; you only have to make the purchase on the official website of the manufacturer by following above link.

  • Combo packs

There are different combo packs that you can buy to get even better discounts. Here are some of the best picks from the manufacturer’s website:

  • Fleshlight Product Care Kit

This kit has Fleshwash and Fleshlight Renewing Powder retailing at $16.91 instead of $19.90 if you buy them separately.

  • Fleshlube Elements Pack (4OZ)

This pack contains all the three of popular Fleshlube products i.e. Water, Fire and Ice. They are all retailing at $29.95 instead of $35.85.

You can take advantage of these offers to get yourself an amazing time using lena the plug Fleshlight products.

Lola Reve Fleshlight Review (Dorcel Sleeve Coupon)

Don’t buy Fleshlight of Lola Reve before you read my review of Dorcel sleeve along with Fleshlight coupon!

Whenever thinking about a sex toy, the brand that immediately comes to mind is Fleshlight. For many years, Fleshlight has been at the forefront in the manufacture of high-quality sex toys. Every year, there are new models released into the market. We will review all that you need to know about the Lola Reve Dorcel texture to give you an informed decision base.

find lola reve dorcel fleshlight review here

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Who is Lola Reve?

Lola Reve is one of the most celebrated porn artists in the world. Her popularity in the porn industry is credited to her natural beauty and her unique physique. This young and extremely amazing lady is a darling to many men out there. Many fantasies have been made with her body in mind.

She is an active porn artist who constantly keep her fans entertained. She is renowned for her prowess in performing some impossible sex stunts. This is among the things that makes many men want her in bed.

Thanks to Fleshlight, the dreams of many men can now be fulfilled for there is a replica of her pussy out in the market.

Lola Reve Fleshlight (Find My Review)

We will look at some of the review factors that will help you know more about this product.

The main highlight of the Lola Reve Fleshlight is the Dorcel sleeve. This is an amazing sleeve offering a fantastic female vagina. It is ideal for men who enjoy wild sex experience. This is because it has different chambers of pleasures that guarantee men of an amazing sex ride.

The skin used in the manufacture of this sleeve feels so human that you will never, for a moment, imagine that you are having sex with a toy. The patented Fleshlight skin is an amazing addition to the enhancement of the sexual sensation using this sleeve.

According to men who have already used Dorcel sleeve, it offers a real orgasm. It is also said to have a great suction effect that keeps a man locked into it. The stimulation is also amazing. The different chambers found in this sex toy makes it perfect for men who are looking for a stimulation when penetrating.

How To Use and Clean Dorcel Sleeve?

It is quite easy to use Lola Reve pocket pussy. You do not need prior experience in using sex toys to start using this. The instructions are very clear and you will find it so easy to penetrate through and enjoy your orgasms.

There are no complications in cleaning this product. It takes a few minutes to clean it and a few hours to have it ready for use again. This means that you can use it many times in a day while still maintaining cleanliness.

How to Order Dorcel Fleshlight at Discount Price?

The Lola Reve Dorcel Fleshlight retails at $79.95 at the official website of the manufacturer (Click Here). This is the first step to getting it at the best price in the market. When you buy it from Fleshlight, you will be guaranteed of the best price in the market.

You can also take advantage of the combo pack deals available on the official website to get more for less money. For example, you can get fleshwash and renewing powder at $16.91 instead of $19.90.

From time to time, we update the latest coupon codes here to help you get even better discounts on Lenna Jameson Fleshlight and other toys.

Lena the Plug Fleshlight Review (Honey and Perfect Sleeve)

The latest Fleshlight in the market is Lena the Plug. Find my review of LTP honey and perfect fleshlight sleeve with coupon.

Fleshlight has hit the market again with a sensational new product. Many people are always eager to use the latest Fleshlight girl’s toy. This is because of the reputation the manufacturer has in producing high-quality products that are loved in the market.

Many people have been asking about the LTP, prompting its review here. This review will cover all that you need to know about the product before making the decision of buying it.

find Lena The Plug ltp fleshlight review here

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Who is Lena the Plug?

If you are YouTube frequent visitor, then you probably know Lena the Plug as one of the most sensational figures in the porn industry. Born and raised in California, Lena epitomizes the American beauty. Her body and her face are just enough to make all men go crazy for her.

She is a social media fan who has been able to use various platforms to get in contact with her fans. Just in YouTube alone, LTP has over 1 million followers and a similar number in Instagram.

Her beauty and popularity are the reasons why Fleshlight decided to make sex toy with her in mind.

Lena the Plug (LTP) Honey Fleshlight Sleeve Review

This is one of the latest pussy designs in the market. The beauty of any sex toy is always in the kind of sleeve used in making it. The LTP pocket pussy is made out of the Honey Fleshlight sleeve, which is a combination of simplicity and great quality.

If you are looking for something fun and sweet, then this is the right sleeve for you. There are pleasure nodes and rings that are aligned to give men a good sensation when penetrating. According to those who have used this product before, the feeling that a person gets when using this sex toy is incomparable to any other sex toy for it feels so real.

One amazing this about this sleeve is the Honey spot that is deep in the Lena The Plug fleshlight sleeve. Therefore, if you go deeper, you may explore the honey spot.

Perfect Fleshlight Texture Analysis

If you are a butt lover, don’t worry for there is a Fleshlight sensation that will look into your needs. The Lena the plug Perfect texture is the ideal sleeve for any man seeking to get anal sex experience. Just as the name suggests, it is a perfect one with all that you need for an exotic anal sexual experience.

One of the features that makes it unique is it tightness. You will have a hard and enjoyable time trying to get your dick through it. This is part of the experience you need. Furthermore, the sleeve has a skin-like material that makes it feel so real that you might mistake it for Lena’s real butt.

LTP Combo Pack Deal and Coupons

You can get these products at a reduced price if you use a combo pack deal. Here are some of the trending ones that you can consider:

You will get the following in this deal: Lena The Plug Honey Fleshlight, 8oz Fleshlube Water, Fresh & Clean care pack, Care and Usage instructions, and Fleshlube Sample.

They all retail at $99.84 instead of $121.75.

This combo pack deal or flash sale gets you an 18% discount. Therefore, you should consider making use of this offer. Remember, this deal is only available at the official website of the manufacturer.

Jenna Jameson Legend Fleshlight Sleeve Review and Coupon

One of the latest sensational Fleshlight girl is the Jenna Jameson Legend sleeve. We will review this Fleshlight toy looking at different review factors and what to expect from it.

The idea of Fleshlight to manufacture sex toys with super models in mind was such a blessing to many men all over the world. What was impossible in the past is now a seemingly possible; the idea of men having sex when they want without having to beg a woman to let them in.

As the market expands, Fleshlight keeps on manufacturing more toys with more models introduced.

find Jenna Jameson Legend sleeve fleshlight review here

Who is Jenna Jameson?

Jenna Jameson is a blonde hailing from America with Italian roots. In the world of porn industry, Jenna Jameson is a real legend, to an extent that Fleshlight has manufactured a replica of her pussy called ‘Legend’.

At the age of 44, Jameson has a wide wealth of experience in the porn industry. Despite her age, she has maintained her naturally good-looking physique, which many men are in love with and would do anything to possess in their rooms. Her prowess in different sexual techniques also makes men think and fantasize about her. Her beauty is just an addition to her sexy body that makes men go crazy.

Jenna Jameson Fleshlight (Find My Review)

If you are thinking about buying the Jenna Jameson Legend Fleshlight, you should have a close view at this review to give you an informed point of what to expect when using it. This review will cover different areas as follows:


The kind of stimulation you are likely to get from this sex toy is just amazing. Just as the name suggests, it is a legendary experience that you are likely to get when you use this sex toy. Fleshlight attributed the name ‘legend’ to the sexual techniques displayed by Jenna in her career.

Chambers of pleasure

The kind of stimulation that you get is boosted by the presence of the different chambers of pleasure. Just like many other Fleshlight sex toys, the Jenna Jameson Legend has a number of chambers that offer different sexual stimulation.

The first chamber is very tight (0.8 inch) surrounded with three oval sub-chambers. The following chamber is also of the same tightness but has long-stemmed bumps that make the experience even better than that of the first chamber. Furthermore, the bumps make the chamber become tighter. You can proceed further down to the legend chamber where the real sexual stimulation is felt. However, it is worth noting that not all men reach this chamber because they can have their sexual desires satisfied within the first two chambers.

Ease of using

Th Legend sleeve is quite easy to use. There are no complexities in using it. Even maintaining it is easy for you can easily clean and dry it within a short time.

However, you may need a lube to get a more realistic sexual experience when using it.

Why and How To Buy Legend Sleeve?

The following are some of the reasons why you should buy Jenna Jameson pocket pussy:

  • Offers a real sexual stimulation
  • Completely safe to use
  • Portable and usable anywhere and anytime
  • Available all over the world
  • Affordable. You can try a coupon code to get up to 50% discount here.

You should just visit the official website of the manufacturer ( and search for Legend fleshlight using the search toolbox on top of the homepage. Just remember that you will get a quality guarantee if you use the main site of the manufacturer when buying best fleshlight girl sex toy.

Fleshlight Launch Review 2019: Fully Automatic Kiiroo Device

Don’t Buy Fleshlight Launch by Kiiroo before you read my full review. The Fleshlight Launch is the all new device just introduced by Fleshlight and powered by Kiiroo. Most of my readers ask me that, Why Fleshlight doesn’t have any automatic male masturbator? If you are one of those and looking for hands-free masturbation then I have good news for you. Read my below review to get better idea.

Fleshlight Launch Review and Kiiroo Coupon

The LAUNCH Review – An Automatic Fleshlight Toy

The Fleshlight Launch offers you fully automatic Fleshlight experience that you can use manually or by connecting it with interactive world. Best thing is that, It works with almost all your Fleshlight girl and Fleshjack toy. It’s just an additional tool that you need to automate your FL usage. The Launch gives you superior flexibility by syncing your Fleshlight with wide range of content such as virtual reality device, encoded videos, 3D games, webcams and many more.

Fleshlight is best known for it’s real like super-skin sleeve that gives you awesome climax and orgasm too. The Kiiroo is the brand that developed fully automatic interactive sex toy. The Fleshlight and Kiiroo joined the hands to release “the Launch Masturbator” for fully robotic fleshlight experience. It is fully automatic and touch control device. Simply set the touch controls and sit back and enjoy mind-blowing masturbation. You will feel like your girl-friend or wife is riding your cock.

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Awesome Features

Below are some wonderful features of this automatic male sex toy.

  • It controls the length of your strokes as well the speed too. Gives you up to 180 robotic strokes per minutes.
  • Fully compatible with your favorite Fleshlight Toy Sleeve (i.e Kendra Sunderland Angel ) and Virtual Reality (VR) goggles.
  • Total length is 12.75 inch and it is made up with body-safe materials.
  • Sleek and discreet design, so that you can store it anywhere without any issue.
  • The Fleshlight Launch is lightweight and portable too and it’s a touch enabled device.
  • Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. It is Rechargeable supports Universal USB cable.

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How to Step Use Launch by Kiiroo?

Make sure to charge your Launch and insert your Fleshlight into the top of the device. Twist it to lock in place. Add Fleshlube in FL sleeve (i.e Bibi jones Hive) and on your penis. Start the Launch by pressing power button for three seconds. Use the mode button to change to manual mode where you can control the speed and length of your strokes from interactive one. Insert your penis into Fleshlight that is connected with the Launch. Now, press the power button to start the automatic stroking of your inserted FL.

That’s It! Review of Fleshlight Launch says that, It provides fully automatic masturbating experience, so that you will feel real like intercourse with your partner.

Fleshlight gives you one year warranty and device comes with instruction booklet and video too. You no need to take any special care, however read their instruction more information.

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Top rated Fleshlight Launch Coupon Codes

The Launch by Fleshlight costs you $199 only.  It is one time investment only. You might be aware that other competitor sells such automatic male masturbator at more than $399. But with the Launch you will get trust of Fleshlight. More than 12 millions Fleshlight units sold and they have millions of happy client all over the world.

Fleshlight UK offers Free Shipping on any order of $199 or more. It is available for US, Australia and Canada too. So, no need to worry about delivery charges. Moreover, You can enter coupon codes to reduce your spending. Make sure to get benefit of Buy two Get one FREE and other offers.

Fleshlight FleshPump Review 2019 – Penis Pump Coupon

FleshPump is the newly launched male enhancement product by Fleshlight. Don’t buy FleshPump Penis Pump before you read my review and coupons details here.

The FleshPump is the rechargeable penis pump to pump your pleasure automatically. Who doesn’t like stronger and firmer erection with long lasting intercourse? If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation then this is the product for you. No need to take any harmful pills or surgery. Simply order your vacuum penis pump and follow the instruction to start seeing result.

The FleshPump Review – Should You Buy It?

Fleshlight FleshPump reviews

According to latest survey by British medical general organization, over 70% males worry about their sexual performance. In order to satisfy the partner and to boost your own confidence you must have high sexual power and stamina. But the problem is that, Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation decrease your sexual ability.

As per FleshPump Review, It is the revolutionary vacuum penis pump that automatically increase your blood flow in your penis. That will improve your pleasure, power and performance. Fleshlight FleshPump™ is the fully automatic device that uses automatic vacuum system to safely and gradually fetch the blood into the shaft of your penis. Hence your penis will be swell and become erect instantly without any pills. It comes with two simple buttons to pump and release the blood flow, so no need of manual plumping.

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How to Use FleshPump for maximum Result?

Below are the parts and accessories that comes with the Fleshlight package.

  • One electric pump with safety valve.
  • Transparent and clear cylinder with measuring numbers on it.
  • One standard Donut sleeve and Bonus supple donut sleeve.
  • USB charging cable.
  • 2Oz Fleshpump lubricant to ease the operation.

In order to get the desire result you have to follow daily routine. Make sure that your FleshPump is fully charged before using it. Remove the USB cable once it get charged. Slowly insert your penis into cylinder. Push top button of vacuum pump to start pumping blood into the shaft of penis. It will gradually draw blood into the penis area. Wait for few minutes (2 to 10 min) to have fully erect penis and then push the 2nd button to release the pressure.
Buy Fleshpump at Best Price

FleshPump and Stamina Training Unit Combo Pack

The Fleshpump performance pack is the combo of Stamina training Unit (STU) and Fleshpump. It will help you to increase your stamina and sexual performance. Fleshlight offers whopping $41 discount here, so instead of $194.54, you can get combo pack for just $152.57.

Stamina Training Unit 9STU) is the proven way to make you last longer in bed. Pairing it with FleshPump will significantly improve the performance by stronger and harder erection.

How to Order Fleshlight FleshPump Online?

The introductory price of FleshPump is $119.00 only. Hence making it reliable option than expensive pills and other products. Moreover, you can use FleshPump coupon code to get it at huge discount. I always prefer combo pack to save money and to eliminate shipping fee.

Simply Follow This Link to Buy FleshPump from Official Fleshlight Site. Click on “Add to Cart” button to proceed for payment. At checkout time enter your shipping details and fill up the billing information with coupons. Click on submit button to complete your payment.

Hope my Fleshlight FleshPump Reviews help you to make your decision about it. If you have any query about coupons, review or it’s operation then don’t hesitate to contact me.

Reviews of Best Fleshlight Girls 2019 for You (Updated)

If you are confused about which Fleshlight girls are for you? Read my review for best rated Fleshlight girls that you should buy.

Fleshlight is the most popular sex toys for men. To date, Fleshlight has sold over 5 million sex toys to different men all over the world. As a leading manufacturer of sex toys in the world, company has different products that cater for the different users in the world. If you are here after searching for best suitable Fleshlight Girls for you then below where some of the best types that I will be discussed here.

fleshlight riley reid girl review

Top rated Fleshlight Girls that you should think to buy

In getting to know the best, different models will be highlighted and their characteristics mentioned. Also to be mentioned is how the different models work for different men.

If you want to save money then you should try coupons for Fleshlight as it can sometime help you to save upto 60% off the retail price.

The Destroya

This is one of the best Fleshlight products in the market. It is made based on the idea derived from erotic actress Stoya. It is considered to be among the best due to the unique Mini Lotus type texture that it has. Here below are some of the features of this product.

  • Real-Feel SuperSkin Material: This product is has been made from patented, material that has a real skin feeling. This makes the whole experience as natural as it can be.
  • Intense Destroya Inner Texture: The inner texture is very appealing for simulating sexual feeling. Entry level contain three small rings of bumps that will grasp you tightly followed by piercing pleasure dome that is for 360 degrees of unmatched bliss.
  • Molded from Stoya Herself: This product has been molded from the erotic actress Stoya. She is award winning adult star.
  • Special End Cap: It has an end cap to control suction.
  • Safe: this product has been designed well for discreet and safe keeping.

top fleshlight girls reviews

You can buy Stoya’s Butt, Mouth or vagina. Each of that will cost you just $89.95. So imagine that for such a cheap price you can have Stoya’s like vagina (Destroya) that you can use anytime and anywhere you want.

 Buy Stoya’s Vagina or Mouth or Butt for just $65.95 ($24 Off!)

The Fleshlight Blade

This type has 4 chambers, which are of different sizes. The chambers are covered ribbed texture along the entire length. The unique features of this one includes:

  • Can be Warmed up: This product can actually be warmed to make it as near to the real thing as possible.
  • Made of Patented Skin Material: It is available in squeezable hilt-shaped case and a new sharply intense texture that offers real feel satisfaction.
  • Flexible: It is one of the most flexible male sex products that you can totally control.

fleshlight blade girl review

This product is best for its suction power. It is available at just $69.95 only and Made is USA product. In case of any query you can see same product in action before placing an order.


Fleshlight Super Tight

This is yet another amazing product from same brand. It gives you best stimulation and tightness but you will have less suction than original one. If you like tight vag then you must go with this product as tightness given for this item is much noticeable Its features include;

  • Smooth: It is the smoothest male masterbator that gives you super natural feel.
  • Controlled Suction: It has special cap at the end for controlling suction.
  • Safe: It has a good design and shape that makes it discreet and easy to carry.
  • Very Tight: As said earlier that, The most amazing feature of this product is its additional tightness. It is very low penetration and intensity and hence suction effect is also low.

The Super Tight makes it in the list of the best Fleshlight girls due to its tightness. This feature makes the sexual stimulation as natural as it can be. It is available for just $56.95 only.

Texas Tornado (Alexis Texas Fleshlight)

This is a product that was made in honor of actress Alexis Texas. It has been molded with her in consideration. Alexis’s Vagina has Outlaw texture which gradually increase it’s embrace as you dive deeper and deeper. In its making, only new unique texture concepts have been used. It is one of the most unique sex toys in the world. Its features include:

  • Real-Feel Skin
  • Special end cap
  • Molded from Alexis Texas
  • Intense Tornado inner texture

Purchase Alexis Texas Fleshlight at huge Saving!!

This one is most effective with men with an average penis of about 5.9 inches. Both Vagina and butt simulator is at price of $89.95. If you want realistic experience then you must go with Texas Tornado product. It is best for variation and suction effect too.

Fleshlight Wonder Wave

This is a unique sex toy that induces sexual feeling in a natural way. It is known for its unique penetration abilities. It is very tight and thus makes the penetration as natural as it is with the real vagina. There are amazing features as seen below here:

  • Adjustable Suction
  • Interchangeable SuperSkin Sleeves
  • Soft textured
  • Portable

This is a good for extreme penetration. Sleeve length is 10 inch and Canal diameter is 1/2 inch. It provide powerful sensation with complete control. You can purchase sleeve at $56.95 only.

The above mentioned are the top 5 best Fleshlight Girls for you. You can choose any of the above mentioned depending on your specific need.

Aviator Fleshlight Review 2019 – Flight Sleeve Coupon

An Aviator is the newly released sleeve under the Fleshlight Flight series. Please read my review before you buy it. Total 5 different version including Aviator have been released.

Fleshlight Aviator sleeve is totally different than it’s predecessor; Pilot and Instructor. Each of them are made up with unique texture and district design.

Fleshlight Aviator Sleeve Review

All of we know that Fleshlight Flight is compact, sleek and discreet that is for the storage and travel. Like Dominika Fleshlight, Aviator sleeve is made up with body safe materials and exclusive SuperSkin to give you realistic feel. If you are frequent travel or want some compact pocket pussy then this is the toy that comes under your requirement. You can carry is anywhere discreetly and at the same time satisfy your sexual needs too.

Fleshlight Aviator review

Fleshlight Aviator doesn’t utilize neutral whirl as its orifice but rather uses a turbine as opener of the texture. Hence it looks like exclusively available special edition version for you. In fact, Flight offers three different versions that fits to all your requirements including smooth sailing or bumping rides or most intensity and always try to pleasure you.

Let’s start with the size first, being Flight model Aviator is bit smaller then classic tori black Fleshlight. A sleeve is 8″ inch long, hence making it sleek, clear and light weight travel friendly pocket pussy.

The Flight Texture and Effectiveness

Flight Aviator has steady texture with many rings where stimulation is generated by short notches that rub along the penis. By looking at the sleeve texture we can say that Aviator either has one chamber with small notches on it or multiple narrow chamber. It start with a novel orifice which fits the motto of Flight series. It looks like turbine of airplane and don’t give any room for discretion.

Flight Aviator Sleeve Texture

Actual texture immediately begins after the orifice. As said earlier, It consists of 2 inch long and one inch wide notches. Each notches has sharp edges that are responsible for stimulation. There is small straight path between two virtual chamber. The Flight Aviator sleeve is relatively tight than it’s predecessor. It consists of narrow chambers that gives more space to your penis. Your penis tip will be glided into these narrow notches and rubbed over the firm edges of the chambers. That will give you maximum stimulation and pleasure.

The specs of Fleshlight Flight makes it highest selling product of ILF like as Katsuni sleeve. It’s compact size, sleek and transparent body and discrete look are fulfilled by newly launched Aviator sleeve too.

How to Order Aviator Fleshlight Flight?

Cleaning time is quite good since it’s shallow depth and straightforward build. You can easily flush the chamber and reach to the center from both the side. However, drying time is noticeable as it contain so many narrow chambers within the canal.

Below are the complete package that you will get while ordering Aviator Fleshlight Sleeve.

  • Clear Aviator Sleeve.
  • Transparent Flight Case.
  • Instructions for usage and care.

You can try Fleshlight aviator coupon code to save up to 30% off the retail price. I suggest to buy combo sleeve pack to get huge discount. Most of time combo package comes with Free Shipping.

Hope my aviator fleshlight review helped you a lot. Please share your own experience and ratting about Flight sleeve.

Best Lube for Fleshlight Toy 2019 – Fleshlight Lubricant Review

Looking for some best rated lube for fleshlight toys? Here is my review of some great Fleshlight lubricants for you. It is highly recommended that you always use some lubrication whenever you are using any Fleshlight toy to have some fun.


Why should you use Lube while using Fleshlight?

The type of lube used with Fleshlight really matters, meaning that you should do some research before making your purchase of the lubricant. The amount of lube used should be sufficient for the purpose. A few of the reasons for using lube with fleshlight include;

To prevent injury

Without sufficient lubrication, there is a high possibility that you will suffer some kind of injury. The motion of the Fleshlight toy rubbing against your skin will cause a lot of friction, which in turn causes friction burns. The skin covering the private parts is usually very sensitive and delicate, meaning that the friction burns may occur very rapidly and be quite severe. Using lubrication in the right way and the right amount will eliminate all chances of such an occurrence.

best selling fleshlight lube review

Enhanced pleasure

Lubrication enhances the amount of pleasure that you experience using storm fleshlight. In other words, you will get to enjoy the solo time, making it feel a lot more like real sex. This applies as well to when the toy is used with couples as a way of spicing up things in the bedroom. Depending on the type of lube you get, it can have very sweet scents. The scent is usually a turn on to most people, further making the entire experience a lot better.

What to consider while buying lube for Fleshlight?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing lube to use with Fleshlight toy. The type of lube is the most important. For Fleshlight Freaks, always ensure that it is water-based. This will ensure that the Fleshlight toys retain their integrity. The next consideration is flavor. Lubes come in different flavors or scents. You should always go with one that is pleasant the most to you, as different people have different tastes. The packaging size is also another factor. You may want to go with a size that is a bit discrete to make it easier to travel with.

Best Lube for Fleshlight

Fleshlube is a thick gel designed to be used with your Misty Stone toys. Fleshlube is the best lube for fleshlight pussy, ass and mouth. It serves all the purposes of a natural lubricant to give a stroking experience that is much more realistic. Fleshlube comes in a small bottle containing 30ml, making it ideal for traveling as well. It is a water-based lubricant, meaning that it will not degrade the quality of your toy in any way. The ingredients used in its formulation are deionized water, glycerin, Methylpropanediol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, tea, Lonicera Japonica, and Methylisothiazolinone.

Some of the features that makes it the best option include;

  • It is demagogically formulated to be gentle even on the most sensitive skin
  • You can use lubricant in Fleshlight or Tenga or any other masturbator too.
  • Safe to use even with condoms
  • Water-based and ready to use

You should read my full review about Fleshlube from my previous post.

How to apply Lube on Fleshlight?

Fleshlube comes in a ready-to-use state. You basically need to spread it on the toy surface that will be in contact with your skin. Ensure you use a sufficient amount to get the best experience from it. Nothing can beat the Fleshlube in terms of quality and usability. That’s why I would suggest you to use best lube like Fleshlube for Fleshlight.

Get Fifi Coupon Codes 2019 ( Upto 60% Discount)

Get Fifi sells discreet designed male masturbator with disposable sleeves. Check my review and coupon codes before you buy from

>>> Click Here to Get Fifi for Cheap <<<

Fifi is one of the most popular sex toys in the market today. The product has caught attention of many people forcing us to take a deep look into the product. In doing this, an honest review of the product detailing all its pros and cons will be done. As part of the review, the way the product works will also be highlighted too.

Review of Get Fifi: Is that for you?

The best way to review a product is looking at its pros and cons. Here below are the pros and cons of Fifi.

get fifi sex toy review

The Pros of Fifi Toy

  • Light: One of the benefits that one gets from this product is that it is very light. This means that it can be carried to any place very conveniently.
  • Discreet: This sex toy is quite discreet. It cannot be identified as a sex toy very easily. This makes it easy for the user to carry it around without catching the attention of many people.
  • Mess Up Free Cleanup: There is a guarantee that the product will remain to be mess up free; when using and washing it. Unlike other products, this one is quite easy to maintain.
  • Adjustable Tightness: When using this product, you can actually adjust the tightness. This feature allows men with different penis size to enjoy sex with it.

The Cons

  • Cold at first: The sex toy is quite cold when you start using it. The coldness soon fades when you start rubbing your dick against it.
  • Has Balloon Scent: As soon as you open it, you will be hit by a balloon scent. To some people, this scent might not be desirable hence making it a disadvantage.

The above mentioned are some of the pros and cons that we can consider while reviewing Get Fifi sex product. From above, it is clear that the pros outshine the cons both in number and value thus making this product worth buying. So instead of spending too much time in making your own fifi you should think to go for this ready-made Fifi toy only.

get fifi discount and coupons

How Fifi Works?

  • Lay flat with the Velcro at the end facing up
  • The sleeves are laid close to the end opposite the Velcro
  • The sleeves are rolled up until the Velcro matches and Fifi adheres shut
  • The excess sleeve is pulled down over the raised lip
  • Add water-based lubricant
  • That’s it! You are all set to ride on it.

Why should you buy GetFifi?

Apart from the above mentioned benefits that you will get for using this product, there are also other reasons for buying this product. Here below are some of the reasons you have for buying Fifi:

  • Efficient and Discreet Shipping

The company will ship the product to your destination very efficiently. It only takes a few days to have the product delivered to you.

Furthermore, shipping is done discreetly in a way that no one will notice what is being shipped.

  • Fair Price

The product has been fairly priced compared to the numerous features it has. In addition to the fair pricing policy by the company, you will also enjoy numerous discounts using the Get Fifi coupon Codes.

Talking of coupon codes, there are a number of promotions that can be used to get specialized discounts.

Top rated Get Fifi Coupons and Codes

  • 30% Off: You can get 30% off on your order when you use the code DIRTY30 while checking out.
  • 20% Off: There is also an offer that makes it possible to get 20% off your order. The code for this offer is LABORLOVE.
  • $10 Off: You can also get $10 off your order by using the code Ten.
  • Free Shipping: Free shipping is an offer that runs from time to time in specific countries such as the UK. You will only be needed to buy the product from the main site to get free shipping.


The above mentioned are some of the promo codes that can be used to get specialized discounts of the product. If you want some realistic toy then you should go for Fleshlight Girls, as it look and feel like real vagina.

Hope my Get Fifi review helped you a lot! Please feel free to post your feedback here.