Bibi Jones Fleshlight – Bi-Hive Sleeve Review

Fleshlight of Bibi Jones is the sex toy molded from her pussy and butt. Her fleshlight is named as Bi-hive sleeve.

Bibi Jones, officially named Britney Beth, is a popular American actress who features in adult movies. She was born in 1991 and she debuted her career as a strip dancer at 18 years of age. By 19, she was the youngest star signed by Digital Playground with her first feature named Assassins.

bibi jones bi-hive fleshlight

Review of Bibi Jones Bi-Hive Texture

Bi-hive first came into the market back in 2012, as a Bibi Jones exclusive lady texture. The texture offered high intensity and stimulation, accumulating many fans over the years. The Bi-hive texture is currently found in the Fleshlight configurator and can be bought with all the 4 main orifices.

Bi-hive Design

Being one of the Fleshlight Girls line, the Bibi jones sleeves is of very high quality. It is a bit softer, but the mold is much more detailed compared to the other Fleshlight sleeves. The casing looks like a flashlight, helping to make it discrete. It toy has two caps, one which reveals the orifice upon opening, and the other regulating the amount of suction you will feel when using the device.

Fleshlight Texture

This signature hybrid texture of Fleshlight is designed to offer high stimulation as well as increase stamina for men. The texture can generally be viewed as a mixture of the Stamina Training Unit and the Stoya Destroya. Bibi Jones Pocket Pussy is made of a combination of, ribbed chambers, small bristles, and large nubs, which offers 360 degrees of amazing sensation. Just after the orifice, you are met with subtle large nubs, which lead to small bristles that are tightly packed together. Towards the middle, the inner side widens. The widening has a ribbed chamber that gives you a break from the extreme stimulation before the experience repeats itself. The high variation allows you to switch things up as you desire.


The Bi-hive texture will give you an experience different but better that you can ever imagine. The loose entrance allows you to penetrate quite easily, even without using your hands. As you move deeper into the canal, you feel it tightening up on you. This combination allows you to enjoy the experience for much longer, helping you build stamina. It does not overpower you, making the sensation much like having real sex with a woman. After a couple of uses, you will be sure to impress when a real queen bee invites you to her hive.


Maintaining the Bibi Jones Fleshlight sleeve is very easy. Being made of the same superskin material found in other Fleshlight butt toys, similar procedures can be used to clean it. You only need a toy cleaner but if you don’t have that, you can use mild soap and warm water. You should store it in a dry and clean place to ensure it does not degrade while not in use. With proper maintenance, it will serve you for as long as you wish.

bi hive fleshlight review

Why should you buy Bibi Jones Fleshlight?

There are many reasons as to why you should invest in the Bibi Jones Fleshlight. The main one is because it offers amazing sexual experiences. Other reasons include getting high value for money, enjoying its top quality, and building your stamina among many others. Fortunately, you can use that kiiroo-onyx for maximum pleasure. Avoid buying fleshlight from Amazon as they mostly have fake or duplicate items. Always prefer to order from official merchant site.

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