Best Fleshlight Butt Toy Review (Best Buy Tips)

Why should you buy Fleshlight butt?

Fleshlight toys are some of the most popular sex toys around the world. This has been the case for quite a good number of years, due to the fact that they produce quality and highly satisfying products. The same has been extended to their collection of butt masturbator. The butt toys will give you an excellent opportunity to experience hoe it feels to insert your penis into a girls butt. If you tried it with a real woman, be sure to enjoy the experience with Fleshlight butt a lot more.

Best rated Fleshlight Ass Toy

Below are some of the top rated Fleshlight butt toys available in the current market. You can build your custom fleshlight too, But It is good practice to buy from most popular texture.

Stoya Destroya Butt (Recommended!)

The Stoya series is currently the top seller across the world. The series features some classics like the Swallow Fleshlight and Stoya Destroya. An interesting and amazing seller of the series is the Stoya anal Fleshlight. It is modeled from the butt of the amazing and beautiful model, ensuring that you will get the exact same feeling of having her in your bed. Some of the top features of this toy include;

Stoya destroya fleshlight review


The toy is designed to look and feel exactly like the real thing, if not better. It comes in a pale white skin color, an exact match to Stoya’s skin color. A patented skin material known as SuperSkin, which is used on Fleshlight toys, has been used for the Stoya’s butt as well. The skin has all the properties of real skin, the reason as to why it is so popular.


The texture in Stoya’s butt is mind blowing. You will have a very difficult time stopping yourself from ejaculating once you mount this superb toy. The texture is known as Forbidden texture. It consists of fangs that will gently massage your glans as a set of ribs grabs the pulsating shaft tightly.

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Misty Forbidden (Butt Fleshlight)

You can your fantasies of anal sex with the beautiful Misty Stone. This gorgeous porn actress is responsible for many ejaculations around the world, thanks to her amazing performances on screen. You can now have a firsthand experience with her in your bed, thanks to the Fleshlight butt toy modeled from her. You will be guaranteed of an anal sex experience that is truly satisfying. Key features of this toy include;

Misty Stone Forbidden Fleshlight coupon


The texture used for this toy is the Forbidden texture. It is designed in such a way that it offers maximum sensation across the entire length of the penis.


The sleeve of this toy is made from a material known as SuperSkin. This material is ultra-realistic and temperature-responsive, guaranteeing you of ultimate authenticity.

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The casing for this toy makes it discrete, allowing you to even travel with it without the fear of embarrassment. The base of the casing can be adjusted to tailor the suction.

Riley Reid Euphoria Toy (Top Selling!)

Riley Reid Euphoria Butt Sleeve
Riley Reid offers you an opportunity to nut inside her as you experience the unbelievable stimulations from her Fleshlight butt toy. Euphoria is also modeled from her ass, giving you the exact replica even in terms of sensations received. As you know, Riley Reid is best known for her sensational ass and having Fleshlight brand name make it top sex toy among others. It is one of the top selling Butt fleshlight toy and already been recognized by leading adult publication and media houses. Only difference is you will not have to beg to get your penis in Riley Reid’s Ass.

Fleshlight is available at Amazon, but I suggest to avoid buying from it. If you want me to review other butt toy by Fleshlight then name it here. I will try to review it as soon as possible.

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5 thoughts on “Best Fleshlight Butt Toy Review (Best Buy Tips)”

    1. The Jena Haze butt has a nice triangular, brown shaded anus. Makes you wonder once entering, if your member’s tip might bump into a surprise in there. Very healthy look and the inner canal texture looks feel friendly!

  1. The Jena Haze butt has a nice triangular, brown shaded anus. Makes you wonder once entering, if your member’s tip might bump into a surprise in there. Very healthy look and the inner canal texture looks feel friendly!

  2. No doubt with Misty Stone’s but, it has vibrant character, seeing all those lovely crater lines around her anus makes it look very realistic and well used of course. Knowing there will be a few turtle heads insinside to bump up against once pushing inside, just past the member’s color ring. A chocolate delight!

  3. Riley Ried has a rich, moist anus that is more likely pink, due to her light skinned complexion, nifty facial features that are not overly large and those blue eyes. The crater lines that run around her pink anus have sexy curves, like it will spiral open, ready to engulf any lucky member that dares to enter. “They call me Rotor Rooter!”

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