Christy Mack Fleshlight Review (Attack and Booty Sleeve)

One of the latest Fleshlight toys is the Christy Mack. We will discuss everything about Attack and Booty Sleeves of Christy Mack.

The urge to have sex is an inherent need n every man. However, those who do not have their girlfriends near them always find it hard to fulfill their desires. Luckily, Fleshlight has been at the forefront of bringing amazing solutions to men who want to enjoy sex. It is an amazing sex toy that every man would have much fun engaging with.

Who is Christy Mack?

Christy Mack is an adult film actress. Even before she got into the world of the adult film screen, she had been engaged in a number of sex videos that excited most of her fans leading to her entry into the adult film industry.

Her body is the perfect embodiment of an amazingly beautiful lady. She has all that a man needs sexually. Her sex eyes are enough to make a man go crazy for her. Furthermore, her body is just so delicate that a man would want to grab and have her in bed.

The Christy Mack Attack Fleshlight

christy mack attack fleshlight texture

This is one of the most amazing Fleshlight toys on the market. The Christy Mack fleshlight has all that a man may fantasize about when wanting sex.

It is ideal for both the circumcised and circumcised men.


The opening of the pussy looks big but has a very tight opening. A man will get into the first chamber that is a bit small covered with two rings of bumps.

Afterward, there is the main chamber that follows. This chamber is the heart of all pleasure. It has a varied number of bumps shaped differently for heightened pleasure.

The final Attack section has an even tighter constriction that resembles a lotus node. This section has three chambers, which are separated by constrictions.

The first experience a man get in the first chamber is an immediate sensation at the tip of the penis. The main chamber gives men a contrast of enjoyment in the different chambers there. While it is possible for a man to climax in the main chamber, men with longer penis can go to the final chamber to experience the climax there. By the time a man gets to the final chamber of the Christy Mack Attack, the kind of pleasure experienced is immeasurable.

The Fleshlight Booty Sleeve

Christy mack booty sleeve

The booty sleeve is a replica of Mack’s anal. The hole of the sleeve has been modeled with Christy in mind. It has an unusual texture that is intense and realistic. If you like to perform from back side; then this is the best orifice.

It complements the Attack sleeves well. A person buying Christy Mack Attack texture would also want the Booty sleeve because they are a wonderful combination.

Combo Packs and Discount Price

There are a number of combo packs that you can buy to get yourself the best deals. Here are some of the best combo packs that are discounted:

  • First Class Ass Pack – 35% off

It has Christy Mack Booty fleshlight, Alexis Texas Tordano, Marry Queen Miela Fleshlight, FL Lube, Ice, and Shower Mount at $149.95 instead of $233.75.

  • VSTROKER – 24% off

You will get the Christy Mack Attack Fleshlight at a discounted price of $97.95 instead of its original price of $120.95. You should also think about an Elsa Jean tasty fleshlight.

Remember, you have to purchase from the original site for you to get these discounts.

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