Aneros Progasm Coupon Codes 2022 – Buy it Cheap

Try a coupon code to buy Aneros Progasm at discount price. The Aneros Progasm refers to the largest among the prostrate simulators in the current market. The main function of the Aneros Progasm is to provide the man with a prostrate massage experience that is extremely pleasurable while at the same time, the kundalini offers some stimulating sensations to the perineum and the back, adding some complementary pleasures that will make the entire prostrate massage experience feel like heaven.

Aneros Progasm discount coupons

The Progasm toy can be used during a personal massage therapy as well as during sexual intercourse, which can lead to a prostrate orgasm, said to be several times more intense as compared to the normal orgasm that a man gets during the normal intercourse. It can also serve as a great foreplay device adding some flavor into the sexual experience. [ Top Realistic pocket pussy to buy ]

Parts and Features of Aneros Progasm

The original Aneros are modeled from acetal plastic which is non porous and FDA approved. The Progasm is made from polystyrene and the vice from silicone that is of medical grade. Surgical grade stainless steel is what is used to make the tempo. All the materials are approved for both fluid and body contact.

The shape has four main parts;

  • The head and stem – the head and stem have some curves that nuzzles against the prostrate to provide stimulation along the anal canal.
  • The perineum tab – gives external prostrate massage. It does so by pressing against the perineum, also acting as a pivot point for the Aneros massaging action inside the rectum.
  • The handle – this is simply used for the insertion and removal of the Prostate massage device.
  • The Kundalini tab – used to massage the kundalini spot. The kundalini spot refers to an acupressure point that is found between the buttocks.

How to buy the Aneros Progasm for cheap?

Most men might desire to get their hands on this amazing device, but the price might be a barrier. Great quality and functionality must come at a reasonable price as well. Not to worry however, as there are a couple of ways through which you can buy the Aneros Progasm cheaply.

Amazon website offers Jenna Rose cyberkin and other sexual products, usually at rates which have been discounted. You can get some which have been used already but are in very good condition, meaning that the price will significantly be lower than that of the new ones. In addition to that, you may also get a free shipping offer which makes the overall cost that you will incur in order to get the Pipedream device a lot cheaper.

Buy it from Official Site (Highly Recommended)

You can also save a lot by purchasing from the official website by using coupon codes. This is the most popular way because it ensures that you get a product that is new and original, without any kind of defect. The coupon codes can be found in so many ways all over the internet. There are some sites that offer them even for free.

Top rated Aneros Progasm Coupons and Codes

A few of the coupon codes that you can use are listed below

  • Free shipping:  Enjoy free shipping with any purchase that is worth more than $75. You do not need any code for this offer.
  • 15% off:  Use the code PROUD15 to save 15% on any individual product that you buy.
  • 20% off: Enjoy a 20% discount by using the code 20SESSIONS. This discount applies to all purchases worth more than $100 and is valid only to a limited stock.

Checkout: DIY CyberSkin Tip

You just need to copy and paste the Aneros Progasm Coupon Codes at the checkout page to save huge. I would suggest you to place an order of $75 plus, so that you can combine Free Shipping offer with promotional offer. In that way, you will save up to 40% off the regular price.

These are general discount coupons, so it will work for other prostate simulator products of Aneros too.

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Homemade Jelqing Device – Before After Results

Learn easy ways to make Jelq device at your home. Step by step process for building homemade DIY Jelqing machine.

A larger penis always makes sex better for both men and women. Given the fact that men are bestowed with the responsibility of making sex better, using a male enlargement device such as Jelqing device is the surest way of increasing the penis size and ultimately having an awesome sex experience.

homemade diy jelqing device

The Jelqing device provides for exercises that stimulate the Jelqing method of male enhancement. With a wonderful success rate, most men would do anything to get this device. It is for this reason that we will look into the process of making this awesome device at home.

How to make Jelqing Device at your home?

Given the importance of this device, it is only good that we help men by highlighting the process of making this device at home. [ best realistic dildo ]

Things needed

Just like any homemade device, there are a few things that you must have to make the Jelqing device at home. Here below is a list of the needed materials:

  1. Mirro jar lifter
  2. A piece of foam tubing (it should be about half inch inner diameter)
  • A roll of duct tape
  1. A ruler and knife or scissors (to measure and cut foam tubing).

The above mentioned are the materials needed for you to make a homemade Jelqing device.

The process

Once you have the mentioned materials at hand, you should then engage in the following easy steps:

  • Pull off the plastic rolling piece from the tongs
  • Measure the foam tubing using the ruler and cut it accordingly with a knife or scissor
  • Take the duct tape and wrap the plastic roller from the tongs. Since the width of the plastic doesn’t match up with inner diameter of foam tubing, you can use anything to wrap it
  • Push the wrapped plastic pieces into the form tubing
  • The next and final process is to pop the plastic tube onto the tongs.

As simple as that, you would have made an alien avatar fleshlight for your convenient use.

Is making the homemade Jelqing device your best option?

Usage of machine is same as the use of fleshlight. While there is a possibility of actually enlarging your penis with a homemade Jelqing device, there are many reasons for not making cock ring at home on your own. It is therefore, not the best option for you. Find out here below why it is not your best option.

Why you should avoid making Jelqing device at home

Here below are some of the main reasons why you should avoid making the Jelqing machine or nicole aniston’s fleshlight at home.

  • Can cause injury

If you do not make the device in a proper manner, it could cause injury or long term damage to your penis. This is a risk that you wouldn’t like to test with your penis.

  • Variation in results

The results might not be the standard expected from a Jelqing device. This means that there is no guarantee of such device working to help you increase your penis size.

  • Time consuming

It is actually time consuming for you to make this device at home.

It is therefore very clear that it is beneficial to buy the Jelqing device than going out of your way to make it on your own.

Quick Review of the Jelqing Device

Users of the JELQ device have only posted positive reviews of this product. Some of the benefits highlighted by users include the following:

  • Increased penis size
  • More libido
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • Improved confidence
  • Harder erections

From all these benefits, it is very clear that the JELQ device is the best product to enhance your sexual experience.

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Fleshlight Black Friday Deals 2022 + Coupon Code Sale

Find out latest Fleshlight Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday coupon and Christmas sale. Fleshlight is a leading sex toy for men. This brand manufactures amazing sex toys that men from all over the world love. The sex toys are unique in their functioning and that why they have a high demand.

fleshlight black friday deals and sale

The top reason why men like Fleshlight products is because they have a satisfying feeling. Using the toys is the same as having sex with a lady.

With this in mind, many men will be looking forward to buying Fleshlight products in the coming holiday season. Good news is that there are many discounts that one can get during thing time.

Top Fleshlight Black Friday Deals and Sale

Black Friday is around the corner. You can expect more than enough deals in the coming days. Let us share some leading deals that are already there for you to take advantage of.

  • Buy Two Get One Free

Just as it was in 2015, this year Fleshlight will also be rolling this unique offer. There are selected Fleshlight products that will be on offer. When you buy two, you get a third one absolutely free.

  • 25% off selected products

During the Black Friday, you should also expect a 25% offer on many Fleshlight items. This discount will be on many products found on the website. There is no promotional code required for redeeming this discount.

  • 20% Off

This is a unique promotional offer on all Fleshlight products. You will require a code to use this discount. The coupon code for this offer is “AKIRA17”

  • 25% Off with coupon code

There is also another offer that will get you products on 25% discount. The promotional code for this offer is “GLOW”

  • Save 10%

You can also save 10% by using the promotional code “buildit” when checking out.

  • 15% Off

To get 15% off on your order, you should use the code “ATATG”.

  • Free Shipping

Free shipping is an offer that you will get when you buy Fleshlight products on Black Friday. The offer will be limited to purchases around a specified amount. However, you can use the promotional code “FREESHIPNY” to enjoy free shipping on all Fleshlight devices (i.e Abigail Mac Lush Fleshlight) regardless of the amount you spend on Fleshlight devices.

You should keep on following here for more deals as the day approaches. Otherwise, it is better to make your purchases at the official website of Fleshlight.

Reasons to Buy Fleshlight from Official Site

There are many reasons why you need to buy Fleshlight products from the official site. Here are some of the reasons so that you don’t get it wrong during Black Friday.

  • Genuine products: you can only get genuine products when you buy them from the official Fleshlight site. Other trading sites may take advantage of the season to fill the market with fake products.
  • Free shipping: free shipping is only available if you use the official website.
  • Money back: your money-back warranty is only valid if you made your purchase at the official site
  • Great discounts: all the great discount coupons for Fleshlight devices will only be available if you checkout using the official website.

As you can see, there are tons of Fleshlight coupons during this festive season of Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. Plan to make numerous cheap purchases of your best sex toy. Just remember to bookmark the official website as that is what you will use to get the best coupon code.

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Fleshlight ICE Review and Coupon Codes

Fleshlight ICE is a male masturbator that has been around for quite a number of years now. Today, I will review and compare Fleshlight Ice with other male sex toys.

The main difference of this amazing toy in comparison to the Fleshlight original series is the fact that the insert is not pink in color, or skin toned. Instead, it is milky transparent such that you can see yourself in action when using it, something that is an extreme turn on to many.

The name Fleshlight ICE comes from the fact that the product looks so much like frozen water. It is also made up with transparent real feel material.

Fleshlight ICE Sleeve Review

There are three versions of the Fleshlight ICE Sleeve. The first is the Ice Lady, which has an orifice that resembles a lady’s vagina. The second is the Ice mouth that is designed to simulate a lady giving you a blowjob. The third is known as the Ice butt designed for those who love anal experiences. Initially, they all had various different textures, which you can still get from the old stock, but they were all replaced by a new texture known as Crystal.

fleshlight ice sleeve review

The canal

The crystal canal starts with a chamber that has spherical texture, 0.6 inches in diameter. It contains has a ring with several angular trapezoidal bumps. Just immediately after is a tight connecting passage that measures 0.4 inches in diameter. This section of ICE fleshlight is has a gentle ripped texture covering the entire surface. Next is a passage that widens to measure 0.6 inches. This chamber has a ripped texture but is a little more distinct in comparison to the previous section. Several hemispherical and four cylindrical bumps covers the next chamber which has a diameter of 0.7 inches followed by a connecting chamber of 0.4 inches that leads to an oppositional arrangement of rectangular indentations in the side walls. The last chamber of the canal has a tear shape covered in a texture that is slightly ribbed.

Features of the Fleshlight ICE

  • Packaging

Within the packaging, you will find a clear case that has caps that can be screwed on or off on both ends, an instructional booklet, two packets of Flesh Lube, and your choice of orifice insert.

  • Measurements

The case is about 10 inches long and 3.5 inches wide at the larger end. The insert itself is 9.5 inches and fits perfectly into the case. This makes it quite suitable for a very wide range of penis sizes.

buy fleshlight ice coupon codes

Main advantages of Fleshlight ICE Sleeve

  • Color

Fleshlight of Nicole Aniston and other stars are known for it’s color and realistic look. However, ICE is transparent to translucent in color. This allows you to see yourself inside the toy as you use it and know exactly which chamber is working on which part to give you the amazing stimulation.

  • Discrete

The casing is shaped just like a real flashlight, making it quite difficult for someone to know what it is. The translucent color of the insert makes it look a lot more like a real flashlight even with the cap of.

  • Suction

You can use the cap end to regulate the amount of suction that you will experience while using it. Tightening the cap will create a tight seal that gives more suction power for more pleasure.

How to buy Fleshlight ICE Cheap using Coupon Codes?

Below are some most common and ongoing deals and Fleshlight ICE Coupons that you should try to get your masturbator for cheap.

Free Shipping – Spend $150 or more and get your entire order at Free Ground Shipping.

Combo Deal – Purchase any two sleeve and get one for FREE. So you will get total three sleeve for the price of two only.

Up to 25% Off – During holiday and special events, company offers huge discount on their newly released and top selling products. You should buy Fleshlight ICE during that time to save upto 25% off the retail price. No need to use any special promo codes here.


As per the Fleshlight ICE reviews, It will provide you with unimaginable pleasure that is particularly varied and extremely intense. Sliding between the chambers filled with bumps and simultaneous alternating tightness sensations will make you value this toy like no other (i.e Japanese Sex doll, Tenga etc).

Unlike Alien Fleshlight, ICE is transparent sleeve which makes it the most suitable to use during foreplay with a partner. Hope you know, how to use fleshlight for maximum pleasure.

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Sex Toys Cleaning & Storage Guide

Now young people at home are more or less stored in so many sex toys, some even hide a drawer, whether it is a single person to play or between couples, are to add interest to life a lot. Although the use of time is very cool, you have learned how to clean and store sex toys? If you do not pay attention to the cleaning and storage problems, not only will shorten the life of the toy, and may even cause physical discomfort, inflammation, and so on. Today Honeysx will talk to you about the cleaning and storage of sex toys.

adult toys

  1. Timely cleaning after use

No matter what toys, where to use, after each use should be timely cleaning, so that not only can timely rinse off the toys on the adhering body fluids, to avoid breeding bacteria, as far as possible to ensure the safety of the next use, but also to extend the life of the sex toys.

  1. Always wash before use

Even if you clean it after the last time you used it, but the place where you keep the toy is mostly dust, bacteria, etc., so it is necessary to rinse it again before use.

  1. Choose the right cleaner

For cleaning sex toys, the most common cleaner is mild unscented soap, supermarkets are easy to buy. But if you have more toys or virgins, then it is recommended to use a special cleaning and disinfection solution, the safest and most effective for toys.

  1. Battery toys should not be completely submerged in water

If you use the toy is the kind of battery to put, then most of the gap, if completely submerged in water, the water may follow the gap into the battery compartment, rusting, resulting in poor contact. This toy in general, cleaning time to be very careful, for the gap, only use a damp cloth to wipe. By the way, most of this toy power consumption is still quite fast, it is recommended to use rechargeable batteries (the purchase of the strategy poke here), which can save a lot of it.

  1. The correct use of lubricant

The “human lubricant shopping guide” has detailed common lubricants that are divided into water-based, silicon-based because of the principle of similar compatibility. Silicone toys will be silicone-based lubricant corrosion, the formation of small pits invisible to the naked eye on the surface, easy to accumulate bacteria.

sex toy cleaning guide

  1. With condom use

Although there are millions of sex toys, when it comes to materials, can be divided into two main types: porous materials, non-porous materials. Non-porous material refers to the kind of surface that cannot penetrate the bacteria material, common non-porous materials are glass, silicone, stainless steel. Porous materials are hard plastic, artificial skin, synthetic rubber, nylon, and so on this kind of material, easy to adsorb bacteria. Generally, in the toy box, the instructions are introduced. For the porous material toys, even after cleaning is difficult to do completely sterile, as far as possible with the condom use. (Recommended reading: Condoms – size, material, time delay, female condom super detailed explanation)

  1. Put in the storage bag

Almost all sex toys in the market are equipped with storage bags, each time you use them, after cleaning, do not randomly put them in the drawer , must be put into the bag, and then hidden, as far as possible to isolate the dust, bacteria.

  1. For Long-term idle toys, remember to remove the battery

We all have a long-term non-use of things, battery compartment leakage corrosion. sex toys experience it too, If not used for a long time. Be sure to take out the batteries.

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JimmyJane Coupon Codes 2022 – 30% Off Discount

Jimmy Jane upto 30% off coupon code and discount voucher here. Jimmy jane ( official site  is the San Francisco, California based privately owned company that supplies luxury vibrators, high end sexual products, message oil and many more accessories. It was founded by Ethan in 2003 with the aim to make your sexual life better with sweet twist. They uses advanced technology to manufacture sex toys for both male and female.

Top most JimmyJane Coupons and Codes

LOVE – Use this limited edition code for your future order to get 20% discount on everything. Check the offer page to know minimum purchase requirement.

LOVERS or LOVERS25 – These both codes are valid for 25% saving. You can use that once per transaction per account to get your discount.

FACEBOOKJJ – Head up and visit the website to shop entire JimmyJane line for 20% off the retail price. You need to create account or use your existing account on Amazon for this offer.

Vibrator Giveaway – Check their Facebook page and follow the direction to participant into their contest to get chance to win hundreds of dollars of product. Once entree is valid per household and winning product is not transferable or exchangeable. You cannot ask for cash, instead of winning item.

Flat Shipping – No need to worry about huge shipping price. Every order is now shipped for just $5 flat rate shipping fee.

Combo Pleasure Sale – Now you purchase combo of Win-Win Slate, Form Complete Set of 5 Pink, Joy to the Girl and other items for her at upto 40% discount. Same offer is available for pleasure toys for him too.

Why should you shop from Jimmyjane?

It is the only company to be honored with awards for top designs. Their products have been featured and listed by top magazine, TV shows and media such as Rachael Ray Show, Her Health etc.

It is the only design-oriented company who feature high quality products that comes with stunning designs. Few of their flagship items are Hello Touch X, Form 5, Little Chroma, Iconic Bullet, Lube oil, Ring and many more. Apart from all these company Jimmy Jane also sells accessories that you can buy using discount coupons given here. If you have something to spend then you should check their Pleasure Sets and Award winning vibrators too.

10% Off – Jimmyjane Coupon Codes ( Sign up needed! )

You just need to enter your email address and name to register for their newsletter. Once you join them you will instantly get 10% off promo code, valid for your next online order. It cannot be clubbed with any other offer and valid for online order only.

As a subscriber, you will get all the future promotional offers, exclusive deals and limited edition sale alert. This is the dedicated page that we regularly update with provide you highest profitable coupon voucher and offer codes, so please bookmark us for your any future order. You can contact us by commenting here, we will be more than happy to help you to choose best suitable product for you.

You can also share your Jimmy-Jane experience here, so that I take a note before placing an order.

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Top Most Realistic Dildo that Every Woman Likes

Welcome to the review page of realistic dildo. Today, I will review some top selling female vibrator that every woman likes a most.

Dildos are the most popular sex toys among women. They come in quite a wide variety, with difference being in the shapes, sizes colors, material used, and design. In terms of design, there are some, which are meant to look as realistic as possible.

best selling realistic dildo for woman

Why should you buy Realistic Dildo only?

Such kind of dildo are considered to be much better than the rest due to the following reasons,

  • They have similar shape and size to that of a male model. This will ensure that using it will give you the exact similar experience as having real sex. It is actually better as you get to be in control of all the thrusting.
  • They can be used to enhance sexual performance. The fact that they give a similar experience to that of having real sex means that you can train yourself using it and become a prowess in bed.
  • You can also use it to achieve quick and intense orgasms. On those lonely long nights, you can use it to have some fun and even relieve stress and anxiety.

Top Realistic Dildo that Every Woman Likes

There are so many brands in market that sells dildo but not all feel and look like real. Some of the best selling realistic dildos include,

Cyberskin Cyber Cock

The main highlight of this amazing toy is its flexibility, which adds to the looks and feel of the actual cock. It has average length and girth unlike many other dildos, which are usually exaggerated in size, making it the perfect choice for beginners. Fleshlight is also selling dildo. Use fleshlight dildo correctly for maximum pleasure.

The material used to make it is the realistic dual density Cyberskin. This material has almost similar properties as the real skin, including its appearance. The glans area has a pink shade with the rest of it having the normal color. It combines both the firmness and softness of an erect penis. With proper care, the material can maintain its great looking properties for a very long time.

Realskin Vibrating Dildo

This flexible and realistic vide is sculpted for its feel and size. It is same as Rotation lover vibrator for male, but have real like skin. It has the ability to give you pleasure like the real think, but only better thanks to its ability to vibrate. There are the speed options for the vibrations, which you can cycle through for the most intense orgasm ever. The easy slide controller is attached to it through a cable to ensure maximum flexibility.  Some of the main features include,

  • It has a generous shaft that is 8 inches long
  • The suction cup base is quite powerful
  • It gets warm naturally to match the body temperature
  • Its look and feel is ultra-realistic

Doc Johnson Ultra Realistic Dildo

This ultra-realistic dido that has a suction base to allow for hands-free use can give you quite a nice treat. You will experience amazing life-like penetrations with its veiny shaft that has thick skin and a bulbous glans as well as the bulging balls. Some of its key features include

  • It is made from dual density UR3 that offers life-like sensations.
  • Realistic look with pronounced balls and head
  • Has a wide and textured girth
  • Has a powerful suction cup at the base
  • It is suitable for both vaginal and anal play

Check Also: Where to order dutch wife Japanese sex doll

How to buy Realistic Dildo online cheaply?

There are a couple of ways, which you can use to buy this amazing sex toys at a cheaper price. The main ones include taking advantage of sales and offers. You can also redeem fit coupon codes to enjoy great discounts. I would suggest you to visit eCommerce sites and adult toys websites like Adam and Eve, Amazon, etc to buy realistic dildo online for cheap. Most of them offer Free Shipping on US and Canadian orders, so you can stack that offer with promotional sale to maximize your saving.

There are few company who sells dildo with balls. Moreover, they offer homemade cock ring for FREE.

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SizeGenetics Discount Coupon Codes 2022

Redeem a coupon code to get 40% discount plus free shipping. SizeGenetics is a penis extender that works to improve the size of your penis to give you better sex experience. The size of penis determines to what extent a person will be enjoying sex. A Large penis is better for sexual engagement than a small one.

SizeGenetics $50 off discount coupon

Top Working SizeGenetics Coupon and Codes

  • FRA30 or DEU30 or ESPA or GREECE – Use any of these code and get €30 discount on purchase of SizeGenetics Ultimate System
  • ECON8: You can get $50 off your order when you use the code given here.
  • FRA30: There is a 30% discount offer that is ongoing on. Make sure to apply the code to get it now.
  • 30% + $50 Off: One of the most amazing discounts that one can get is this one. This offer gives you a flat 30% discount on all orders and a further $50 off your order. The code for this offer is WORD50.
  • Save $150: You can save up to $150 on your orders. To make this saving, you will be needed to purchase the SIZEGENETICS ULTIMATE SYSTEM. There is no coupon code for this offer. Other packages offer different savings i.e.

Save 35 when you purchase the comfort package and save $20 for purchasing value edition.

SizeGenetics coupon codes

Why should you buy SizeGenetics over others?

There are many benefits of buying this product over others. Here below are some of the leading reasons for buying it. [how to eat pussy]

  • Guaranteed to Work

There is a guarantee that this product will work to increase the size of your penis by inches. Other products do not have this kind of guarantee thus making this one better than the rest.

  • 180 days Money back Guarantee

To back their guarantee, there is a 180-day money back guarantee that users of this product get. If it does not work to enlarge your penis, then you can return it within 180 days from the date of purchase.

  • Safe to Use

There are no risks associated with using this product. It is 100% safe to use.

  • Proven Track Record

This device comes with a proven track record of over 16 years. For those many years, the device has been used by many people and only positive results have been achieved all that time. [ways to jerk off]

Not does the device work but deliver the required results faster than expected. No product in the market can match it.

  • Discreet Shipping

The company offers discreet shipping of this product and thus you will not have to worry about your privacy protection while buying this product.

  • Fair Prices

The products are being sold at fair prices.

In addition to the fair prices, you can get discounts when you use a coupon code.

How to use SizeGenetics Discount Coupons?

The best way to save money is to use discount codes given above. It is important to note the above mentioned coupons can only be used when you make purchases from the company’s main website. Making bulk orders can also help you in saving a lot of money. [ways to increase sex power]

SizeGenetics Shipping and Return Policy

The company offers discreet shipping. The customer will pay for his own shipping fee that varies depending on the region of shipping. There is 6 months guarantee period in which a customer can return the product to get money back. After the 6 months, no returns shall be accepted. [ways to turn on girl]

This product is therefore seen as men’s best device in enlarging penis. It has been tried before and gave exemplary results. Using it is a guarantee to increasing your penis size.

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Alien Fleshlight Review – Buy Avatar Blue Sleeve w/t Coupons

Don’t buy Alien Fleshlight before reading my Avatar blue sleeve review. Make sure to use coupon codes to save huge!

The Alien Fleshlight is by far one of the weirdest looking male sex toy that is in the current market. Designed with ideas from the Avatar movie, the toy is the perfect solution to all the men who have a fetish of being in bed with an alien. If aliens did exist, having sex with them will definitely be an experience similar to using this Fleshlight. This blue double clit Fleshlight has been in the market for quite some time now and has received nothing but positive reviews.

Features and Review of Alien Fleshlight

  • Avatar Texture

The texture consists of a combination of the three most popular texture elements that have been tested and proven the most efficient so far. Just past the orifice, you will find an elliptical chamber that is covered with a Vortex texture in a spiral shape. This chamber will offer some unusual yet very pleasurable stimulation as you mount the toy. Next is the Lotus node, which has a tight constriction of 0.4 inches that continues all the way to the main canal. The main canal constitutes of wide bumps that are closely fit together all the way from front to back. The Structure is similar to that of the Stamina Training Unit.  It has a diameter of between 0.45 inches and 0.5 inches, making it relatively tighter.

alien avatar fleshlight sleeve review

  • Double clit design

The orifice has a double clit design that makes it look quite different from anything that has ever been seen from a sex toy, perhaps resulting to its Alien name. It is quite appealing for those men who fantasize with science fiction in bed and will come with all the satisfaction, if not more, that you would get from other Fleshlight toys. While using it, the clits will have a massaging effect on the scrotum, taking the pleasure to unimaginable heights.

  • Color

The Alien Fleshlight sleeve is blue in color. The blue color is just to complement its alien-like features. It does not mean in any way that the flesh-like properties are compromised. The same Super-Skin material used with all Fleshlight toys is used for this one as well and will feel just like so.

  • Discretion

Just as with Nicole Aniston Fleshlight and other toys, the Alien Fleshlight is designed to be discrete. The outer casing resembles a real flashlight and with the lid on, it will be virtually impossible to tell what it is. The lid will also help to ensure that it remains clean during storage, safe from any possible contamination. Instead of buying Japanese sex dolls, you should order something that is portable and more realistic too.

buy fleshlight alien cheap with coupons

Why should you buy Alien Avatar Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight offers more pleasure than any other toy in its category. It has a combination of the three best textures that will guarantee to leave you satisfied every single time you use it.

It is unique in appearance, as if it is from another galaxy. Any lover of sex toys would definitely want to have it as part of their collection.

It also has all the other great features that are found in other Fleshlight toys. This includes the ability to control suction, tightness, easy cleaning, and real-feel skin among many others.

You should buy Aneros Progasm for prostate massage. It is safe and healthy way to milking your prostate.

How to buy Avatar Blue Sleeve cheap using Coupon Codes?

Thanks to the high quality offered by this amazing toy, its price might be a bit of a turn off to anyone who wishes to get it. This should not be the case as you can easily purchase Alien’s Avatar Fleshlight for super cheap. A few of the most common ways include the use of coupons and vouchers. Many stores offer these under certain conditions and you can take advantage of them to get your discount. You can also take advantage of sales offers that are usually present every now and then. The amount of discount you get will vary depending on the offer available.

Moreover, Make sure to use homemade penis ring along with your Alien Avatar Fleshlight. It will delay your ejaculation and you can masturbate for longer duration.

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Best Lube for Fleshlight Toy 2022 – FL Lubricant Review

Looking for some best rated lube for fleshlight toys? Here is my review of some great Fleshlight lubricants for you. It is highly recommended that you always use some lubrication whenever you are using any Fleshlight toy to have some fun.


Why should you use Lube while using Fleshlight?

The type of lube used with Fleshlight really matters, meaning that you should do some research before making your purchase of the lubricant. The amount of lube used should be sufficient for the purpose. A few of the reasons for using lube with fleshlight include;

To prevent injury

Without sufficient lubrication, there is a high possibility that you will suffer some kind of injury. The motion of the Fleshlight toy rubbing against your skin will cause a lot of friction, which in turn causes friction burns. The skin covering the private parts is usually very sensitive and delicate, meaning that the friction burns may occur very rapidly and be quite severe. Using lubrication in the right way and the right amount will eliminate all chances of such an occurrence.

best selling fleshlight lube review

Enhanced pleasure

Lubrication enhances the amount of pleasure that you experience using storm fleshlight. In other words, you will get to enjoy the solo time, making it feel a lot more like real sex. This applies as well to when the toy is used with couples as a way of spicing up things in the bedroom. Depending on the type of lube you get, it can have very sweet scents. The scent is usually a turn on to most people, further making the entire experience a lot better.

What to consider while buying lube for Fleshlight?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing lube to use with Fleshlight toy. The type of lube is the most important. For Fleshlight Freaks, always ensure that it is water-based. This will ensure that the Fleshlight toys retain their integrity. The next consideration is flavor. Lubes come in different flavors or scents. You should always go with one that is pleasant the most to you, as different people have different tastes. The packaging size is also another factor. You may want to go with a size that is a bit discrete to make it easier to travel with.

Best Lube for Fleshlight

Fleshlube is a thick gel designed to be used with your Misty Stone toys. Fleshlube is the best lube for fleshlight pussy, ass and mouth. It serves all the purposes of a natural lubricant to give a stroking experience that is much more realistic. Fleshlube comes in a small bottle containing 30ml, making it ideal for traveling as well. It is a water-based lubricant, meaning that it will not degrade the quality of your toy in any way. The ingredients used in its formulation are deionized water, glycerin, Methylpropanediol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, tea, Lonicera Japonica, and Methylisothiazolinone.

Some of the features that makes it the best option include;

  • It is demagogically formulated to be gentle even on the most sensitive skin
  • You can use lubricant in Fleshlight or Tenga or any other masturbator too.
  • Safe to use even with condoms
  • Water-based and ready to use

You should read my full review about Fleshlube from my previous post.

How to apply Lube on Fleshlight?

Fleshlube comes in a ready-to-use state. You basically need to spread it on the toy surface that will be in contact with your skin. Ensure you use a sufficient amount to get the best experience from it. Nothing can beat the Fleshlube in terms of quality and usability. That’s why I would suggest you to use best lube like Fleshlube for Fleshlight.

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