Top rated Fake Pocket Pussy and Homemade Fleshlight

Learn to make fake pocket pussy and best DIY vagina at your home:  It is a well known fact that men cannot survive without sex. It is a basic human need that needs to be satisfied. It may happen that a man is in need of sexual satisfaction yet his partner is not around to help him. So, what should such a man do in that circumstance? There are many viable options that are readily available for such a man to explore. But of all the options available, using a pocket pussy makes it as the best option since it does not encourage cheating on partners. Noting the fact that Do it Yourself pocket masturbator is the best option for men to have sex at their convenience, a complete review of this product will be done with an aim of making men aware of their real options in getting sexual satisfaction.

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What is homemade Pocket Pussy?

It is a portable false-vagina that is small enough to be carried in the pocket. While its definition makes it looks like a false vagina, those who have used it would actually compare it with the real vagina. It gives the same feeling that one gets when having sex.

Benefits of Fake Pocket Pussy and Fleshlight

There are many benefits associated with this awesome product. Some of the benefits will be discussed below here:

  • Safe to Use

DIY Pocket Pussy is a device that is made of soft materials that makes it quite safe to be used by men. There are no risks or side effects of using it.

  • Easy to maintain

The device is quite easy to maintain. There is no need for special care for these sex toys. A simple wash is all that is required to maintain them.

  • Portable

One of the greatest advantages of Fifi is that it allows men to have sex wherever they are. The device is portable and can actually be carried in the pocket. This means that a man can easily carry it even to the office.

Sex drive can thus be satisfied at any time.

  • Encourages Fidelity

The sex toy is known to encourage faithfulness among partners. This is because a man would not have to seek another woman when in need of sexual satisfaction. Such a man will have avoided cheating on his partner by using this easy to carry fake vagina.

cornstarch DIY homemade fleshlight pussy

The above mentioned are just some of the general advantages of pocket Fifi. There are personalized benefits of different brands of this product. Before reviewing different brands, it is important to highlight some homemade pocket pussy and also how to choose the best sex toys for your masturbation purpose.

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How to Make a DIY Pocket Vagina in your home?

There are several Do-It-Yourself homemade fake pussies that one can get in the market. One of such is known as ‘Fifi’. It works well to imitate vagina, both in structure and function. You can easily make a realistic sex toy by following the instructions below here:

  • Get a towel and fold into a rectangle
  • Place a rubber glove open side out
  • Create a tight hole by folding the towel around the glove
  • Stretch the open part of the glove
  • Apply lubricant
  • Wait for some time
  • Try it out!!

My Review to Choose a Fake Pocket Pussy

A homemade sex toys may not be as efficient as one may want it to be and thus the need to get a more reliable product. So, how does one choose a fake vag? This question forms the basis of discussion here below where the tips will be highlighted.

  • Know what you Want

The first thing in choosing a pocket pussy is to know exactly what you want. Different products are made for different occasions. Though they are all portable, there are products that are easier to travel with while others are more effective when used from home without having to be moved around.

  • Be Careful on Quality

Quality is yet another consideration that one should have in mind when choosing a pocket vagina. Not all the brands are of the same quality. Checking on the best quality is the best way of getting a good product that will assure you of the best.

  • Check on Pricing

Pricing tells a lot on the kind of product to expect. A lowly priced brand without a discount accompanying it will tell that the quality is not the best.

  • Read Review

A review of the product will help you in knowing the status of the product. It is important to read the review of the pocket pussy you want to buy before making the purchase. Reviews are true guides on what to expect from the product.

Top rated Realistic Pocket Pussy to buy

After knowing how to effectively choose the right product, we will now review some of the most popular brands. This is in a bid to evaluate the best brand in the market and thus provide men with a solid base on the kind of brand to go for.

Fleshlight Vulva Review

Fleshlight is perhaps the most popular of all the pocket pussy available in the market. Its popularity has been majorly influenced by the unique features it offers to its users. For instance, it has been designed in a unique way to stimulate the feeling of sexual intercourse as well as inducing orgasm. Another feature is that it is made of soft realistic materials that makes the whole experience as natural as it can be. On top of that, it stimulates the feeling of not just the vagina but the mouth and butt as well.

fleshlight vs real vagina

Fleshlight can be easily purchased online at Amazon. Its retailing price is $64.93 plus an extra shipping fee or $68.95 with free shipping.

Purchase Vulva Fake Vagina now!

The Rippled Real Feel Male Masturbator Review

This is also among the best fake pussy in the market. One of its best features is that it opens on both ends to allow for easy cleaning. This makes its maintenance quite easy and cheap. It also has a good suction power making the sexual feeling satisfactory.

Its price is relatively lower compared to Fleshlight. It can be purchased online at Amazon at a regular price of $43.97 inclusive of shipping charges.

Classic Pink Mouth from Fleshlight

This is another product from the trusted brand; Fleshlight. It has an adjustable suction offering the best oral sex one can get from a sex toy. Some of the features it brags of include; easy to use and clean, non-toxic, discrete and Patented Real Feel Superskin material.

Buy Jesse Jane Vagina for $89.95 only!!

diy fleshlight pink mouth review

This product can either be purchased at Amazon or directly from Fleshlight’s main website. Its retailing price is at $48.47.

How to use your Fleshlight sex toy!

Tenga Deep Throat Masturbator

This is yet another male masturbation toy that gives men deep suction sensation. It has special valves that create a virtual vacuum within the cup. Some of its amazing features include; smooth, non-harmful, 65ml of water-based lotion, non-sticky.

It can be easily purchased at eBay or Amazon. Its regular price is $13.00 but there is a 36% discount at Amazon that makes it go for $8.34.

Flight Pilot Review

This is a unique product by Fleshlight that brings in the convenience of carriage to travelers. It is most suitable to frequent travelers. It comes with a flight adapter that allows it to be attached to the shower mount.

Fleshlight automatic Flight Pilot Review

This product goes for $69.99 with Free Shipping at Amazon or you can purchase same from official site too.

 Which is the Best Pocket Vagina?

From the above reviewed, Fleshlight makes it as the best of all other brands. It is considered the best due to the high quality of production. Their products are trusted by many people all over the world. This makes millions of men to use their products. The price might be a bit expensive but worth going for. Interesting thing about them is that they make sex toys based on big model. You can check the naked photo of model and buy exact fake butt or vagina that model own. It feels like we having real sex with that girl.

What is a Fleshlight?

But You can always go for any of the above listed product to get sexual satisfaction. In case of any query in making pocket pussy then add your comment here.

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    1. Fleshlight masturbation sleeve is made from a patented, high-quality material designed to replicate the sensation of penetrative sex. NOT from latex or silicone and it does not contain phthalates. That’s why they are best and no #1 in adult toys.

  1. Hello, I am thinking about trying out your products for the first time. Is there any way I can get a 20 off coupon code.

    1. They are offering 5% discount when you spend $150 or more. I would suggest you to buy Combo pack worth $150 plus (i.e Flight Simulator Pack, Last Longer Pack, BeastMode Pack etc) to get double benefit. As such combo is at upto 20% off the regular price and you will get it at additional 5% discount with Free Shipping!

  2. Hi there,i was just checking that there is no one who having old toy pussy and who is willing to give me as a gift or sell it around PE call/email me @0603540588 thnks

  3. Awkward but how does sizing go by? I see with the one I “search for” range by size from 1 to 6. So how does that correspond to my size? I have a very limited budget so I need to get it right the first time.

    1. They ship internationally, just click the given here and buy your choice of fleshlight. At the checkout time enter your address to get it delivered to your home.

  4. Hello my name is Miles I have 2 questions for you I made a mold of my girl’s vagina is there any possible way I can make my own customized flashlight with her mold on flashlight and if possible what is the price range of doing that

    1. Hi Miles,

      Fleshlight offers custom Fleshlight but not sure if they give you the flexibility that you want. You can check their Custom Fleshlight building page to know more about it.


  5. Who makes a Cyberskin sleeve for a Venus2000 milking machine? Or how can I coat the sleeve that comes with the Venus to give it the Cyberskin feel?

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