Fleshlight Motion by Liberator – Mount Review

Fleshlight Motion by Liberator was created to help man enjoy any position without hand-job.

Sex positions matter a lot to most men. A man will derive more pleasure from a specific position depending on his preferences. Any man can now enjoy the good old missionary style with all the benefits that come with it by using the Fleshlight motion. It is basically a specially designed cushion that is meant to be used together with your bought Fleshlight toy. It positions the Fleshlight at an angle that is perfect for maximum stimulation. It can be held against a wall as well for stimulation during standing sex, or work as a foundation for your torso when giving oral.

review of Fleshlight Motion from Liberator

Review of Liberator’s Fleshlight Motion

  • Material

It is made of pleather material, with polyester used for lining. Polyester is used due to its great feel, making it extra comfortable. It is also long lasting, and does not lose any of its good properties with time.

The foam used inside is fully supportive polyurethane. It is firm enough to support your entire weight, but not hard in any way so as to ensure maximum comfort during usage.

  • Cleaning

Fleshlight Motion is quite easy to clean, and does not stain in any way. You can even machine wash it without destroying any of its great properties. For manual cleaning, you only need to wipe it with soap and water for an easy and quick cleaning. Ensure that you use only mild and non-bleaching soap.

  • Variety

The mounts are designed in various shapes and sizes which makes them usable for various sex positions, both with and without a partner. The number of pillow designs is currently three; Top Dog, Two Play and On a Mission.

Advantages of Fleshlight Motion by Liberator

  • Hands free

Review of Fleshlight Motion by Liberator says that it allows you to enjoy all the action without having to involve your hands. This makes it look and feel more like real sex, only better because of the great textures that are found in the rubber pocket pussy toys.

  • Exclusive design for Fleshlight

The mount is designed specifically to fit the Anikka Albrite Fleshlight male masturbators. The dimensions and specifications are an exact match, meaning that you don’t have any issues of lose fittings. Other sex toys might also work with it in a way, but only if they have approximately the same dimensions as those of Sophia Rossi Fleshlight.

  • Discretion

The Fleshlight Mount by Liberator is designed in such a way that you will have to take a couple of curious looks to figure out what it is. Its weight and size makes it easy to hide it just under the bed for easy access whenever you need it.

When buying it, it ships in a brown box with absolutely no information regarding what is inside. You don’t have to worry about any embarrassment while collecting your delivery. [ We vibe Tango ]

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