3C New Trend:Leten Technology Classic Masturbation Cup Firmly Ranked C

What is the definition of a product? It is a solution to the needs of consumers. In our era where everything can be a product, high-tech interactive masturbation cup products are a tool to provide men with a closer real sex experience. They have their own needs that must be satisfied. Among them, entry-level products are the ones that best show brand value and design. Let’s take a look today from the product point of view – what classic series of masturbation cups does Leten have? What are they, and why are they sought after by everyone?


Leten one cost-effective manual masturbation cup – in-depth user needs for beginners, empowering their first experience.

For experienced users, Leten one is always at the forefront of all the Leten classics. Regarding its price, the experience and its function of exercise, the whole line of products with three functions has been well received by beginner users. As a fresh tool, masturbation cups are not like high-priced electronic products such as mobile phones. In the current complete chain of consumption, return and second-hand recycling, they have low trial and error costs. Once you buy a masturbation cup, resell can hardly happen if the experience is not nice enough. This is determined by the product attributes of the masturbation cup itself, and it is also decided by people’s consumption habits. Therefore, most of the entry-level products of major brands are positioned below $50, thereby lowering the entry threshold for users. Although it is not a high-tech interactive masturbation cup, we do have a high user reputation of the Leten one series.

laten one series

At a price of less than $50, Leten one provides entry-level users with a quality that is almost comparable to the second-level products of the same brand. It is regarded as an affordable entry-level model. The ultra-soft TPE channel of over 200g perfectly reproduces the softness, rebound and comfort of big buttocks. With the three-hole progressive negative-pressure sucking and the internal three-stage wrinkle stimulation, it brings an extremely real and gradual sense of control to the first experience of entry-level users. The official training guide takes the manual control mode to the extreme, allowing users to go deeper from experience to functional development.

The Youhuang series IIII masturbation cup – entry-level training, fulfilling the dream of entry-level users.

When it comes to the Youhuang series, we have to mention the sexual growth history of many men. Due to various reasons, self-education is the typical development model of many men, and this has led to AV actresses becoming an important role in their lives. No guys dares to say that he has never dreamed of having sex with an AV actress to show his ability. Leten Youhuang’s fourth-generation high-tech interactive masturbation cup, reproduced with a real body of an AV actress, imitating the vagina of the real Hatano Yui + real voice interaction, totally standing out in the market of sex toys. With an extremely high quality, it has become the choice of “first-love experience” for entry-level users. It’s equipped with soft flesh TPE with more than double the weight of products at the same price, a super powerful motor with ten-frequency vibration and magnetic charging design.

A380 III masturbation cup – entry-level, masturbation cup with fully automatic scene experience, the first annotation of immersive experience.

As a product that meets the needs of people to shelter from wind and rain, the house creates a home scenario for us; as a product that meets the displacement needs, the car creates a scenario with a variety of added value for us. A380 is designed to meet the needs of simulated sex experience. The product can create more space for fantasy of users, contributing a new field of situational and immersive masturbation cups, using settings + content + experience to stimulate users’ fantasy, using built-in content and a fully automatic feeling, allowing users to enjoy an immersive experience. It also gives entry-level users the perfect first-time experience of their fantasy of uniforms.

Leten Future cabin 708 – depicting future scenes and creating a cyberpunk-style super-sensual sex experience.

Demand thinking is the most common thing for brand product design – when new technologies emerge, people need new stimuli; when new scenarios appear, people need new experiences, and when new groups appear, we need a full range of new services. These are the entry points of product design. When modern masturbation cups can no longer meet people’s pursuit of novelty, leten’s future cabin 708, starting from the sci-fi scene beyond reality, has created a masturbation cup product far beyond the current sexual experience. The future experience of integration of 7 senses + highly realistic character setting brings a cyberpunk-style sense of future immersion. It pays attention to quality, design details, button design of its ergonomic function, creating limitless possibilities to a cyber-sex journey.

As an advanced entry-level product, leten’s future cabin 708 has won the hearts of users with a configuration that was much better than the same level of products. It also won the recognition of users with a moderate and affordable price, becoming a well-deserved beginner advanced artifact.

The needs of users are always changing, and products thus need to be constantly evolving as well. When the brand really thinks from the user’s psychology, it can then find its positioning from the demand, create a unique user’s experience and allow them to remember the brand, truly creating an eternal classic.

Where to buy leten’s full range of classic masturbation cups?

Leten New Air Oral Male Masturbation

Leten’s latest masturbation cup sucks in deep throat. After removing gas, a negative pressure vacuum is formed in the oral cavity.

Leten NEW X-Sped Automatic Thrusting Masturbator
From the brand Leten, Leten X-Sped Automatic Thrusting Masturbator  is certainly a device that can completely bring a change in love-life.

Leten 708 Future Cabin The Phantom Speed

The masturbation cup works extremely fast. It transcends time and bring you a futuristic appearance.

Incorporating future technological elements, the visual fantasy of 708 tends to be infinite.

Leten 708 Future Cabin The Golden Storm

A sex machine from the future, integration of seven senses to satisfy your imagination.

Integration of as many as 27 future sex technologies, bringing you into the era of sex 3.0 and pushing your sexual experience to a higher level.

Leten 708 Future Cabin Night Trek

The upgrade of the four senses is beyond your imagination

The cutting-edge technology of Thunder Lab in 2020 will allow you to realize your fantasy in the distant future.

Leten 708 Future Cabin PRO

A sex machine from the future that feels far more than a real person.

Seven senses in one, a sex experience that is better than a real person. Take the lead in leading humans into the 3.0 era of sex.

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About leten:

Deeply rooted in the Internet for many years of sex brand “leten”, closely following the tide of technological changes such as artificial intelligence, VR, big data, etc., constantly upgrading product research and development technology, with the help of high-tech products to create a good user sex experience, for the benefit of the world’s men’s sexual welfare life.


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