Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Ignition Review – Coupon Codes

Fleshlight Turbo is blowjob simulator comes in two sleeves; Thrust and Ignition. Fleshlight Turbo is available in blue ice and copper color.

What is Fleshlight Turbo Thrust and Ignition?

Fleshlight turbo refers to the latest blow job simulator for men from Fleshlight. It is the first one of 2017, designed to replicate oral sex. You can get it in either blue ice or copper color. The amazing toy comes with two sleeves, named Ignition and Thrust. The textures of the sleeves in addition to the unique orifice will ensure that you get the ultimate sexual experience, with or without your partner.

Fleshlight turbo ignition and thrust review


The casing of the Fleshlight Turbo is clear, made of a very high quality plastic material. It pairs perfectly with either option of the sleeves, blue ice, or copper. Being transparent allows you to see the magic as it happens, perhaps turn your partner on further if you are using it to spice up sex with your partner. The two sleeves do not have much of a difference with exception of the color. Personal preferences should be the only determinant when choosing between the two.

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Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Review

Double orifice

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust comes with an orifice that is different from any other orifice ever released by custom Fleshlight. The orifice has a double opening, one similar to a regular orifice opening of a pocket pussy and the other in the form of a front flap. The two orifices are not anatomical due to the fact that the toy is designed to replicate oral sex in addition to their lip orifices that are found on other Fleshlight toys not being so popular. In terms of functionality though, the orifices do a good job of simulating the lips of an attractive woman to give a sexual experience that is better than you can ever imagine. You will need a little bit of effort to squeeze through because of how tight the orifices are.

Turbo Thrust Texture

This Fleshlight toy is likely to overpower your senses, even if you are a guru when it comes to using toys. Short cross ribs will hit you upon entry, massaging your penis in a similar way to the tongue. Immediately after, you will feel seemingly random features of the Fleshlight canal, which will tempt you not to go any further due to fear of ejaculation. Towards the end, a series of small bumps, staircases, big bumps, divots, cross ribs and more will work on you penis the canal tightens. The texture also offers a suction feeling that is similar, if not better, to the actual blowjob. It is totally different than fleshlight butt toy.

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Fleshlight Turbo Ignition Features

Ignition Texture

The Fleshlight turbo ignition sleeve is copper in color, and looks a bit futuristic in terms of design. The sleeve also has a double opening, with the orifice being quite tight to allow for very strong suction power. The arrangement of the patterns is a bit different compared to previous releases, giving you a reason to add the new toy to your collection. Sexual satisfaction will be guaranteed with this pocket pussy.

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What will get you using Turbo Thrust and Ignition?

Being the latest release by Fleshlight, the Turbo Thrust and Ignition are full of unique and amazing features. They offer a sexual experience different and better than any other, something that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.  Make sure to buy fleshlight from official site and avoid buying it from Amazon and other third party site. Often we found that seller sells fake Fleshlight at Amazon and you will ended up wasting your money, so instead go for official site only.

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