Custom Fleshlight – Build Your Own Fleshlight Toy

Fleshlight was introduced to help men get sexual satisfaction when they want. Fleshlight is the best brand in the market that majority of men prefer. There are many other options that people can use but majority still end up with Fleshlight. Fleshlight products have become an embodiment of sex toys to an extent that people make their own custom products with Fleshlight in mind.

build your own custom fleshlight

You can make a personal Fleshlight sex toy and use it to satisfy your sexual desires. Some people argue that a custom made Fleshlight is better than the ordinary one you will get in the retail stores. Below are some of the reasons why you should make your own custom Fleshlight.

Why to try your own Custom Build Fleshlight?

Some of the leading reasons include the following:

  • Cheap

One of the reasons why you should try making your own Fleshlight is because it is cheaper than buying one from the retail stores. If you get the materials you need to make one, then you will have an easy time making your own custom Fleshlight and end up saving a lot of money that you would have used in buying a new one. You should also check my comparison of Tenga vs Fleshlight.

  • Specific to your needs

When you make your own Fleshlight, you will have the opportunity to make it in accordance to your specific needs. For example, you can custom make in accordance to the size of your penis so that you get maximum pleasure.

  • Personal touch

A custom made Fleshlight has the personal touch that one needs to enjoy sex with the toy. With the knowledge that you made the sex toy on your own, you will have the feeling that you own it and thus work to make it fun for you to use the sex toy.

  • Safer

So long as you use the right materials, it will be safer for you to make your own Fleshlight. This is because you will be keener when making the sex toy.

These are just a few of the many reasons why you should try custom your own sex toy, instead of Misty Stone’s Fleshlight.

How to Build your own Fleshlight Toy?

The first thing is choosing the type of sex toy you want to build. For example, you can decide to go with Lotus, Forbidden, Storm and other textures.

In building such a sex toy, you will need follow three simple steps. First is to select the texture of your choice. With these materials, you are set to go and you can begin building your own custom Fleshlight sex toy. Next thing is to select the color of the texture, white, black, wheat colors and you can choose from few other colors too. Last thing is to select the case for your texture.

Of course, this is just a synopsis showing how easy it is to have your own custom sex toy, instead of using Fleshlight Freaks toy.

Dos and Don’t Dos of Custom Fleshlight

  • Don’t add material without knowing it’s feature. Select proper and and most used texture only.
  • Don’t use materials that are dangerous to you
  • Don’t use it without lubrication. Apply some lubricant on it to make it more effective. Read my review of Fleshlube to know more about it.
  • Do your research online while building your own Fleshlight toy
  • But appropriate case for your sleeve. Try sleeve with good suction and tightness to have higher sexual satisfaction.
  • Do wash gently after use

There is much fun when you make your custom Fleshlight toy. You can alternatively try Fleshlight dorcel girl too. That are newly released texture that are hot selling.

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