Fleshlight Freaks Review of Zombie Mouth and Predator

Fleshlight Freaks is the male masturbator for all those men who has fantasy to sex with Zombie. Freaks comes in Predator, Reaper Butt and Zombie Mouth sleeve. Read my Freaks review before you buy it.

Fleshlight are well known in the adult toys industry for their high quality and innovative products. They have quite a number of high selling lines, and Fleshlight Freaks is one of those top sellers.

fleshlight freaks reviews

Fleshlight Freaks is a collection of a number of fanciful toys that comes from the company Interactive Life Forms pussy factory. It started by the release of four ghastly but innovative Fleshlight models back in the Halloween of 2011. The four models were a stitched up pussy from Dr. Frankenstein’s wife, a blood thirsty vampire pussy, pussy of a zombie that has risen from its grave recently, and the pussy of a cyborg, which is at a high technological level.

Review of Fleshlight Freaks (Zombie Mouth and Predator)

The four freaks make the most exceptional masturbators for men even in the current toy market, with the addition of the Alien Fleshlight that came later on. The weird extreme pleasure that Freaks Fleshlight offers makes them among the most popular toy addition that every male would wish to have behind his toy collection. It is a great alternative to the normal high-gloss toys, but feels just as good if not better.

In order to give more idea, I am going to Review Fleshlight Freaks sleeves and it’s inner texture.

Zombie Mouth, Reaper Butt and Predator Texture

Each of the models of Fleshlight Freaks is available in combination with a newly designed texture for the inner canal, of its own. The Zombie comes with a tight cross-ribbed texture and a Lotus node. Frankenstein has multi-chamber texture with cross-ribs, bumps, and a Lotus node. Drac Fleshlight has an inner texture of spiral ribs and lots of big bumps. The cyborg has a multi chamber texture with crosswise and lengthwise ribs. The cyborg can also be found in Vibro version, which can be made to vibrate.


Fleshlight Freaks are available in various colors. This is for both the casing and the inserts as well. This feature makes them stand out from the other toys of its kind, which usually have pink inserts. The different colors make them appear a lot cooler and fit more to the description of the characters they are supposed to depict.


The fact that Fleshlight Freaks are different in appearance and color from the other Romi Rain Fleshlight toys, does not make their quality any lesser. They still maintain the high standards with only the best materials used in making them. The Sleeve of Freak and Ice Fleshlight are made from the patented SuperSkin material. Moreover, superskin has nearly all the properties that human skin have, meaning that the Fleshlight Freaks will feel as realistic as you can imagine.

Fleshlight zombie mouth, predator and reaper

Pros of Freaks Fleshlight Reaper

The pros of buying Fleshlight Freaks include the extreme pleasure that you can obtain from the inner textures. The textures are designed in such a way that you will feel different but amazing sensation, just as you would judge from the name ‘Freaks’. They are also visually different from the other normal toys, which can serve to fulfil the dreams of many men.


Not every man has fantasies of going to bed with a ‘Freak’, meaning that it may not be so much appealing to the eyes of everyone. However, that might easily change once you experience the sensations that it offers. If you don’t fantasy toy and looking for some pornstar’s pussy then go for Lupe Fuentes’s Fleshlight.

Why you should buy Fleshlight Freaks

Price of Fleshlight Freaks is $74, instead of $87. The Freaks are worth a try as they are probably your best shot at having your fantasy come true. It is also quite nice to have something unique in your toy collection.

Thanks for reading my full review of Fleshlight Freaks. There are so many shops to buy Fleshlight but I would suggest you to buy it from official site only. You will cover with all the warranty and guarantee. They offer Worldwide Shipping and that can be Free on certain amount of orders.

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