Alien Fleshlight Review – Buy Avatar Blue Sleeve w/t Coupons

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The Alien Fleshlight is by far one of the weirdest looking male sex toy that is in the current market. Designed with ideas from the Avatar movie, the toy is the perfect solution to all the men who have a fetish of being in bed with an alien. If aliens did exist, having sex with them will definitely be an experience similar to using this Fleshlight. This blue double clit Fleshlight has been in the market for quite some time now and has received nothing but positive reviews.

Features and Review of Alien Fleshlight

  • Avatar Texture

The texture consists of a combination of the three most popular texture elements that have been tested and proven the most efficient so far. Just past the orifice, you will find an elliptical chamber that is covered with a Vortex texture in a spiral shape. This chamber will offer some unusual yet very pleasurable stimulation as you mount the toy. Next is the Lotus node, which has a tight constriction of 0.4 inches that continues all the way to the main canal. The main canal constitutes of wide bumps that are closely fit together all the way from front to back. The Structure is similar to that of the Stamina Training Unit.  It has a diameter of between 0.45 inches and 0.5 inches, making it relatively tighter.

alien avatar fleshlight sleeve review

  • Double clit design

The orifice has a double clit design that makes it look quite different from anything that has ever been seen from a sex toy, perhaps resulting to its Alien name. It is quite appealing for those men who fantasize with science fiction in bed and will come with all the satisfaction, if not more, that you would get from other Fleshlight toys. While using it, the clits will have a massaging effect on the scrotum, taking the pleasure to unimaginable heights.

  • Color

The Alien Fleshlight sleeve is blue in color. The blue color is just to complement its alien-like features. It does not mean in any way that the flesh-like properties are compromised. The same Super-Skin material used with all Fleshlight toys is used for this one as well and will feel just like so.

  • Discretion

Just as with Nicole Aniston Fleshlight and other toys, the Alien Fleshlight is designed to be discrete. The outer casing resembles a real flashlight and with the lid on, it will be virtually impossible to tell what it is. The lid will also help to ensure that it remains clean during storage, safe from any possible contamination. Instead of buying Japanese sex dolls, you should order something that is portable and more realistic too.

buy fleshlight alien cheap with coupons

Why should you buy Alien Avatar Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight offers more pleasure than any other toy in its category. It has a combination of the three best textures that will guarantee to leave you satisfied every single time you use it.

It is unique in appearance, as if it is from another galaxy. Any lover of sex toys would definitely want to have it as part of their collection.

It also has all the other great features that are found in other Fleshlight toys. This includes the ability to control suction, tightness, easy cleaning, and real-feel skin among many others.

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How to buy Avatar Blue Sleeve cheap using Coupon Codes?

Thanks to the high quality offered by this amazing toy, its price might be a bit of a turn off to anyone who wishes to get it. This should not be the case as you can easily purchase Alien’s Avatar Fleshlight for super cheap. A few of the most common ways include the use of coupons and vouchers. Many stores offer these under certain conditions and you can take advantage of them to get your discount. You can also take advantage of sales offers that are usually present every now and then. The amount of discount you get will vary depending on the offer available.

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