Fleshlight Vibro Lady Review – Buy at Discount Price!

Don’t buy Fleshlight Vibro Lady before you read the reviews. Find the tips to get it at best online price.

Using a sex toy is one of the best ways men can satisfy their sexual desires without having to look for actual women. After all, the kind of experience a man gets for using a sex toy is nearly same as that from an actual woman. Nevertheless, this relies on using a reliable sex toy such as Fleshlight Vibro Lady.

Honest Fleshlight Vibro Lady Review

The Fleshlight Vibro Lady is a device that is shaking up the world of male self-pleasure. The device is used by men for masturbation and it offers an amazing experience. With the SuperSkin and vibrations, you can never get any better sex toy than this one.

The Fleshlight Vibro Lady Reviews

This comprehensive Vibro Lady review will look at different factors that make up the Fleshlight device best among others.

Unique Features

There are many unique features that this product has. We will highlight the main features that describe this sex toy.

  • The patented SuperSkin: Fleshlight products use the patented technology of SuperSkin. This unique technology is a skin-like technology that makes a man feels like he is in contact with a woman’s skin.
  • Sensational Vibrations: To make the sexual feeling real, Fleshlight enhanced its vibrations on this product. As a man using this sex toy, you will enjoy sexual vibrations that come from this product.
  • Non-toxic materials used: The materials used to make this device are non-toxic and thus safe to use. Same quality material has been used in Tanya Tate Lotus Fleshlight as well. They are phthalate free making them fit for human use. Therefore, you will not complain of any bad effect as a result of using this device.
  • Easy to clean: Unlike other devices, The Vibro Lady by Fleshlight is quite easy to clean. You do not need special skills to be able to clean this device.
  • Maximum pleasure: Users of this device are guaranteed maximum pleasure when they are using this device.

What is included in the package?

When you buy this sex toy, you will get the following items inside the box: Gunmetal Vibro case, touch texture sleeve, lady orifice, 3 vibrating bullets with batteries, one 10-pack of extra batteries, instructional manual. You can also customize your order with Riley Jensen wild sleeve.

How Does Fleshlight Vibro Work?

The mechanics of Fleshlight Vibro Lady toy are quite easy to understand. The sex toy resembles the shape of a female vagina. The first thing is to place up the 3 bullets to the sleeve for vibration. A man who uses it will have to turn it on for the vibration to take effect as he inserts the penis through the various chambers. The duration of using will depend on a man’s duration to reach orgasms. Once a man has ejaculated, he will then remove his penis from the device and then wash it as he waits for the next session.

Fleshlight Vibro Lady discount price

How To Clean It?

Cleaning it is not a hard thing. There are instructions of how to clean it. However, the man should take care when cleaning the inside of the device. You should first remove the 3 bullets from the sleeve and clean the sleeve carefully on its own.

The Price of Vibro Lady

The Fleshlight Vibro Lady retails at $89.95. This is the official price at the time writing this review. However, you can get discounts if you have coupon codes. Moreover you can save up to 30% off the retail price when you buy it in combo package with Veronica Rodriguez.

How to Buy Fleshlight Vibro Lady?

Buying this device is quite easy. You only need to access the manufacturer’s main website. Once you select this product, you will see a green button “ADD TO CART”. You should select that option and proceed to pay.

The device will be shipped to your location in a discrete manner.

Hope my Fleshlight Vibro Lady reviews help! Please share your opinion and personal experience here.

Joanna Angel Fleshlight Review – Misfit and Punk Sleeve

Don’t buy Joanna Angel Fleshlight before you read my Punk and Misfit sleeve reviews and guide to buy it using deals and coupons.

Many men have been turning to the use of sex toys to satisfy their sexual desires. Fleshlight products have been among the most used in the market. The new sensation in the market comes in the name of Joanna Angel. All that you need to know about this product will be discussed here.

Joanna Angel is a beauty in the pornographic movie industry. She is a Jewish American who has appeared in many pornographic films. She is also a mainstream actress and a director of adult films. Joanna has a curvy body that makes men go wild on mere imagination. This is despite her 4’11’ height.

The fleshlight product made of Joanna Angel is simply amazing.

The Joana Angel Misfit Fleshlight Review

Joanna Angel fleshlight Misfit review
Misfit Sleeve Texture

The selling point of this product is the misfit inner canal. It is well textured offering great variation of the inner diameter. Some of the main features that define the misfit fleshlight of Joanna Angel include the following:

  • Several chambers

The canal has various chambers that provide maximum pleasure. The beauty is that every chamber has a different texture that makes it interesting to explore all the chambers. There is plenty of stimulation alternation that men enjoy when using this product.

  • Tight

The entry to the canal is very tight. The tight passage is desirable by men since it offers am exciting feeling. The entry passage is 0.4 inch. A tight pussy is always the most preferred by men. Make sure to buy it with Tanya Tate lotus fleshlight for maximum pleasure.

  • Great stimulation

When using this pocket pussy, there is a guarantee of sexual stimulation. The different chambers found in the toy make it possible to ignite sexual stimulation amongst men.

Many men who have used Misfit fleshlight say it has a great effect. The tightness found in this sex toy is a sure guarantee to sexual stimulation.

Joanna Angel Punk Sleeve Review

Joanna Angel Punk Fleshlight coupon
Punk Sleeve Texture

The kind of texture used in making a sex toy determines the effect the user gets. The Joanna Angel punk is a perfect anal texture. The texture makes it possible for men to have tremendous orgasms.

What makes it possible to have the nice moments are the countless rib stretching over the inside area of the sleeve.

The following are some of the reasons why men prefer using the Punk Fleshlight.

  • 7 chambers

One of the best features of punk sleeve is that is has seven chambers. The chambers provide different variation in regards to diameter and thickness. This means that the sexual experience is heightened as one explores the chambers.

  • High intensity

The punk offers the highest intensity possible. The two tight constrictions make it possible to enjoy heightened intensity. You should also check my Riley Jensen wild review if you want more intensity.

The only drawback about the Joanna’s punk is that it is too hard to clean. This is because of the numerous chambers. In as much as the chambers offer sexual satisfaction, they also make it difficult to clean the device.

Why to Buy Joanna Angel Fleshlight?

When you buy this device, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Heightened sexual experience
  • Real skin feeling
  • Tightness
  • Cheap

How to Order Punk and Misfit Online?

To enjoy the reduced price of Joanna Angel fleshlight, you should only order it online from the manufacturer’s main website. As soon as you get into the website, just click on “ORDER NOW” to get this device delivered at your doorstep in a discrete manner.

PS: People often buy Adriana Chechik Fleshlight along with misfit and punk as a combo offer.

Buying a combo will save you up to 40% off the retail price and that is without any coupon codes. Moreover you will get it at free standard shipping.

Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Review – Caliente Sleeve Coupons

Veronica Rodriguez is the newest Fleshlight girl who now has her own sleeve known Caliente. The Veronica Rodriguez, also called as Barbie Booty is the famous Latin American porn star and adult model.

Fleshlight Veronica Rodriguez review

Veronica Rodriguez is the Venezuela 25 year old adult model that started acting as porn star in December 2013. Her world rank is 76 and Latin pornstar ranking is 5. He is popularly known as Barbie Bree. She is bonafide Latin chick who is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weights about 98 pounds.

The Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Reviews

Do you want to fuck Latin American girl? What Do you think about fucking high rank Latin star? Veronica come closer to you by having her own Fleshlight which is made up from her tight vagina. She has joined Fleshlight family to give her fans an opportunity to get inside of her, and feel what it is like to fuck their favorite Latin pornstar.

Like Tanya Tate lotus sleeve, A Caliente Fleshlight is made up with an ultra-soft superskin material that is 100% safe and harmless. She isn’t tall but her pocket pussy is 9.5 inches long to satisfy every size of penis. The product is portable and discreet too, so you can carry it anywhere. Simply remove and wash out the sleeve once you are done! It is open from both sides, so you can easily clean it. Please make sure to use warm water and keep it for couple of hours to complete dry out.

PS: If you want real like experience while funking Veronica Rodriguez Caliente fleshlight then please try sleeve warmer and Fleshlube. The sleeve warmer will warm your sleeve within few minutes and it will be read to pleasure you in all the way. Don’t forget to try Fleshlight Launch and vstroker for hands-free masturbation.

Should You Buy Veronica Rodriguez Caliente Sleeve?

Veronica Caliente coupon

Veronica is a firecracker and her pocket pussy is made up to capture her essence and bring your fantasy to the next level. The entire canal is made up with small and medium sized bumps and big nodes in between bumps. The Width of the canal is almost same everywhere! If you want bumpy rides to pleasure to sexual satisfaction then this is texture for you.

The Fleshlight Caliente is made up with smooth pleasure swirls and velvet nubs give you dick a stimulating stroke that you have never felt before. As per the official site of Fleshlight, Caliente is the best-selling sleeve. Moreover, they give you 100% safety and security guarantee, so place your order now!

Are there any Veronica Rodriguez Fleshlight Coupon Codes?

The launching price of Caliente is $79.99 only. Moreover, you will get it for FREE Shipping in US, Australia and other select countries. In order to buy pocket pussy of Veronica you just have to Click The Direct Link Given Here. Simply click “Add to Cart” button and proceed for checkout to complete the payment. If you want discount here then I suggest to buy a combo of Fleshlight sleeve, Warmer and lubricant. A combo will save you huge 35% off the retail price without any coupon.

>> Visit This Link to Buy Veronica’s Caliente Fleshlight Now! <<

Please share your views, reviews and thoughts on Caliente fleshlight of Veronica Rodriguez!

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Riley Jensen Fleshlight Review – Wild Sleeve Coupon

Don’t buy Riley Jensen wild sleeve before you our Fleshlight review with coupon code. Riley Jensen is a popular actress known for her amazing beauty and nice body figure.

The kind of satisfaction that people get when using a sex toy is nearly similar to the real experience of having a sexual intercourse. As a man, you can enhance the feeling by using a sex toy of a renowned woman figure. You can try it using the new fleshlight of Riley Jensen. Many men would pay a fortune to have Riley Jensen in their beds. The mere thought of having her in bed is an excitement to many men.

Riley Jensen Wild Fleshlight Review

Luckily, you can quench your sexual thirst for Riley Jensen using one of wild sleeve texture, the Riley Jensen fleshlight. This sex toy has been built with Jensen’s physique in mind. Therefore, when you buy the product, you will have the feeling that you are having sex with Riley Jensen.

The Riley Jensen Fleshlight Review

If you are still thinking of whether to buy the product or not, you should use this review that will guide you to make an informed decision. The scope of this review is the features and the price.

Here are the leading features of Riley Jensen pocket pussy.

  • Three ribbed sections with nubby transitions

One of the leading features of empress fleshlight is that it is split into three different areas. The three areas offers maximum sexual pleasure. By the time a user gets to the third section, the sexual feeling would have reached its peak.

  • Tight sleeves

The tight sleeves ensure that men using this product have exciting moments. The only way to achieve excitements is by tightening the sleeves as done in this sex toy.

  • Patented Real Feel Super Skin

The sex toy uses Fleshlight’s patented Real Feel Super Skin to provide its users with a natural skin feeling. When using this product, you will have a nice time thinking it is a real person.

What are the pros?

  • Safe to use: there is no direct danger associated with using this sex toy.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction: there is a guarantee that you will enjoy using this product. I suggest you to buy vstroker for maximum satisfaction.
  • Money-back guarantee: failure to enjoy the use of this product, you may be eligible for refund.

The stimulation that this product offers is out of the world. With three different sections, men will enjoy high level sexual stimulation when using this product. There is a guarantee that a man will be sexually stimulated when using this product. The effect of stimulation is added to the thought that the sex toy is made from Riley Jensen.

What is the price?

The Riley’s fleshlight retails at $79.95. Even though the price may seem to be a bit high, it is worthy of its price. The unique features that you get justify the price.

However, you can use your Wild fleshlight coupon to enjoy discount on the product. Please refer our page for same.

riley jensen fleshlight coupon code

The Riley Jensen Wild Sleeve

Wild texture is the right description for Riley Jensen wild sleeve. The texture allows for excitement that starts with wide and nice stimulation and then it gets intensive and rougher rapidly. This is the kind of experience that you need to have a fulfilling sexual experience.

How to But Riley Jensen Fleshlight using Coupon?

This product is readily available in the leading online stores such as Amazon. However, since you may not find a high-quality product in an open store like Amazon, you can simply visit the company’s website and click on the “Order Now” button to place an order.

Make sure to check: Most Intense Fleshlight in the World.

Tanya Tate Fleshlight Review – Lotus Coupon

The award winning pornstar Tanya Tate offers her best asset to Fleshlight. Don’t buy Lotus sleeve before reading reviews with coupons.

Review of Tanya Tate Fleshlight

Tanya Tate is a popular British porn star and 10 times MILF Award winner. This popular star also known as an adult film writer has turned on many people through her unique sensational adult films. She is excellent at blow jobs, lesbian sex and much more. Tanya Tate is yet to turn on more other people. Tanya Tate casts this precious male masturbator from her own vagina to give you the utmost realistic sensation so that you feel as if you are fucking Tanya Tate’s vagina. Dip your penis inside Tanya Tate’s Fleshlight and reach your perfect climax as you feel Tanya Tate’s super skin lotus texture from her own fleshy vagina.

Tanya Tate Fleshlight Review

Tanya’s male masturbator developed from the popular porn star’s own vagina.  Tanya Tate Fleshlight is the most liked male sex toy that currently tops the market. Lotus sleeve is made from an ultra-realistic material that has the texture of a real skin. Fleshlight sleeve is designed with a nice adjustable cap which helps you to control the rate of suction. The stretchy and soft sleeve lined by the Lotus is adjustable in order to fit different penises. The super skin material with sensitive textures helps to drive you to a strong climax. The sensational textures are uniquely designed from the porn star’s own vagina with a mouth and butt inserts to give you the maximum stimulation. Try it with Vstroker to deeply analyze your strokes.

Tanya Tate Pocket Pussy is the best product for solo fun. It has a very discreet torch-like design perfectly sized compared to other male masturbators. To clean the pussy, you should use enough water-based lube to prevent it from drying out. Wash the fleshlight thoroughly its inside and outside then spray the fleshlight with a cleaning spray before leaving the sleeve to dry. Drying doesn’t take much time but after both the sleeve and the case are completely dry, spread some of the renew powder over the sleeve and them insert the sleeve back in the case and get ready for your next moment of fun.


  • Is easy to use and clean and considered one of the top most intense fleshlight.
  • Has lifelike Lotus Texture lining the sleeve gives a realistic sensation
  • An adjustable cap for tailoring the intensity of suction
  • It has a soft stretchy sleeve which adjusts to fit different penises


It is bit costly, but it worth the every dollar you spent. You will get real like pussy  and that is of your favorite pornstar.

Tanya Tate Lotus Fleshlight Coupon Code

Tanya Tate Lotus Texture Review

Tanya Tate Lotus Sleeve is based on the her real vagina.  The Fleshlight is amazingly pink pearlescent with smooth lips that have creases. It has a plastic tube inside the opening to keep its interior from sticking together. At the bottom, there is a screw cap which looks like the top. You can screw up or unscrew the screw up to control the suction depending on what you want. For extra stimulation, heat up the sleeve with warm water. You will have the utmost realistic sensation that makes you feel as if you are fucking a real pussy. The feeling you get from this lifelike Fleshlight from Tanya Tate is real and incredible. You should never masturbate with your hands again.

How to Order Tanya Tate Fleshlight?

To place your order for Tanya Tate Lotus Fleshlight, visit an official website and order your purchase. The advantage of purchasing it from Tanya’s official website is that the product comes with a 20% discount. You no need to use any coupon code here. Make sure that cart value is $150 or more to get your sleeve for free shipping with discount. Once you place your order and make your purchase, you only wait for 24 hours before receiving the sex toy.

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Adriana Chechik Fleshlight Review – Empress Coupon Code

Fleshlight recently release Empress and Next sleeve for Adriana Chechik. Read the review before you buy Adriana Chechik pocket pussy.

Using a sex toy is one of the best ways a man can satisfy his sexual feelings. The feelings get better when you use a sex toy of a renowned celebrity. One such is Adriana Chechik from whom we have the Empress Fleshlight sex toy.

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Who is Adriana Chechik?

Adriana is a beautiful girl who became a pornstar when she was 22 years old. Her attitude towards sex is what has been selling her in this profession. She enjoys every minute she is having sex. Her body is just made for sex and her male counterparts surely have a nice time with her.

review of Adriana Chechik fleshlight

She is a fantasy to many other men watching her pornographic stunts. If you are among the many men who fantasize with Adriana Chechik, you are a lucky man. This is because Fleshlight has manufactured Empress and Next sleeve with Adriana in mind.

By purchasing the Empress Fleshlight of Adriana Chechik, you will be bringing the experience of Adriana right in your home.

Adriana Chechik Fleshlight Review

As among the leading sex toys in the world, Adriana Chechik qualifies for a comprehensive review here. This review will look at the material used in making the Adriana Chechik pocket pussy as well as the pros and cons of the device.

What is the material used?

The material used in making any sex toy ultimately determines the kind of experience a man would have with the toy. As a leading sex toy, Adriana Chechik Fleshlight uses the best material. Silicone is the primary material used in the making of this sex toy. It is a smooth material that has a skin-like feeling.

The patented Real Feel Super Skin by Fleshlight is used in making this product. This material has a great effect on the users of the sex toy. With this material, you will think that you are having sex with a real person.

The Empress Texture and Next Butt Sleeve

  • Tight: One of the leading advantages of using Empress Fleshlight is that it has tight sleeves. The tight sleeves give men better sexual satisfaction than loose sleeves.
  • Subtle curve: Unlike lisa ann savage, Adriana Chechik has a good anal curve that is replicated in her Next sleeve. The makers of this sex toy ensured that the curve is captured well. It brings the sensation to the users of this product.
  • Provides a real skin feeling: When using this sex toy, you will enjoy the real skin feeling. This is because the patented Real Feel Super Skin provides users with a natural skin feeling.
  • Safe for usage: There are no dangers of using this sex toy. The materials used are user friendly. Not a single case of penis damage has been reported by users of this product.
  • Hygienic: There is an easy way of cleaning this product. This means that you can clean it after every sexual encounter to keep it clean.


Adriana Chechik empress fleshlight coupon code

The beauty of Adriana Chechik Fleshlight is in its Empress sleeve and the Next butt Texture. As earlier highlighted, users get a good feeling when using this product.  It is tight and gives men a wonderful sensation when using it. It is going to be most intense fleshlight for you.


The only disadvantage of this product is that it is a bit expensive compared to others. Maybe it is because of the many features it has. However, you can use a discount code to get it at a reduced price.

How to Order at Adriana Chechik Fleshlight Discounted Price?

All you need to do is to make the normal order and add the Empress Coupon Code in the provided box for coupons. The discount will be reflected automatically. They offer Free Shipping on order of $149 or more. Always make a habit to buy a combo to waived off delivery charges.

>> Click Here to Buy Adriana’s Fleshlight at Best Price! <<

I will appreciate if you can share your own experience and Adriana Chechik Empress fleshlight review.

If you are frequent traveler and want something small, portable yet pleasurable then you should check my review about Aviator Pilot Fleshlight.

Vstroker Review – Free Videos Promo Codes

Don’t buy Vstroker before you read my review here. You can get promo codes for free video with Vstroker demo girls.

There is nothing more fun to do during those alone moments than make good use of your favorite masturbator. The Fleshlight toys in particular, come in quite handy. However, you will still feel like something is missing. It is natural to want the woman of your dreams to join you and give you all the satisfaction that you desire. Well, thanks to Vstroker, now you can.

Vstroker reviews

The Vstroker refers to an adapter that brings a virtual partner straight to your bedroom. Attached to your tori black lotus fleshlight toy or any other sleeve, it monitors the speed at which you stroke. The information is transferred wireless to your computer and is simulated by the content enabled by Vstroker. You get to watch a video of your dream woman thrusting according to your speed, with moaning and screaming sound effects in accordance to your intensity. In other words, you get to be in control of everything. The videos are of seductive ladies that guarantee to take you to a virtual world that you have never experienced before.

The Vstroker Review and Features

Please take a look at our Vstroker reviews and unique features to get clear idea about the product.

Seamless transmission

The Vstroker is designed to offer the least possible interference to the fun that you will be having. Your stroking intensity is transferred wirelessly to your PC or Mac, which you can position where you will get the best viewing experience. The innovative simulation works better than you would imagine, guaranteeing a sensational masturbation experience.

Great design

The design of the Vstroker is such that it secures quite easily to the base of any Fleshlight dominika butterfly toy that has a standard size. A USB stick is used to link it to your computer. The weight of the attachment is also quite little, which otherwise would make you get tired of stroking, sooner than usual. The design is also such that it does not interfere with suction control on the Fleshlight aviator toy.

Easy to use

Using the Vstroker is quite easy and takes only a few minutes to learn. The device comes with an instructional manual that can help you figure it out. It is compatible to latest savage fleshlight sleeve. The setup is almost fully automated, where you only need to choose your preferences. It comes with a 14-day trial period where you get VIP access to try out all the amazing features.

vstroker promo code


The device comes at a fair price of only $69. When you buy Vstroker from the official website, there are high chances that you will land yourself an offer and buy it at a lower price. After expiry of the trial period, you will need to pay to get VIP access, where you can access all the best videos available. Do not worry though, if you cannot manage to pay due to any reason, as you will still be able to access the videos in the member’s area.

Top Vstroker promo Codes to buy it cheap

You can use promotion codes to lower the amount of money that you have to pay to get your hands on the device. The top most Vstroker coupon code used this month, is TANYA. Simply add the code during the checkout process and its value will reflect on the total cost. Apart from that, you can stack it with free shipping offer.

If you have any query about review or promo code of Vstroker, then add your comment here. I will reply you soon.

Most Intense Fleshlight Sleeve For You (Review)

Are you looking for Most Intense Fleshlight Sleeve? then read this page to find which textures top the list.

review of most intense fleshlight sleeve

The Fleshlight toys come in various models. The main differences in the toys are texture of the sleeve and the appearance of the orifice. There are sleeves, which are quite tight compared to the others. You should make a point of trying them out. This is because the tight sleeves offer more intense stimulation. You will have an amazing experience with the toys, where resisting ejaculation will be among the most difficult challenges. Such sleeves are also quite good for those who usually experience premature ejaculation. You can use the toy to practice and make yourself great in bed.

The Most Intense Fleshlight Sleeve Review

Of all the Fleshlight sleeves, the most tightest ones are Stoya Destroya, Jenna Haze Obsession, and Riley Reid Euphoria. A review of the three textures is given below.

Riley Reid Euphoria Texture

This butt sleeve is the exclusive texture of the superstar actor, Riley Reid. When you talk of tight Fleshlight sleeves, you cannot fail to mention the amazing Euphoria Fleshlight. It is ranked as among the most exiting sleeve canal of all times. It can fulfill all your fantasies, if you are a fan of anal textures. It has three breathtaking chambers, all of which are almost identical. Each of the chamber starts wide and ends wide, making the centers of the chambers the tightest along the canal. The sleeve is also designed to offer maximum suction, which makes the whole experience of using it amazingly intense.

Riley Reid euphoria reviews

Stoya Destroya Sleeve

This sleeve comes with the Fleshlight toy modeled from the pussy orifice of the erotic actress known as Stoya. It has a high-density bump texture, with chambers that are shaped in various ways. The internal ridges are arranged uniquely, and the bumps are multi-directional, giving a unique stimulation with each use. The insert has a 10mm tight canal as the first chamber, textured throughout the entire length. The next chamber is 18mm, which is lined with ridges on all sides. The ridges in this chamber are a bit longer and face the center of the chamber. Another chamber of 10mm follows, which is unbelievably tight.

Stoya destroya fleshlight review

Jenna Haze Obsession Review

Formally known as Bliss, Obsession is the signature pussy sleeve of Jenna Haze, a popular actor of adult movies. It is one of the favorites for Fleshlight users all around the world because of its high intensity. The Jenna Haze Fleshlight has its first chamber ribbed, with a diameter of 0.7 inches. The second chamber has bumps that are densely packed, facing, tapered at the tips. The bumps point towards the canal entrances at an angle of 45 degrees. They grip and stimulate the penis as you try to push through them. The diameter of this chamber reduces as you go deeper, making it even more intense. Coupled with a suction effect, you will experience magic with this toy.

fleshlight jenna haze lotus review


If you are looking for a best Fleshlight girl sleeve that will give you intensity, any of the three mentioned above will be a great choice. They offer sensations that you cannot even begin to imagine. They also make a good training tool, to make you the king in bed when having real sex.

Please share your own experience about most intense fleshlight sleeve that you would like to refer others.

Aviator Fleshlight Review – Flight Sleeve Coupon

Fleshlight Aviator is the newly released sleeve under the Fleshlight Flight series. Please read my review before you buy it. Total 5 different version including Aviator have been released  by Fleshlight.

Aviator sleeve is totally different than it’s predecessor; Pilot and Instructor. Each of them are made up with unique texture and district design.

Fleshlight Aviator Sleeve Review

All of we know that Fleshlight Flight is compact, sleek and discreet that is for the storage and travel. Like Dominika Fleshlight, Aviator sleeve is made up with body safe materials and exclusive SuperSkin to give you realistic feel. If you are frequent travel or want some compact pocket pussy then this is the toy that comes under your requirement. You can carry is anywhere discreetly and at the same time satisfy your sexual needs too.

Fleshlight Aviator review

Fleshlight Aviator doesn’t utilize neutral whirl as its orifice but rather uses a turbine as opener of the texture. Hence it looks like exclusively available special edition version for you. In fact, Flight offers three different versions that fits to all your requirements including smooth sailing or bumping rides or most intensity and always try to pleasure you.

Let’s start with the size first, being Flight model Aviator is bit smaller then classic tori black Fleshlight. A sleeve is 8″ inch long, hence making it sleek, clear and light weight travel friendly pocket pussy.

The Flight Texture and Effectiveness

Flight Aviator has steady texture with many rings where stimulation is generated by short notches that rub along the penis. By looking at the sleeve texture we can say that Aviator either has one chamber with small notches on it or multiple narrow chamber. It start with a novel orifice which fits the motto of Flight series. It looks like turbine of airplane and don’t give any room for discretion.

Flight Aviator Sleeve Texture

Actual texture immediately begins after the orifice. As said earlier, It consists of 2 inch long and one inch wide notches. Each notches has sharp edges that are responsible for stimulation. There is small straight path between two virtual chamber. The Flight Aviator sleeve is relatively tight than it’s predecessor. It consists of narrow chambers that gives more space to your penis. Your penis tip will be glided into these narrow notches and rubbed over the firm edges of the chambers. That will give you maximum stimulation and pleasure.

The specs of Fleshlight Flight makes it highest selling product of ILF like as Katsuni sleeve. It’s compact size, sleek and transparent body and discrete look are fulfilled by newly launched Aviator sleeve too.

How to Order Aviator Fleshlight Flight?

Cleaning time is quite good since it’s shallow depth and straightforward build. You can easily flush the chamber and reach to the center from both the side. However, drying time is noticeable as it contain so many narrow chambers within the canal.

Below are the complete package that you will get while ordering Aviator Fleshlight Sleeve.

  • Clear Aviator Sleeve.
  • Transparent Flight Case.
  • Instructions for usage and care.

You can try Fleshlight aviator coupon code to save up to 30% off the retail price. I suggest to buy combo sleeve pack to get huge discount. Most of time combo package comes with Free Shipping.

Hope my aviator fleshlight review helped you a lot. Please share your own experience and ratting about Flight sleeve.

Lisa Ann Savage Fleshlight Sleeve Review – Coupons

Don’t Buy Savage Fleshlight Sleeve of Lisa Ann Butt before you read my review here. Lisa Ann refers to an American porn actress and a radio personality. She has done a good collection of adult films over the years, something that made her quite famous,and a dream of men all around the world. As of date, she has been in more than 547 films as a performer, just to show you how experienced she is. She recently joined the Fleshlight girls with her latest sleeve known as savage.

Review of Lisa Ann Savage Fleshlight

Savage was made specifically for the anal Fleshlight of Lisa Ann. It is among the latest releases from Fleshlight, and it is causing a frenzy in the markets. Some of the top features of the male toy are highlighted below.

lisa ann savage fleshlight reviews

Spare parts

Just as with other toys (i.e Tori Black Fleshlight), you can get the insert of the Lisa Ann Savage as a spare part for the toy. This should make you be at ease using the toy as you wish, knowing that you will not have to chuck the full price again in case the sleeve is damaged. With the right usage, your worries will be even less as the quality of the material used gives it good durability.


You can get the Lisa Ann Savage Fleshlight in retailers of adult toys, but it is advisable you make your purchase from the official website. The price tag is marked at $79.95, which is quite reasonable given the high quality of the product and the amazing sensations that it offers. You can also get some amazing offers such as free shipping and gifts like Fleshlube. Did you check my previous post on go surge fleshlight review.

Savage Sleeve Texture

The Savage texture feels quite different from anything that you have ever felt before. it starts with an orifice that looks exactly the same as that of Lisa Ann, given that it is modeled from her real butt. Upon mounting it, you will experience a spiral canal that is filled with ribs, which will trick you into thinking Lisa is with you in person. The canal is a little tight to offer enhanced compression throughout the length, which maximizes the pleasure. If you like Lisa’s butt and want some anal masturbator then this is the sleeve for you.

Barracuda Sleeve Review

The Barracuda Sleeve is the exclusive insert that is designed to replicate the vagina of Lisa Ann. It appears to be like a mixture of Destroya and Obsession, which brings you the best of both worlds. It is filled with tiny bumps that are rounded down to work on the entire length of your penis. It has two main chambers. The first one is 1.6 inches in length and has four rings with three bumps on each ring. Fleshlight of Katsuni is somewhat same in terms of suction and force. A thick constriction separates the first chamber from the second one. The second chamber has long stretched bumps, similar to those in the first chamber but facing the opposite direction.

How to Buy Lisa Ann Fleshlight?

Making the purchase of Lia Ann pocket pussy is quite easy. You simply need to visit the official website and browse through the products, dropping everything that you need into the virtual cart. Once you are done, proceed to check out where you will have to make your payments and confirm the order. Your order will be shipped to your chosen address within a few days.

You can use coupon codes and special promotions to claim your discount while buying Savage Fleshlight of Lisa Ann.