Four Loko x Fleshlight Review – Sex in Can Coupon

Have you tried the Four Loko x Fleshlight Sex in Can? Please find my review to buy Four Loko x Fleshlight with coupon.

If you haven’t tried sex in can device, then you could be missing a lot. However, we understand that you may have a few reservations for not using a non-reviewed product. This is why we are offering a review of the product that will give you a clear picture of the product and all that you need to know about it.

Four Loko x Fleshlight – My Honest Review

This unique product is a collaboration between sex toys giants, Fleshlight and Four Loko. Imagine all the good things you can get from these two brands infused into one. The design of the product gives you a clear indication that you are up for an amazing sexual experience.

Four Loko x Fleshlight sex in can review

You should get your hands on this rare product as it is available for a limited period.

The Sleeve Design

We will review some of the most important aspects of Four Loko Sex in Can toy to give you a wholesome picture that would help you determine whether you want to buy it or not.

The design

The Fleshlight sex in can comes in a flashy beer can design. You can say anything about the design but most people find it attractive. The most important factor in the design of this sex toy is that it is deceiving to the eyes of the public.People will think that you are carrying a beer can, which even has the alcohol percentage scribed on it.

Therefore, the design works to make the product discreet.

The feel

The feeling that you get from Four Loko x Fleshlight is unmatched. Imagine the exclusive Mini-Lotus texture and Mini-lady Orifice at your disposal. You can be sure that this will blow your mind.

Most people who have used this device have reported that the orifice options are great and make the experience amazing.

Inner texture

The sleeve is amazing! first-time buyers are definitely the target for this textured masturbation sleeve. In fact; It is good for existing users too.

The inside of the sleeve has several “waves” specially spaced through the canal. The diameters vary to enhance sexual experience.

What is included in the package?

When you buy the Four Loko x Fleshlight you will get the following in the package:

  • Mini-Lotus textured Mini-Lady orifice
  • Four Loko x Fleshlight case
  • A branded brown bag
  • Fleshlube
  • Renewing powder
  • Instructional manual for use and how to care

The package content of this Fleshlight device seem basic but has all that you need to start your experience with it. It gives you the right direction to start using the device.

Why to buy Four Loko x Fleshlight at Discount Price?

The following are some of the top reasons why you should buy this product:

  • It is of a high-quality, featuring two top brands in the adult sex toy industry.
  • Discreet shape that makes it very portable and unnoticeable.
  • It offers an amazing sexual experience with its “waves’ inside the canal
  • It lasts for long.

The normal retail price of Four Loko Sex in Can on the official Fleshlight website is $69.00. The price is already fair as it is. However, you can get discounts if you use a discount coupon. Furthermore, you can also opt for the combo deals to get more at a cheaper price. In fact; you get fleshlight accessories for free. All you have to add certain products in your cart.

Anna Polina Fleshlight Review – Dorcel Sleeve Coupon

The Anna Polina is considered at the top selling Fleshlight toy. Find my review to buy a dorcel sleeve with coupon.

The Anna Polina FL is an amazingly good adult sex toy that you can use for your own satisfaction. It is a top product that is reliable, thus, prompting a quick review to know how good it is, and if you can find it at an affordable price.

review of Anna Polina Fleshligh dorcel sleeve

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Who is She?

Anna Polina is one of the biggest names in the porn industry. Her prowess in sexual matters has made her popular amongst her fans across the world. She is known for unusual sexual techniques that she displays.

Furthermore, Polina has an attractive body size that makes her very admirable in her career. Her size also makes her flexible when engaging in sexual matters.

It is the dream of many men to have her in bed; a dream that only Fleshlight has somewhat managed to make it a reality. With the new Anna Polina Fleshlight, you can have her in bed with you and even carry her to your office.

Anna Polina Fleshlight – Find My Review

This review will focus on the most important things that you need to know about this product so that you can make up your mind as to whether you want it or not.


The orifice option that you have when choosing this sex toy is the lady’s pussy. Well, that is all you need if you want the best sexual experience with her.

You’ll have to wait just a little longer for Fleshlight to release the butt orifice.

The sleeve texture

When it comes to choosing a sex toy, the sleeve texture plays an important consideration that must be made. The Anna Polina pocket pussy has the Dorcel texture, which will be reviewed here:

The Dorcel Sleeve – Is It Worth To Try?

It is a European texture that targets the sophisticated market. You can be sure that the texture offers an unmatched experience to users who can readily enjoy its feel.

The sensation

The Dorcel sleeve offers a mind-blowing sensation. The sexual feeling is wild, and you can’t differentiate with the real sex experience.


It is so tight that you get to enjoy every moment as you penetrate. If you love tight pussies, then this is your ideal sex toy.


The material used is the patented FleshSkin, which feels the same way as a human’s skin.

Pros and Cons

The pros:

  • You can totally rely on this product to give you the best sexual experience
  • It is extremely portable, meaning that you can walk with it anywhere you want and have sexual pleasure at your convenience. Furthermore, it is very discreet, meaning that nobody can know that you are carrying a sex device
  • The materials used in the manufacture of this device are safe for human use


  • Hard to clean
  • Somewhat expensive if you don’t seek a discount

How to Buy Anna Polish Sleeve at a Discount with Coupon?

You can get Dorcel Fleshlight at a cheaper price if you order it online and have a coupon code.

You can easily get coupons online here, or on the official website and use it when checking out.

Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the combo deals (i.e Fleshlight quickshot launch etc) on the website to get more products at a combined discounted rate.

Can You Really Get a Free Fleshlight? – Find Here

You might be surprised to know that you can get free Fleshlight. It sounds too good to be true yet it is the basic truth.

It is undoubtedly true that Fleshlight is the leading adult sex toy brand in the world. Over the years, the products related to this brand have been popular amongst many users of adult sex toys.

coupon to get fleshlight for free

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The popularity of the brand has caused a great demand. Some people really like the product but cannot afford to have it, thus opting for other cheaper options.

About Fleshlight – Does it Really Work?

Even before you start looking for the Fleshlight products at zero price, you need to ask yourself and confirm whether the products really work or not.

Well, when it comes to adult sex toys, no brand can match the quality of Fleshlight. Not only do they just work but work perfectly well. If you get an original product, you will have the best experience.

However, you need to be careful for there are many fake products out there that may not guarantee you the Fleshlight experience. Therefore, ensure you get an authentic pocket pussy from a trusted distributor.

Can You Really Get a Free Fleshlight?

Yes, it is possible to get free Fleshlight online. Of course, an official site will not just post free sex toys for people to take; you have to look for ingenious ways of getting free products.

Take advantage of major holidays

One of the best ways to get a free pocket pussy is to anticipate oncoming major holidays and visit the official website on such days. Normally, Fleshlight has giveaways whenever there is a big global holiday or major national holidays.

For example, you may get free products during Easter Holidays, Christmas, New Year, etc. There is no guarantee of the kind of products they release for free on such days, thus, you have to keep yourself updated even before the big days come.

Shopping holidays

Are you aware of the ‘Black Friday’ holiday? Well, this is the biggest shopping day in the world. On this day, you will never miss a product or two given for free by Fleshlight on their official website.

On this day, you have to be amongst the first people to get online for you to get free products.

You may not be able to get free products; but you can get them at amazingly low prices. Sometimes they give discounts on their products that may actually be translated to getting them for free.

Some of the ways to get discounts from Fleshlight include:

Take advantage of Flash Sales

There are flash sales that you can take advantage of and get your favorite product at an extremely low price. All you need to do is to check in on the website and visit the products displayed on flash sales and wait for the time your product will be retailing at a reduced price.

Use coupon codes

You also have the option of applying fleshlight coupons to the cart before checking out. These coupon codes will give you good discounts for the products you are buying. If you are buying many, you may even get one for free.

Final Thought:

Getting pocket pussy for free is very possible. All you need to do is to take advantage of the varied ways mentioned above to get a product that you want. However; It is not easy and rarely available. You should keep checking this area to find any ongoing promotion out there.

Remember, you must conduct your business on the official website if you want to get authentic Fleshlight products for free.

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review – Find Coupon Here!

Don’t buy Quickshot Launch before you read my review! Use a coupon code to score at great deal at Fleshlight.

The Fleshlight is one of the brands that release new products every now and then. Whenever there is a new product on the market, the first ones to buy it always have the best experience. There is the exciting experience of using a product as amongst the first users.

find Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review here


As a leading adult sex toys manufacturer, Fleshlight always delivers great quality to the market. One of their latest products is the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch. This is an amazing mounting device for Quickshot users. However, you may ask whether the product is worth buying or not. This is why we will review the product and give you all the details you need to know before making the decision.

The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review – is It Worth To Buy?

This review will cover various aspects of this adult toy that are important to you.

It is a mounting device that allows users of Fleshlight Quickshot to place their sex toys on it while enjoying the sexual experience. The Quickshot Launch works effectively to ensure that you don’t have to hold the Quickshot toy, which is small and hard to hold.


Some of the most important specifications to review include:

Different stroke speeds and lengths: this device allows users to enjoy their masturbation strokes at different speeds and length. This means that you take total control of the device.

Automatic: It is an automated device and thus you will not have to do anything manually.

There are many other specifications that we will look at when discussing the features of this product.

Important Features

Of course, there are dozens of features that we can list here but it is better to discuss the most important features that make this product unique.

Compact design

It has a design that is very compact and you can clearly see great workmanship in its manufacture. It looks appealing to the eye and you will fall in love with it even before you start using it.

250 strokes per minute

It can allow you to enjoy speeds of up to 250 strokes a minute. This can surely take you to places you have never been to before.

Compatible with smartphones

It is compatible with smartphones, thus, you can use your smartphone while enjoying sex with Fleshlight Quickshot Launch. It has a mounting space for mobile phones where you can place your smartphones and watch videos that will stimulate you to have a better sexual experience.

How does it work?

The Fleshlight Launch is an automated machine that allows its users to place the Quickshot sex toy on it. The idea is to avoid holding the sex toy when masturbating. The Quickshot Launch has various speeds and lengths of strokes that you want. You can do all that you want while still watching a video on your phone.

Pros and cons

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of the Quickshot Launch.

The pros

  • Has different stroke speeds for enhanced sensation
  • Durable and easy to use.
  • It is safe adult toy.
  • It charge very quickly.
  • Cleaning is quite simple and takes a very short time. This means that you can use it multiple times a day.

The cons

  • The Launch is big thus you cannot walk with it around.

Where to buy Fleshlight Quickshot Launch at Discount Price?

The retail price of Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is $189.95.

You can buy it from the official website of the manufacturer if you want to be sure you are getting an authentic product.

Remember the Fleshlight Quickshot is a mini version of the regular-sized kissa sins Fleshlight device. Therefore, you should buy it if you want to enjoy ‘quickies’ on the go but have the Launch with it so that you can mount it and have a better sexual experience.The price is very affordable and the product itself has fewer maintenance costs. Therefore, I would recommend it as a good product.

Fleshlight in Local Stores – Can You Find It in Walmart, CVS?

Don’t buy Fleshlight from Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and other local stores! Read my complete analysis. Fleshlight is undoubtedly the most popular adult sex toy brand in the world. Its popularity makes it an attractive option for many people across the globe. This makes it a top product on the popular retail stores. One of the questions that most users or potential users of this product often ask is whether this product can be found on local stores or not. This question forms the basis of discussion where we will discuss deeply.

don't buy fleshlight from cvs walmart local stores

Can You Find Fleshlight in Local Stores?

Yes, Fleshlight is available on local stores. Some of the leading local retail stores where you can find Fleshlight are; Walmart and CVS. These online retail giants are known to sell nearly everything available in the world. The strength of these local online stores also act as their limitations, thus, not recommended that you buy pocket pussy from these stores.


Reasons to Avoid Buying It from Walmart and CVS:

As earlier stated, these online stores sell nearly everything in the world. While this might sound as a good thing, it turns out as a disadvantage because of the following reasons:

  • Prone to fake products

One of the leading reasons why people are advised to avoid buying products from Walmart and CVS is because they are likely to be counterfeits. These online stores allow products from different retailers without verifying their authenticity. This makes it hard to distinguish an original Fleshlight product from a fake one on these platforms. The difficulty in distinguishing original from fake ones.

  • Fake reviews

The reviews posted on these retail stores are not sincere. It has come to the attention of most online users that there are paid reviewers who write positive reviews about products sold on these platforms to give them competitive advantage. Therefore, you may be misled into thinking that you are actually buying a well-reviewed Fleshlight product just for you to find yourself with a fake product that was falsely reviewed.

  • High prices

If you want to purchase Fleshlight products at the best market prices, then you should avoid buying them at Walmart, Walgreens or CVS. This is because these local stores do not offer the products with the recommended retail price in mind. You will notice extreme price fluctuations on these sites. Therefore, the prices are not reliable hence the need to avoid these sites.

Furthermore, there can never be any sincere discounts since they do not offer discounts based on the recommended retail prices of the Fleshlight products.

  • No money back guarantee

When purchasing Fleshlight products from the local stores, you don’t get a money-back guarantee on the products bought.

Where should you buy Fleshlight at Discount Price?

If you want to avoid all the above-stated drawbacks, simply browse through the official website of the manufacturer of Fleshlight. You will get authentic lola reve fleshlight sleeve, sold at amazing prices.

How to find best deals?

The best thing to do is to use the official website of the manufacturer when buying your products. From time to time, there are discounts posted on the website where you can take advantage of the existing offers.

You can also enjoy the ever-present combo pack deals available on the website. These deals will give you a number of Fleshlight products at discount prices when you buy them as a pack as opposed to the high price of buying them separately.