How to Make a Homemade Onahole at Your Home

Don’t know how to make DIY Onahole at home? Find the best and reliable alternative to homemade Onahole.

Sex is a basic want that adults cannot control. However, it happens at times that you have the urge to have sex yet your female partner is nowhere. It is at such times that you remember the importance of a homemade onahole.

What is Onahole?

Onahole is a Japanese male masturbation toy. It simply means a woman’s hole. This is all that you need to satisfy your sexual desires when your girlfriend or wife is not around.

It also helps in learning new techniques since you can try out some new ones without feeling guilty.

Can You Make it at Home?

Now that you know its importance, it is of great importance to have it. But, can you make it at home? Well, the answer is yes. With the right materials, you can make your diy onahole and have a good time with it.

For you to make your own sex toy, you must have all the materials ready and develop the artisan skill of cutting them rightly.

What are the Things Needed to Make Onahole at Home?

For a simple homemade onahole, you will need the following:

  1. A small towel
  2. A rubber band
  3. Latex glove

These are all that you need to start making your own do-it-yourself onahole.

How to Make a Homemade Onahole at Your Home?

Once you have the stated materials, you should follow the steps here:

  • The first step is to create a long and narrow shape using the towel by folding it a couple of times
  • With the cuff hanging over the end, you should place the latex glove on the folded towel
  • Once you have placed the latex glove over the towel, fold the towel over the glove
  • Stretch the glove cuff that is over the towel
  • Use the rubber band to secure the stretched glove cuff
  • The rubber should tightly cover the hole
  • Lube up and have fun!!

That is how easy it is to build your own onahole at home.

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Best Alternative to Homemade Onahole

If you cannot create a good onahole at home, you can use an alternative that will give you sexual satisfaction.

The best alternative is using the Fleshlight sex toy. There are many reasons why Fleshlight is the better than your homemade pocket pussy.

What is Fleshlight?

Fleshlight is the leading brand of sex toys in the world. Many men from all over the world use Fleshlight as their sexual masturbation partners.

Fleshlight has a number of features as highlighted here:

  • Fleshlight sex toys are designed to accommodate men of different penis length and girth. Regardless of your penis size, you will still enjoy the sexual stimulation.
  • Fleshlight uses the patented Real Feel Super Skin. This material is as good as the real skin. therefore, when using the sex toy, you will think that you are having sex with a real woman since the material feels like the skin of a woman. This is unlike the latex glove and towel used in making a homemade onahole.
  • It safe to use Fleshlight since it has been manufactured by experts unlike homemade products, which may cause harm
  • Abella Danger Fleshlight and girl’s products are better alternatives because they are portable. You can carry them around in their flashlight-like casing and no one will notice that you are having a sex toy with you.


When you buy a Fleshlight sex toy from the official site, you will get it at a cheaper price making it cost-effective to buy Fleshlight rather than make your own at home onahole sex toy that will disappoint you when using it.

Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review – Beyond and Wonderland Coupon

Madison Ivy is the newest Fleshlight Girl! Read the review of Beyond and Wonderland, the replicate of Madison Ivy’s vagina and Ass.

Since 2008, the sensational pornstar has been on the screens. Her sexual appeal is what makes her admirable to many men. Her petite body is just the right one for a sexual experience.

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Her appetite for sex drives men crazy out here. I guess many men would not confess that they several episodes of thoughts about them with this pornstar making out. Luckily, Fleshlight has made this dream a reality. You can now have sex with Madison Ivy.

The new Madison Ivy Fleshlight is just as good as having Ivy herself in bed with you.

The Madison Ivy Fleshlight Review

We will look into the leading review factors including unique features, pros and cons.

Madison ivy beyond fleshlight review

Unique features:

  • Resembles Ivy’s Vagina: The manufacture of this product was on point. The Beyond Sleeve resembles Madison Ivy’s vagina totally. When using it, you will enjoy the feeling that you could get if you had sex with Ivy herself.
  • Tight: The ass is tight. When it comes to sex toys, the tighter the ass the better is the pleasure for user. Therefore, you will have the best sexual experience using this tight wonderland sleeve.
  • Real Feel Super Skin: Fleshlight used the patented Real Feel super skin. This trademark skin is what has made most of Fleshlight products to sell fast. It is very easy to sell a product that has a skin-like feeling. This ensures that whoever is using it feels like he’s with a real lady.

Pros and Cons

We will discuss all the pros and cons of buying and using Madison Ivy pocket pussy.

The Pros

  • Feels real: the patented skin used by Beyond Fleshlight in making this sex toy feels so real. You will always think that it is a real person that you are having sex with.
  • Small and tight: all the combinations that you needed in a sex toy is what you get in this one. Coming from a petite pornstar, the sex toy has been made to be small and has a very tight opening.
  • Safe to use: the materials used in the making of this wonderland Fleshlight are very safe to use. There are no side effects that you can get for using this sex toy.
  • Easy to use: it is quite easy to use this sex toy. There are no complications in using the device. It is a straightforward sex toy that does not need one to be experienced in using sex toys.

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Other benefits:

  • Discreet shipping: when you buy from the official website, you will enjoy discreet shipping. This means that no one will know what you have bought.
  • Secure payment methods: the payment methods used here are secure. You cannot lose your money in the process.
  • True testimonials: there are true testimonials of those who have used this sex toy before and enjoyed its greatness.

The Cons

The only drawback is that it is too small for a person with a large penis (~9.5 inch). However, if you have an average penis size(7 to 8 inch), you will have a good time.

Madison Ivy wonderland coupon

Madison Ivy Beyond Orifice

Beyond is the new realistic looking vagina masturbation sleeve. The entry of the vagina called “orifice” is just one amazing feature that you cannot ignore. It looks so real and will make you think that a real vagina has been pinned there.

Madison Ivy Wonderland Butt Texture

The wonderland texture is an amazing Fleshlight texture that makes this Fleshlight toy effective. It has a tight inner canal that has a 3D like design to give you double sensations at the same time. It helps in generating powerful orgasms.

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Final Thoughts on Review:

If you have to buy a sex toy, just imagine of the sexual prowess of Madison and get yourself a Beyond Fleshlight of Madison Ivy to enjoy the benefits stated above. You can use coupon code and special promotion to get it at discounted price!

Pocket Pussy on Amazon – Should You Buy It?

Don’t Buy male masturbator and pocket pussy from Amazon before you read the reviews! A pocket pussy is small portable vagina-like device that is used by men. As a masturbator device, a pocket pussy has been a male companion for many years. There are many men out there who can’t live without a pocket pussy.

Reasons to Use a Pocket Pussy

There are many reasons why you should buy a pocket pussy. Here are the leading reasons:

  • Portable

One of the leading reasons why you should have a pocket pussy is that it is portable. This means that you can carry it everywhere you go.

don't buy pocket pussy from amazon

  • Offers sexual satisfaction

You get sexual satisfaction for using a pocket pussy. Since you cannot get a woman to have sex with anytime you feel like having sex, you can therefore use a pocket to get sexual satisfaction when you want.

  • Practice sexual techniques

You can use a pocket pussy to practice some sexual techniques. It gives you an opportunity to try new sexual technique without being criticized.

There are many other reasons that should make you buy a pocket pussy with the above mentioned only among the top reasons.

Should you Buy Pocket Pussy from Amazon?

There are many places you can buy a pocket pussy. However, Amazon is NOT the best place to buy a pocket pussy.

Reasons why to avoid buying in Amazon

  • Not safe

In Amazon, there is no guarantee over safety of the products being sold, since it is listed by third party seller. Many of the products sold there use harmful chemicals, which may endanger the your life.

  • No discrete shipping

There is no discrete shipping in Amazon. When you buy a pocket pussy, everyone will be able to know the kind of product you are buying. This invades your right to privacy.

  • Many negative reviews

Many people who have bought their Fleshlight from Amazon have posted negative reviews about these products. Therefore, you cannot trust the quality of products being sold in Amazon.

  • Doesn’t feel like real vagina

The pocket pussy sold in Amazon don’t feel like real vagina. They have less stimulation making them unrealistic.

  • Fraud sellers in Amazon

There are many fraud sellers in Amazon. You are likely to buy a counterfeit product thinking you are buying an original one.

Therefore, you should avoid Amazon if you are looking for a quality product that has no side effects and comes in a discreetly.

Which is the Best Pocket Pussy?

The best pocket pussy in the world is Fleshlight. For a long time, It has been the world leader in sex toys. They make pocket pussies that are loved in the market. Below are some reasons why Fleshlight is the Best Pocket Pussy?

  • High-quality

The quality of Fleshlight is very high. You can always count on the sex toys to get the best results. It is built from popular porn-star. So basically, It is simulation of actual vagina and ass of your favorite celebrity porn actress. You can use pocket pussy discount coupons to get it at less price.

  • Looks and feels like a real vagina

Fleshlight looks and feels like a real vagina. You will love the experience when using this sex toy.

  • No chemicals used

There are no chemicals used in the manufacture of Fleshlight pocket pussy. Therefore, you can use the product safely without fearing for any sort of side effect.

  • Discreet shipping

When you buy from Fleshlight, you will have discreet shipping. This means that no one will know the content enclosed inside the box.

You should only buy the Fleshlight pocket pussy from the official website of Fleshlight. It is here where you get quality guarantee. Furthermore you can browse best Fleshlight girl’s review from our dedicated page by following this link.

Motorbunny vs Sybian vs Tremor Review and Comparison

Are you confused in buying Motorbunny or Sybian or Tremor? Read our in-depth comparison and review to get best of them.

Sex toys have nowadays become part of life for many people. Some people cannot live without sex toys because they get all their sexual satisfaction from these toys. Some of the leading sex toys for women include Motorbunny, Sybian, and Tremor. All these are good in different ways. We will review and compare them in a bid to find out which is better than the other.

Motorbunny vs Sybian vs Tremor comparison

About Motorbunny

Motorbunny is a ride-on-top saddle-style vibrator that exists to give women sexual satisfaction. There are various attachments included in this sex toy to make rotation and vibration speeds amazing. We will look into it more when highlighting its features.

About Sybian

It is a masturbating device that has a saddle-like seat with an electric motor and gearbox speed reducer. The device has mechanism that allows for additional attachments for improving rotation, vibration, and stimulation of the clitoris.

About Tremor

The Tremor is a new ride-on sex toy that works to provide sexual satisfaction to women. The designers of this sex toy dubbed it “the Rock & Roll Sex Toy” owing its high levels of vibration. Just like all leading sex toys, it has attachments that boost its rotation and vibration speeds.

Motorbunny vs Sybian vs Tremor – Head to Head Comparison

We will highlight specific specs and see how the different sex toys fair in these specs.


Motorbunny has a half circle or curved design. It is idea for people who prefer these design.

The Tremor has a modern A-Frame shape.

The Sybian is similar to Motorbunny in design having a curved design.


The weight of Motorbunny is 17.4 pounds while the Tremor weighs 13.5 pounds. On the other hand, the Sybian weighs 22 pounds.

The preference of weight is not definite and specific individuals will determine whether they want a light or heavy sex toy.

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The Motorbunny is made of a non-removable leather-like material. The Tremor is made of Silicone Pad, which is removable. On the other hand, the Sybian is made from faux leather.

The choice on which of the two is better is determined by the preference of the material. Majority of people prefer silicone materials.

Vibration motor

This is one of the most defining features of the performance. The Motorbunny, the Sybian, and the Tremor have a vibration motor of 0-160 RPM.

Rotation motor

They also have a similar rotation motor of 7,000 RPM.


Each product has its unique set of attachments. The Tremor has a 2 Silicone attachments, the Motorbunny has 4 TPE, and the Sybian has Dildo attachments.

Remote Control

They all have remote controls. The remote vary in design but all function to control the different speeds of the device.

Price, Shipping and Warranty

The Motorbunny retails at a price of $899 while the Tremor retails at $799. On the other hand, the Sybian retails at $999.

Shipping cost

The Motorbunny offers free shipping. The Tremor has conditional free 2 day shipping while the Sybian has Free shipping on selected countries.


The best product with a good warranty period is the Tremor offering 2 years of warranty. The Motorbunny offers 1 year warranty while Sybian only has 45-day guarantee. This is a clear indication of which brand to trust.

From the above, you can clearly see which of the three sex toys best suits your needs. Therefore, you should use the mentioned features to gauge which one you want to buy.

Please share your own review and comparison of Motorbunny vs Sybian vs Tremor here. So that other can check it and get better idea.

Fleshlight vs Autoblow 2 – Comparison and Review

The Fleshlight vs Autoblow 2? There is always the contention between Fleshlight and Autoblow 2 on which is the best sex toy in the market. This review will compare the two leading products and offer finality on which is the best between the two.

Fleshlight or Autoblow 2 comparison

Fleshlight is a leading pocket pussy that has been in the market for quite a long time. Many people have been using this sex toy to get pleasurable moments. There are many Fleshlight products that you can choose to use.

Autoblow 2 is an amazing blowjob toy that is invading the market. It has come with new and amazing features that are making people fall in love with it quite fast. It has a good appeal and makes one to like it even before using it.

Comparison between Fleshlight vs Autoblow 2

Here below are the comparison features that will guide us.


When buying a product, one of the most important considerations is the price. There are different types of Fleshlight products that you can buy. For the sake of developing this comparison, we will pick on Pink Lady, which is available at $69. This is against Autoblow 2 price of $209. From this, it is clear that Fleshlight has cheaper options than Autoblow 2.

Skin feeling

The Fleshlight vibro lady uses the patented Real Feel SuperSkin, which is a soft and pliable material with no phthalates.

On the other hand, Autoblow 2 uses realistic artificial skin material. It is the best fully automatic simulator toy for blowjob. If you want to fuck real like pussy or ass then try Fleshlight Launch for automatic strokes.

Based on skin feeling alone, Fleshlight has an upper hand because their patented Real Feel SuperSkin is just amazing.


Fleshlight designs vary depending on the model. The Autoblow 2 design is a better one since it uses a new spring-loaded design that enhances sleeve’s lifespan. Furthermore, Autoblow 2 is much more appealing to the eye. However, this is not definite since Fleshlight has a wide variety of products from where you can choose.


They are both portable. You can easily carry them around. The only distinguishing feature is that Abella Danger Fleshlight products are relatively small and discreet. This makes them good for carrying around compared to Autoblow 2.


Both have their own distinct accessories. This feature cannot distinguish between which is better than the other since the accessories are to enhance the performance of individual product.

We will look at the pros and cons of the brands.

Pros and cons of Fleshlight


  • Very cool design
  • Has various chambers for complete satisfaction
  • Easy to use
  • Real Feel SuperSkin
  • Option to choose from wide range of sleeves inspired by vagina and ass of popular port star.
  • Add-On – Sleeve warmer, Fleshlight Launch, STU and other add-on tools to enhance your experience.


The sleeve is glutinous.

Pros and cons of Autoblow2


  • Unique design
  • Erotic stimulation
  • Vibration


It is a bit expensive than lady lager sex in a can toy.

Final thought:

Deciding on which between Fleshlight and Autoblow 2 can be a bit problematic. You need to be very careful on what you want to get the best deal. Based on the comparison above, it is clear that both brands have their pros and cons. Therefore, you should choose one based on the specific feature that you want. For example, if you want an affordable one, Fleshlight is the option for you. Similarly, if you want a unique toy, Autoblow 2 is the option that you should take.

Are you still confused about Autoblow2 or Fleshlight review? add your comment here. I will reply you soon.

Homemade Butt Plug – How to Make DIY ButtPlug

Do you want to make butt plug at home? Follow the guide to create homemade DIY buttplug with easy steps.

Both men and women have been using sex toys to satisfy their sexual needs. One of the popular sex toys used by women is the Butt Plug. The popularity of this device has seen many people try to make it in their homes.

DIY homemade butt plug

What is Butt Plug?

It is a sex toy designed to be inserted into the rectum for stimulating sexual pleasure. Butt plugs and dildos tend to be similar with the difference being that butt plugs are shorter and have a flanged end, which helps in preventing the device from getting lost inside the rectum.

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You can make your own homemade butt plug and enjoy sexual satisfaction. We will discuss all that you need to know about do it yourself homemade butt plug.

What is Needed for Homemade ButtPlug?

Before you start making your own butt plug, you will need a few things that will help you out in the process. Here below are the things that you must have:

  • A saw or something of that sort. A hacksaw is the most preferred due to its effectiveness and relatively easy to find.
  • You will also need a superglue. You can use any type of superglue. However, you should avoid the toxic ones.
  • A hairbrush is also needed as part of the requirements. When looking for a hairbrush, select one with a “nice” handle for it will help you to get the best experience. Also, choose one that has a “wave” form since its bottom is larger.
  • Finally, you should get a plastic stuff. Since butt plugs have a flat base, you will need to get a plastic stuff that is flat. You can pick a long straight plastic or a round one.

These are all you need to get started. You can also try homemade pocket pussy with butt plug to innovate your sexual life.

How to Make DIY Butt Plug at your Home?

Once you have the needed things in place, you can now begin the fun part of making a butt plug on your own.

The first thing that you must do is to test the hairbrush handle. You must check its size, texture, and such like things that enhance its effectiveness.

Use your hacksaw to cut the part just before the brush itself so that you remain with the handle.

Use your hacksaw again to cut the plastic stuff into the kind of base you want for your butt plug. It is recommended that you go for a circular base.

Use the superglue to join the base with the brush’s handle. Ensure that there are no cracks when joining the two parts. You have to wait for the glue to dry off before using it. If you are afraid of the glue, then you can cover it with the transparent adhesive tapes.

Just like that, you would have made your own butt plug.

Why to Buy Butt Plug from Fleshlight?

Even though you can make your DIY homemade butt plug, it is still recommended that you buy one from Fleshlight due to the following reasons:

  • Fleshlight offers quality products that you cannot compare with the ones you make at home. There is no guarantee sexual satisfaction with homemade butt plug while Fleshlight offers the guarantee.
  • There are no risks associated with using a Fleshlight Butt Plug unlike the risk that you face when using your homemade butt plug. The DIY butt plugs may break when using them and get lost inside the rectum.
  • The material use by Fleshlight is of great quality and are not toxic, thus, protecting your health.
  • Furthermore, butt plugs sold by Fleshlight are cheap and you can easily get them.

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Final Thoughts

It is better to buy Fleshlight butt plugs than making your own since you face many risks when using a DIY butt plugs.

Therefore, make an order today and start enjoying the exciting sexual benefits of using a Fleshlight butt plug.

Abella Danger Fleshlight Review – Zone Coupon Code

Don’t buy Abella Danger Fleshlight before you read my review about her zone and danger sleeve with coupon. Abella Danger is the newest girl who got her own fleshlight pussy and butt sleeve; Danger and Zone respectively.

An Abella Danger is the Miami-born young port-star best known for her beautiful pussy and butt. She won “best New Starlet” award at all three major adult show XBIZ, AVN and XRCO. She also won Hottest Newcomer Award of 2016 which was purely based on loyal fans. You can imagine, how impacting her sexual figure is!

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The Abella Danger Fleshlight Review

Abella is debuted in porn industry in 2016 only and within a year she is named as one of the most popular porn-star. Within a year, she manage to get more than 5 prestigious award and few of them are by loyal fans. You might be surprised by knowing that she is the only porn model who got her own fleshlight within just one and half year of carrier and that is mainly because of her excessive popularly.

abella danger fleshlight reviews

Name of Abella Danger pocket pussy is Danger. Yes! It is it. As per the Fleshlight, Danger texture is combination of several best textures. The canal is 9″ long which contain titillating pleasure points throughout the texture to deliver you consistent arousal.  Entry point of canal grab your penis head and give you realistic feel. At the beginning you will face bunch of bumps and crossed ribs that tightly suck your penis head.

Abella Danger Zone Butt Review

Abella is best known for her appealing ass and if you are fan of her who want to fuck her from back side then this is the golden opportunity for you. The zone is an unique kind of texture thoughtfully crafted mirror the anal sex with her.  You should also think about Fleshlight Vibro Lady.

Abella Danger Zone Fleshlight Coupon code

The canal of Zone sleeve is 9 inch long made up with real like Superskin. It is 100% safe and chemical free too. Make sure to use Fleshlube at the time of using Abella Danger Zone Fleshlight or Danger sleeve for effortless stroking. The entry of canal contains several small bumps surrounded by big bumps in border area. As soon as you reach to middle part of canal you will find one big chamber followed by small chamber.

How to Buy Fleshlight of Abella Danger Online?

I suggest to buy both Abella Danger and Zone texture in a combo package as Fleshlight offer awesome discount when you purchase combo. You will get a bottle of Fleshlube within that combo pack.  Buying combo you can save up to 20% off the regular price without using any coupon code.

Simply Visit This Link to Open The Official Website. Now select your package and click “Add to Cart” button. Go for checkout page and complete the payment. Don’t worry about delivery as shipping is discreet. Moreover they offer free shipping on order of $159 or more. You can combine promo code with free shipping offer, however cannot use it with combo promotion.

Make sure read: Fleshlight Sex in a Can Lady Lager Review

Hope my Fleshlight review of Abella Danger’s zone and danger texture help you! Please share your own experience and thoughts here.

Fleshlight Lady Lager Review – A Sex in a Can Series

Don’t buy Lady Lager Sex in a Can Series by Fleshlight before you read review. Find out the way to get sex in can at best price using coupon codes.

The urge to have sex is one that is hard to avoid amongst men. Most men find it difficult to resist the urge. What happens when you have the urge and lack a sexual partner? In such a case, you may have to think of creative ways. This is why Fleshlight has been producing great sex toys for men to use in such times.

The sex in a can is one of their latest series that men have been dying to get hold of.

What is Sex in a Can by Fleshlight?

The Lady Lager Sex in a Can is a series of Fleshlight sex toys. In function, this series works similarly as other Fleshlight devices that provide sexual satisfaction to men.

Lady Lager Sex in Can Review by Fleshlight

The difference between this series and others is the shape. The Sex in a Can by Fleshlight has the shape of a beer can. From a distance, you may confuse it for a normal beer can. It even has a lid that closes its top. Therefore, no one will notice that you are actually carrying a sex toy. It is disguised in the beer can shape to attract less attention.

The Fleshlight Lady Lager Review

Here is a comprehensive review of the Fleshlight Lady Lager. This Sex in a Can review will cover various aspects such as design, features, stimulation, materials, specs, canal texture, cleaning, and what’s included in the package.


The sleeve fits in a small SIAC casing. To achieve this, the sleeve was shortened by one inch. Compared to the ordinary Fleshlight, the diameter of the canal has been reduced slightly.

There are four chambers in this device.

What’s in the package?

When you buy this sex toy, you will get the following:

  • Sex in a Can: Lady Lager case
  • Mini Lotus Texture
  • Mini Lady Orifice

Material used

The material used in making of this device is the same one used in other Fleshlight products. The patented Real Feel Superskin is the material used here. This material offer the skin feels making it the best for a sex toy.


The specs can only be compared to other Fleshlight products. The Sex in can Lady Lager is a bit small compared to Riley Jensen Wild Fleshlight toy. The length of the case is just 7.9 inches and the diameter of the can is just 2.8 inches. The length of the canal is about 6.9 inches.


The sleeve offers maximum sexual stimulation. There is increase in overall material counter-pressure due to the small size of the sex toy, thus, making stimulation even much better.

Canal texture and cleaning

The texture of the canal provides varied stimulation. You can be sure of the best sexual experience through the canals. You should also about Veronica Rodriguez Caliente if you are looking to buy more than one toy.

Cleaning the sex toy requires one to run water through the canal. Given the number of chambers, you must ensure that the water runs properly to clean it up.


Some of the features that define Fleshlight Lady Lager are:

  • Discrete: the can beer shape of the sex toy makes it impossible for one to identify it as a sex toy.
  • Maximum pleasure: there is guaranteed sexual pleasure when using this device.
  • Tight: The canal is as tight as Joanna Angel Fleshlight to offer the best sexual experience.
  • Portable: it is a portable device that makes it easy to carry around.

How to Buy Sex in a Can Lady Lager Online?

The best way to get sex in can toy is to buy it from Fleshlight website. This is because you will get a genuine product that has a warranty. All you need to do is to go to the web page and click on the button “ORDER NOW”. You can save up to 30% off the retail price when you buy in a combo package. Moreover, They offer free shipping when you order qualify for minimum shipping requirement.

The Price: the official retail price for this device is $49.95.

Hope my Fleshlight Sex in a Can Lady Lager review help! Please share your own thoughts here.

Fleshlight Vibro Lady Review – Buy at Discount Price!

Don’t buy Fleshlight Vibro Lady before you read the reviews. Find the tips to get it at best online price.

Using a sex toy is one of the best ways men can satisfy their sexual desires without having to look for actual women. After all, the kind of experience a man gets for using a sex toy is nearly same as that from an actual woman. Nevertheless, this relies on using a reliable sex toy such as Fleshlight Vibro Lady.

Honest Fleshlight Vibro Lady Review

The Fleshlight Vibro Lady is a device that is shaking up the world of male self-pleasure. The device is used by men for masturbation and it offers an amazing experience. With the SuperSkin and vibrations, you can never get any better sex toy than this one.

The Fleshlight Vibro Lady Reviews

This comprehensive Vibro Lady review will look at different factors that make up the Fleshlight device best among others.

Unique Features

There are many unique features that this product has. We will highlight the main features that describe this sex toy.

  • The patented SuperSkin: Fleshlight products use the patented technology of SuperSkin. This unique technology is a skin-like technology that makes a man feels like he is in contact with a woman’s skin.
  • Sensational Vibrations: To make the sexual feeling real, Fleshlight enhanced its vibrations on this product. As a man using this sex toy, you will enjoy sexual vibrations that come from this product.
  • Non-toxic materials used: The materials used to make this device are non-toxic and thus safe to use. Same quality material has been used in Tanya Tate Lotus Fleshlight as well. They are phthalate free making them fit for human use. Therefore, you will not complain of any bad effect as a result of using this device.
  • Easy to clean: Unlike other devices, The Vibro Lady by Fleshlight is quite easy to clean. You do not need special skills to be able to clean this device.
  • Maximum pleasure: Users of this device are guaranteed maximum pleasure when they are using this device.

What is included in the package?

When you buy this sex toy, you will get the following items inside the box: Gunmetal Vibro case, touch texture sleeve, lady orifice, 3 vibrating bullets with batteries, one 10-pack of extra batteries, instructional manual. You can also customize your order with Riley Jensen wild sleeve.

How Does Fleshlight Vibro Work?

The mechanics of Fleshlight Vibro Lady toy are quite easy to understand. The sex toy resembles the shape of a female vagina. The first thing is to place up the 3 bullets to the sleeve for vibration. A man who uses it will have to turn it on for the vibration to take effect as he inserts the penis through the various chambers. The duration of using will depend on a man’s duration to reach orgasms. Once a man has ejaculated, he will then remove his penis from the device and then wash it as he waits for the next session.

Fleshlight Vibro Lady discount price

How To Clean It?

Cleaning it is not a hard thing. There are instructions of how to clean it. However, the man should take care when cleaning the inside of the device. You should first remove the 3 bullets from the sleeve and clean the sleeve carefully on its own.

The Price of Vibro Lady

The Fleshlight Vibro Lady retails at $89.95. This is the official price at the time writing this review. However, you can get discounts if you have coupon codes. Moreover you can save up to 30% off the retail price when you buy it in combo package with Veronica Rodriguez.

How to Buy Fleshlight Vibro Lady?

Buying this device is quite easy. You only need to access the manufacturer’s main website. Once you select this product, you will see a green button “ADD TO CART”. You should select that option and proceed to pay.

The device will be shipped to your location in a discrete manner.

Hope my Fleshlight Vibro Lady reviews help! Please share your opinion and personal experience here.

Joanna Angel Fleshlight Review – Misfit and Punk Sleeve

Don’t buy Joanna Angel Fleshlight before you read my Punk and Misfit sleeve reviews and guide to buy it using deals and coupons.

Many men have been turning to the use of sex toys to satisfy their sexual desires. Fleshlight products have been among the most used in the market. The new sensation in the market comes in the name of Joanna Angel. All that you need to know about this product will be discussed here.

Joanna Angel is a beauty in the pornographic movie industry. She is a Jewish American who has appeared in many pornographic films. She is also a mainstream actress and a director of adult films. Joanna has a curvy body that makes men go wild on mere imagination. This is despite her 4’11’ height.

The fleshlight product made of Joanna Angel is simply amazing.

The Joana Angel Misfit Fleshlight Review

Joanna Angel fleshlight Misfit review
Misfit Sleeve Texture

The selling point of this product is the misfit inner canal. It is well textured offering great variation of the inner diameter. Some of the main features that define the misfit fleshlight of Joanna Angel include the following:

  • Several chambers

The canal has various chambers that provide maximum pleasure. The beauty is that every chamber has a different texture that makes it interesting to explore all the chambers. There is plenty of stimulation alternation that men enjoy when using this product.

  • Tight

The entry to the canal is very tight. The tight passage is desirable by men since it offers am exciting feeling. The entry passage is 0.4 inch. A tight pussy is always the most preferred by men. Make sure to buy it with Tanya Tate lotus fleshlight for maximum pleasure.

  • Great stimulation

When using this pocket pussy, there is a guarantee of sexual stimulation. The different chambers found in the toy make it possible to ignite sexual stimulation amongst men.

Many men who have used Misfit fleshlight say it has a great effect. The tightness found in this sex toy is a sure guarantee to sexual stimulation.

Joanna Angel Punk Sleeve Review

Joanna Angel Punk Fleshlight coupon
Punk Sleeve Texture

The kind of texture used in making a sex toy determines the effect the user gets. The Joanna Angel punk is a perfect anal texture. The texture makes it possible for men to have tremendous orgasms.

What makes it possible to have the nice moments are the countless rib stretching over the inside area of the sleeve.

The following are some of the reasons why men prefer using the Punk Fleshlight.

  • 7 chambers

One of the best features of punk sleeve is that is has seven chambers. The chambers provide different variation in regards to diameter and thickness. This means that the sexual experience is heightened as one explores the chambers.

  • High intensity

The punk offers the highest intensity possible. The two tight constrictions make it possible to enjoy heightened intensity. You should also check my Riley Jensen wild review if you want more intensity.

The only drawback about the Joanna’s punk is that it is too hard to clean. This is because of the numerous chambers. In as much as the chambers offer sexual satisfaction, they also make it difficult to clean the device.

Why to Buy Joanna Angel Fleshlight?

When you buy this device, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Heightened sexual experience
  • Real skin feeling
  • Tightness
  • Cheap

How to Order Punk and Misfit Online?

To enjoy the reduced price of Joanna Angel fleshlight, you should only order it online from the manufacturer’s main website. As soon as you get into the website, just click on “ORDER NOW” to get this device delivered at your doorstep in a discrete manner.

PS: People often buy Adriana Chechik Fleshlight along with misfit and punk as a combo offer.

Buying a combo will save you up to 40% off the retail price and that is without any coupon codes. Moreover you will get it at free standard shipping.