Lena Paul Fleshlight Review (Nymph and Ritual Sleeve)

Lena Paul is the newest addition into Fleshlight girl collection. Find review of Nymph and Ritual Sleeve of Lena Paul here.

In the world of adult sex toys, Fleshlight remains the unbeatable brand on the market. From time to time, big names in the porn industry are introduced into the market. One of the latest is Lena Paul. All that you need to know about the Fleshlight of Lena Paul will be discussed here. You can also find valid coupon code and deals here.

Who is She?

Lena Paul is an amazingly beautiful young lady known for her 32DDD tits. She also has an amazing personality making her an adorable lady. Her engagement in the porn industry has brought light into this industry. She has genuine performances that excite the industry lovers.

Find Lena Paul Nymph Fleshlight Review here

At only 5 fee4 inches, she has a perfect body for an intense sexual encounter. What makes her stand out among the rest is her chest. She is well endowed in the chest area making her fans go crazy for her.

Before joining the porn industry, she lived an interesting life having gone to two colleges following a guy she loved. She also worked in the agricultural industry as a negotiator.

Her unique body and sex appeal is what made Fleshlight to design an adult sex toy with her in mind.

Lena Paul Nymph Fleshlight Sleeve Review

The focus of any sex toy review is always in the kind of sleeve used. In the making of the Lena Paul Fleshlight, the pussy was made out of the nymph sleeve.

The Nymph Fleshlight is an amazing pussy that brings out the sexual feeling that men want. It is designed to give men the kind of sexual appetite they want.

It is just as tight as the vagina of Lena Paul. Its tightness assures users of an exciting penetration experience.

Apart from its tightness, the Nymph texture is designed with different chambers of satisfaction. Every chamber leaves the user wanting more. The idea to have different levels of pleasure in a single sex toy is one that was introduced by Fleshlight and has been an amazing idea in giving men pleasure.

One of the greatest features of the Lena Paul Nymph sleeve is the special suction enhancement that is designed to stimulate the real sex to give you an amazing climax.

Lena Paul Ritual Fleshlight coupon code

Lena Paul Ritual Texture Analysis

If you enjoy anal sex, then the Lena Paul Ritual sleeve will be the best thing that you can have.

According to Fleshlight.com, the Ritual Texture is a sacred design created to provide users with intricate pleasure. Some of the features that make this texture amazing are the vertical massaging discs. The discs have lifelike rings that at the insertion points that extend all the way down to give users maximum pleasure.

It stimulates sexual pleasure with every thrust. You can always count on this sleeve to give you the best sexual anal feeling.

How To Buy Fleshlight of Lena Paul At Discount Price?

The price of the Lena Paul Pocket pussy is $79.95. This is the price of a single sleeve. You can get better deals if you opt for the combo offers. The Lena Paul Combo retails at $98.43 instead of $115. This means that you save $17 when you get this coupon code. When you opt for the combo pack, you will get the following items:

  • One Lena Paul Nymph Fleshlight
  • 8oz Fleshlube Water
  • Fresh & Clean care pack
  • Fleshlube Sample
  • Care and Usage instructions

The deal is available at the official website of the manufacturer, thus, the need to visit the official website to get this deal. You can also order it along with an Ana foxxx fleshlight as a combo pack.

Kimmy Granger Fleshlight Review (Rebel and Mischief Sleeve)

The latest products is the Kimmy Granger Fleshlight. Read review to buy Rebel and Mischief sleeve with coupon.

Fleshlight keeps on bringing new products in the market to satisfy the growing need by men to have better sex toys. The brand has been very consistent with its manufacture of high-quality sex toys. Whenever there is an announcement of a new Fleshlight product, users are always concerned about the new improvements on that specific product and whether it beats the other ones in fun. All that you need to know about this Kimmy’s Rebel and Mischief toy will be discussed here:

Kimmy Granger rebel fleshlight sleeve review

Who is She?

Kimmy Granger is the model behind this product. She is an extremely beautiful young lady with a fine physique that makes her stands out among the rest in the adult film industry. She is a versatile XXX actress with many years of experience in entertaining men. Her small size body has made her known as the spinner or the tiny one. The mention of her name strikes men and stimulate their sexual thoughts. Her prowess in the XXX industry is also a bonus for her.

It is out of her amazing beauty and great admiration by men that Fleshlight has modeled a sex toy with her in mind.

Kimmy Granger Rebel Fleshlight Review

Now that you know who Kimmy Granger is, we can proceed to review her Rebel pussy sleeve.

The Fleshlight Rebel is one of the best that you can get in the market. This texture is still new in the market and many men are yet to explore it. It comes very tight and has a complex texture that makes erection an exciting thing. Furthermore, it challenges men while they are exploring deep and deeper.

It has tunnels that provide different kinds of pleasure to the user of this toy. Therefore, as you go deep, you seek and find more pleasure using this sex toy. The sensitivity increases as you go down. There are rings of pleasure surrounding this sex toy.

The benefits that the few men who have used to say include an unlimited amount of pleasure, tightness, and the fact that it has different areas of pleasure as you explore down.

Kimmy Granger mischief fleshlight coupon

Kimmy Granger Mischief Butt Texture

If you are looking for anal pleasure, then you can have fun using the Kimmy Granger Mischief Fleshlight. This is an amazing anal texture that provides users with an exciting experience. One of the key features that make this texture unique is the tightness. It is just so tight that you will think it is the real thing. Furthermore, the skin texture used is soft making the experience even better.

It is still a new texture in the market and there are few people who have used it. So far, there are no negative reviews about this texture. Therefore, you can trust it to give you the kind of pleasure you want.

How to buy it at a Discount Price?

Firstly, you have to buy this product at the official website of Fleshlight if you want to get a genuine product. [Christy mack Attack fleshlight]

At the official site, you can opt for the Combo pack, which has the Rebel Fleshlight of Kimmy Granger, 8oz Fleshlube Water, Fleshlube sample, Fresh & Clean care pack, and Care & Usage instructions; all valued at $115.80. However, when you buy this combo pack, you will only pay $98.43.

Ana Foxxx Fleshlight Review (Silk and Velvet Sleeves)

Ana Foxxx is the latest addition to the Fleshlight girl. Find my review of Silk and Velvet sleeve to buy with coupon code.

Fleshlight is always on point bringing new products in the market. One of the reasons why Fleshlight products are liked by many is because of their superior quality. Anyone using a Fleshlight product always appreciates the quality of the sex toy. The beauty is that there are various options that a man has when choosing the type of Fleshlight to use. One of the latest is the Ana Foxxx Fleshlight. All you need to know about it will be discussed here.

Ana Foxxx Silk fleshlight review

Who is Ana Foxxx?

Just a single look at Ana Foxxx will make you realize the true beauty of a model. Foxx is an amazingly beautiful woman coming from California. The sweet, soft-spoken young lady has been in the adult entertainment industry as a porn star.

She is described as “chocolate” owing to her beautiful chocolate skin. If you get an opportunity to touch her skin, you will surely feel the kind of sensation that you need to stimulate your sexual desires.

Her physique is just perfect for any man who needs to have an amazing time.

Based on her body, Flashlight has manufactured a replica of Foxxx’s vagina for men who are always fantasizing about a sexual encounter with this beauty queen.

Ana Foxxx Silk Fleshlight Sleeve Review

The Silk Fleshlight is an absolute representation of Anna’s pussy. The silk texture matches the brown skin tone of Anna to give users the feeling that they are having Ana with them. The pussy is simply amazing to any man who wants to have a good time having sex.

Two chambers

Amongst the greatest features that make the Silk texture amazing are the two chambers. There are two large structures visible before you begin exploring the chambers. With about 2.4 inches in length, the structures offer a primary stimulation.

The passage is very small making it more appealing for men who may want a tighter pussy. The narrow passage offers an amazing sensation.

Ana Foxxx Velvet fleshlight coupon

Fleshlight VelVel Texture

The butt texture of Anna Foxxx is called VelVel. This butt orifice is a realistic replica of Ana’s butt. This is a classic texture that has been used by Fleshlight before. One of the dominant features of this texture is its tightness. It has an extremely tight canal. It also has a rib-like pattern that makes it quite stimulating when using it.

The options of both the Silk and VelVel sleeves make it good for men to have a good sex time. You only need to pick on your preferred option and start enjoying the numerous benefits. [Asahole Butt Sleeve]


The Fleshlight of Ana Foxxx retails at $79 only. This price is for the lady orifice only. You have to purchase it from the manufacturer’s official website. However, you can also get good deals if you decide to purchase the combo deal.

Combo Pack and Discount Offer

As mentioned, you can get yourself a range of products at a reduced price. One of the best combo deals is the ANA FOXXX SILK COMBO.

This pack contains Silk Fleshlight Texture, 8oz Fleshlube Water, Fresh & Clean care pack, Fleshlube sample, and instructional materials. All these are valued at $115.80. However, the combo deal would allow you to buy them at a discounted price of $98.43. You can take advantage of this 15% discount to get your Silk sleeve. Same is the case for marry queen vortex fleshlight too.

Christy Mack Fleshlight Review (Attack and Booty Sleeve)

One of the latest Fleshlight toys is the Christy Mack. We will discuss everything about Attack and Booty Sleeves of Christy Mack.

The urge to have sex is an inherent need n every man. However, those who do not have their girlfriends near them always find it hard to fulfill their desires. Luckily, Fleshlight has been at the forefront of bringing amazing solutions to men who want to enjoy sex. It is an amazing sex toy that every man would have much fun engaging with.

Who is Christy Mack?

Christy Mack is an adult film actress. Even before she got into the world of the adult film screen, she had been engaged in a number of sex videos that excited most of her fans leading to her entry into the adult film industry.

Her body is the perfect embodiment of an amazingly beautiful lady. She has all that a man needs sexually. Her sex eyes are enough to make a man go crazy for her. Furthermore, her body is just so delicate that a man would want to grab and have her in bed.

The Christy Mack Attack Fleshlight

christy mack attack fleshlight texture

This is one of the most amazing Fleshlight toys on the market. The Christy Mack fleshlight has all that a man may fantasize about when wanting sex.

It is ideal for both the circumcised and circumcised men.


The opening of the pussy looks big but has a very tight opening. A man will get into the first chamber that is a bit small covered with two rings of bumps.

Afterward, there is the main chamber that follows. This chamber is the heart of all pleasure. It has a varied number of bumps shaped differently for heightened pleasure.

The final Attack section has an even tighter constriction that resembles a lotus node. This section has three chambers, which are separated by constrictions.

The first experience a man get in the first chamber is an immediate sensation at the tip of the penis. The main chamber gives men a contrast of enjoyment in the different chambers there. While it is possible for a man to climax in the main chamber, men with longer penis can go to the final chamber to experience the climax there. By the time a man gets to the final chamber of the Christy Mack Attack, the kind of pleasure experienced is immeasurable.

The Fleshlight Booty Sleeve

Christy mack booty sleeve

The booty sleeve is a replica of Mack’s anal. The hole of the sleeve has been modeled with Christy in mind. It has an unusual texture that is intense and realistic. If you like to perform from back side; then this is the best orifice.

It complements the Attack sleeves well. A person buying Christy Mack Attack texture would also want the Booty sleeve because they are a wonderful combination.

Combo Packs and Discount Price

There are a number of combo packs that you can buy to get yourself the best deals. Here are some of the best combo packs that are discounted:

  • First Class Ass Pack – 35% off

It has Christy Mack Booty fleshlight, Alexis Texas Tordano, Marry Queen Miela Fleshlight, FL Lube, Ice, and Shower Mount at $149.95 instead of $233.75.

  • VSTROKER – 24% off

You will get the Christy Mack Attack Fleshlight at a discounted price of $97.95 instead of its original price of $120.95. You should also think about an Elsa Jean tasty fleshlight.

Remember, you have to purchase from the original site for you to get these discounts.

Asahole Fleshlight Review (Asa Akira Butt Sleeve)

One of the latest sleeve is the Asa Akira Asahole Fleshlight. It is the tight sensational butt texture. Please read my review to find more about Asahole.

Fleshlight products are always amazing. The brand has been consistent in producing high-quality sex toys. Men from all over the world have been using these products to satisfy their sexual needs. Most men who use these products are always anxious to receive the latest releases on the market. Fleshlight never disappoints; the brand is always on point when it comes to bringing new products in the market.

find Fleshlight Asahole Sleeve review here

Who is Asa Akira?

Asa Akira is a popular porn actress in America. With over 30 awards in her career, she makes it as one of the most successful actors in the porn industry. She has a fine body that makes most her male fans and female alike go crazy. Many fantasies have been made out of her body.

If you are one of the people who have been fantasizing about Asa, then you should worry less because she has partnered with Fleshlight to give you a replica of her openings. You can get whatever opening that you want of her. She has replicas of her mouth, butt, and vagina.

Fleshlight Asahole Sleeve

The Asahole is the latest butt sleeve by Fleshlight exclusively available for Asa Akira fans.

If you are looking for a wild experience with a sex toy, then this is the right sleeve for you. Do you think you can slay the Asa’s butt hole? If you believe you can, then you should try your luck with this amazing Fleshlight sensational sleeve.

Remember, you must be well endowed with a mighty sword to handle the Asahole.

It has sharp ribs through it that ensures the experience is wild throughout. Users of this toy enjoy the different stages of pleasure while exploring it. It also has a studded vortex that releases extra pleasure.

The pleasure bands ensure that you breathe a fire full of joy.


The partnership between Asa Akira and Fleshlight gives you three options of orifices i.e.

  1. Vagina: this is the vaginal opening replicating the real vagina of Asa Akira. It is tight with different chambers of pleasure containing ribs spread throughout
  2. Butt: This option is for men who enjoy anal sex. It is as tight as you’d wish for it to be. You might be happy to know that she got so many award for her back side performance.
  • Mouth: if you are interested in oral sex, you are not left behind either. The mouth orifice is a true replica of the beautiful mouth of Asa.

The beauty of the Asa Akira Asahole Fleshlight is that it is of high-quality real like butt texture. This means that you can count on it to provide pleasure without facing any associated risks of using a sex toy. Furthermore, the skin texture used is uniquely made by Fleshlight for its range of products.

Its price

If you are buying the Dragon sleeve alone, you will pay $79.95. This is the recommended retail price of the product. You can only get this price guarantee when you buy from the official site of Fleshlight.

Combo deals

There are deals that can help you get more for less. Here are some of the leading deals:

1.) Interactive Sex Package: it contains Asa Akira Asahole, Fleshlube Water 8oz, Fleshlight Launch, and Fleshlube sample.  All these are retailing at $269.95 instead of $301.95

2.) VStroker Package: it has Asahol or Dragon sleeve with all VStroker components including cap, receiver, and videos. It is retailing at $97.95 instead of $129.95.

Therefore, you can never miss a deal. You should also buy Elsa Jean Fleshlight available in Treat and Tasty sleeves.

Marry Queen Fleshlight Review – Miela Vortex Sleeve

Don’t buy Miela Fleshlight before you read my review! Find how effective Marry Queen’s Vortex Sleeve is!

There is no better manufacturer of sex toys than Fleshlight. This brand has been consistent in the market for quite a long time providing the consumer market with all that they want. With a Fleshlight sex toy, you have no need of begging for sex from your girlfriend for you can enjoy the same sexual experience with your toy as if you are having a real girl.

find Marry Queen Miela Fleshlight review here!

To make their products enticing, Fleshlight always releases new products on the market. One of the latest products is the Marry Queen’s Vortex pussy texture.

Who is Marry Queen?

Marry Queen is an amazingly beautiful porn actress who can be described by just one word as “perfect”. She started her career in 2009 and has since gathered enough experience to keep her fans entertained. Harwell-curved body is what has been propelling her to achieve the greatest heights of her career. She is popular among her male fans who always fantasize about having sexual encounters with her. Her wholesome beauty would make all men want sex with her.

This is why Fleshlight have come up with a product that replicates her orifice to give men a chance to make their fantasies a reality. If you are a man looking for what other men are always looking for, then Marry (also known as Miela) is your best bet.

The Marry Queen (Miela) Fleshlight Review

To get a clear picture of the Marry Queen Fleshlight, you should read this unbiased review that details elements such as available orifices, primal and lotus texture.

Available Orifices

The Marry Queen’s Pocket pussy has only one orifice for vagina. This pussy orifice resembles the tight vagina of the porn actor. It is made of the patented skin, which is as good as the human skin. this makes the pussy orifice an amazing opening to have sex with Marry in mind.

Sleeve Options

When buying the Miela Fleshlight, you have a number of options to choose from. Here are the three sleeve options that you can pick from and have a nice time.

  1. Pussy – Primal

This sleeve has six diverse models that ensure the users enjoy a strong stimulation for maximum satisfaction. It has some lubricants that you can use if you want to increase your orgasms. The lubricants make the orgasms very violent.

  1. Pussy – Lotus

This sleeve has seven different chambers meaning there are seven different areas of satisfaction. Each chamber is unique and has its own experience, which is all that a person needs for a heightened sexual experience. The lotus sleeve offers a narrow, soft, and realistic feeling of a pussy. Therefore, if you are interested in making the best out of your sex toy, this sleeve can help you. [Janice Griffith Eden Sleeve]

  • Miela Vortex texture

It has a unique swirled nub structure, which continuously rubs the penis as a man gets into it. This sleeve is also good because of its softness. Therefore, it rubs the penis in a sensational manner giving a man the ultimate sexual experience a man can get with a sex toy. It has unique movements that mimic the way a vagina behaves. [Dragon Fleshlight Sleeve]

How to Buy Vortex/Lotus and Primal Fleshlight?

Now that you have seen how effective the Fleshlight version of Marry Queen’s pussy is, you should go ahead to buy it.

If you want the best product that will guarantee you the best sexual stimulation just visit the official website of Fleshlight and make the purchase there. Order a combo pack to secure best deal with bother finding any coupons here.

Elsa Jean Fleshlight Review: Tasty and Treat Sleeve Coupon

One of the recent products in the market is the Fleshlight of Elsa Jean. Find the review of Treat and Tasty Sleeve along with Elsa Jean coupons!

All the Fleshlight releases to the market are always amazing. Whenever Fleshlight releases a new sex toy on the market, the reception is always wonderful because the Fleshlight range of products is always amazing.

Elsa Jean is a young blonde-haired woman who has made a great name in porn the porn industry. At just 21 years of age, Elsa Jean has made a great name that keeps many men wanting to have sex with her. The beautiful body of Jean is one of her selling points. She also has juicy lips and a beautifully tight vagina, which makes her followers go crazy for her. All that you need to know about this product will be discussed here.

Elsa Jean Tasty Fleshlight Review

The review will cover the basics that you need to know about the Elsa Jean tasty sleeve. Some of the review factors include:

Review of Elsa Jean Tasty sleeve by Fleshlight
>> CLICK AN IMAGE TO SHOP ELSA’s Pocket Pussy <<


The most adorable thing about this Fleshlight product is its Tasty sensation. If you are looking for a toy that will give you a best experience, then the Elsa Jean pocket pussy will be the best bet for you. It has a cute design of Elsa’s pussy. If you have been trying other products and not getting an amazing sensational feeling, then you should try this one for it will give you memorable experiences.


The skin used is the patented Fleshskin. Just as it is in other toy (i.e Janice Griffith Fleshlight), this skin enhances the experience of the user. It feels so real that you may confuse it with a real human skin. Therefore, there is a guarantee that you will enjoy sex with this toy thanks to its skin.


It is a medium-sized Fleshlight sex toy. This means that many men can use it to get the sexual pleasure. Coming from the pussy of Elsa Jean, it is impossible to make a large toy. This is because Jean is known for her petite size, which makes her fans love her more.

Usage and cleaning

It is an easy product to use. You require no expertise to use the product. Cleaning it is also easy making it a perfect to-go product.


Elsa Jean Treat Butt Sleeve

If you are crazy about Elsa Jean’s ass, then you should buy the Treat Butt Sleeve. This is an amazing product for it provides users with a realistic experience. The Treat texture is so tight for an awesome experience. The design of the butt is completely a true reflection of the real Ass of Elsa. Therefore, using it for sexual pleasure is as good as having Elsa with you.

It is retailing at $79.95. This is the recommended retail price. Later in the article, we will look at some of the best ways to get this product cheaply.

How to Buy a Fleshlight at Discount Price?

There are two ways that you can get Elsa Jean Fleshlight at a discounted price.

cheap buy fleshlight using coupon

  1. Coupon

One of the ways is by using a coupon. You just need to look for coupon codes on the official website or visit our dedicated page and use it when checking out.

  1. Combo

You can also buy a combo where you will get an automated discount. This means that you buy complete set of Elsa Jean and its accessories at a discounted price. Choose black girl’s fleshlight sleeve to save even more here.

Note: you can only get discounts and warranty if you buy from the official website of Fleshlight.

Dragon Fleshlight Sleeve (Asa Akira Review)

One of the latest Fleshlight releases is the Dragon sleeve with erotic star Asa Akira in mind. We will review this Fleshlight texture with an aim of looking at how it works.

Fleshlight is the leading brand producing adult sex toys. For many years, It has flooded the market with amazing sex toys that have enhanced sexual experiences of many men all over the world. The beauty of Fleshlight products is that they are always unique and offer very exciting experience.

find Dragon Fleshlight Sleeve review here!

Asa Akira is a Japanese erotic star. Her Japanese roots have made her popular in the porn industry with many admirers keenly interested in her. She has a fine pussy that Fleshlight made an orifice out of it.

Dragon Fleshlight Sleeve (Find Review)

The Asa Akira pussy is what defines the Dragon sleeve by Fleshlight. This texture has the following specifications:

  • Length of 22.5 cm
  • Minimal diameter of 12 cm
  • Maximal diameter of 18 cm


It has an extraordinary stimulation with a number of rings in it. The pussy sleeve is so tight and offers the users a maximum stimulation effect when using it. The pattern of the sleeve is quite simple; it spreads through the inner texture, thus, assuring users of consistent stimulation when using this sleeve.

Single chamber

Unlike other Fleshlight products with a number of chambers, the Dragon sleeve has only one chamber that curls around your manliness. However, the beginning part of the sleeve differs from the rest, giving a totally different experience. The first part of the sleeve is very tight and the width increases as the user progress through the sleeve.

The remaining part of the chamber has long cross-ribs with a vibration effect. The vibration works to stimulate the penis giving it a soft massaging stimulation.

The unique feature of the Dragon sleeve is its additional strip that curls spirally from the beginning to the end. It covers the whole texture giving users an amazing experience when using it.

Asa Akira Fleshlight Lotus Review

Asa Akira Fleshlight

The Dragon Fleshlight sleeve makes your penis feel like something is winding around it. It is comfortable and quite interesting to explore. Just right from the beginning to the end, the experience is super-amazing. The inward and outward motion of the penis is really exciting to the many people who use this sex toy. There are several bumps across the single chamber that makes a person enjoy the sexual experience.

The Asa Akira Dragon sleeve has a simple texture that does not require a lot of lube. This means that the users of this sleeve can enjoy their masturbation without incurring extra costs of buying lube. However, you can put some lube to make the experience even more exciting. Check this guide to learn to use Fleshlight for maximum orgasms.

Penis Size Requirement

Many other black celebrity fleshlight sleeves require the users to measure their penis sizes first before buying. However, the Dragon sleeve has a repeating structure that does not rely on penis length for stimulation. Therefore, you do not have to measure your penis length when buying this sleeve for it has a simple repeating structure.

It is a perfect sleeve on the run.

Where to Buy Asa Akira Dragon at Discount Price?

The Dragon Fleshlight Sleeve – Asa Akira retails at price of $79.95 only. This is the recommended retail price set by the manufacturer. However you can buy it at much lower price when you order combo pack.

You should buy it on the official website of Fleshlight to get it at the best price through ongoing Fleshlight sale and deals and avoid poor quality. Hope my review helps, please share your own opinion and feedback here.

Janice Griffith Fleshlight Review: Eden Sleeve Coupon

Fleshlight has produced the Janice Griffith’s vagina as one of its latest Eden sleeve. Find out my review and tips to get Janice Griffith toy at discount price!

Fleshlight is the leading brand in the manufacture of adult sex toys. Fleshlight manufactures high-quality sex toys that make men enjoy having portable sexual pleasure. With a Fleshlight, you can quench your sexual urge anytime you feel like.

There are different Fleshlight models based replicas of popular porn stars. One such model is Janice Griffith.

find Janice Griffith eden Fleshlight review!

Janice is a young model popular in the porn industry. Her fine body is what is selling her most. Her body leaves most of her fans fantasizing about her. This is why Fleshlight has manufactured a sex toy with her body in mind. We will discuss all that you need to know about this product.

Janice Griffith Fleshlight (Find Review!)

As the latest in the Fleshlight flagship products, the Janice Griffith Eden comes as a popular product that needs a review. The aim of the review is to see the effectiveness of this product.

The Dimension

The Janice Griffith Fleshlight measures nine inches in length. Within the 9 inches, there are different pleasure points that a man will enjoy. The length can accommodate men of different penis sizes. The pussy itself is tight meaning that a man will just have to enjoy the sexual pleasure at different points.


Pros and Cons:


  • Portable: it is a portable device that you can carry anywhere you go.
  • Safe materials used: one of the leading advantages of this product is that it is manufactured using safe materials. Therefore, there is no risk of suffering any side effect as a result of using Fleshlight of Lana Rhoades.
  • Easy to use: you do not need prior experience with sex toys for you to use this device. It is quite simple to use.
  • Easy to clean: cleaning it is very easy. This means that you can use it and clean it regularly with much ease.
  • Long-lasting: it is a long-lasting device owing to the materials used.
  • Discreet shipping: when the sex toy is shipped to you, there is high-level discretion. Therefore, no one will ever know that you are shipping a sex toy.

Cons: The only disadvantage of this sex toy is that it is a bit pricey.

The Janice Griffith Eden Texture

One of the most unique things about this product is its texture. It has a sensational texture that gives men maximum sensation when using it.

The Eden is the first in the line of Fleshlight products with a medium toned sleeve. This texture is a unique one offering a perfect replica of Janice’s pussy. The texture is smooth with a tight pussy. It is replicating the petite star herself.

Along the texture are different pleasure points that give a man a mind-blowing sexual experience as he maneuvers through the different pleasure points. After engaging with this model, you will be left begging for more.

cheap buy fleshlight using coupon

How to Get Eden at Discount Price?

The price of Janice Eden Sleeve is $115.80 only. You can get a 15% discount if you buy this device from the official website of the manufacturer. If you visit Fleshlight.com and search for the product, you will find it retailing at $98.43. I suggesting to order in a combo deal or flash sale for maximum benefit.

Best Black Celebrity Fleshlight Sleeve (Find Review!)

Find the in-depth review of Fleshlight sleeve for best black celebrity girls! For many years now, Fleshlight has been providing men with all that they may want in sex toys. As the leading sex toy manufacturer, Fleshlight has been constantly bringing new products into the market to capture the different needs of the market.

A thing that started as an all-white model affair has now grown to accommodate the black models. Lately, Fleshlight has been manufacturing toys with black models in mind. This captures the market of men with admiration for black models. It is now possible for a man to buy a black girl’s pocket pussy.

Why Should you Buy a Black Girl’s Pocket Pussy?

Buying a fleshlight of black celebrity star can be the best decision ever to make. The following are the unique benefits of having this kind of pussy:

  • Elevated sensation

When manufacturing the black celebrity Fleshlight, It elevated the sensation that a man gets when using it. This means that you are likely to have a better sexual satisfaction when using this kind of pocket pussy than the rest.

best black celebrity fleshlight to buy now!

  • Wild dreams

It will help you fulfill your wild dreams of having a black girl with you in bed. Only a few men have had the opportunity to engage sexually with black women. If you are among the many who are yet to have a black girl beneath them, then you should try using this model.

  • Unique experience

If you are just looking for a unique experience, then this black sex toy will offer you the best experience that you can get.

Best Black Celebrity Fleshlight To Buy

The top black models that you can find their vagina replica are Tori Black and Misty Stone. We will highlight the two here:

Misty Stone Bump N Grind Texture

Misty Stone is a hot American porn star who began her career in her early 20s. She has made appearances in dozens of porn videos and films making her a pro at this game.

If you are looking for unforgettable pleasure, then you should definitely go for Misty Stone sleeve. It offers an outstanding sexual experience. It has two vortex connected with ribs some bumps and ribs to make the experience more exciting. The sight of this Fleshlight alone is enough to awaken a man’s penis.

Available in caramel color, the Misty Stone sleeve is your ideal black girl’s pocket pussy.

Tori Black Torrid Sleeve Review

Tori Black is a popular model who started her career while still young. Her beauty and prowess in porn are what makes her popular among men.

Fleshlight Sensation: Torrid

If you are looking for a unique black experience, look for no other sleeve than the Tori Black sleeve. This Fleshlight toy has a super texture that combines with rings, bumps, ridges, and chambers to give users a wonderful sensation.

Using this toy will leave you with a mind blowing orgasm that you’ve never felt before. Also check review of Lana Rhoades Karma Fleshlight.

Final Thoughts

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