Fleshlight Price – How Much Does It Cost?

Are you looking to buy a Fleshlight but wondering the best price? Find out the cost of various Fleshlight girls and device.

Fleshlight is the leading brand of artificial-vagina. As the leading manufacturer of adult sex toys, Fleshlight has been in the market for quite a long time. For the many years this brand has been in the market, men have continuously expressed their great satisfaction with the products.

Best Buy Price of Fleshlight

Many people have always associated Fleshlight sex toys with a high price tag. Well, It has a wide range of products available for all kinds of people. This means that anyone can afford this sex toy.

How Much Does a Fleshlight Cost?

As earlier mentioned, Fleshlight devices have different price tags attached to them based on a number of factors. We will provide the prices of the most popular Fleshlight devices to give you a hint on the prices of these devices.

Prices of Classic Fleshlight Product

The classics are the original designs of Fleshlight sex toys created over 2 decades ago. There are three products available:

  • Classic Pink Lady retailing at $64.95. Get a fleshlight of Angela white at same price.
  • Classic Pink Butt retailing at $64.95
  • Classic Pink Mouth retailing at $64.95

Cost of Turbo Blowjob Device

Turbo provide ultimate please with their three entry points. It is an advanced collection of Fleshlight pussy. The following are the sample prices of a few Turbo:

  • Turbo Thrust (Blue Ice) retailing at $69.95
  • Thrust (Copper) retailing at $69.95
  • Turbo Ignition (Blue) retailing at $69.95
  • Ignition (copper) retailing at $69.95

Compact Rate Chat

These are discreet pleasurable sex toys. They are ideal for people who want to enjoy sex while on the go. They are so small that you can carry them around and have sex with them anytime you want. Here are a few options that you have:

  • Fleshskins Blue Ice retailing at $39.95
  • Quickshot Vantage retailing at $39.95
  • Quickshot Boost retailing at $39.95
  • Flight Pilot retailing at $39.95

These are the prices of the leading Fleshlight toys. They provide an idea of what you will have to pay to have a Fleshlight toy with you.

However, there are other factors that may affect the pricing f Fleshlight. For example, the country you are in is a factor that may contribute to the pricing of a Fleshlight sex toy. This is because there are shipping charges for every set of items ordered. Shipping charges vary depending on the country the products are shipped.

Best Combo Pack to Buy at Cheap Price

You can also take advantage of the Fleshlight Combo deals to get your Fleshlight toys and accessories at a reduced price. Here are some of the leading Fleshlight combo deals that you can use:

  • STU Lady Shower Pack: in this deal, you will get a Fleshlight Stamina training unit, shower mount, and FL Lube 8oz water at a reduced price of $99.95 instead of $121.85. This is a 17% discount given.
  • BEASTMODE Pack:this pack gives you a 30% discount when you buy Riley Reid Utopia, STU Lady, FL Lube 8oz water, and Fleshwash. All these retail at $124.95 instead of $178.80.
  • Target Practice Pack: you get STU Lady, Quickshot Vantage, and FL Lube 8oz water for only $99.95 instead of $126.85 giving you a 21% discount.
  • Quickshot Vantage: for just $47.95 instead of $53.95, you can get Quickshot Vantage, Fleshwash, and FL Lube 4z water.

There are many other discounts available at the official website of Fleshlight. You can visit the website to unlock more offers.

Final say:

It is clear that Fleshlight is not an expensive sex toy. With all the above-mentioned discounts, you can always find suitable sex toys that will make you enjoy your free time. The price of Fleshlight in Dubai, Singapore and Malaysia may be different. However in most of case, you just need to convert into your currency which now official site automatically does, nothing needed from your side.

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