Lana Rhoades Fleshlight Review – Destiny and Karma Sleeve

Fleshlight is at it again with two exciting sleeves; Karma and Destiny. This time, the model is Lana Rhoades. Find my review here.

As expected, Lana Rhoades the latest release of Fleshlight has left many men seeking for more. This is why we will conduct a review of this latest product. It will help many who have not used it to make up their minds on whether they should have it or not.

Who is Lana Rhoades?

She is an American porn star. Lana is one of the youngest porn stars in America. At age 21, she has achieved more in the porn industry than many other porn stars. Her outstanding beauty is what sets her from the rest. She is attractive to many men and women alike. Her sexy body makes her the perfect porn star that any man would dream of having.

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Well, Fleshlight is trying to make the dreams of many men come true by introducing a sex toy that replicates the offices of Lana Rhoades. Using this sex toy is just the same as having sex with the real Lara. The Destiny and Karma textures used in the making of this sex toy works to ensure that users get the best sexual experience.

The Review of Lana Rhoades Fleshlight

Based on the standards set by Fleshlight, the Lana Rhoades Fleshlight has to be an exciting one. However, we will look at exciting features of this product as well as the pros and cons before looking at the texture options.

Unique Features

  • Patented SuperSkin

Fleshlight used its patented SuperSkin that has a skin-like feeling. This means that a person having sex with this toy will feel like having it with a real person.

  • Great chambers

It has great chambers of satisfaction that give men value for their money as they penetrate deep into the opening.

  • Hygienic

It is easy to clean Lana Rhoades sex toy. This makes it a hygienic device that you can always use without the fear of bacterial infections.

  • Great designs

It has a simple but great design. The design of Lana Rhoades Pocket Pussy allows the user to carry it around everywhere. This means that a man can even have it in his office and enjoy sexual pleasures any time. It is portable and can be used with Fleshlight shower mount as a hands-free simulation.


  • It lasts for long giving users value for money
  • It can be shipped to any part of the world
  • There is discreet shipping to conceal the identity of the buyer
  • Has promotional offers to help buyers get it at a reduced price.
  • You can buy it from Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and other countries too.


Currently, there are no drawbacks of this product. All the users have expressed their satisfaction with the product.

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Available Lana Rhoades Textures (Destiny & Karma)

For this sex toy, the available textures are Destiny and Karma Sleeve.


The Destiny texture gives men a heightened sexual sensation. Satisfaction begins right from the penetration through the various pleasure cavities. There are also orgasmic rings that help to enhance the sexual pleasure. Destiny Fleshlight provides a heightened sexual experience. Using it with Stamina Training Unit of Fleshlight will boost your confidence and power too.

Lana’s Karma Sleeve

It provides the best experience for anal sex. It is the best texture for anal sex that gives users unrivaled anal experience.

Where to Buy Lana Rhoades Fleshlight at Best Price?

If you are looking to purchase Lana Rhoades Destiny and Karma texture at a great price, then you should visit Fleshlight’s official website. You will get great deals on the official website of the manufacturer.

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