How to Use a Fleshlight for Maximum Orgasms

Do you want to get most out of your Fleshlight? Find my tips to use pocket pussy to get maximum climax orgasms.

Fleshlight is the leading sex toy brand in the world. This brand has been popular all over the world because of the high rate of satisfaction men get when using these devices. All Fleshlight toys always hit the market with a bang because they all give men the best orgasms. Their orgasms are as real as when having sex with a woman.

Types of Fleshlight Orifices

As the leading brand in the production of adult sex toys, Fleshlight has three basic types of orifices. We will discuss all the three with an insight of the kind of pleasure they are offering to their users.

Get maximum orgasms with Fleshlight

  1. Pussy

This is the leading and the most popular orifices of all the Fleshlight’s orifices. It is a classical opening modeled from any of the Fleshlight’s models. The idea behind the Fleshlight pussy is to replicate the real vagina of models. There are many models used by Fleshlight. This brings about many types of pussy orifices with the Pink Lady orifice being the most popular on the bandwagon

  1. Mouth

Fleshlight also manufactures sex toys with the idea of a woman’s mouth in mind. This gives men a wild satisfaction of having an oral sex. The sex toys of this type are designed like mouths with an inner opening that is tight to give men the kind of sexual pleasure they desire.

  1. Butt

For those in need of anal sex, the butt orifice is always there to fulfill their wild dreams. As expected, the butt orifice is as tight as a butt can be. This ensures that the sexual pleasure is enhanced to the maximum level.

These are the basic type of orifices manufactured by Fleshlight. From these basic types, you will find dozens of different orifices that will suit you depending on your size requirements. Most recent release is Lana Rhoades Fleshlight.

How to Use It for Maximum Orgasms?

Using a fleshlight orifice is a fun activity. However, if you are looking for maximum pleasure, you will need to observe a few tips that will enhance your experience.

Pick the right size: sexual pleasure begins with picking the right size for your penis. There is no way you can enjoy sex if you have a large penis and a small toy that you cannot penetrate.

Use a lubricant: you should use a lubricant to enhance the sexual feeling whenever using a sex toy. Fleshlight has its own lubricants retailing at the manufacturer’s website. You should try Shower Mount for Fleshlight for hands-free operation.

The right sex toy: the best sexual experience can only be attained if you pick the right sex toy. You should be very careful when picking your ideal Fleshlight sex toy.

Best Fleshlight Girl Toy that Gives Ultimate Pleasure

Noting the importance of orgasms when using a sex toy, it is equally important to choose the right Fleshlight girl toy to guarantee you maximum orgasms. The Stoya Destroya Fleshlight is an ideal sex toy.

The structure

The structure of Stoya Destroya is what makes it the best for giving your maximum orgasms.

This sex toy has three small rings of bumps on the entry. These rings will grasp you tightly as you begin penetrating inside. The next level is an ultra-piercing pleasure dome giving you 360 degrees of unmatched experience. Afterward, you move to the next chamber with a small row of teeth and fangs rubbing you like you’ve never been rubbed before. As you get deeper, you will finally reach the large row of bumps in a ribbed texture. The cost of Fleshlight can be reduced by purchasing combo pack.

Pulling in and out of this toy guarantees you maximum orgasms. This is how you can get most out of your pocket pussy.

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