Angela White Fleshlight Review – Indulge Sleeve Coupon

One of most popular Fleshlight girl is an Angela White. You can order Indulge, Mini Lotus, Entice and Lotus sleeve at discount price from official Fleshlight site. All that you need to know about this product will be discussed here.

The leading maker of adult sex toys, Fleshlight, is always on point in bringing amazing products to the market. Every release by the company is always marked by good reception by the consumer market.

Who is Angela White?

Angela White is an Australian model. She has a stunning beauty that gets most men wanting her in bed. Her immense beauty made Fleshlight consider making her a model of their sex toys. She makes it as the first Australian Fleshlight girl.

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The fact that she is the first Australian Fleshlight girl makes her a popular choice amongst most men looking for sexual satisfaction in a sex toy. However, other facts also make Angela uniquely popular amongst men. Some of these factors include tight pussy and sex appeal.

The Angela White Fleshlight (Find Review!)

This review will capture the most important factors that make a good or bad sex toy.

Hygiene and Durability

One of the most important review factors is hygiene. Whenever buying a sex toy, one must consider the level of hygiene of the sex toy. The Fleshlight of Angela White has passed the test of hygiene for it is considered one of the most hygienic sex toys in the world. What boosts its hygiene is the ease of cleaning it. You can easily clean this sex toy and reuse it again.

Another important factor is the durability. Nobody wants a sex toy that will only last a few rounds of usage. The Angela White Pocket pussy uses medical grade silicone that assures users of the product’s durability. Therefore, you can always count on this one as a durable product.


Another review factor that men consider when buying a sex toy is the sexual feeling a person gets when using a sex toy. The Angela White Fleshlight easily passes this test because it has a fantastic texture that heightens the sexual experience of the users. While going through the various chambers, you will enjoy a good sexual feeling.


Pussy and butt toy design makes an excellent sex toy that observes the laws of ergonomics. You can easily carry it around without people actually knowing that you have sex toy with you. This makes its design an advantage to travel users of suzie carina sex toys.

An Indulge Sleeve and Other Orifices

  1. Pussy orifice: this is the most popular orifice allowing users to enjoy the feeling of having sex with Angela White. The pussy orifice resembles the true pussy of Angela White hence the good feeling.
  2. Butt orifice: you can also get the butt orifice if you prefer anal sex. It offers an equally stimulating sexual experience as that of the pussy orifice. You can buy it in combo with Fleshskins Grip.

List of Available textures

It has the popular Lotus and Mini-Lotus sleeve.

However, the most exciting texture is the Indulge Fleshlight Texture. This texture has a mixture of mushroom-shaped bumps that make it a landscape of pleasure. The bumps are of different sizes to heighten the sexual experience. You should also read my review of Wonder wave pink sleeve.

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How to Order it?

You can always make an order of Indulge and other Sleeves from Fleshlight’s official website. All you have to do is to visit the official website and type in Fleshlight of Angela White inside the search box at the top right section of the page. Make an order and get the product delivered to your preferred address.

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