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One of the latest models at Fleshlight is Riley Steele. Find out review of Lotus, Mini Lotus and Nipple Alley sleeve. The amazing Fleshlight sex toys keep on rocking the market with new models introduced day by day. Steele is stealing the hearts of many people with the new Riley Steele fleshlight device. We will discuss and review everything that you need to know about Riley Steele sex device.

Who is Riley Steele?

Riley Steele is a model who started her career in the porn industry at the age of 19. Her striking beauty is what makes her among the most attractive female porn stars in the world.

She is just the kind of girl any man would want to have in bed. She forms the wild dreams of many men from all over the world.

Fleshlight Girl Riley Steele Review

This is why Fleshlight has made her orifices to make men realize their dreams. The new Riley Steele pocket pussy is the exact product that men need for masturbation. We will review this product with an aim of looking deep into what it is.

The Rile Steele Fleshlight Review

This part of the review will only cover a few factors that men always consider when choosing a sex toy.

Skin feeling

The skin used to manufacture this sex toy is the realistic skin used by all Fleshlight products. This gives users the skin-like feeling that offers complete sexual satisfaction.


It is also a durable product that gives users value for their money. So long as you use it well, it can last for many years with no need of replacing it.

Easy to use and clean

Again it is easy to use the device. You do not need advance knowledge of sex toys to use this device. Using it is quite simple that anyone can use. Cleaning it is also an easy task that everyone can do.

Other review features will be discussed independently.

List of Orifices

The Fleshlight of Riley Steele has a list of 3 orifices. The orifices are:

  1. Pussy orifice: this opening gives users the exact look of Steele’s pussy. The kind of experience a user gets for using the pussy orifice is nearly the same that a person gets when engaging in a sexual intercourse with her. [Teagan Presley Trigger Sleeve]
  2. Butt orifice: this is the opening resembling the anal entry of Riley. Just like the pussy opening, it is so tight and gives users an amazing experience.
  3. Mouth orifice: if you like oral sex, then you can use the mouth orifice, which is a replica of the sexy Riley’s mouth.

Riley Steele Textures

The texture options that you get when buying Riley Steele fleshlight are as follows:

  1. Lotus

The lotus texture is among the popular in Fleshlight range of products. It has a realistic soft skin that resembles the soft skin of Riley Steele. The vagina is also tight to make the sexual stimulation more satisfying. [Fleshlight FleshSkins blue ice review]

  1. Mini Lotus

It originates from the popular Lotus texture. It gives users a narrow and soothing experience when engaging in sex.

  1. Nipple Alley

This is a combination of the Lotus texture ad Swallow texture, all used in Fleshlight range of products. It is one of the tightest fleshlight texture that you can consider to buy for extreme pleasure.

It has several chambers for maximum sexual satisfaction. Using this texture guarantees you an exciting orgasm.

With this information, you should make an order and get your ideal Riley Steele Fleshlight sleeve and start enjoying the sexual pleasure that comes with it. You can try coupon code to save upto 30% off from official site.

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