Asahole Fleshlight Review (Asa Akira Butt Sleeve)

One of the latest sleeve is the Asa Akira Asahole Fleshlight. It is the tight sensational butt texture. Please read my review to find more about Asahole.

Fleshlight products are always amazing. The brand has been consistent in producing high-quality sex toys. Men from all over the world have been using these products to satisfy their sexual needs. Most men who use these products are always anxious to receive the latest releases on the market. Fleshlight never disappoints; the brand is always on point when it comes to bringing new products in the market.

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Who is Asa Akira?

Asa Akira is a popular porn actress in America. With over 30 awards in her career, she makes it as one of the most successful actors in the porn industry. She has a fine body that makes most her male fans and female alike go crazy. Many fantasies have been made out of her body.

If you are one of the people who have been fantasizing about Asa, then you should worry less because she has partnered with Fleshlight to give you a replica of her openings. You can get whatever opening that you want of her. She has replicas of her mouth, butt, and vagina.

Fleshlight Asahole Sleeve

The Asahole is the latest butt sleeve by Fleshlight exclusively available for Asa Akira fans.

If you are looking for a wild experience with a sex toy, then this is the right sleeve for you. Do you think you can slay the Asa’s butt hole? If you believe you can, then you should try your luck with this amazing Fleshlight sensational sleeve.

Remember, you must be well endowed with a mighty sword to handle the Asahole.

It has sharp ribs through it that ensures the experience is wild throughout. Users of this toy enjoy the different stages of pleasure while exploring it. It also has a studded vortex that releases extra pleasure.

The pleasure bands ensure that you breathe a fire full of joy.


The partnership between Asa Akira and Fleshlight gives you three options of orifices i.e.

  1. Vagina: this is the vaginal opening replicating the real vagina of Asa Akira. It is tight with different chambers of pleasure containing ribs spread throughout
  2. Butt: This option is for men who enjoy anal sex. It is as tight as you’d wish for it to be. You might be happy to know that she got so many award for her back side performance.
  • Mouth: if you are interested in oral sex, you are not left behind either. The mouth orifice is a true replica of the beautiful mouth of Asa.

The beauty of the Asa Akira Asahole Fleshlight is that it is of high-quality real like butt texture. This means that you can count on it to provide pleasure without facing any associated risks of using a sex toy. Furthermore, the skin texture used is uniquely made by Fleshlight for its range of products.

Its price

If you are buying the Dragon sleeve alone, you will pay $79.95. This is the recommended retail price of the product. You can only get this price guarantee when you buy from the official site of Fleshlight.

Combo deals

There are deals that can help you get more for less. Here are some of the leading deals:

1.) Interactive Sex Package: it contains Asa Akira Asahole, Fleshlube Water 8oz, Fleshlight Launch, and Fleshlube sample.  All these are retailing at $269.95 instead of $301.95

2.) VStroker Package: it has Asahol or Dragon sleeve with all VStroker components including cap, receiver, and videos. It is retailing at $97.95 instead of $129.95.

Therefore, you can never miss a deal. You should also buy Elsa Jean Fleshlight available in Treat and Tasty sleeves.

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