What is a Fleshlight? How to Use it?

Are you new to Fleshlight? Don’t know what exactly is it and how to use it? Let me help you for same.

Fleshlight refers to a popular male masturbation toy that is designed to resemble a real vagina. The name comes from the material that is used to make the inner sleeves that resembles real human flesh, and the outer plastic case that houses it which looks like a flashlight. It has a wide variety of options in terms of textures and features meaning that you can easily get one that is just right for you.

What is Fleshlight?

There are a couple of models offered by Fleshlight. The models include The Original, STU, Build Your Own, Stamina, Ice, Flight, Sex in a Can, Freaks, Vibro, Alien, Sleeves, Fleshlight Girls (i.e Nicole Aniston, Nikki Benz, Jenna Haze etc) EU, Fleshlight Orgy,and Training Unit. All these have a few unique features with differences mainly being in the look of the orifice, color, and texture.

how to use fleshlight?

Features of Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

Some of the other features include,

  • Length

The toys are designed to accommodate any penis length and girth, with some having up to 10 inches in length.

  • Weight

Fleshlight weight a lot less as compared to many of its competitors making it less tiring to operate and easy to carry during your travels.

  • Price

The price of the Fleshlight offers the best value for money, especially considering the quality that you get with it. With proper care, the toy can last a lifetime.

  • Discrete

The toy is disguised as a normal flashlight, making it quite difficult for the untrained eye to know what it is. You can easily have it stored around the house, or office, without drawing much attention.

Steps to Use Fleshlight Safely

  1. preparation

For brand new Fleshlight toys, start by removing the plastic tube, which is found in the inner canal. The tube is kept there just to prevent the canal walls from sticking together during transportation and storage. Simply pull the plastic tube out and discard it.

  1. Lubrication

Using a lubricant is highly recommended as it makes the entire experience a lot more pleasurable and easier. You are likely to have some problem penetrating the toy if you do not use lubrication, ideally just as you would with a real vagina. There are many types of lubes out in the market but not each of them is suitable for use with Fleshlight. The Super-Skin material used for the sleeves can be damaged by silicone-based and oil-based lubes by making the surfaces sticky and unsightly. The tensile strength of the material will also be reduced. [buying Japanese sex doll]

Always use as much water-based lube as desired inside the sleeve as well as on your penis.

  1. Warming up the Fleshlight insert

Warming up the insert and lubrication to body temperature will make it feel a lot more realistic. To heat it up, submerge it into hot water for about 20 minutes. The lube should be warmed up as well so that it does not have the cooling effect on the sleeve. The warming effect will last for a good amount of time. When done, place the insert back into the Fleshlight casing and pour the warm lube into the canal. The amount of lube used will depend on the inner texture and personal preferences.

There is an option of using a heating unit known as Fleshwarmaer, which is less time consuming and warms it up more evenly. You can use coupon codes like aneros to save good amount of money.

  1. Regulating the suction

You can regulate the suction of the inner canal using the rear screw cap. Screwing it on completely creates a vacuum during penetration and will have maximum suction effect on the backward movement.

  1. Washing and storage

After having your fun, it is important that you clean the toy before storing it. Use warm water to clean and ensure that it is thoroughly dry before you store it, ready for the next use.

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