Jenna Haze Lotus Fleshlight Review – Forbidden Toy Coupon

Jenna haze pocket pussy is one of the highest reviewed and top selling Fleshlight girls toys. Lotus is designed to replicate the vagina of the Jenna Haze, and is receiving very positive real reviews from its users. The different textures are the swallow version (Lotus), forbidden butt and the obsession.

Jenna haze Fleshlight Review

As said earlier that, Fleshlight is selling three different model of Jenna; her realistic pocket pussy, mouth and butt. Below are in-depth review of each of that.

fleshlight jenna haze lotus review

The Obsession (Lotus) Fleshlight Toy for Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze Lotus Texture replaces the Maze texture which was an earlier version. Its main features are that it gets tighter as you get deeper, with projected bristles tickling your dick all through the canal. The sensation offered by this is unbelievably amazing, and one that is likely going to make you addicted to this awesome toy.

The obsession texture of Jenna’s fake pussy has a frontal area located in a chamber that is equipped with 5 cross ribs that are quite distinctive. Immediately after the chamber is another elongated chamber that is shaped like a drop, extending up to the insert end. This chamber is covered with bumps that have long stems, place so close together that they almost cover the entire chamber completely. All the bumps are protruding at an angle of 45 degrees, facing the canal entrance direction. The top of each bump is tapered, making it to appear a bit pointed.

The canal gives a sensation of tightness at the entrance during penetration after which the cross rib texture in the first chamber, which is heavily perceptible massages the head of your penis. They provide a smooth stimulation that is still very intense but nothing compared to what is just about to follow. A stimulation that might be overwhelming just because of how intense it is given by the bumps inside the main chamber. The head of the penis is navigating through the dense meadow of the bumps that will trigger a countless number of impulses from pointed stimulation. I would prefer obsession than that of mvp of nikki benz.

Jenna Haze Forbidden Butt Review

If you want to fuck her butt then you should read my detailed review of Jenna Haze Fleshlight given here. This texture has its opening modelled from the butt of Jenna, and is said to offer the closest feeling, if not the exact feeling, to the real anal of Jenna Haze. It has the always high quality material of fleshlight which feels a lot like real, especially when you warm it up and use lube correctly. The opening has very fine ribbing that will instantly offer a grabbing feeling. This is followed up by undulating waves which will swallow you up all the way for the sweetest feeling ever. The internal length is 9 inches, making it able to accommodate entirely any realistic size, including those who count themselves as ‘blessed’. It is far better than some homemade cyberskin toys.

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Jenna Haze Swallow (Mouth) Texture

This is meant to give you the feeling of Jenna Haze giving you a blowjob, with the mouth orifice being molded from the actual mouth of Jenna. The texture is made to replicate the real mouth and throat of a human. Located in the middle of the Swallow is the pharynx, or at least a model of it. This is the secret that makes it offer such great pleasure, and a favorite part of many. Another awesome feature is the fact that Swallow texture of Jenna can produce similar sounds to those from a real sloppy blowjob. Instead of buying full size pipedream fuck me silly you should buy all three as it is discrete and travel friendly too.

Top Jenna Haze Fleshlight Coupons and Codes

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Conclusion – Why should you buy Jenna Haze Pocket Pussy?

Everything about the Jenna Haze Fleshlight is simply amazing. She takes you to a sex heaven every single time you mount her. It is definitely worth a try.

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