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Please don’t buy Fleshlight Fleshlube water based lubricant before you read my review. The product line from Fleshlight has been consistently growing. Among the successful products is Fleshlube. Fleshlube is a lubricant that is safe to use for any toy made by Fleshlight. It has a chemical makeup that allows it to feature a thinned out substance that is watered down.

fleshlight fleshlube review

The creation allows for a masturbation experience that is more stable and smoothed out. Unlike many other gel-like lubricants, it creates a user experience that is more user friendly as well as has less irritation. All fleshlight toys can work well with this lubricant. There are a couple of versions for the Fleshlube, with lots of features some of which have been described below.

Fleshlight Fleshlube Review

Check my below review of Fleshlight Fleshlube. In my review, I tried to cover all the aspect including price, usability, durability and safety.


There are three different formulations for Fleshlube. The first is Fleshlube water, a runny type of lubrication that has a runny feeling. The second is fleshlube fire, which has similar consistency but has a warm feeling. Fleshlube ice is the third one, which is a cooling lubricant and has a texture, which is slightly thicker.

Travel friendly

The packaging of the product is quite good. It is in a way that is difficult for the untrained eye to tell what it is. The lube is water-based and can be used on the go. You do not have to worry about the prevailing conditions to use it.

Safe for Cyberskin

Fleshlight skin is the main material used in nearly all toys including fleshlight Romi Rain. Fleshlube is specially formulated to be used with Fleshlight toys. This means that it will not compromise the integrity of the sex toys and will even go further to boost durability. In fact, you can even use it to lubricate condoms and make the safer, or use as a lubricant during sex.


Fleshlube is one of the safest lubrication in the current market. That means that you can use it on a sensitive part of the body, without experiencing any negative side effects. Dermatologists have certified it as a safe product for even the most sensitive skin. It is far better than homemade girl ass and pussy.

After the Fleshlube Review the new part is to check the advantage or disadvantage of this water based lubricant by Fleshlight Freaks.

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Pros of Fleshlube

The pros of Fleshlube are quite a lot. The main one is the fact that it works perfectly for all the products made by ITF including fleshlight of Lupe Fuentes. It will in fact extend the durability of the Cyberskin in that it maintains it in its original from the longest possible time.

Long lasting: Compared to other lubes, Fleshlube lasts a lot longer. You do not need to use a large amount of lube to get your desired smoothness. In other words, it will last a lot longer and you will end up having some good savings.

Water based formula: Fleshlube is water-based lubrication, which means that it is suitable for nearly all toys. You can use it on any of the Fleshlight toys or any other that you may have.


The only con is that it is a bit expensive. However, compared to the quality, it is more than worth the price.

Why should you use Fleshlube?

It would suggest you to use Fleshlube with any Fleshlight toy like freaks as it is well calibrated to ensure that it preserves the integrity of the toy. Fleshlight often host sale and deal on water based lubricant. You can buy Fleshlube for cheap with the help of coupon codes. There is Buy two and Get one free deal, so you can stock on lube to save huge.

TIP: Try to use condom while using Fleshlight. Apply fleshlube on condom and inner part of fleshlight and start masturbating it. In that way, you won’t have to worry about cleaning your pocket pussy.

Thank for reading my complete Fleshlight Fleshlube Review here. In case of any question or queries, you can post your comment here.

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