Fleshlight vs Tenga Flip Hole Review and Comparison

Welcome to my review and comparison about Fleshlight vs Tenga black flip hole. For those who are into having some solo fun time with their hand and toys, there are two great names that you must know, Tenga and Fleshlight. They form the biggest names in the men sex toys world and for good reasons for that matter.

fleshlight vs tenga flip hole review and comparison

Both of them have the best of everything, ranging from material quality, design, functionality, and many others. They are meant for a similar function but each take a different approach to achieve it. They are even categorized in the same price range, which makes it a difficult decision to choose between them, especially for those who are new in the game.

Fleshlight vs Tenga Flip Hole Review

Below are reviews and a comparison of Fleshlight and Tenga Flip Hole, which can help you make a better and informed decision.

Materials and design Comparison

The two products both use premium quality materials. The materials are medically tested to ensure that they will not cause any allergic reactions or injuries when in use. However, Fleshlight seems to stand out as the better option in terms of materials used thanks to the patented Superskin, which has all the good properties of real human skin.It feels so luxurious to touch, being silky, soft, and stretchy. It is well sized, enough to accommodate almost any penis size.In terms of design, the engineering used to come up with the toys is the best you can imagine, covering both functionality and aesthetics.

The casing of Tenga is a little more delicate compared to that of Fleshlight, but still durable nevertheless. It is also a little more flexible but requires more care when handling it. Once you shop your fleshlight then you can use it as many times as you wish, provided that you do the relevant maintenance. The manufacturers of Tenga claim that it is designed for about 50 uses only.


The flip design of Tenga comes with some advantages, the main ones being that it is easier to lubricate and easier to clean. However, the sliding clasp may present some challenges, as you have to ensure that it is precisely in place for it to clasp the unit together. Fleshlight has ideally no limitation when it comes to usage. You simply need to twist the top off, lube it, and enjoy. This makes it the better option, especially when you do not want to incorporate some extra assembly time when you are horny. You can also try newest Fleshlight of Romi Rain, if you want something latest.

The Tenga also produces some weird sounds when in use, including fart sounds. This might be a bit of a turn off, especially when using it with your partner around. The flashlight does not have such a problem. It is practically silent and can be adjusted using the back cap. That adds on to its discretion. That’s why Fleshlight is far better than homemade fake butt and pussy.


Fleshlight comes with a variety of textures, which offer the best sensations. They even offer freaks and predator for fantasy peoples. Whether you want very intense or light sensations, there will always be a fleshlight for your needs. Tenga has a black texture that looks wild, and offers relatively good sensations.

Why is Fleshlight Go better than Tenga Flip Hole?

It’s time to conclude by review and comparison of Tenga vs Fleshlight. The Tenga is a great sex toy, but Fleshlight happens to be a better option. This is because it has a lot more to offer in terms of features and functionality. You can never go wrong with it. You can find huge number of Fleshlight toys that molded from top porn stars like Misty stone, Nicol Aniston and many more. Material used in creating FL is safer and realistic than Tenga.

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