Cheap Fleshlight Alternatives – Best Male Masturbators

Fleshlight are known to be by far the best male masturbators, and for you to get yourself one of them, you must be willing to spend some good amount of cash. The price is definitely worth the quality that you will get, but the question is, can you get an equally good alternative to Fleshlight that is cheaper? Well, the answer is yes. You can get alternatives that will equally rock your world and doesn’t require you to spend a fortune on them. After all, it is just for jerking off. Such alternatives toys include Tenga egg, autoblow2 and Fifi.

Fleshlight AlternativesFleshlight Alternatives

Best Cheap Alternatives to Fleshlight in 2016

As said earlier that, If you cannot spend much but still looking for good quality masturbators then you should oped out for below products. That might provide best way to jerk off yourself and more importantly for cheap.

best fleshlight alternatives for cheap

1.) Tenga egg – Travel Friendly Masturbator

This ‘egg’ series offers a unique and amazing way to indulge yourself whenever you feel like. Unlike many other products of the same functionality, Tenga does not have the erotic imagery in design and its advertisements as it is not meant to be a replacement of the human vagina. The toy comes in a case that is so discrete and easy to carry, having a lubrication lotion ready within the packaging. The expansion of the toy is quite drastic, in such a way that it will fit all cock sizes. You can choose from a variety of 10 different textures that are guaranteed to give you a variety of amazing sexual experiences. The included lubricant lotion is water based.

Drawback of Tenga Egg

A drawback to this toy is the fact that it is meant for a single use only. It is convenient for maybe a business trip where you can carry it around discretely, use it and dispose it immediately after. You can however re-use it if you are willing to clean it properly following all the cleaning guidelines that come with it.

2.) Autoblow2 – An Automatic Fleshlight

autoblow machineautoblow machine

This is, simply put, a blowjob machine. It was the first ever automatic machine for masturbation made for men. It offers a remarkable similar feeling to that of your cock being sucked by a real woman. The Autoblow2 is plugged into any wall outlet for power, meaning that you will not have to deal with replacing batteries every now and then. You need to use a generous amount of lubrication just to ensure that everything will go right, after all, you do want maximum pleasure. It has a number of rollers which will create the sucking feeling, simulating a real mouth moving up and down your penis. It also has alternating speeds which can be varied using a switch located at the bottom of the device. You in a way, get to be the master in your fun experience.

Features of Autoblow 2

  • Hands free. It is Fully Automated toy.
  • Uses interchangeable sleeve system
  • Robust construction
  • Hygienic
  • Feels great
  • Safe


The only downside of this amazing product is that it is noisy.

3.) Get Fifi

This is another great alternative to Fleshlight. It is a very simple toy that was actually made popular by inmates. Yes, it is that simple that inmates can have it, or at least some crude version of it. It basically has a latex sleeve that is disposable, which rolls up inside a layer of foam. You can roll it as loosely or tightly as you prefer, and even squeeze it if you need more pressure.

Advantages of using Fifi

  • It is way cheaper as compared to other toys designed for the same function
  • Cleaning is not a problem. You simply dispose of the sleeve, just as you would a condom.
  • Its design is discrete, making it so difficult for the unsuspicious eye to figure out what it is.
  • Comes in five different colors for you to pick from.
  • Use Get Fifi coupon to save upto 30% off the retail price.

Alternatively, you can also make your own Fifi at home. But I would suggest you to go for only, as They sell professional fifi toy that you can trust. You can buy Liberator Wedge and put fifi inside that for real like stroke.

Conclusion: Why should you for Fleshlight Alternatives?

You don’t need to miss out on all the solo fun simply because you can’t afford the expensive Fleshlight toys. Grab yourself one of cheap fleshlight alternatives to spice up your masturbation. As per your needs, you can get any of above. If you want something which is automatic then go for Autoblow2, Or if you are looking for travel friendly male toy then you should opt-in for Tenga Egg. If you won’t like to clean your device after every usage then you must go for Fifi. You should check my Kayden Kross Fleshlight Review to know more about how it look and feel. If you are fan of Riley then you would like to buy Fleshlight of Riley Reid which is available at discounted price.

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