How to Turn a Girl On Over Text and Into Bed

Turning a girl on is an art that not all men can perform. They few men who can turn on ladies will confess of how enjoying it is to turn her on. There are different ways in which you can turn a girl on and get her to bed. You can either decide to use texts or touch her to get her in bed. It all begins with your words and that’s why the best ways of turning her on verbally will be highlighted before getting to see the secret ways of touching her to bed. But before then, let’s analyze the importance of having a conversation to turn her on.

Importance of Conversation with a Girl to Turn her On over text

Conversation with a girl has the following benefits in turning her on.

  • Builds Trust

When you converse with her, you actually make her to trust you. There is power in your words that no action can define better.

  • Opportunity to Express Emotions

In a conversation, you can express your emotions to her. It doesn’t matter whether your emotions are real or not, words will just help you to convey them.

  • You can study her

It also gives you an opportunity to study her and get to know what her feelings about you may be. [ Best Fleshlight Girls for you ]

  • Deeply Absorbed

Girls are very fragile and thus deeply absorb the words in a sexual conversation. This will help you to get her in bed to proceed with your sexual encounter with her.

Not every conversation will turn a girl on and therefore importance of choosing the right words. For that reason, some of the best text messages that can turn her on will be highlighted here below.

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Examples of Texts messages to Turn Her On Without touching her

  1. “Hey babe, can you keep a secret”… “Don’t tell anyone but am actually going insane after meeting this lady whom I can’t get off my mind. Her name is NAME OF THE GIRL YOU’RE TEXTING. Do you know how I can see her?”
  2. “Hey, are you a thief? … I can’t trace my heart and you’re the last one I saw it with”
  3. “Hey, do you think a poor man like me can afford your time?”
  4. “When you’re around, everything starts throbbing and it’s not just my heart am pointing at”
  5. “Next time we meet I promise to show you what love is”
  6. “Since I met you, I no longer watch porn for your body is enough for me”
  7. “…Aaah, am feeling restless tonight. Would you come and tie me up. I will do anything you want me to do”
  8. “I want to upgrade my wardrobe, do you mind approving my new look?”

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These are some of the texts you can use to turn her on without even touching her. It should be noted that these are generic message and sometime may not work in special cases. For that you need to Checkout the Book given here where we have added all the scenario and case studies to help you to get attention of any girl you want. If she comes to your place or was in your place, you should use the next tips as ways of turning her on.

Secret Ways to Turn On a Girl Sexually By Touching Her

  • Pull Her into You: women like men who are muscular and willing to show off their masculinity before sex. By pulling her into you, you’re slowly turning her on.
  • Groom Her: some simple acts like brushing her hair away keep her sexually anxious.
  • Kiss her Forehead: it’s yet not time for the real kiss, just go for her forehead and do it gently.
  • Touch her Waist: the next move is touching her waist. This is a killer move and you should take note of her reactions.
  • Kiss her now: make the move and start kissing her. Ensure that you do it in a romantic manner to keep her weak.
  • Push her into a Sleeping Position: pretend to be taken away by the kiss to push her into a sleeping position. It is important for a man not to be taken away by the kiss for he might lose focus.
  • Undress her: if you did the kiss part well, undressing her should be easy.
  • Have sex: bro, it’s time to get the price for your hard work!!

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