Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm or cum

The question is; can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm or cum? In a bid to answer this question, all the myths and facts surrounding it will be discussed here below. All these are aimed at establishing the truth behind oral sex and pregnancy to keep girls in the know.

Among the trendiest topics that teenagers like discussing are usually sex-related. For over the years, teenagers have been arguing on different issues concerning sex and sexuality. One of the highly debated question forms the basis of discussion here below.

Fertility Myths about Swallowing Sperm and getting Pregnant

Some of the fertility myths will be mentioned here below and their contrasting facts stated just to clarify matters.

Question: Can you get Pregnant from Swallowing Sperm or Cum?

One of the leading fertility myths is that you can get pregnant by just eating spermatozoon. This myth states that after swallowing semen, some of the active sperma entered into girl’s body and in one way or the other, find its way to the ovaries. This myth has no scientific backing and thus remains to be just a myth.

Fact: The fact is that you cannot be pregnant for just ingesting cum. There is no way the digestive system will direct the sperm to the ovaries and thus eliminate any possibility of getting pregnant.

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Myth: If you ingest cum with a Cut in the Mouth you will get Pregnant

Another interesting myth that seems to be more convincing is that you can actually get pregnant for devouring sperms with a cut in the mouth. This myth is anchored under another misleading myth that sperms can get into the bloodstream and make a woman pregnant.

Fact: The fact here is that there is no way possible of getting pregnant when the blood is mixed with sperms. Regardless of the place through which the blood will mix with the sperms, there is no scientific backing of this claim. The only way is through the conventional sexual intercourse.

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Myth: Slurping semen will make you more Fertile

Another leading myth about sperm swallowing is that women can actually get more fertile by ingesting cum. This myth is rotating around the fact that semen has valuable proteins and other important nutrients. This makes people to think that they can actually be more fertile from male reproductive fluid.

Fact: the fact is that fertility in women has nothing to do with swallowing sperms. If you want to improve your fertility then you should eat healthy food and diet (i.e Cornstarch) accordingly. No scientific research has proven this theory and thus it remains to be a myth.

Myth: You Can’t Get STIs from eating cum

Another myth that has found its root is that girls cannot be infected by STIs by just devouring cum. According to this myth, blow jobs are just like normal kissing sessions which do not have effect on a person’s health.

Fact: The fact remains that blow job is not any ordinary kissing. You can actually be infected with STIs for eating male reproductive fluid. The fact that you will not get pregnant should not lead you to think that you cannot get infected with STIs for blowjob.


From above, it is very clear that there are many myths surrounding the whole act of swallowing spermatozoon. It is therefore important for ladies to know well of the fact surrounding blow jobs so as to be safe when having an oral session. You can buy sexual and blowjob products from JimmyJane and other sites.

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