How to Make a Rubber Pocket Pussy

A Rubber pocket pussy is simply a fancy name for an artificial vagina or other orifice that tries to replicate it. Main function of the pocket pussies is for men to use them in masturbation, as a way of increasing the pleasure. Other names given to it are DIY pussies, siren pussy, and portable vaginas among many. Despite the variation in the names, the product is ideally the same item.

Uses of a Rubber pocket pussy

The main function as mentioned earlier, is simply for pleasure but there is another useful function for it; it can help men build up their sexual stamina. Men can use it for practice to try and raise their threshold for ejaculation before orgasm. The different textures and sizes of the masturbation toys gives it something to offer in relation to building sexual stamina, even for those who consider themselves as pros in that area. Premature ejaculation can be a problem of the past, thanks to these great toys.

making rubber pocket pussy

Single men can also use the toy as a great company if they don’t have a partner. They don’t have to miss out on all the benefits that married men enjoy. For couples, it can be incorporated in their sexual activities just to bring in more variety and spice. There are a few cases where penetrative sex cannot be ideal such as during menopause, menstruation time or pregnancy. Such times, this sex toy comes in handy. [ We Vibe Tango Review ]

How to make a Rubber Pussy at Home?

In order to make homemade fake rubber vagina, you will need certain things. Below are the required accessories that will help you to make simulator of original pussy.


  • Rubber gloves- choose the gloves that have high elasticity for best results
  • Flesh material- you can use either hand towels or sponge for the flesh part. Sponge usually works best as it tends to try and regain its original form every time.
  • Support material- this can be anything which has a cylindrical shape and has a good size enough to fit you penis. Examples are well shaped bottles and tubes.
  • Tape or rubber bands- this will help you hold everything together.
  • Lubrication- a nice lubricant that is not water based is found to work best for this toy.

Such type of fake rubber pussy can be the best alternative to fleshlight toy. If you concern about money then you should try it.

Steps to be followed while building DIY Rubber Fake Vagina:

  1. Start by cleaning all the materials that you have. It is of utmost importance that everything be clean to ensure that you don’t suffer any health problems.
  2. Take your tubular support and cut it into two halves, cutting along the lengths. This will expose the inside of the cylindrical tube making even the cleaning process easy.
  3. Lace the inside of the tube with your sponge material or hand towel. How thick the flesh material will be is up to you to decide, depending on your preferences. The thicker it is, the tighter your toy will be.
  4. Put the rubber glove on top of the flesh material, with the glove entrance hanging outside on one end.
  5. Place back the two pieces of the tube back together, with the flesh material in place. Use the tape to hold the back together in place.
  6. You can use the rubber bands instead of the tape if you wish to make it more elastic.
  7. Fold the handing part of the glove over the tube and put in the lube in the glove. That is it. Enjoy!

Caution and care to be taken

You should ensure that every item is hygienic and safe to be used for such purposes. Rubber pocket pussy can be used for one time and also ensure that you replace the rubber glove after every single use and discard it in an appropriate manner. Replace the rubber for the next use and use more lube in Asa Akira fleshlight. Clean the other parts as well as frequently as you can.

Sophia Rossi Pocket Pussy and Fleshlight Review

Would like to have sex with Sophia Rossi then you should think to buy her Pocket Pussy that are close to Fleshlight and affordable too.

Sophia Rossi is one of the most popular American porn-stars. She came into the limelight after featuring in a number of films using the label Jenna Club. After that, she was seen in many other mainstream movies.

sophia rossi pocket pussy and fleshlight review

Her popularity grew so quickly as a result of having a pair of boobs considered to be among the biggest in the porn industry. She later came to an agreement with the Doc Johnson Company, for her pussy to be used as a model using the amazingly realistic UR-3 material. This material is said to be the closest there is to real human vagina, with a very smooth and soft feel.

Review of Sophia Rossi Pocket Pussy

This Japanese fleshlight is molded from the real pussy of her. If you are a fun or admirer of this amazing pornstar, and always have fantasies of what it would feel like to have the real woman in your bed, then now you have a chance to experience exactly that. You can penetrate your cock deep into Sophia Rossi pocket pussy and experience all the orgasmic pleasures that there can be with the incredible male masturbator.

Awesome Features of Sophia Rossi Fleshlight

  • Size

The approximate measurement is 5.5 inches of length with a diameter of about 2.25 inches. This size makes it big enough to handle your cock, irrespective of your size, but still small enough to keep it discrete in a way and easy to hide.

  • Material

The main material used is known as UR 3. It looks and feels so realistic that it would actually take a very keen eye to tell it apart from real flesh. The material is also very durable and can last for several years when it is taken good care of, even when being used frequently. Cleaning the material is also easy. You can use mild soap to clean without altering its great properties.

  • Model

The appearance of the siren pocket pussy is exactly the same as that of the real actress, Sophia Rossi. Obviously, it is because it was molded directly from her pussy meaning that you get the exact same feeling using this toy as you would have sex with her.

  • Texture

The internal tunnel of fake pussy is ribbed along the entire length. This will ensure that every single part of your penis gets maximum stimulation during use. The effect of the ribbed tunnel alongside the varying pressure is simply unimaginably great.

  • End opening

The tunnel is open on the opposite side of the entrance as well. This opening is mainly used for ejaculation purposes, making sure that the tunnel remains clean. For the case of men who have short sized cocks, the end opening makes the cleaning process a lot easier.

  • Non-toxic

The product does not contain any phthalate, latex or cadmium. It is anti-bacterial and hygienically safe.

Pros and Cons of Sophia Rossi Fake Pussy:


  • Price

As compared to its competitors of Fleshlight and GetFifi, the price of this product is extremely fair. You can get it on Amazon for only $11.64. Due to that reason, It is considered as one of the best alternative to fleshlight. That price factored in with the quality of the product is just unbelievable.

  • Durability

The toy can be used for year if well maintained. It does not lose its human-like feel over time and performance does not depreciate.

  • Cleaning

The product is very easy to clean and takes very little time to do so. Mild soap and water is actually all you need to do a thorough cleaning. You can use that along with Liberator wedge for better penetration and automatic action.


  • The only disadvantage really is that you have to invest some extra money in buying lube. The recommended lube to be use is any water-based lube, which does not have any harmful effect to the Sophia Rossi pocket pussy.

Fleshlight Anikka Albrite Siren Review and Coupons

Want to have sex with hot girls? Check my Anikka Albrite Fleshlight review given below to know everything about Siren and Goddess texture.

Anikka Albrite is considered one of the goddesses in the porn industry. This is not only due to the undeniable beauty and skill that she possesses in sexual activities, but mainly due to her awesome pussy. It is for this reason that she has finally made it to the Fleshlight Girls Team. Her pocket pussy is known as the Goddess, with reasons being quite obvious. It has a structure with dynamic bumps and paired with a nice and tight vaginal orifice to give you pleasure like you can never imagine. It is generally a tight squeeze that grips your penis and, with all the high quality textures and design worked into it, makes all you dreams come true.

Anikka Albrite Fleshlight Review of Two models

The Anikka Albrite fleshlight comes in two types, the pussy and the butt. The pussy is the one referred to as the Goddess while the anal one is referred to as the Siren. Whatever your preference or fantasy with Anikka is, you can get it.

Anikka Albrite Fleshlight Goddess Review

Anikka Albrite Goddess Fleshlight Texture (Vagina) Review

This pocket pussy is gaining its popularity real fast thanks to the very creative canal design. Bump structures that are quite enormous are placed right at the entrance of the tight orifice, a surprise that you will find to be very pleasant. And it doesn’t stop there, the bumps are strategically structured to vary all through the canal, giving maximum stimulation that will make it a challenge to last even a minute. Towards the end of the canal, some smaller bumps that will work out the nerve endings of your dick are placed. Due to the Review of Anikka Albrite Fleshlight, so many people can’t stop themselves to buy it.

The suction gaps

As if the bumps were not enough, you are hit with yet another awesome surprise. There is a series of gaps that appear to be too tight to surmount. Your mind will tell you of how impossible it is, but your desire will not let you turn back. As you penetrate the series of gaps, you will get a strange feeling, as if the grip is tightening on your dick. The genius in the design has it that you will experience the suction feeling at the best possible time. Making it even better, the second tight gap if laced with more tiny bumps.

The depth of fleshlight

If you make it to the deepest depths of the canal without nutting and think that you have made it, think again. It gets even tighter towards the end of the canal and some tight slits, a classic feature of mini lotus fleshlight, make the goddess the most amazing pussy.

Anikka Albrite (Anal) Siren Fleshlight

Do you know she is award wining anal pornstar. In the simplest words, if you are the type of person who like to squeeze yourself through those tight places, the Annika’s Siren is the fleshlight that you need to get. It also features a highly dynamic structure that can be quite overwhelming.

anikka albrite siren fleshlight coupon and review


The anal orifice is amazingly tight, you probably will take your time penetrating it in the first place. Just beyond the orifice is a pair of slits that will have a suction effect, instantly rewarding you for the effort of getting through the tight orifice. The canal the opens up to a wider space full of small bumps to give you a tease.

The canal

Anikka Albrite Fleshlight Reviews say that Canal is the leading reason forcing people to buy her fake pussy. Going deeper, the canal narrows and you encounter three cross ribs that will add a nice twist to the siren. This is in preparation for the climax of it all, the cones. A chamber of cones awaits you towards the end. The three cone rows that are placed side by side will overstimulate your penis giving you an overwhelming satisfaction. It is bit like Asa Akira’s pocket pussy.

Top most Fleshlight Anikka Albrite Coupons and Deals

B2G1 Free – Purchase two sleeves and get one for completely FREE. You need to place three sleeve of your choice in cart and get them for just $139.91. Regular price is $209.85.

5% Off – Spend $150 or more and get 5% discount. Save 10% – Receive whopping 10% discount on your any order of $200 or more. You will get your order at FREE Shipping. No need to use any kind of coupon codes here.

Should you buy Anikka Albrite Pocket Pussy?

Anikka Albrite is definitely one of the porn girls that you regularly have in your dreams. Well, you can now turn that dream into a reality. You might be aware that she is best known for her award winning anal sex and Siren is created to give you authentic and real anal penetration at your home. If you choose to buy goddess then you will destined for an our of the world orgasm. I am sure your girl friend will jealous about it! [ Liberator Wedge Review ]

Simply get yourself your desired texture of the Anikka Albrite fleshlight review. You should also learn to make fifi at home.

Cheap Fleshlight Alternatives – Best Male Masturbators

Fleshlight are known to be by far the best male masturbators, and for you to get yourself one of them, you must be willing to spend some good amount of cash. The price is definitely worth the quality that you will get, but the question is, can you get an equally good alternative to Fleshlight that is cheaper? Well, the answer is yes. You can get alternatives that will equally rock your world and doesn’t require you to spend a fortune on them. After all, it is just for jerking off. Such alternatives toys include Tenga egg, autoblow2 and Fifi.

Fleshlight AlternativesFleshlight Alternatives

Best Cheap Alternatives to Fleshlight in 2016

As said earlier that, If you cannot spend much but still looking for good quality masturbators then you should oped out for below products. That might provide best way to jerk off yourself and more importantly for cheap.

best fleshlight alternatives for cheap

1.) Tenga egg – Travel Friendly Masturbator

This ‘egg’ series offers a unique and amazing way to indulge yourself whenever you feel like. Unlike many other products of the same functionality, Tenga does not have the erotic imagery in design and its advertisements as it is not meant to be a replacement of the human vagina. The toy comes in a case that is so discrete and easy to carry, having a lubrication lotion ready within the packaging. The expansion of the toy is quite drastic, in such a way that it will fit all cock sizes. You can choose from a variety of 10 different textures that are guaranteed to give you a variety of amazing sexual experiences. The included lubricant lotion is water based.

Drawback of Tenga Egg

A drawback to this toy is the fact that it is meant for a single use only. It is convenient for maybe a business trip where you can carry it around discretely, use it and dispose it immediately after. You can however re-use it if you are willing to clean it properly following all the cleaning guidelines that come with it.

2.) Autoblow2 – An Automatic Fleshlight

autoblow machineautoblow machine

This is, simply put, a blowjob machine. It was the first ever automatic machine for masturbation made for men. It offers a remarkable similar feeling to that of your cock being sucked by a real woman. The Autoblow2 is plugged into any wall outlet for power, meaning that you will not have to deal with replacing batteries every now and then. You need to use a generous amount of lubrication just to ensure that everything will go right, after all, you do want maximum pleasure. It has a number of rollers which will create the sucking feeling, simulating a real mouth moving up and down your penis. It also has alternating speeds which can be varied using a switch located at the bottom of the device. You in a way, get to be the master in your fun experience.

Features of Autoblow 2

  • Hands free. It is Fully Automated toy.
  • Uses interchangeable sleeve system
  • Robust construction
  • Hygienic
  • Feels great
  • Safe


The only downside of this amazing product is that it is noisy.

3.) Get Fifi

This is another great alternative to Fleshlight. It is a very simple toy that was actually made popular by inmates. Yes, it is that simple that inmates can have it, or at least some crude version of it. It basically has a latex sleeve that is disposable, which rolls up inside a layer of foam. You can roll it as loosely or tightly as you prefer, and even squeeze it if you need more pressure.

Advantages of using Fifi

  • It is way cheaper as compared to other toys designed for the same function
  • Cleaning is not a problem. You simply dispose of the sleeve, just as you would a condom.
  • Its design is discrete, making it so difficult for the unsuspicious eye to figure out what it is.
  • Comes in five different colors for you to pick from.
  • Use Get Fifi coupon to save upto 30% off the retail price.

Alternatively, you can also make your own Fifi at home. But I would suggest you to go for only, as They sell professional fifi toy that you can trust. You can buy Liberator Wedge and put fifi inside that for real like stroke.

Conclusion: Why should you for Fleshlight Alternatives?

You don’t need to miss out on all the solo fun simply because you can’t afford the expensive Fleshlight toys. Grab yourself one of cheap fleshlight alternatives to spice up your masturbation. As per your needs, you can get any of above. If you want something which is automatic then go for Autoblow2, Or if you are looking for travel friendly male toy then you should opt-in for Tenga Egg. If you won’t like to clean your device after every usage then you must go for Fifi. You should check my Kayden Kross Fleshlight Review to know more about how it look and feel. If you are fan of Riley then you would like to buy Fleshlight of Riley Reid which is available at discounted price.

Japanese Fleshlight Girl Review – Asa Akira Lotus Coupon

Fleshlight Girl of the Day, The Asa Akira is one of the most popular exotic Japanese porn girl in the world, and without a doubt, a fantasy of many. Her impressive resume include sexual accomplishments such as her vagina being voted for in in the RLA awards as the best sex toy a few years ago, making more men yearn for a piece of it. And that is exactly what Fleshlight are offering, only better.

Asa Akira Fleshlight Lotus Review

You get to choose from three options just how you want to have her;

  1. Asa Akira Vagina (You can also called it as Asa Akira Fleshlight )

This Fleshlight girl toy is a tight sleeve that was molded right from the actual pussy of Asa Akira, giving you the exact same feeling and sensation that you would get with the real porn star.

  1. Asa Akira Mouth

If you fancy blowjobs, then this is the product for you. You can enjoy the blowjob of your life at any time from the porn star of your dreams through this amazing toy which has the exact same proportions as that of Akira.

  1. Asa Akira Butt

You can also enjoy some anal fuck, if it is your cup of tea. Asa Akira Butt is there for you to take care of your pleasures any day, anytime.

Asa Akira – The Japanese Fleshlight Girl Review

Attention to detail is one of the things that make this toy amazing. Not every pussy feels similar just as not every man has the same package below the belt. That is why Fleshlight offers you a variety of textures to enjoy the pussy of Asa Akira. Please take a look at my Japanese Fleshlight Review provided here, before you go ahead and purchase it online.

The Lotus texture

This is as close to a pussy as you will ever find. It has nice tight opening that widens gradually just enough to accommodate your cock in the best possible way. You can choose a degree of tightness that best suits you to ensure that you get the most realistic sex experience ever with a toy.

The mini-lotus Fleshlight texture

This Japanese Fleshlight is in all ways similar to the Lotus, only that it has the changes in texture and the different pressure points moved a little closer to its opening. This is meant to take care of men whose dimensions don’t match those of porn stars, so that they can feel the exact same sensation offered by the Lotus. Kayden Kross fleshlight also have mini-lotus kind of texture.

The Dragon Texture

Just as the name suggests, its walls have some kind of twists throughout its length, which gives an amazing sensation to your cock as it pushes through each of the twists. The twists are housed inside a ribbed cage, a combination that is guaranteed to take you to a climax like you have never experienced before. It is totally different than Riley Reid Euphoria texture, which is best for her butt toy.

Key features of Japanese Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

  • Best-selling Fleshlight masturbator for men
  • Cast from Japanese star Asa Akira, a sensation in the porn film industry, making it so realistic and accurate.
  • SuperSkin that is temperature-responsive and ultra-realistic is used to make the sleeve, giving it the ultimate authenticity.
  • Outer casing is discrete and has a base that is adjustable, meant for suction purposes.
  • Internal length is 9 inches, making it well capable of accommodating huge erections.
  • They come in a variety of colors to match the ethnicity that you fancy the most. See through varieties are available as well.

japanese fleshlight girl review and coupons

Advantages of Fleshlight Japanese Girls sex toys

  1. It is a great sex alternative that minimizes the risks of pregnancy and STDs.
  2. They have a wide variety to choose from
  3. You can get additional accessories for them to make them more exciting
  4. Your size does not really matter, you will always be accommodated.


  1. You have to deal with cleaning issues after every use, for health reasons.
  2. It cost a bit. But we have solution for you if you want to lower the price. Checkout below coupon to save huge. is offering Free Shipping and if you purchase Asa Akira’s Fake Vagina, Butt and Mouth combo then you will save upto 35% off the retail price. You will also get lube for FREE. Moreover, you should check our dedicated Fleshlight discount code page to find some working promotional offers.

Should you buy Asa Akira Fleshlight?

If you decide to go for a toy, then you might as well go for the best. Asa Akira Fleshlight Review is written based on my person experience and by taking consideration of all the other user who used it. This Fake Pussy will get you exactly what you are looking for, if not more. Grab yours and make your sex life as amazing as it should be.

So, What do you think about her? If you have any question about shipping, materials, cleaning process or discount coupons then you can contact us by commenting here. I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

Liberator Wedge Review – Buy Liberator Wedge for Cheap

Liberator wedge is one of the finest products that you need to enhance your sexual life. If you have not been enjoying your sex life, then you should consider adding this important product in your bedroom. More about liberator wedge will be discussed here below to give potential users a glimpse of what to expect.

What is Liberator Wedge?

This is a piece of “sex furniture” that has been designed to make some positions easier to perform. It also helps users to have some type of penetration by changing angles.

liberator wedge reviews for you

It has been made of high density foam wrapped in water proof linen which is covered with cloth cover.

Features and Review of Liberator Wedge

A product can well be defined by its features. The features of the liberator wedge will help us in advancing this review. Here below are some of the features that this product has.

  • Perfect for anal and missionary sex

The wedge is a 27-degree angled pedestal that allows its users to enjoy perfect angles for anal and missionary sex.

  • Better access and lifts

It allows for better access and lifts that makes it possible to have prolonged sex without sore necks.

  • High-density foam

With this ‘sex furniture’ you can have sex from different angles without the fear sinking in bed. The high density foam ensures that the body is well supported to prevent it from sinking. [ Homemade fleshlight ]

  • Soft microfiber cover

The cover of liberator wedge is quite soft and makes it comfortable when it gets into contact with the skin.

  • Offers deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation

The design of this product ensures that there is deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation at a whole new level.

  • Removable cover

It has a removable cover that is actually machine wash. You can therefore wash the cover to make it clean all the time. [ Fleshlight Flight Toy Review ]

Why should you buy Liberator Wedge over others?

There are many reasons why you should choose the liberator wedge over other products in the market. Here below are some of the top reasons why the liberator is seen as the best option.

  • Comfortable: This is the most comfortable device that you can use to enhance your sexual performance. The materials used in its manufacturing makes it quite comfortable.
  • Waterproof: Unlike other products in the market, the Liberator Wedge is waterproof.
  • Unique design: One of the most selling features of the liberator wedge is in its design. It has a unique design that is not only attractive but also functional. Its design allows users to perform different styles of sex. [ Fleshlight Riley Reid Review  ]
  • Versatile: Its versatility is also a selling feature that makes it stand out amongst other products. It can be used anywhere and stored anywhere. It is such an amazing product.
  • Cheap: Compared to other products of the same great quality, the liberator wedge is considered to be a cheap product. Going at only $80, it is the fairly priced brand in the market.

Liberator Wedge Review: Is that for you?

Having reviewed the product’s features and price, it is very clear that there is great value in buying this product. Buying the liberator wedge is a guarantee to improved sex styles for you. Its price is quite cheap that makes it easy for many people to get it.

So, you now have read my Liberator Wedge review and we can say that it is best tool to improve your sexual performance. You both will enjoying using that. If you need any kind of discount coupons then you should check their official site for ongoing offers. Alternatively, you can contact me by placing your comments here. You should also think to purchase fleshlight girl toys for more enjoyment.

How to Make a Fifi that Feel Real – Homemade DIY Fifi

Fifi is one of the latest sex toys for men. As a sex toy, Fifi is loved by many men. This product is mostly liked due to its special feel by the users. It is an effective sex toy that has been helping men in getting their sexual desires met.

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Can you make a Fifi on your Own?

Yes! Of course. You can actually make your own Fifi sex toy at home. The realization that Fifi can be homemade with minimal accessories has made many people to try to explore this option.

how to make your own fifi toy?

It is quite cheap for you to make DIY Fifi sex toy at home. The steps required to make a Fifi will be highlighted. It is important to note that the steps that will be provided here below are quite helpful in making a Fifi sex toy that has a real feel. But before highlighting the steps, we will mention the requirements needed to make diy fleshlight and other toys.

What you need to make Fifi?

The following supplies should be there for you.

  • 1 towel
  • 1 bottle of lube
  • 1 rubber band
  • 1 latex surgical glove

You’ll only need one of these supplies if you are making one Fifi sex toy. Once you get the above mentioned supplies, you should now embark on the process of actually making Fifi.

Check Fleshlight Riley Reid Review

The Process of Making Homemade Fifi

Here below is a step-by-step process of how to make a Fifi that feel real good.

  • The first step is to take your towel and fold it half
  • After folding the towel in half, you should then proceed to place the latex glove at one end of the towel. You should let at least one inch of the glove to hang out of the towel
  • Place the fingers of the glove facing away from the edge of the towel for it to work. As a tip, the best place for the glove would to the far right or left of the towel
  • The next step is to roll the towel sideways. Let it be like a Debbie snack cake. Make it as tight as it can be. Needless to say, the tighter the better
  • After rolling it, you will be left with a rolled towel and a part of the glove hanging out. You should then proceed and take the ends of the latex tube and fold over the towel
  • Pull the latex glove behind while folding
  • Use the rubber band to wrap around the glove that’s folded back
  • You’re done!!

As simple as that, you would have finished the whole process of making your own Fifi sex toy.

How to jelq properly video

Is Homemade Fifi the best?

While the above mentioned process will give you a vagina like product, the feel cannot be compared to the real product. So, homemade Fifi is just good enough to quench your sexual desires but not for maximum pleasure. It is only wise to buy Fifi.

get fifi sex toy review

Why it is better to buy Fifi than making it on your own

Buying Fifi from is far much better than DIY homemade one. Here below are some of the reasons why you should just buy instead of using Do-it-yourself.

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  • The real Fifi comes in a sleek design that you cannot attain making it on your own.
  • When you buy, you will not experience mess-ups when using or washing it.
  • You will also get a Fifi with adjustable tightness when you buy it.
  • Finally, the pleasure that you will get from the purchased one is by far much greater than what you will get when you make it on your own.

How can you lose vaginal fat?

It is therefore very clear that buying Fifi is the best option that you have. If you still want to make your own Fifi then you can also use socks, towel, hand glove, tin, toilet paper roll, plastic bags, balloon and few other handy and affordable home items. You should also check my review for fleshlight girls, if you are interested to purchase it.

Please share your experience and views by commenting here.

Fleshlight Riley Reid Euphoria Review plus Coupon Codes

Riley Reid Utopia or Euphoria sleeve is finally launched by Fleshlight. Read my review with coupons to get Fleshlight at best price.

One of the hottest porn stars right now is Riley Reid. Most men would really like to have a sexual engagement with Riley Reid. But since it is impossible to have Riley the person, Fleshlight has manufactured a replica of Riley Reid’s vagina and ass for you to enjoy sex with.

Buy Riley Reid Fleshlight for Super Cheap

If you purchase Utopia and Euphoria then it will cost you $185.95 (Regular price is $197.90), so you will save more than $12. Plus you will get that at Free Shipping.

Fleshlight of Riley Reid

Review of Riley Reid Euphoria Fleshlight

Riley teamed up with Fleshlight to make an amazing product for men to use as her masturbators (called as Utopia and Euphoria). This product will be reviewed here below covering all its pros and cons. Currently it is one of the hot selling fleshlight girl toy and I will tell why, so please read my complete review of it.

Riley Reid euphoria reviews

Fleshlight Riley Reid Euphoria and Utopia Features

Here below are some of the expected pros and cons of using this male masturbator.

The Pros

  • Exact Replica of Riley Reid’s Pussy and Ass: Fleshlight did an amazing job of replicating the pussy and vagina of Riley Reid. Therefore, you get the exact copy of the porn star’s vagina.
  • Tight: The sex toy is very tight. Penetrating your penis through this sex is very realistic. You feel like you are doing it with a real girl.
  • Long Lasting: This Riley Reid Utopia and Euphoria Fleshlight products are made up of high quality materials that make it to be very long lasting. When you buy this one, you will not have to worry about buying another one any time soon. It will last for long until you get bored, something which cannot happen.
  • Easy to Clean: Same as Fleshlight Quickshot, Cleaning of Riley reid sex toy is quite easy. You will not waste the whole trying to clean up the sex toy. You can confirm with other users of this specific sex toy that it will only take you less than 5 minutes to clean it up.

Purchase Riley Reid Utopia + Euphoria!  (Huge Saving!)

The Cons:

  • A bit expensive: As expected, all the above mentioned features must come at a higher price. The price is said to be a bit expensive though it is a true representation of the value you get. As a matter of fact, the price can be said to be cheap if compared against the many features of the product.
  • Can’t balance on its own :  This male sex toy cannot balance on its own when placed upside down. You have to hold it to keep its balance.

The above mentioned are the general pros and cons of this product. But that’s not all about Fleshlight Riley Reid Review; you also need to know about the texture and what it feels like in there.

Riley Reid's fleshlight review

How does the Texture feel like?

The sex toy has been molded directly from Riley’s ass and vagina to give men an amazing time masturbating. Scientific engineering design has been used to ensure that users get maximum pleasure.

There are varying sizes and textures inside the ass. It uses a series of chambers known as “pleasure pockets”. The chambers, which vary in size and texture, are meant to stimulate all the sensitive areas of your penis. When you get it in and out, be sure that maximum pleasure would have been attained. Frankly, there is no better anal sex Fleshlight than this one.

Since you cannot have Riley Reid everyday in your home, buy Riley Reid’s Utopia and Euphoria to enjoy an amazing experience.

How to use Riley Reid Fleshlight Coupon Codes?

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Final thoughts about Riley Reid’s Fleshlight

Having used this product before, I would say that this is a unique product that you cannot miss a chance of having it in your pocket. Bring Riley Reid’s ass and vagina right into your pockets and enjoy sexual pleasure with her whenever you want by just buying the Fleshlight Riley Reid Euphoria and Utopia.

How to Make a Homemade Fleshlight – Do-It-Yourself Tips

Fleshlight is the leading brand manufacturing quality sex toys and adult toys for men. You can easily quench your thirst for sex using such fake pussy product. Many people prefer using fleshlight toys due to the many unique features. Here below are some of the unique features of it that are very beneficial to users.

Benefits of Fleshlight

  • Real Skin Feeling: They are manufactured using a patented real skin material that ensures its users enjoy a real skin feeling. The real skin feeling is beneficial to those using it since they will enjoy sex thinking that it a real vagina.


  • Tight: Toys for men are very tight. This is a benefit to all the men using this product since they will have an improved sexual satisfaction when using fleshlight.


  • Safe to use: Another benefit that users get for using fake pocket pussy products is that they are safe to use. The materials used to manufacture them are very safe for human use. Therefore, there are no side effects for using any of the fleshlight products.

There is guaranteed sexual satisfaction when using a fleshlight quickshot product. Using it is therefore seen as the best remedy you have to constant sex.

How to make your own DIY Fleshlight at home?

Some people have ways of making their own pocket pussy toys at home. These are what are known as homemade fleshlight. There are several techniques that you can use to make your own masturbator. To be discussed here below are the best ways for that.

The Pringle Pipe

To make this sex toy, you will need to have a sponges, latex glove and Pringles container. After you have the materials mentioned, you should follow the steps below here:

  • Sandwich a glove between two sponges. This should be done in such a way to make the opening of one’s hand is still accessible.
  • Wedge the sponges into an empty Pringles can
  • Stretch the glove’s wrist elastic over the rim to ensure that everything is in its place.

You can turn on your computer and put some porn movies to get stimulated for sex and use the Pringles can as the vagina.


The following steps should be followed to use cucumber at fake vagina.

  • Take the widest cucumber and then cut off one end at a wide point
  • Split the cucumber down the middle
  • Remove the inner flesh carefully so that it fits your penis
  • Use a binding tape to place the two haves back together
  • Create an expansion gap by cutting along one side of the cucumber
  • Use rubber bands to tie the cut section to incorporate elasticity
  • Pour hot water through the cucumber for some minutes
  • You may need to lube it later.
  • Enjoy!!

The above mentioned are the best homemade fake pussy. But still they do not beat the real fleshlight toys.

Why should you go for the real Fleshlight?

While using the homemade fleshlight is a good alternative, there are drawbacks of using them. Some of the cons include:

  • There is no guaranteed satisfaction
  • They are not 100% safe
  • Could cause allergic reactions

It is out of these cons that it is recommended for men to use the real fleshlight girls to avoid the dangers caused by using DIY toys. It feels and look like real one and you will literally enjoy using that. Moreover, it is easy to clean and use too.

All New Leten 708 3RD: An Electric Heating Male Masturbator

The reviews are pretty important when it comes to buy the adult toys. You can’t simply buy anything without reading about it.

Leten 708 3RD

Today, I am going to review, the all new and upgraded male masturbator, Laten 708 3RD. So please hold tight and read my review before you buy your next toy.

The upgraded version of Leten 708 3RD is more powerful and stronger too. The team of Leten 708 3RD spend countless hours of time in creating a design that meet your expectation, so that you can fully enjoy those sensuous moments. It is handheld device that you can bring anywhere. The futuristic design is made in such a way that nobody can judge what do you carry?

Leten 708 3RD is lightweight, and comes with quite stretchy and warm center, so that it comfortably wrapped around when use. The universal skin is the exact replica of vagina. The annular airbag technology makes this device the most popular among the men around the world. This technology easily create warm vaginal environment that is elastic too.

This next generation masturbator comes with controller voice patterns, so that you can hear those passionate sounds and have life long experience every time you use the device. Leten 708 3RD has digital display with temperature range control system. Most importantly,t the device comes with more than 25 modes, making it suitable for users of all the categories. The large digital screen gives all the information you need to know about your device.

Leten 708 3RD is shock-proof, and comes with over heating protection. Need not to worry about your health anymore. You can use the device without any limitation of wiring. The large in-built battery last for long period of time. So no need to plug in your device while in use.

Please take a look at some amazing features of the male masturbator by Leten.

  • 708 3RD New And Upgraded Digital Console
  • Annular Airbag Technology Sucking Squeeze
  • Soft Meat Pleasure
  • Intelligent Heating Circulation Heating System
  • USB Rechargeable option
  • Pronunciation feeling – New scene pronunciation
  • Clip sucking – Sucking sensation increased by 30%

If you want to know more about the Leten 708 3RD, then we suggest to take a look at Here you can find almost all their models with complete information. The eStore provide so many adult toys and accessories at unbeatable price. Honeysx provide free shipping with express delivery option too. Furthermore, you can expect discount on your order when apply the coupon code. Need not to mention, all their orders are delivered discreetly.