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Tori Black Fleshlight Review for Lotus and Forbidden Texture: Tori Black refers to an American actor who specializes in the adult film industry. She was born in the month of August 1988 and she started her career at 18 years of age. Her name came to the light in 2010 when she was named the most attractive performer in the industry by Loaded Magazine. Following that, Tori won many other prizes in various categories. She has performed in more than 400 films, with three of them as a director and continues to perform as a top actor in the adult film industry to date.

Tori Black Fleshlight Reviews

Review of Tori Black Fleshlight

Fleshlight has a line of male masturbators known as Fleshlight girls. Tori Black is among the featured girls. This means that she has a Fleshlight toy that is modeled from her actual vagina. Some of the features of the toy are highlighted below.


The material used for the Fleshlight of Tori Black is similar to that used in all the other toys i.e Katsuni Fleshlight. The outer casing is made of plastic while the sleeve is made of a patented skin-like material known as SuperSkin. The materials are safe and of high quality.


The design makes it look like a flashlight, which comes in handy when you require discretion. The casing has two caps, one that covers the opening of the masturbator and the other at the bottom, which is used to regulate suction. The color of the sleeve is also made similar to the skin tone of Tori Black.

Pros of Tori Black Pocket Pussy


The Tori Black Fake Vagina toy is of very high quality. It uses only the best grades of materials, which make it stand out as among the best male masturbators in the market. High quality also makes it quite durable. With proper maintenance, it can give you a lifetime of service.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining the toy is very easy. You only need to clean it properly after every use for hygienic purposes, and then store it appropriately. The cleaning process is also easy and requires only toy cleaner. If you do not have Fleshlight Go Surge cleaner, you can use warm water and mild soap.


The toy offers discretion in that it is made to look like a flashlight. This means that you do not have to face any embarrassing moments when the wrong eyes fall on it. It also makes it easy to travel with, especially for the trips that you do not take with your partner.

Fleshlight Lotus Texture

The Tori Black lotus fleshlight texture is the one modeled from her pussy. It has a smooth but relatively tight entrance. The canal has 4 chambers, which offer amazing sensations. The diameter gets smaller with each transition to the next chamber, which feels unique during penetration.

Tori Black Forbidden Texture

The forbidden texture is modeled from the anus of Tori. It is considered among the most realistic simulators of anal sex. It has a narrow canal at the opening, which has compact ridges. The ridges lead to a section that contains waves, replicating the real colon. The waves run to the end of the sleeve.

How to Order Fleshlight of Tori Black using Coupon Code?

Tori Black Lotus and Forbidden Fleshlight coupon

You simply need to visit the official Fleshlight website. On the website, you can either search or browse through the products until you find the Tori Black Fleshlight. Place it in the virtual cart along with any other thing that you may need and proceed to checkout. At the payment page, enter the promo code to get up to 30% discount. They often allow stacking coupons with Free shipping offer and combo offers for Fleshlight Fleshpump. Once you confirm the order and make payments, the order will be shipped to the chosen address.

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