Katsuni Fleshlight Review – Lotus Sleeve Coupon

Don’t Buy Katsuni Lotus Fleshlight before you read my review and tips on coupons. Katsuni refers to an Asian actress of the adult niche. She rose to fame due to her stunning beauty and amazing performance in her movies.

The many awards that she has won and her kinky nature made her so popular, making her part of nearly every man’s dream to have her in bed. Well, thanks to Fleshlight, that dream can now be turned to reality. The male sex toy named Katsuni Fleshlight happens to be one of the best and most intense male masturbator that you will ever use.

Katsuni Fleshlight Review

review of katsuni fleshlight

The Katsuni Fleshlight line consists of three toy models. The Lotus is a model from the actual vagina of Katsuni herself. The other two models are the Lotus Garden and the Mini Lotus. You do not have to be a fan of Katsuni to enjoy this toy as the design and texture will take any man to a different world. A majority of its users have actually said that it gives a better sensation than actual sex.


The toy has a texture that is designed to replicate vaginal intercourse in the most realistic way possible. Towards the orifice, you will experience a smooth but tight feeling. It gets a little wider as you go deeper into the chamber, with a few complexities added to give the maximum sensations. [Check fleshpump review]

Pros of the Katsuni Fleshlight

High quality

Just as with all other Fleshlight toys, the Katsuni model is of very high quality. The patented SuperSkin material, which has similar properties to real skin, is used for the sleeve. The out shell is made of top quality plastic that is free from any harmful chemicals or compounds.

Amazing sensations

The Katsuni pocket pussy comes with a Lotus texture, which gives amazing sensations. It is said to be among the most realistic textures by Fleshlight, when compared to a real vagina. This means that you can use it to train yourself on control, allowing you to become the master in your bedroom. You can try it with Fleshlight launch for automatic stroke.


With the Katsuni Lotus sleeve, you can be sure of pleasurable solo moments for years to come. This is because the toy can be used as many times as you may wish, without failing. The only condition is that you do proper maintenance. Maintenance includes proper cleaning and storage.


You get the option of choosing the Katsuni Fleshlight that you desire. There are three options available to satisfy the desires of all her fans. The options include Lotus, Mini Lotus, and the Lotus Garden.


The only main con that can be associated with the Katsuni Fleshlight is that it is a bit more expensive compared to other brands. However, the high quality and top performance makes it a worthwhile investment. Please don’t buy fleshlight from eBay, amazon and other site to avoid counterfeit product.

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How to Order Lotus Fleshlight of Katsuni?

The process of placing an order for your toy is quite simple. You simply need to visit the official website of Fleshlight and browse through the products to find the Katsuni toy of your choice. Alternatively, you can use the search function to get it faster. Place it in the virtual shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Confirm the order and make the payments for whatever you want to purchase. The toy shall be delivered to the address that you give in a couple of days, depending on the geographical location.

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