Best Homemade Water Based Lube – Household Lube for Sex

Should you use Do-it-yourself homemade water-based lubricant for sex or masturbation? Here is my in-depth guideline for that. Lubrication is an essential component of any sexual activity. This is more of the case when adult toys are involved. Without proper lubrication, you run the risk of injury due to friction. When using a condom as a means of protection, lack of lubrication can cause the condom to break, leaving you exposed.

Best rated Homemade Water Based Lube

It is possible to make your own lubricant at home. A combination of common household components is all you need. Most toys work well only with water-based lubricants, so it would be more advisable to make the water based if you are considering formulating the lube on your own. There are some products that can even work as lube on their own. Examples include olive oil, almond oil, flax seed oil, vitamin E oil, pure aloe Vera gel, and distilled water. Apart from that we can also use glycerine and other items that can reduce the pain during intercourse or masturbation.

best diy homemade lube

homemade lube cannot be stored. It is not safe at all. You have to make it every time you want it. Worst thing is that when you are in mood of pleasure and you don’t have any lube then spending time to making it will effect your mood.

Is it Safe to use household lube for sex?

Using household lube for sex is not quite safe. There are many risks involved. Some may cause allergic reactions to different individuals. Given the sensitive nature of the private parts, it would be wise to avoid such scenarios. The homemade lubes might also not be very pure. Impurities mean that the lube has not met the required health standards and it might potentially cause problems and other complications.

When used with adult toys, the homemade water based lube might also not be in accordance to the specifications of the toy manufacturer. It can potentially damage the toy.

Why should you go for Fleshlube?

Fleshlube is a water-based lube that is specially formulated to work with all the Fleshlight toys including custom. It uses a super-slippery formula to ensure that you get the best possible experience using it. Its softening and hypoallergenic nature makes the level of pleasure and stimulation better than you can possibly imagine. It is suitable for individuals who have sensitive skin as it has been tested and retested dermatologically to prove that it will not have any negative reactions.

The ingredients used for Fleshlube are deionized water, glycerin, methylpropanediol, hydroxythylcellulose, flower extract, Lonicera Japonica, methyl isothiazolinione, and tea. Some of the reasons as to why you should opt for Fleshlight lube include;


The lubricant is guaranteed to be safe. It has been clinically tested to ascertain that it will not cause any harmful reactions to you or your partner. The ingredients used are all natural as well. When using a condom, the lube will keep the condom safe to ensure that you are having safe sex. It can be used for fleshlight or tenga or any other masturbator as well.

Suitable for toys

The lube is specially designed to be used with Fleshlight dorcel girl toys and many other brands as well. You can be sure that your toys will last for a long time, as the lube does not degrade them in any way. The Cyberskin material is kept soft at all times by the lube, meaning that you get more pleasure. You should check top fleshlight lube before making your decision.

Cost effective

The price of the lube is very reasonable, especially when you consider the many benefits that it offers. You will be saving a lot more in the long run as compared to when using homemade lubricants.

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