Sex Toys Cleaning & Storage Guide

Now young people at home are more or less stored in so many sex toys, some even hide a drawer, whether it is a single person to play or between couples, are to add interest to life a lot. Although the use of time is very cool, you have learned how to clean and store sex toys? If you do not pay attention to the cleaning and storage problems, not only will shorten the life of the toy, and may even cause physical discomfort, inflammation, and so on. Today Honeysx will talk to you about the cleaning and storage of sex toys.

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  1. Timely cleaning after use

No matter what toys, where to use, after each use should be timely cleaning, so that not only can timely rinse off the toys on the adhering body fluids, to avoid breeding bacteria, as far as possible to ensure the safety of the next use, but also to extend the life of the sex toys.

  1. Always wash before use

Even if you clean it after the last time you used it, but the place where you keep the toy is mostly dust, bacteria, etc., so it is necessary to rinse it again before use.

  1. Choose the right cleaner

For cleaning sex toys, the most common cleaner is mild unscented soap, supermarkets are easy to buy. But if you have more toys or virgins, then it is recommended to use a special cleaning and disinfection solution, the safest and most effective for toys.

  1. Battery toys should not be completely submerged in water

If you use the toy is the kind of battery to put, then most of the gap, if completely submerged in water, the water may follow the gap into the battery compartment, rusting, resulting in poor contact. This toy in general, cleaning time to be very careful, for the gap, only use a damp cloth to wipe. By the way, most of this toy power consumption is still quite fast, it is recommended to use rechargeable batteries (the purchase of the strategy poke here), which can save a lot of it.

  1. The correct use of lubricant

The “human lubricant shopping guide” has detailed common lubricants that are divided into water-based, silicon-based because of the principle of similar compatibility. Silicone toys will be silicone-based lubricant corrosion, the formation of small pits invisible to the naked eye on the surface, easy to accumulate bacteria.

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  1. With condom use

Although there are millions of sex toys, when it comes to materials, can be divided into two main types: porous materials, non-porous materials. Non-porous material refers to the kind of surface that cannot penetrate the bacteria material, common non-porous materials are glass, silicone, stainless steel. Porous materials are hard plastic, artificial skin, synthetic rubber, nylon, and so on this kind of material, easy to adsorb bacteria. Generally, in the toy box, the instructions are introduced. For the porous material toys, even after cleaning is difficult to do completely sterile, as far as possible with the condom use. (Recommended reading: Condoms – size, material, time delay, female condom super detailed explanation)

  1. Put in the storage bag

Almost all sex toys in the market are equipped with storage bags, each time you use them, after cleaning, do not randomly put them in the drawer , must be put into the bag, and then hidden, as far as possible to isolate the dust, bacteria.

  1. For Long-term idle toys, remember to remove the battery

We all have a long-term non-use of things, battery compartment leakage corrosion. sex toys experience it too, If not used for a long time. Be sure to take out the batteries.

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