Homemade Jelqing Device – Before After Results

Learn easy ways to make Jelq device at your home. Step by step process for building homemade DIY Jelqing machine.

A larger penis always makes sex better for both men and women. Given the fact that men are bestowed with the responsibility of making sex better, using a male enlargement device such as Jelqing device is the surest way of increasing the penis size and ultimately having an awesome sex experience.

homemade diy jelqing device

The Jelqing device provides for exercises that stimulate the Jelqing method of male enhancement. With a wonderful success rate, most men would do anything to get this device. It is for this reason that we will look into the process of making this awesome device at home.

How to make Jelqing Device at your home?

Given the importance of this device, it is only good that we help men by highlighting the process of making this device at home. [ best realistic dildo ]

Things needed

Just like any homemade device, there are a few things that you must have to make the Jelqing device at home. Here below is a list of the needed materials:

  1. Mirro jar lifter
  2. A piece of foam tubing (it should be about half inch inner diameter)
  • A roll of duct tape
  1. A ruler and knife or scissors (to measure and cut foam tubing).

The above mentioned are the materials needed for you to make a homemade Jelqing device.

The process

Once you have the mentioned materials at hand, you should then engage in the following easy steps:

  • Pull off the plastic rolling piece from the tongs
  • Measure the foam tubing using the ruler and cut it accordingly with a knife or scissor
  • Take the duct tape and wrap the plastic roller from the tongs. Since the width of the plastic doesn’t match up with inner diameter of foam tubing, you can use anything to wrap it
  • Push the wrapped plastic pieces into the form tubing
  • The next and final process is to pop the plastic tube onto the tongs.

As simple as that, you would have made an alien avatar fleshlight for your convenient use.

Is making the homemade Jelqing device your best option?

Usage of machine is same as the use of fleshlight. While there is a possibility of actually enlarging your penis with a homemade Jelqing device, there are many reasons for not making cock ring at home on your own. It is therefore, not the best option for you. Find out here below why it is not your best option.

Why you should avoid making Jelqing device at home

Here below are some of the main reasons why you should avoid making the Jelqing machine or nicole aniston’s fleshlight at home.

  • Can cause injury

If you do not make the device in a proper manner, it could cause injury or long term damage to your penis. This is a risk that you wouldn’t like to test with your penis.

  • Variation in results

The results might not be the standard expected from a Jelqing device. This means that there is no guarantee of such device working to help you increase your penis size.

  • Time consuming

It is actually time consuming for you to make this device at home.

It is therefore very clear that it is beneficial to buy the Jelqing device than going out of your way to make it on your own.

Quick Review of the Jelqing Device

Users of the JELQ device have only posted positive reviews of this product. Some of the benefits highlighted by users include the following:

  • Increased penis size
  • More libido
  • Improved sexual stamina
  • Improved confidence
  • Harder erections

From all these benefits, it is very clear that the JELQ device is the best product to enhance your sexual experience.

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