Rabbit Vibrator Review and Price

Rabbit vibrator is sex toy made in the shape of a phallus. As it name suggests, it is a vibrating sex toy. It therefore gives its user the vibration feeling when in action. It also has a clitoral stimulator that has been attached to the shaft. Use of sex toy along with vibrating pussy is ideal for ladies who want to improve their sexual satisfaction to higher levels. It has been used over the years with different people and has done wonders to the users. Although it is a as good as Ben Wa Balls toy, it still has its drawbacks that users should be made aware of. For this reason, a complete review of this sex toy will be done here below.

Review: What does Rabbit Vibrator Do?

This is a sex toy that is meant to satisfy sexual needs of ladies by offering an alternate to the real penis. It vibrates better than how a real penis would have. The only setback is that it is not as natural as the real Circumcised penis.

In discussing its features, the benefits of using this specific sex toy will be highlighted.

  • Big Size: The size of this vibrator is big enough to satisfy the needs of all kinds of ladies. It is 7” long and 1.5” wide, so best for women masturbating. No ordinary penis can reach this size.
  • Rotating Shaft: It has a rotating shaft to ensure that there is optimal satisfaction. When the shaft rotates, all sexual points are hit by the toy.
  • Independent Control: The sex toy does not come with fixed speed. You have the power to control the power to control the speeds to your desired limits.

In addition to giving you the access to its controls, the vibrator also has dual speed to ensure that all the required speeds are met.

  • Textured Shaft: The shaft of this strap sex toy has been textured to add stimulation during its use.
  • Waterproof: This one is waterproof and thus can be used in extreme conditions. Water cannot penetrate inside this sex toy.
  • Perfect for Beginners: This product has been specially designed to cater for beginners who want to have an experience with sex toys.

What is the Price of Rabbit Vibrator?

There are different prices of this product depending on the different types and where you are purchasing it from. The rotating waterproof rabbit vibrator goes for around $24 in an online shop. This is the price of a new one. You can also buy a used one at Amazon for a low price of $9.9. These prices are subject to changes.

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How to Use Rabbit Vibrator?

  • Know your Vibrator. This is done by reading the simple instructions before opening it. If there is need to charge it then you should charge it first.
  • Run it in Your Body while off. You should familiarize yourself with the tool when it’s off.
  • Turn it on. You can then turn it on to start using it for sexual pleasure.
  • Start from the outside. Start using the vibrator in other parts of the body before getting it to the main sexual organ. After you are done with the other parts of the body is when you can insert it into the sexual organ.
  • Insert is inch by inch. You should insert it inch by inch for maximum sexual pleasure.
  • Adjust the speed. Once you are in, you should play with the speeds, adjusting it to your desired level.

You can go as deep as you want with this vibrator so long as you are comfortable and there is no bodily harm.

Final Word:

As it has been observed in the review above, this sex toy has no harm to the user. Its relatively lower price makes it a good product to purchase. I therefore see no harm in trying out this sex toy as a sexual booster. With no stated side effects, it can be said to be a good sexual partner.

Healthy Vibes Vibrant Bright Review

Review: Healthy Vibes Company is a one of the best companies providing a dynamic way of caring for one’s body. The company has a variety of products that are all aimed at improving one’s health. In their array of products, the Vibrant Bright has been on the spotlight in the recent past. This follows a series of positive reviews on this product. In a bid to review this beauty product, we will closely scrutinize the product to help consumers understand it better.

Reviews of Healthy Vibes Vibrant Bright

This is a beauty product that helps to lighten skin. This is the simplest definition that one can get of this product. It has been manufactured by Healthy Vibes Fitness Company. It is a cream product that a user applies on the body to lighten the skin.

What are the Ingredients of this Product?

It has a number of ingredients that have been mixed to the right proportion to make it as effective as it is. Some of the key ingredients include; Evening Primrose, Aloe Vera, Purified Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter and Ginseng Root Extract. These are just a few of the ingredients that have been used in the making of this product. They have all been scientifically proven to have the ability of lightening skin in a natural manner.

People love this product for its effectiveness in lightening skin. Not only does it lightens one’s skin but also ensures that the skin is protected. Have a look at the various benefits of using this product.

Benefits of Using Healthy Vibrant Bright

  • Lighten Unwanted Birthmarks: The product has been designed to lighten skin blemishes and correct any excess pigmentation.
  • Remove Acne and dark Spots: It also removes acne and the dark spots in your body. This is one of the major reasons why people have been using this product since its release. It does this function with 100% effectiveness that very few products can achieve.
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin: This is a safe product that can be used even on sensitive skin areas such as face, anus genitals, scrotum, nipples and arm pits. You therefore do not have to worry about it being unsafe for such sensitive areas of the body.
  • Softens and Conditions Skin: Not only does the product lightens the skin but also softens and conditions it too. This is an added advantage for using this amazing product.
  • Has Natural Ingredients: The product has been made with only natural ingredients thus making it a safe to use product. The list of ingredients is filled with already tested ingredients that have been used over time.

As mentioned above, the product is safe to be used in all the parts of the body. You can decide to use it on the face, anus, scrotum, or even in the genitals. The main result is just to make the specific part of the skin lighter.

Steps to Apply Vibrant Bright Vibes

Just like any other cream, you will be required to thoroughly wash your skin before applying it. Once the skin is clean and dry, apply the cream on the specific part of the skin and smoothly rub it against the skin using your clean hands.

For best results, the company recommends that you use it two times daily. It could be easier to use it in the morning and evening. The results should be seen after two weeks if you properly follow the usage instructions.

This amazing product can be purchased online at a price of $12.5. This is the discounted price that you get when purchasing it from Amazon.

Final Verdict:

Given the many benefits that a user gets from using this product and the fair price that it has, Healthy Vibes Vibrant Bright is therefore a recommended skin lightening product.

How to Wax your Vagina – Brazilian Wax Video

Vagina is one of the most sensitive areas in a woman’s body. It is the responsibility of a woman to ensure the cleanliness of the vagina area. Pubic hair has to be cut down to ensure that total hygiene is achieved. Waxing is one of the most efficient ways of keeping your pubic hair down. So why is it important to use wax as a way of epilating pubic hair? Waxing removes all the hair in the area around the vag. It keeps the area totally clean.

This act traces its origin in the ancient Egypt and Greece where prostitutes performed it. Waxing was meant to serve two main purposes i.e. maintaining personal hygiene and as a sign of the profession the women were in. If you have clean private area then it will attract your partner to kiss vagina without any sit in mind. From around 1915 to 1945, body waxing became a society norm. However, due to the misconception that associated it with prostitution, it did not gain much popularity until in the 1980s when women fully accepted it as a way of maintaining hygiene around the vagina.

Brazilian Waxing

It is considered by most women to be the effective way of removing and waxing pubic hair. Though there are other methods of waxing, Brazilian waxing is considered to be the best since it lasts for longer periods. After waxing, a woman can enjoy up to 4 weeks of smooth, sexy and clear skin. There are many benefits of using this method as a way of waxing your pubic hair.

Advantages of Brazilian Waxing your Vag

  • Cheap: If you wax your vagina at home, this method will be very cheap compared to other waxing methods. You therefore save a lot of money that you would have used employing other methods by waxing yourself at home.
  • Last Longer: Unlike other methods, this one lasts for longer periods. You can enjoy smooth and sexy skin for weeks. Women can therefore wear their sexy bikinis without the fear of being considered unhygienic due to presence of pubic hair.
  • Fast: If you have experience, the process can be performed in a very short time. It saves on precious time that could be used to do other things.
  • Easy to use: You can wax yourself at home using this method. You do not need to pay a professional to help you in waxing. Though for the first time, you must be guided on how to wax yourself.
  • Safe: Rarely have cases of women facing irritation after using the Brazilian wax been reported. If you wax well, there is no associated risk accompanied by the act.

These are some of the reasons why the Brazilian waxing is considered to be the best way to wax your pocket pussy. Other methods, including the traditional methods have not been ascertained to be as effective as this method.

Steps for Waxing Vagina Using Brazilian Waxes with Video

Here are the steps that you should follow after buying the Brazilian wax.

  • Heat the Wax: You can use a wax warmer or a microwave to heat the wax
  • Cut your hair to the Right Size: you should ensure that you hair is in the right size for the wax to effectively function. The appropriate length is ¼ inch
  • Pre Clean: You should pre clean your vagina in readiness to the act
  • Smear the Wax on your Hair: You should then pour the wax on the hair of your vagina
  • Rip: This is the painful part. You should pull of the section in the opposite direction of hair growth. It might be a bit painful but that’s the price of beauty
  • Repeat the process: you should repeat the last two processes i.e. smearing the wax on your hair and ripping off. This can be done several times for effective removal of pubic hair
  • Remove Wax Residue: Once you are done, you should remove the wax residue that might be stuck around the vag.

Once you follow above step, you will be ready to insert Ben Wa ball inside your pussy. As easy as that, you can actually live a happy life without the fear of men discriminating you for being with hair in the vagina.

Jenna Vibrating UR3 Pussy and Ass Review

Sexual drive is one of the most uncontrollable desires that a men face. It goes without saying that a man cannot go for days without having sex. This desire has seen different innovations made. Different products have been manufactured in a bid to cater for this unavoidable act. One of the products that have been made in the recent past is Jenna Vibrating UR3 Pussy and Ass.

It is an exact replica of Jenna’s pocket pussy and anus. It gives men pleasure that they would have gotten from a girl. A man is expected to perform the normal sexual act with the pussy that has been replicated from Jenna and Ben Wa Balls.

Review and Benefit of Jenna Vibrating UR3 Pussy and Ass

There are many benefits of using this amazing product. Some of the benefits are highlighted below here;

  • Sexual Satisfaction: By using this product, you get sexual satisfaction that any other person gets from engaging in a sexual act with a lady. The product is as real as the real pussy.
  • Cheap: The price of buying this product is by far much cheaper than what you would have spent to get sexual satisfaction of that kind. Given the fact that it is a onetime purchase, you save so much that you would have used in entertaining ladies just to get sexual favors.
  • Risk Free: This product does not carry any risk to the user. You will not experience any side effects or be infected by sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis or HIV that you would risk of contracting by involving with a normal girl.
  • Lasts for Long: This product is long lasting and the user gets the benefit of having it for long time.

There are numerous benefits that one gets for using this product. It’s only by using it that one can actually experience the benefits.

What is the price of Jenna UR3 Pussy and Ass?

The price of this product with condom varies from different online shops from where you purchase it. A good Jenna vibrating adult toy has its price starting from as low as $165. This is an approximated figure and it may vary depending on the specific shop. It is sold for the price of $178 at Amazon. The good thing is that you will get discreet delivery of this product when you purchase it online.

Unique Features of Jenna Vibrating Ass and Pussy

  • Made of UR3: It uses Ultra Realistic 3.0 which is makes the product to have the skin feeling. Therefore, you will feel like you are in contact with human skin.
  • Multi Speed
  • Multi-Vibration
  • Phthalate free
  • Has Jenna’s favorite lube and powder

How to Use and clean this product

It is important to follow the simple instructions that have been issued. The general instruction requires you to insert a multi-speed vibe bullet in the back and select your required speed as you enjoy the act. [Procomil Spray and Review]

After usage, it is important to clean it with mild soap and warm water. After the soft wash, you should let it dry in a cool and dry place.

How to Kiss Vagina to Satisfy a Girl

There are different ways of ensuring that a couple is fully satisfied when engaging in a sexual intercourse. As a norm, men are expected to satisfy the sexual needs of their female partners. For this reason, a man would do anything to get his sexual partner satisfied.

One of the ways of keeping her satisfied is by kissing her vagina. Yes, this is sexual act that has been very effective in keeping the ladies satisfied in all their all important sexual needs. So, how do you go about it? This question forms the basis of discussion here below where the tricks and tips of kissing vag to satisfy a girl will be mentioned.

Beginners Guide to kiss Vagina to satisfy her

As a beginner getting down on it, the following tricks and tips should be followed in order to get your girl fully satisfied in the act of sucking vagina.

  • Start Slow: As a tip, you should start the whole process of kissing the pussy slowly. This invites the sexual mood and gets her to be calm. Do not start with a bang for it will kill the mood.
  • Do Not Start with the Clit: This is considered to be the number one rule for vagina kissing. Going directly to the clit shows immaturity on your part and therefore it should be avoided at all costs. Explore the areas around the clit before getting to it. You should use Ben Wall Balls to build her mood.
  • Let the Tension Build: Brain is the biggest sex organ that both male and females have. Without building the tension in the brain, there will be no sexual satisfaction. In order to build tension, you can start off with other sensitive body parts such as breasts, the neck and ears. Kiss these areas gently to build tension before proceeding to the vagina.
  • Lick the Clit Indirectly: This is the most sensitive part in the vagina kissing act. The clit is considered to be like the tip of a man’s penis. By playing your game nice and licking the clit gently, you will have satisfied the girl.
  • Show your Excitement: Whether or not you are excited about licking the clit, you should your undisputed excitement when doing it. This will make the lady get emotionally connected with you and of course that works to give you an upper hand in satisfying her. But this excitement should be controllable. You should be relaxed also so that you keep watch of what you are doing to avoid messing her up. Ladies are fragile and a simple act may get her off tune.
  • Establish a Rhythm: You should establish a rhythm that is favorable to both you and your partner. Once you have established a fine rhythm, you should stick to it to not to deviate from it. Girls do not like it when you change the rhythm that they enjoy.
  • Multitask: While getting the work done in her vagina, you should also get time to touch her other body parts to increase the sexual sensation.

The above mentioned are some of the beginner tips that will get you started in this fine sexual act. If you completely new and don’t want to make any mistake then I would suggest you to apply this tricks on fake pussy and once you feel better go and apply it on your partner.

How old do you have to be to Buy Condom

The rampant spread of HIV/Aids in the world has led to most countries advocating for the buying of condoms. Condoms have nowadays become very popular in the world. Though the bid to popularize condoms faced opposition in its initial stages, it is now being championed by many nations. However, there is still preservation as to who is allowed to buy a condom. I mean, what is the right age for a person to comfortably to use condoms?

Uncircumcised Penis vs. Circumcised Dick

Well, this question together with all its supporting and opposing claims form the basis of discussion here below.

What is the Appropriate Age to Buy Condoms?

There is no law that dictates the age in which a person should be when buying condoms. It has all been left on morality to guide people. However, different regions have a different ways of viewing the act of buying condoms that may restrict people of certain ages from buying condoms.

View of the Appropriate Age of purchasing Condoms by Regions

America: The United States of America holds a liberal view when it comes to the appropriate age of buying condoms. Teenagers are freely allowed to buy condoms. By stating that teenagers are allowed to use condoms, children below the age of 13 have been locked out of the moral bracket of having sex. They should not even masturbate. This view is also held by many European countries.

Asia: Most Asian countries also uphold the American view of allowing teenagers to buy condoms. However, in a country such as Singapore, an independent law my restrict teenagers from buying condoms. It is illegal in Singapore for people under the age of 18 to have sex either by consent or not. Therefore, technically condoms are for sale for persons above the age of 18.

Africa: Africa is still relying on their traditions when it comes to sexual matters. Therefore, children are not allowed to buy condoms in most stores in upcountry. Only in urban areas is where teenagers can buy condoms. But even while doing so, the condom issue cannot be discussed in public due to the old traditions of avoiding sexual matters in public where minors are present.

The above regions are just the samples that are needed to show that there is no age restriction on buying condoms. Morality plays a big role in determining who should buy a condom. But generally, children are being discouraged from buying condoms since it will be a sign of promoting fornication. It is out of this view that the Catholic Church has stood up to fight condoms, not just for children but the entire population.

Reasons Why It is Not Safe for Children to Buy Condoms

While there are many benefits that people get from using condoms, children should be advised not to buy condoms for the following reasons:

  • Promotes Fornication

By publicly allowing children to buy sex, it implies that they are allowed to have sex as they wish. It is not proper to encourage fornication among children by allowing them to buy condoms.

  • May Cause damage

Children are not experienced in sexual matters and hence if allowed to buy condoms, they may put their partners in danger. Improper use of condoms may harm a child. Furthermore, condoms contain some chemicals that are harmful. Children like exploration and they may be tempted to taste the fluids in condoms, which are very dangerous.

It is therefore important to let condoms be sold only to adults and children be advised to abstain from sexual activities.

How to Use Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls is one of the most talked of products in the world as of now. So, what exactly is it? Well, these are balls that are inserted in the vagina with an aim of enhancing sexual pleasure. They have been women’s greatest companion in sexual matters over the years. If the product is new to you, we will highlight all the basics that you need to know about it inclusive of how to use it for maximum pleasure. But before we highlight on how to use it, it is important to know how the product works. In doing so, we will look into its technological aspect to guide us better.

How Do Ben Wa Balls Work?

Traditionally, we had Ben Wa Balls made of two balls; one of which was empty and the other full of either mercury or heavy metal ball. But gone are those days, for now they are more advanced fitted with small weighted metals coated with silicone.

When the ball is inserted in the vagina, it causes subtle vibrations. The product is safe to use for many gynecologists are recommending it for improved sexual satisfaction. They not only cause vibration but also work to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and also improve the elasticity of the vagina. They are basically used to achieve the same aim as kegel exercises aim to achieve. Regular use of BenWa will make the user feel the results faster. [ Large Hollow Strap ]

The question that many people have been asking concerning this product is how to use it. Well, this question forms the basis of discussion here below where a step-by-step process will be discussed.

Inserting Ben Wa Balls

Wearing BenWaBalls is quite an easy thing. There are usually no technicalities involved in it. All that a person needs to do is to follow the outlined process. The step-by-step process is highlighted below here:

  • Apply Silicon Lubrication on the Balls: Before thinking of inserting the balls in the vagina, you should use olive oil lube to make them glide in. this will make the insertion quite easy and less painful.
  • Lay Down: If you are using it for the first time, it is important that you lay down to get a relaxed position.
  • While you are at a relaxed position, gently insert the balls in the vagina.
  • You should then hold the balls inside the vagina. Tensing your leg muscles is the way to hold them. While doing so, you should also perform kegel exercises to keep the balls held in the pocket vagina.
  • Once you have ensured that they are in, you can now go on with your normal activities depending on your ability.

There are women with experience who do not need to lie down to insert the balls. But the experience comes with time.

How to Care for Ban Wa Balls

Given the function they perform, it is important to take good care of the balls. Before using them, it is advised that you wash them thoroughly with warm soapy water. You should also wash them after every use. This is in a bid to ensure that the required standards of cleanliness are met.

If you have a ball with a silicone string, it is important to dissemble it and wash the areas of connection.

If you keep all the above stated instructions in your mind then you are ready to use the awesome Ben Wa Balls for extreme sexual satisfaction.

How to Use Procomil Spray and Review

Premature ejaculation is a common problem that men face when engaging in sexual intercourse. There are many reasons why men find themselves in this compromising situation. But regardless of the reasons, there is a solution to this problem. Earlier we reviewed Stud100 and now it’s time for new kind of spray which is considered to be the best remedy for premature ejaculation.

What is Procomil Spray?

It is a spray that is applied on the head of penis with an intention of delaying ejaculation. It is a special product that has been designed for men who have problem with ejaculation and even those who simply want to increase their time during sexual intercourse. This product is mostly sold online through various retail shops.

What is the Main Ingredient of Procomil Spray?

Procomil uses lidocaine as its main ingredient. This ingredient is known for its ability to delay ejaculation by preventing electric currents from being passed to the brain and thus help men in getting prolonged bed time. There are also some leaf extracts that are included as part of the ingredients to make the product more effective in its intended purpose.

How to properly use Procomil Spray?

Using this spray does not require specialized skills by its users. All is needed is for the person to understand the easy instructions given by the manufacturer. After opening the package, you should follow the instructions below here:

  • Spray procomil at least thrice directly on the head and at the shaft of the penis
  • Wait for about 5-15 minutes to let the spray absorb before getting intimate
  • Enjoy your improved sexual experience.

For effectiveness of this spray, you can opt to wear a condom. You should wear a condom immediately after you have sprayed it on your penis. This will go a long way in making the product effective.

Benefits of Using Procomil Spray

So why should you use procomil over other sprays in getting your sexual experience boosted? Well, the many benefits of this spray are what have been selling its name for the time it has been in the market. Here below are some of the advantages.

  • It is an easy to use product. There are no complicated usage instructions. The above mentioned simple steps are all that a person needs to know of.
  • Works faster: The effects of using this product are felt shortly after using it. It has the powerful ingredient – lidocaine – that works to numb your penis to ensure that you last longer in bed. This is unlike other similar products which take longer periods of time to work.
  • Unbeatable Price: It has a fair price compared to other products that work in similar manner. The price ranges from $12-$18 thus making it pocket friendly.

Caution that Should be Taken when Using Procomil Spray

  • This product should not be used when engaging with a pregnant woman
  • Avoid this product if your partner is allergic to lidocaine
  • Not for oral sex and Masturbation.
  • Do not spray it on inflamed skin or for hollow strap.

Generally, this product is amazing compared to the ones that are available in the market. Therefore, men seeking to improve their sexual experience are encouraged to use this product for it has proven to work.

How to use Stud 100 Spray for Men and Review

Most men have a problem when it comes to controlling premature ejaculation. Controlling premature ejaculation naturally has proven to be hard. How about getting a spray that will solve this problem? The stud 100 spray for men can help to prolong their ejaculation. This spray is undoubtedly men’s best companion in making love for longer with much pleasure and it even works while masturbating. In order for potential users to fully understand this product, a complete review of the product will be done here below detailing all that needs to be known about this wonderful product.

Review the main Ingredient of Stud 100 Spray

Earlier we reviewed Hollow strap and now it’s time for one more male sexual product. The main ingredient of this product is known as lidocaine. This is an amazing ingredient that helps a man to prolong his hours in making love. It temporarily reduces penis sensitivity to avoid premature ejaculation. This ingredient works fast to reduce premature ejaculation.

How to Use Male Stud 100 Spray

It has an easy instructional for usage. There is no technical ability needed for a person to start using this product. Here below is a step-by-step guideline on how to use this amazing product.

  • The first step is to open the package and remove the cap
  • Spray stud 100 on the head and shaft of your penis. You should spray at least 3 times and a maximum of 8 times. The more sprays you have the lesser the sensitivity of your penis
  • Give it about 10 minutes to absorb before having sex
  • Go ahead and engage in a sexual intercourse after absorption.

stud 100 spray side effect and review

Using condom immediately after spray is recommended if you want to the spray to be more effective. However, the use of condom is at user’s discretion and not part of the instruction of usage on the package. Please don’t combine any lubricant like Gun Oil or anything else.

Benefits of Using Stud100 Spray for Men

There are many benefits that a man and his partner will get from this product. These benefits are what make this product to stand out as a better option in the market among other similar products. Here below are some of the benefits.

  • Easy to Use: This product is not as hard to use as other products. It has a simple user’s guideline.
  • Absorbs Easily: The spray absorbs easily to the penis. It only takes from 5-15 minutes for it to be fully absorbed by the penis.
  • Reduces Sensitivity: The product works well to reduce the sensitivity on the penis and hence increase the bed time.
  • Doesn’t require prescription: You do not need to have a prescription written by a doctor to use this product.
  • Safe and effective: Stud 100 has been clinically tested and found to be effective and safe for human use.
  • Sold over 25 million units: They say figures don’t lie. Over 25 million units of stud 100 have been sold worldwide. This makes it many people’s choice.
  • Unbeatable Price: It has a fair price that is affordable to many people. The price ranges from $9 and above.

Caution to be taken and Side Effects

  • You should not use this product if your partner is allergic to lidocaine
  • Avoid this product if the place of application is inflamed or has broken skin
  • Also avoid it when your partner is or might be pregnant.
  • Do not use it with Sasha Grey Vagina or any other Pocket Pussies.

If you follow the given instructions on usage and take the cautions right, you will have a wonderful experience with this amazing product.

Uncircumcised Penis vs. Circumcised Dick

For one reason or the other, a man may be circumcised or they have uncircumsized penis. The decision to get circumcised cock or not is personal to every individual male adults. However, in as much as it is an individual affair, there things that a person should take note of before deciding on this matter. There is a great difference between an uncircumcised penis (uncut) and a circumcised dick (cut). The differences will be discussed below here in a bid to determine which is better than the other. Also in discussion will be the girls’ view.

The differences between Uncircumcised Penis and Circumcised Dick

In looking at the difference between the two, we will highlight four areas of concern that will help in identifying visible differences.

  1. How it looks: The first way of differentiating the two is in their appearance. The uncut penis has a bunch of skin down the shaft after penetration. Inside it is more like a cut dick just for the bunch of skin which lies down at the shaft. On the other hand, a dick resembles a helmet that is beautiful to behold. The veins are visible and calls for sexual engagement.
  1. Health Implications: There have been different scientific researches done to determine the health implications of cut dick and uncut penis. A recent research indicated that the cut penis can reduce the chances of getting the HIV virus by 60%. This is a huge figure that shows the health benefits of undergoing circumcision. The uncircumcised penis allows for bacteria to settle in the fore skin and hence can transmit viruses.
  1. How it feels for a Man: Well, there has been a research that showed that there is a difference in how a man feels when having sex. This research showed that uncut men are more likely to enjoy sex than the cut men. This feeling can only be differentiated by scientist. A normal person cannot detect the difference in any way. After all, majority of men are circumcised during their childhood before knowing anything about sexual pleasure and hence they will not be able to detect any difference.
  1. How it feels for a Woman: Since sexual engagement is usually more of satisfying the females, it is therefore important to highlight how they feel when having sex with either a circumcised or uncircumcised man. The uncut foreskin has a lubricant that stimulates friction that some ladies like. But generally, women are psychologically turned on by a cut dick.

These are some of the differences that have been observed.

How are Ladies Think about Circumcision and uncircumsized?

Ladies have particularly been attracted to circumcised men in bed. However, there are a number of ladies who have had sex with both the uncut and cut and recommend the uncut on an day. Both need lube spray for better execution. It therefore boils down to a specific man and how he performs the sexual act and not whether he is cut or uncut.

The Special Care for Uncircumsized Penis

The uncircumcised penis should be given special care. The following steps should be followed:

  • Pull the foreskin back gently
  • Should not use any hollow strap, otherwise it may harm your dick.
  • Use mild soap and water to clean beneath the foreskin
  • Thoroughly rinse and dry the foreskin
  • Pull the foreskin back.
  • Keep away using sasha pocket pussy.

The responsibility of having an uncut penis demands that you take care of it to avoid bacterial infections.