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Dillion Harper is the another girl who get her own Fleshlight. Read my crush fleshlight review before you buy it.

Dillion Harper was born in 1991, in the state of Florida. She studied to become a dentist but in 2012, she joined the adult film industry. She quickly rose to stardom as her movies flew of the shelves in stores, everyone wanting a piece of her. Her bisexual nature made her a fantasy of both men and women. In addition to the hundreds of films that she has featured in, she also works as a lingerie model. She also boasts of having a Fleshlight toy modeled and named after her. The toy was presented for the first time in 24th November 2016.

Dillion Harper fleshlight real review

The Dillion Harper Fleshlight Review

The Dillion Harper Fleshlight, also known as Crush, features 3 chambers. The first chamber is the largest of the 3 and covers the beginning all the way to the transition at the middle. The transition is one of the things that make the Crush stand out. The two other chambers come after the transition. They are of the same size, but very distinct. The overall length of the Crush is 5 feet and 5 inches.

Crush Texture Review

Upon entering the canal, you will experience some vertical grooves with tiny bumps in between them. This combination will offer some nice sensation and goes on for 2 and half inches. You then get to a forest of bumps that are tightly packed. The forest is only half an inch in length. In the middle, you will meet a very tight gap that will give your penis a very nice squeeze. The walls of that tight canal have some small bumps and grooves. The next section is marked by cross ribs that are wide and tall. Towards the end, if you make it there before you cum, you will find spiraling bumps, which run all the way to the end of the canal. Dillion’s pocket pussy is best for those who are looking for great climax.

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As with other Fleshlight toys, the Dillion Harper Crush also offers some form of suction. The intensity of the suction can be adjusted by screwing the cap at the end of the toy. More suction combined with the tightness of the chambers will make it feel more like a blowjob. By the way, Fleshlight turbo thrust & ignition is the best toy for blowjob lover.


If you are looking for a sex toy that will offer you great stimulation, then the Dillion Harper Fleshlight is among your best bets. The texture and design of the Crush will ensure that the entire length of your penis is being stimulated all at the same time. Making it to the end of the canal without ejaculating is actually a challenge that not so many people can manage.

Why you should buy Dillion Harper Crush Sleeve?

There are many reasons that would make you opt for the Crush over any other sleeve. One of the main ones, and perhaps the most obvious one, is to get maximum pleasure. Another reason would be to train yourself. You can learn to take control over when you ejaculate by using this amazing toy frequently. Your partner is guaranteed to be wowed by your performance after you use the Crush.

Dillion Harper crush fleshlight coupon

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