Tori Black Fleshlight Review – Lotus, Forbidden Coupons

Tori Black Fleshlight Review for Lotus and Forbidden Texture: Tori Black refers to an American actor who specializes in the adult film industry. She was born in the month of August 1988 and she started her career at 18 years of age. Her name came to the light in 2010 when she was named the most attractive performer in the industry by Loaded Magazine. Following that, Tori won many other prizes in various categories. She has performed in more than 400 films, with three of them as a director and continues to perform as a top actor in the adult film industry to date.

Tori Black Fleshlight Reviews

Review of Tori Black Fleshlight

Fleshlight has a line of male masturbators known as Fleshlight girls. Tori Black is among the featured girls. This means that she has a Fleshlight toy that is modeled from her actual vagina. Some of the features of the toy are highlighted below.


The material used for the Fleshlight of Tori Black is similar to that used in all the other toys i.e Katsuni Fleshlight. The outer casing is made of plastic while the sleeve is made of a patented skin-like material known as SuperSkin. The materials are safe and of high quality.


The design makes it look like a flashlight, which comes in handy when you require discretion. The casing has two caps, one that covers the opening of the masturbator and the other at the bottom, which is used to regulate suction. The color of the sleeve is also made similar to the skin tone of Tori Black.

Pros of Tori Black Pocket Pussy


The Tori Black Fake Vagina toy is of very high quality. It uses only the best grades of materials, which make it stand out as among the best male masturbators in the market. High quality also makes it quite durable. With proper maintenance, it can give you a lifetime of service.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining the toy is very easy. You only need to clean it properly after every use for hygienic purposes, and then store it appropriately. The cleaning process is also easy and requires only toy cleaner. If you do not have Fleshlight Go Surge cleaner, you can use warm water and mild soap.


The toy offers discretion in that it is made to look like a flashlight. This means that you do not have to face any embarrassing moments when the wrong eyes fall on it. It also makes it easy to travel with, especially for the trips that you do not take with your partner.

Fleshlight Lotus Texture

The Tori Black lotus fleshlight texture is the one modeled from her pussy. It has a smooth but relatively tight entrance. The canal has 4 chambers, which offer amazing sensations. The diameter gets smaller with each transition to the next chamber, which feels unique during penetration.

Tori Black Forbidden Texture

The forbidden texture is modeled from the anus of Tori. It is considered among the most realistic simulators of anal sex. It has a narrow canal at the opening, which has compact ridges. The ridges lead to a section that contains waves, replicating the real colon. The waves run to the end of the sleeve.

How to Order Fleshlight of Tori Black using Coupon Code?

Tori Black Lotus and Forbidden Fleshlight coupon

You simply need to visit the official Fleshlight website. On the website, you can either search or browse through the products until you find the Tori Black Fleshlight. Place it in the virtual cart along with any other thing that you may need and proceed to checkout. At the payment page, enter the promo code to get up to 30% discount. They often allow stacking coupons with Free shipping offer and combo offers for Fleshlight Fleshpump. Once you confirm the order and make payments, the order will be shipped to the chosen address.

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Homemade Vibrator – How to Make DIY Vibrator?

How to Make Homemade DIY Vibrator? Learn everything about women toys.

Many studies show a high percentage of women masturbate on a frequent basis, with more than 90% of the adult women having tried it at least once in their lifetime. There are many advantages that come with masturbation, which is perhaps the reason as to why it is such a popular activity. Some of the main ones include reducing stress and making your performance in the bedroom a lot better. All that are in addition to the amazing fun that you will experience.

There are many different types of toys that can be used for masturbation. For women, the most popular type of toy is a vibrator. Vibrators come in various shapes, designs, and prices. If you cannot afford one or simply just cannot access yours, you can use your creativity to craft one using just some of the simple household items.

Things you need for homemade vibrator

There are many things that lie around the house, which you can use creatively to make yourself a vibrator. Some of the items you may need include a condom, electric toothbrush, and electric trimmer.

How to Make DIY Vibrator at Home?

Below are the steps to make vibrator at home.

homemade diy vibrator

The first step is to clean all the pieces of equipment that you plan to use for your toy. Use the appropriate cleaning methods, especially for the electrical components, to avoid water damage. Cleaning will help to minimize any health risk.

For the electric toothbrush, you can remove the bristles piece and then insert that end inside a condom sleeve. Ensure that it is fully charged before you do this to avoid any interruptions. Place the vibrating end of the electric toothbrush on the vagina and turn it on. It will have a vibrating effect that will give you an amazing feeling. You might also decide to leave the bristles piece on and let it brush your sensitive parts over the condom sleeve, giving you a more intense sensation.

The electric trimmer works in a similar way to the toothbrush. However, you have to disassemble the trimming blades and use the back end to avoid getting any injuries. It has a bigger motor compared to that of the toothbrush, meaning that it will offer more intense vibration.

Why is womanizer better than homemade vibrator?

The Womanizer refers to one of the most effective sex toys, which looks quite different from anything else out in the current market. It combines the power of suction with vibration, leading to very intense orgasms within quite a short amount of time. Compared to the homemade vibrator, it is better in so many ways. Below are some of the top reasons to opt for the Womanizer.


You do not need to worry about any safety precautions when using the Womanizer as opposed to using the homemade vibrator. This is because it has met all the safety standards in its design to guarantee both physical and health safety.

It has suction

Your homemade vibrator cannot provide the suction effect. The womanizer offers moderate suction in addition to the vibration, which makes the masturbation experience quite amazing.

Feels Better

Well, as much as the DIY homemade vibrator can get the job done, it is always not a great sight to feed the eyes with, and can actually be a turn off to most women. The Womanizer looks very nice, with the design being a disguise on its own.

So, you decided to purchase Womanizer instead of homemade vibrator. Please Visit This Fleshlight Page to order your Womanizer toy at up to 30% off the retail price. Fleshlight offer awesome range of vibrator with advanced accessories. Moreover, Shipping is discreet and fast.

Please share your inputs about DIY home vibrator and my Womanizer review.

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Katsuni Fleshlight Review – Lotus Sleeve Coupon

Don’t Buy Katsuni Lotus Fleshlight before you read my review and tips on coupons. Katsuni refers to an Asian actress of the adult niche. She rose to fame due to her stunning beauty and amazing performance in her movies.

The many awards that she has won and her kinky nature made her so popular, making her part of nearly every man’s dream to have her in bed. Well, thanks to Fleshlight, that dream can now be turned to reality. The male sex toy named Katsuni Fleshlight happens to be one of the best and most intense male masturbator that you will ever use.

Katsuni Fleshlight Review

review of katsuni fleshlight

The Katsuni Fleshlight line consists of three toy models. The Lotus is a model from the actual vagina of Katsuni herself. The other two models are the Lotus Garden and the Mini Lotus. You do not have to be a fan of Katsuni to enjoy this toy as the design and texture will take any man to a different world. A majority of its users have actually said that it gives a better sensation than actual sex.


The toy has a texture that is designed to replicate vaginal intercourse in the most realistic way possible. Towards the orifice, you will experience a smooth but tight feeling. It gets a little wider as you go deeper into the chamber, with a few complexities added to give the maximum sensations. [Check fleshpump review]

Pros of the Katsuni Fleshlight

High quality

Just as with all other Fleshlight toys, the Katsuni model is of very high quality. The patented SuperSkin material, which has similar properties to real skin, is used for the sleeve. The out shell is made of top quality plastic that is free from any harmful chemicals or compounds.

Amazing sensations

The Katsuni pocket pussy comes with a Lotus texture, which gives amazing sensations. It is said to be among the most realistic textures by Fleshlight, when compared to a real vagina. This means that you can use it to train yourself on control, allowing you to become the master in your bedroom. You can try it with Fleshlight launch for automatic stroke.


With the Katsuni Lotus sleeve, you can be sure of pleasurable solo moments for years to come. This is because the toy can be used as many times as you may wish, without failing. The only condition is that you do proper maintenance. Maintenance includes proper cleaning and storage.


You get the option of choosing the Katsuni Fleshlight that you desire. There are three options available to satisfy the desires of all her fans. The options include Lotus, Mini Lotus, and the Lotus Garden.


The only main con that can be associated with the Katsuni Fleshlight is that it is a bit more expensive compared to other brands. However, the high quality and top performance makes it a worthwhile investment. Please don’t buy fleshlight from eBay, amazon and other site to avoid counterfeit product.

katsuni lotus fleshlight coupon codes

How to Order Lotus Fleshlight of Katsuni?

The process of placing an order for your toy is quite simple. You simply need to visit the official website of Fleshlight and browse through the products to find the Katsuni toy of your choice. Alternatively, you can use the search function to get it faster. Place it in the virtual shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Confirm the order and make the payments for whatever you want to purchase. The toy shall be delivered to the address that you give in a couple of days, depending on the geographical location.

If you have any query about Katsuni Fleshlight Reviews and coupon codes then you can share it here.

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Tryfun Yuan Series Masturbation Cup Is Launched, Opening a New Interactive Experience of Smart APP!

( Tryfun Yuan series, intelligent telescopic thrusting masturbator that offers extreme satisfaction and realistic feeling. It is a must to enjoy those special intimate moments with the partner.)

Tryfun’s top-matching masturbation cup hardware industrial design so far, equipped with yuan FUN App Bluetooth interactive system, supports OTA upgrade, unlocks three IP angels-Yaoyao, Daji, Yuhuan, fight together! And hidden characters Meta, give you the most intimate emotional companionship.

It is about intelligent interaction, about unleashing the pleasure lust for life and pursue sexual stimulation. Being passionate or enthusiastic doesn’t always help for that complete satisfaction – every individual needs that extra urge to make the moments strong.

Introducing Tryfun Yuan Series masturbator which allows users to customize their own passion. It is one of those products that can meet all the needs of the users. Available in an intelligent design and with excellent features, this is one product that every man needs to have to make the most of those intimate moments.

Top Features for Perfect Stimulation:-

  • > Dual engine design
  • > Customize IP characters
  • > App Intelligent Control
  • > Support OTA
  • > 1.54-inch color display
  • > 167mm large stroke telescopic
  • > 9-speed rotary telescopic adjustable
  • > 65dB quiet design

The product is available with a double engine design that ensures different ways of playing. Thrusting and rotation is completely optional and for user convenience, these can be set separately. There are many combination codes so that the user is never dissatisfied and can match the favorite rhythm.

It is available with different sleeves that have 5 different melodies. When these are put to the sleeves, the host recognizes them really fast. There is a 1.54 inches colored LCD screen which reveals the passion mode of the lover.

The product is popular for its exclusive texture, its compact nature and imitation of the human body channel that gives a completely realistic feeling. The stimulation points are strategically scattered around different positions. These alternate in depths so that stimulation is done wave after wave.

The product is suitable for penises of different sizes. It is one of those products that can be used for exercise as well and not just masturbation. It provides immense satisfaction the longer it is used. The longer it is used, the stronger is its effectiveness.


  • > Brand: Tryfun
  • > Material: silicone+ABS+TPE
  • > Dimensions: 297.6*104.5*118.2mm
  • > Weight: 1.3kg
  • > packing list
  • > Masturbation *1
  • > Instructions *1
  • > USB charging cable *1
  • > IP liner accessory *1

Price & Availability:-

Tryfun Yuan-series APP Controls Intelligent Rotation Thrusting Masturbator is officially available for only $191.99 , check out more Tryfun Yuan.

Fleshlight Go Surge Pink Lady Review + Coupon Codes

Fleshlight Go Surge Pink Lady Review and Coupons: The fleshlight brand has been around for quite a number of years now. Within those years, it has built itself a good reputation thanks to the high quality and design of the products. However, the one thing that has always been a shortcoming was the size of the toys. Some customers complained of how the toys could not fit in the carry on bags. Well, that is until the release of the Fleshlight Go Surge Pink Lady. This model is very compact, without any compromise in the pleasure that it can offer.

Fleshlight go pink lady review

The Fleshlight Go Surge Review

Read my full review of Fleshlight Go Surge Pink Lady which includes it’s unique features, design, materials, price and performance.


The Fleshlight GoSurge, despite being physically smaller, can still accommodate any penis size in the average length. It has an internal length of 7 inches with a canal diameter of 0.5 inches at the widest opening. The ratio of the internal measurement against the external measurement is ideally what makes it so compact.


Just as any other sex toy from the Fleshlight brand, the Go Surge Pink lady is made of nothing less than materials of the highest quality. The materials are of medical grade, making them very safe for prolonged contact with the skin. This is true even for those who are prone to allergies, as it contains no latex or phthalates. The high quality of the materials also makes the toy very durable. With proper maintenance, it can give you a lifetime of service.


The usage of Pink lady toy is not quite different from the other Fleshlight models. You simply need to apply sufficient lube in the sleeve and enjoy yourself. Its maintenance is also very simple. The sleeve has an opening on both sides, making the cleaning process easy. All you need is toy cleaner and warm water for the cleaning purpose, and a cool dry place for storage. If you do not have toy cleaner, you can use mild soap instead.

How Does Pink Lady Feel?

The Fleshlight Go Surge gives an experience that is unique and amazing. Pacing yourself can be a bit difficult without losing control of your orgasm because of how intense the sensations are. The tight grip and amazing texture that runs the entire length of the sleeve are responsible for making it the perfect companion during those solo moments. You cannot automate it as it don’t support Fleshlight launch.

What’s Included in Fleshlight Go Surge Pack?

The Fleshlight Go Surge comes in a Fleshlight branded box that might look quite familiar for those who have used Fleshlight toys before. Inside the package, you will find the masturbator itself with a sample of Fleshlube, a water based lubricant from Fleshlight. A small leaflet is also included, detailing other products that Fleshlight offers. Don’t buy fleshlight from ebay or amazon. Make sure to get it from official site only.

Pros and Cons of Fleshlight Go Surge Link Lady


  • It is easier to use it when compared to the standard sized models
  • It has great texture that offers amazing sensations
  • It is very compact, making it easier to travel with
  • It is cheaper compared to the full-sized model


  • Requires ample time to dry after cleaning
  • It is limited to people with a length of 7 inches or less
  • There are no Fleshlight Girls sleeves (i.e Dillion Harper sleeve etc) that are available for it, yet.

If you still have any concern or query about Fleshlight Go Surge review or coupon codes then you should post it here.

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Fleshlight From eBay – Should You Buy It?

Do you want to Buy Fleshlight from eBay, Amazon and other stores? Read my post before you make decision.

Fleshlight refers to a brand of sex toys designed for men. they are basically artificial vaginas designed in a way that the outward appearance looks like that of a flashlight but has a flesh-like material which you can mount, hence the name Fleshlight. This brand is the top seller in the adult toy industry, having made its name and a mark in that field due to the high quality of the toys. The patented SuperSkin material that has properties similar to that of real skin, also give it an edge over most of its competitors. There are various collections of this brand, with major differences being in terms of texture used. You get to pick whatever kind of pleasure fulfills your fantasies.

guide to buy fleshlight from ebay

Why it is must buy for you?

There are many reasons as to why you should invest in a Fleshlight toy. One of the main ones would obviously be to get pleasure from it. The Fleshlight toys are designed in such a way that they offer the ultimate form of pleasure. Many claim that using the toys actually gives more satisfaction as compared to having sex with a real woman. There is a variety of textures, which you can choose from to meet all your pleasure desires. The toys will stimulate every inch of your penis, taking you to a world that you possibly cannot imagine.

Another reason for buying the Fleshlight toys would be to train yourself. If you have problems such as performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation, a Fleshlight toy might just be the solution that you have been looking for. Using it on a regular basis will teach you how to gain control of your performance, including being able to decide when to ejaculate during real coitus.

You can also use the Dillion harper crush toy to spice things up a little in the bedroom. If things are getting a little boring between you and your partner in terms of sex, introducing a toy into the mix might change everything. It will spark some new energy into the relationship, perhaps even end up saving an entire marriage.

Can you find Fleshlight on eBay?

You can find Fleshlight toys in various stores, both local and online. Among the online stores, eBay happens to be a popular stop for most shoppers. It is possible, though not recommended to make your Fleshlight purchase on Amazon and eBay.

Why you should avoid buying Fleshlight from eBay?

As mentioned earlier, you should avoid buying Fleshlight toys from eBay. One of the reasons for this is because you will stand a chance of getting a counterfeit product. You might also end up spending a lot more as compared to when you make your Fleshlight UK purchase from the official website. Same is the case for US, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, India, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Spain and other countries. Furthermore, shipping is not discreet and secure. eBay and Amazon charge around 10% of actual product price to deliver you product.

How to Order Fleshlight from the official website?

To make your purchase, simply visit the official website and browse through the various products available. Once you find the toy that you wish to purchase, drop it on the virtual cart, and then proceed to checkout. Make the payments using your desired payment option and confirm the order. It will take only a few days for your shipment to arrive.

If you have any good or bad experience buying Fleshlight from eBay then you can share it here!

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Dillion Harper Crush Fleshlight Review – Coupons

Dillion Harper is the another girl who get her own Fleshlight. Read my crush fleshlight review before you buy it.

Dillion Harper was born in 1991, in the state of Florida. She studied to become a dentist but in 2012, she joined the adult film industry. She quickly rose to stardom as her movies flew of the shelves in stores, everyone wanting a piece of her. Her bisexual nature made her a fantasy of both men and women. In addition to the hundreds of films that she has featured in, she also works as a lingerie model. She also boasts of having a Fleshlight toy modeled and named after her. The toy was presented for the first time in 24th November 2016.

Dillion Harper fleshlight real review

The Dillion Harper Fleshlight Review

The Dillion Harper Fleshlight, also known as Crush, features 3 chambers. The first chamber is the largest of the 3 and covers the beginning all the way to the transition at the middle. The transition is one of the things that make the Crush stand out. The two other chambers come after the transition. They are of the same size, but very distinct. The overall length of the Crush is 5 feet and 5 inches.

Crush Texture Review

Upon entering the canal, you will experience some vertical grooves with tiny bumps in between them. This combination will offer some nice sensation and goes on for 2 and half inches. You then get to a forest of bumps that are tightly packed. The forest is only half an inch in length. In the middle, you will meet a very tight gap that will give your penis a very nice squeeze. The walls of that tight canal have some small bumps and grooves. The next section is marked by cross ribs that are wide and tall. Towards the end, if you make it there before you cum, you will find spiraling bumps, which run all the way to the end of the canal. Dillion’s pocket pussy is best for those who are looking for great climax.

>> Check This To Find More About Dillion Harper Fleshlight! <<


As with other Fleshlight toys, the Dillion Harper Crush also offers some form of suction. The intensity of the suction can be adjusted by screwing the cap at the end of the toy. More suction combined with the tightness of the chambers will make it feel more like a blowjob. By the way, Fleshlight turbo thrust & ignition is the best toy for blowjob lover.


If you are looking for a sex toy that will offer you great stimulation, then the Dillion Harper Fleshlight is among your best bets. The texture and design of the Crush will ensure that the entire length of your penis is being stimulated all at the same time. Making it to the end of the canal without ejaculating is actually a challenge that not so many people can manage.

Why you should buy Dillion Harper Crush Sleeve?

There are many reasons that would make you opt for the Crush over any other sleeve. One of the main ones, and perhaps the most obvious one, is to get maximum pleasure. Another reason would be to train yourself. You can learn to take control over when you ejaculate by using this amazing toy frequently. Your partner is guaranteed to be wowed by your performance after you use the Crush.

Dillion Harper crush fleshlight coupon

Click the link above to buy Dillion Harper’s crush fleshlight now. You can enter coupon code to get it at discounted price. Make sure that you stack your coupon with Free shipping and other offers. Moreover, Fleshlight also offer Buy 2 Get one free. You should think to get benefit of that promotion.

You can check my previous review on bibi jones pocket pussy, which is one of the best seller of last year.

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Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight for Vixen – Angel Review

Kendra Sunderland is the another girl to get her Fleshlight. Today Vixen and Fleshlight introduced Angel sleeve for their fans.

Kendra Sunderland is the pornstar who debuted on and soon become Vixen Angle of the year. She holds this prestigious and unique title for 2016 and 2017 too. Due to that Kendra received an exclusive contract by VIXEN to feature on their several big budget movies and to have her molded pussy called Angel by the Fleshlight for Vixen.

Fleshlight for Kendra Sunderland

Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight Review

Kendra earned honorary title for their outstanding performance, talent and attractive genital parts. So Vixen decided to approach Fleshlight to make a pocket pussy for Kendra Sunderland. Fortunately, It is available to buy from official site and it’s name is Angel.

Sleeve contains multiple layers of spiral-shaped pleasure halos to rise up you and to meet your creator. Apart from that Sleeve also contain several small and medium bumps that will increase your stamina.

If you are looking for outstanding climax then you should immediately purchase Fleshlight of Kendra Sunderland. Kendra will help bring you to a heavenly climax with her transcendent sensation sleeve called Angel.
Buy Kenda Sunderland Angel at Best Price

Angel Texture

If you are the fellow who like to ascend climax slowly and want to have unforgettable climax then Angel is the sleeve for you. As you know that, Kendra is best known for her charisma and talent to satisfy all her partner, this will be the case with Kendra’s Fleshlight too. This is why it is named as Angel that are created by vertical spiral shaped halos to make you rise up. Immediately after that you will touch so many nubs and bristles that gives you 360 degree of sensation. Interestingly, It is placed in such a way that it gives you tight grip to great suction. This is why, you will enjoy more power and sensation too.

Canal is 9.5 inch long and it is made up with soft hygiene and harmless material that feels you real like pussy.  As soon as you enter into canal you will be in contact with Fleshlight Case contains the logo of Vixen and Fleshlight Turbo and have grip to easily control it using your hand.

Why should you buy Angel Fleshlight of Kendra Sunderland?

Kendra Sunderland angel review

Looking for heavenly climax and dream to fuck Kendra then this is the product for you. It is the exclusive texture that is made for Vixen girl Kendra only. She is best known for her satisfying partner with her pussy and natural talent which you can find in Kendra’s Fleshlight too. The introductory price per unit is $79.99, However you can buy it in combo with other girl to get it at discounted price. Moreover, Fleshlight offer Free Shipping when you spend $150 or more, so make sure that you got some Fleshlube, a water based lube and other accessories with Kendra Sunderland Angel Fleshlight to make final total $150. So that you get it at Free delivery.

Please Visit This Page To Check all the ongoing offers by official website. Did my review for Kendra Sunderland’s Angel help you? Share your own inputs and thought about her Pocket Pussy.

For Best Fleshlight butt, check my other page.

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