Motorbunny vs Sybian vs Tremor Review and Comparison

Are you confused in buying Motorbunny or Sybian or Tremor? Read our in-depth comparison and review to get best of them.

Sex toys have nowadays become part of life for many people. Some people cannot live without sex toys because they get all their sexual satisfaction from these toys. Some of the leading sex toys for women include Motorbunny, Sybian, and Tremor. All these are good in different ways. We will review and compare them in a bid to find out which is better than the other.

Motorbunny vs Sybian vs Tremor comparison

About Motorbunny

Motorbunny is a ride-on-top saddle-style vibrator that exists to give women sexual satisfaction. There are various attachments included in this sex toy to make rotation and vibration speeds amazing. We will look into it more when highlighting its features.

About Sybian

It is a masturbating device that has a saddle-like seat with an electric motor and gearbox speed reducer. The device has mechanism that allows for additional attachments for improving rotation, vibration, and stimulation of the clitoris.

About Tremor

The Tremor is a new ride-on sex toy that works to provide sexual satisfaction to women. The designers of this sex toy dubbed it “the Rock & Roll Sex Toy” owing its high levels of vibration. Just like all leading sex toys, it has attachments that boost its rotation and vibration speeds.

Motorbunny vs Sybian vs Tremor – Head to Head Comparison

We will highlight specific specs and see how the different sex toys fair in these specs.


Motorbunny has a half circle or curved design. It is idea for people who prefer these design.

The Tremor has a modern A-Frame shape.

The Sybian is similar to Motorbunny in design having a curved design.


The weight of Motorbunny is 17.4 pounds while the Tremor weighs 13.5 pounds. On the other hand, the Sybian weighs 22 pounds.

The preference of weight is not definite and specific individuals will determine whether they want a light or heavy sex toy.

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The Motorbunny is made of a non-removable leather-like material. The Tremor is made of Silicone Pad, which is removable. On the other hand, the Sybian is made from faux leather.

The choice on which of the two is better is determined by the preference of the material. Majority of people prefer silicone materials.

Vibration motor

This is one of the most defining features of the performance. The Motorbunny, the Sybian, and the Tremor have a vibration motor of 0-160 RPM.

Rotation motor

They also have a similar rotation motor of 7,000 RPM.


Each product has its unique set of attachments. The Tremor has a 2 Silicone attachments, the Motorbunny has 4 TPE, and the Sybian has Dildo attachments.

Remote Control

They all have remote controls. The remote vary in design but all function to control the different speeds of the device.

Price, Shipping and Warranty

The Motorbunny retails at a price of $899 while the Tremor retails at $799. On the other hand, the Sybian retails at $999.

Shipping cost

The Motorbunny offers free shipping. The Tremor has conditional free 2 day shipping while the Sybian has Free shipping on selected countries.


The best product with a good warranty period is the Tremor offering 2 years of warranty. The Motorbunny offers 1 year warranty while Sybian only has 45-day guarantee. This is a clear indication of which brand to trust.

From the above, you can clearly see which of the three sex toys best suits your needs. Therefore, you should use the mentioned features to gauge which one you want to buy.

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