Fleshlight Lady Lager Review – A Sex in a Can Series

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The urge to have sex is one that is hard to avoid amongst men. Most men find it difficult to resist the urge. What happens when you have the urge and lack a sexual partner? In such a case, you may have to think of creative ways. This is why Fleshlight has been producing great sex toys for men to use in such times.

The sex in a can is one of their latest series that men have been dying to get hold of.

What is Sex in a Can by Fleshlight?

The Lady Lager Sex in a Can is a series of Fleshlight sex toys. In function, this series works similarly as other Fleshlight devices that provide sexual satisfaction to men.

Lady Lager Sex in Can Review by Fleshlight

The difference between this series and others is the shape. The Sex in a Can by Fleshlight has the shape of a beer can. From a distance, you may confuse it for a normal beer can. It even has a lid that closes its top. Therefore, no one will notice that you are actually carrying a sex toy. It is disguised in the beer can shape to attract less attention.

The Fleshlight Lady Lager Review

Here is a comprehensive review of the Fleshlight Lady Lager. This Sex in a Can review will cover various aspects such as design, features, stimulation, materials, specs, canal texture, cleaning, and what’s included in the package.


The sleeve fits in a small SIAC casing. To achieve this, the sleeve was shortened by one inch. Compared to the ordinary Fleshlight, the diameter of the canal has been reduced slightly.

There are four chambers in this device.

What’s in the package?

When you buy this sex toy, you will get the following:

  • Sex in a Can: Lady Lager case
  • Mini Lotus Texture
  • Mini Lady Orifice

Material used

The material used in making of this device is the same one used in other Fleshlight products. The patented Real Feel Superskin is the material used here. This material offer the skin feels making it the best for a sex toy.


The specs can only be compared to other Fleshlight products. The Sex in can Lady Lager is a bit small compared to Riley Jensen Wild Fleshlight toy. The length of the case is just 7.9 inches and the diameter of the can is just 2.8 inches. The length of the canal is about 6.9 inches.


The sleeve offers maximum sexual stimulation. There is increase in overall material counter-pressure due to the small size of the sex toy, thus, making stimulation even much better.

Canal texture and cleaning

The texture of the canal provides varied stimulation. You can be sure of the best sexual experience through the canals. You should also about Veronica Rodriguez Caliente if you are looking to buy more than one toy.

Cleaning the sex toy requires one to run water through the canal. Given the number of chambers, you must ensure that the water runs properly to clean it up.


Some of the features that define Fleshlight Lady Lager are:

  • Discrete: the can beer shape of the sex toy makes it impossible for one to identify it as a sex toy.
  • Maximum pleasure: there is guaranteed sexual pleasure when using this device.
  • Tight: The canal is as tight as Joanna Angel Fleshlight to offer the best sexual experience.
  • Portable: it is a portable device that makes it easy to carry around.

How to Buy Sex in a Can Lady Lager Online?

The best way to get sex in can toy is to buy it from Fleshlight website. This is because you will get a genuine product that has a warranty. All you need to do is to go to the web page and click on the button “ORDER NOW”. You can save up to 30% off the retail price when you buy in a combo package. Moreover, They offer free shipping when you order qualify for minimum shipping requirement.

The Price: the official retail price for this device is $49.95.

Hope my Fleshlight Sex in a Can Lady Lager review help! Please share your own thoughts here.

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