Lena Paul Fleshlight Review (Nymph and Ritual Sleeve)

Lena Paul is the newest addition into Fleshlight girl collection. Find review of Nymph and Ritual Sleeve of Lena Paul here.

In the world of adult sex toys, Fleshlight remains the unbeatable brand on the market. From time to time, big names in the porn industry are introduced into the market. One of the latest is Lena Paul. All that you need to know about the Fleshlight of Lena Paul will be discussed here. You can also find valid coupon code and deals here.

Who is She?

Lena Paul is an amazingly beautiful young lady known for her 32DDD tits. She also has an amazing personality making her an adorable lady. Her engagement in the porn industry has brought light into this industry. She has genuine performances that excite the industry lovers.

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At only 5 fee4 inches, she has a perfect body for an intense sexual encounter. What makes her stand out among the rest is her chest. She is well endowed in the chest area making her fans go crazy for her.

Before joining the porn industry, she lived an interesting life having gone to two colleges following a guy she loved. She also worked in the agricultural industry as a negotiator.

Her unique body and sex appeal is what made Fleshlight to design an adult sex toy with her in mind.

Lena Paul Nymph Fleshlight Sleeve Review

The focus of any sex toy review is always in the kind of sleeve used. In the making of the Lena Paul Fleshlight, the pussy was made out of the nymph sleeve.

The Nymph Fleshlight is an amazing pussy that brings out the sexual feeling that men want. It is designed to give men the kind of sexual appetite they want.

It is just as tight as the vagina of Lena Paul. Its tightness assures users of an exciting penetration experience.

Apart from its tightness, the Nymph texture is designed with different chambers of satisfaction. Every chamber leaves the user wanting more. The idea to have different levels of pleasure in a single sex toy is one that was introduced by Fleshlight and has been an amazing idea in giving men pleasure.

One of the greatest features of the Lena Paul Nymph sleeve is the special suction enhancement that is designed to stimulate the real sex to give you an amazing climax.

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Lena Paul Ritual Texture Analysis

If you enjoy anal sex, then the Lena Paul Ritual sleeve will be the best thing that you can have.

According to Fleshlight.com, the Ritual Texture is a sacred design created to provide users with intricate pleasure. Some of the features that make this texture amazing are the vertical massaging discs. The discs have lifelike rings that at the insertion points that extend all the way down to give users maximum pleasure.

It stimulates sexual pleasure with every thrust. You can always count on this sleeve to give you the best sexual anal feeling.

How To Buy Fleshlight of Lena Paul At Discount Price?

The price of the Lena Paul Pocket pussy is $79.95. This is the price of a single sleeve. You can get better deals if you opt for the combo offers. The Lena Paul Combo retails at $98.43 instead of $115. This means that you save $17 when you get this coupon code. When you opt for the combo pack, you will get the following items:

  • One Lena Paul Nymph Fleshlight
  • 8oz Fleshlube Water
  • Fresh & Clean care pack
  • Fleshlube Sample
  • Care and Usage instructions

The deal is available at the official website of the manufacturer, thus, the need to visit the official website to get this deal. You can also order it along with an Ana foxxx fleshlight as a combo pack.

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