Ana Foxxx Fleshlight Review (Silk and Velvet Sleeves)

Ana Foxxx is the latest addition to the Fleshlight girl. Find my review of Silk and Velvet sleeve to buy with coupon code.

Fleshlight is always on point bringing new products in the market. One of the reasons why Fleshlight products are liked by many is because of their superior quality. Anyone using a Fleshlight product always appreciates the quality of the sex toy. The beauty is that there are various options that a man has when choosing the type of Fleshlight to use. One of the latest is the Ana Foxxx Fleshlight. All you need to know about it will be discussed here.

Ana Foxxx Silk fleshlight review

Who is Ana Foxxx?

Just a single look at Ana Foxxx will make you realize the true beauty of a model. Foxx is an amazingly beautiful woman coming from California. The sweet, soft-spoken young lady has been in the adult entertainment industry as a porn star.

She is described as “chocolate” owing to her beautiful chocolate skin. If you get an opportunity to touch her skin, you will surely feel the kind of sensation that you need to stimulate your sexual desires.

Her physique is just perfect for any man who needs to have an amazing time.

Based on her body, Flashlight has manufactured a replica of Foxxx’s vagina for men who are always fantasizing about a sexual encounter with this beauty queen.

Ana Foxxx Silk Fleshlight Sleeve Review

The Silk Fleshlight is an absolute representation of Anna’s pussy. The silk texture matches the brown skin tone of Anna to give users the feeling that they are having Ana with them. The pussy is simply amazing to any man who wants to have a good time having sex.

Two chambers

Amongst the greatest features that make the Silk texture amazing are the two chambers. There are two large structures visible before you begin exploring the chambers. With about 2.4 inches in length, the structures offer a primary stimulation.

The passage is very small making it more appealing for men who may want a tighter pussy. The narrow passage offers an amazing sensation.

Ana Foxxx Velvet fleshlight coupon

Fleshlight VelVel Texture

The butt texture of Anna Foxxx is called VelVel. This butt orifice is a realistic replica of Ana’s butt. This is a classic texture that has been used by Fleshlight before. One of the dominant features of this texture is its tightness. It has an extremely tight canal. It also has a rib-like pattern that makes it quite stimulating when using it.

The options of both the Silk and VelVel sleeves make it good for men to have a good sex time. You only need to pick on your preferred option and start enjoying the numerous benefits. [Asahole Butt Sleeve]


The Fleshlight of Ana Foxxx retails at $79 only. This price is for the lady orifice only. You have to purchase it from the manufacturer’s official website. However, you can also get good deals if you decide to purchase the combo deal.

Combo Pack and Discount Offer

As mentioned, you can get yourself a range of products at a reduced price. One of the best combo deals is the ANA FOXXX SILK COMBO.

This pack contains Silk Fleshlight Texture, 8oz Fleshlube Water, Fresh & Clean care pack, Fleshlube sample, and instructional materials. All these are valued at $115.80. However, the combo deal would allow you to buy them at a discounted price of $98.43. You can take advantage of this 15% discount to get your Silk sleeve. Same is the case for marry queen vortex fleshlight too.

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