Kendra Lust Fleshlight Review (True Lust and Booty Lust Sleeve)

The Kendra Lust is the latest Fleshlight girl. Find my review of True Lust and Booty Lust sleeve with coupon code.

Fleshlight has made it possible for men to enjoy the pleasures of sex without having an actual woman. The Fleshlight toys are as good as real women, meaning that the kind of pleasure a man gets is the same as having sex with a woman. To make things better, Fleshlight has been in the business of manufacturing sex toys with super models in mind. Therefore, using these toys make you feel like you are actually having sex with your selected celebrity. One of the latest releases is the Kendra Lust Fleshlight. We will review this sex toy here:

Kendra Lust True Lust review

Who is Kendra Lust?

If you know a little about the porn industry, then you must know Kendra Lust. She is an amazing pornstar who has developed a successful career in this industry. Her success in the industry is mainly attributed to her natural beauty and her sexy body. At 5 feet 4 inches, Kendra has the perfect body that would make any man want to have her in bed. From her porn videos, she has a perfect pussy that makes men salivate and go crazy for her. Luckily, Fleshlight has made sex toy replicating her pussy and butt to make it possible for you to have her in your home.

Kendra Lust True Lust Fleshlight Sleeve Review

If you enjoy the regular sex through the pussy, then the Kendra Lust True Lust is the perfect sleeve for you. It offers a guarantee of fun through the various chambers as your penetrate into it.

The kind of sensation you get when penetrating is unmatched for the sleeve has a unique and authentic texture. There are pleasure nodes that make the experience even better for men using this sleeve.

As you go through the different chambers of pleasure, the nodes stimulate your sexual experience and it only works to make you feel sexually satisfied. If you are not careful, you may even have a ‘quickie’ when you intended to have a long session.

The True Lust Fleshlight sleeve retails at $79.95 on the official website of the manufacturer.

Booty Lust Texture Analysis

The men who enjoy it from the ‘back’ also have a reason to smile. The Fleshlight Booty Lust sleeve offers an amazing experience for men who feel like grabbing Kendra Lust from the back. Apart from the tightness of the sleeve, it is also known for the natural and voluptuous derriere, which is enough to stimulate the sexual sensation of a man. For an anal sexual experience, this is one of the best sleeves you will ever get.

The Booty Lust retails at $79.95 on the official website.

Booty Lust Fleshlight sleeve coupon code

Combo Pack Deal

When you make the purchase on the official website of Fleshlight, you can get combo pack deals and enjoy discounted prices for a number of Fleshlight products that you need for an enhanced sexual experience with your selected sleeve. Here are some of the leading combo pack deals:

Kendra Lust True Lust Combo – save $17

In this combo pack, you will get the following Fleshlight items: 1 Kendra Lust True Lust Fleshlight, 8oz Fleshlube Water, Fresh & Clean care pack, and Fleshlube Sample.

The total price for all these items is $115.80 but they retail at a combo pack deal of $98.43.

Interactive Sex with Kendra Lust – 11% off

This combo pack includes Kendra Lust True Lust Fleshlight, Fleshlube Water 8oz, Fleshlube Launch, and Fleshlube Sample. You can order Kimmy Granger fleshlight sleeve along with this sleeve to save even more.

The original price is $301.95 but the combo pack deal is $269.95.

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