How old do you have to be to Buy Condom

The rampant spread of HIV/Aids in the world has led to most countries advocating for the buying of condoms. Condoms have nowadays become very popular in the world. Though the bid to popularize condoms faced opposition in its initial stages, it is now being championed by many nations. However, there is still preservation as to who is allowed to buy a condom. I mean, what is the right age for a person to comfortably to use condoms?

Uncircumcised Penis vs. Circumcised Dick

Well, this question together with all its supporting and opposing claims form the basis of discussion here below.

What is the Appropriate Age to Buy Condoms?

There is no law that dictates the age in which a person should be when buying condoms. It has all been left on morality to guide people. However, different regions have a different ways of viewing the act of buying condoms that may restrict people of certain ages from buying condoms.

View of the Appropriate Age of purchasing Condoms by Regions

America: The United States of America holds a liberal view when it comes to the appropriate age of buying condoms. Teenagers are freely allowed to buy condoms. By stating that teenagers are allowed to use condoms, children below the age of 13 have been locked out of the moral bracket of having sex. They should not even masturbate. This view is also held by many European countries.

Asia: Most Asian countries also uphold the American view of allowing teenagers to buy condoms. However, in a country such as Singapore, an independent law my restrict teenagers from buying condoms. It is illegal in Singapore for people under the age of 18 to have sex either by consent or not. Therefore, technically condoms are for sale for persons above the age of 18.

Africa: Africa is still relying on their traditions when it comes to sexual matters. Therefore, children are not allowed to buy condoms in most stores in upcountry. Only in urban areas is where teenagers can buy condoms. But even while doing so, the condom issue cannot be discussed in public due to the old traditions of avoiding sexual matters in public where minors are present.

The above regions are just the samples that are needed to show that there is no age restriction on buying condoms. Morality plays a big role in determining who should buy a condom. But generally, children are being discouraged from buying condoms since it will be a sign of promoting fornication. It is out of this view that the Catholic Church has stood up to fight condoms, not just for children but the entire population.

Reasons Why It is Not Safe for Children to Buy Condoms

While there are many benefits that people get from using condoms, children should be advised not to buy condoms for the following reasons:

  • Promotes Fornication

By publicly allowing children to buy sex, it implies that they are allowed to have sex as they wish. It is not proper to encourage fornication among children by allowing them to buy condoms.

  • May Cause damage

Children are not experienced in sexual matters and hence if allowed to buy condoms, they may put their partners in danger. Improper use of condoms may harm a child. Furthermore, condoms contain some chemicals that are harmful. Children like exploration and they may be tempted to taste the fluids in condoms, which are very dangerous.

It is therefore important to let condoms be sold only to adults and children be advised to abstain from sexual activities.

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