How to Kiss Vagina to Satisfy a Girl

There are different ways of ensuring that a couple is fully satisfied when engaging in a sexual intercourse. As a norm, men are expected to satisfy the sexual needs of their female partners. For this reason, a man would do anything to get his sexual partner satisfied.

One of the ways of keeping her satisfied is by kissing her vagina. Yes, this is sexual act that has been very effective in keeping the ladies satisfied in all their all important sexual needs. So, how do you go about it? This question forms the basis of discussion here below where the tricks and tips of kissing vag to satisfy a girl will be mentioned.

Beginners Guide to kiss Vagina to satisfy her

As a beginner getting down on it, the following tricks and tips should be followed in order to get your girl fully satisfied in the act of sucking vagina.

  • Start Slow: As a tip, you should start the whole process of kissing the pussy slowly. This invites the sexual mood and gets her to be calm. Do not start with a bang for it will kill the mood.
  • Do Not Start with the Clit: This is considered to be the number one rule for vagina kissing. Going directly to the clit shows immaturity on your part and therefore it should be avoided at all costs. Explore the areas around the clit before getting to it. You should use Ben Wall Balls to build her mood.
  • Let the Tension Build: Brain is the biggest sex organ that both male and females have. Without building the tension in the brain, there will be no sexual satisfaction. In order to build tension, you can start off with other sensitive body parts such as breasts, the neck and ears. Kiss these areas gently to build tension before proceeding to the vagina.
  • Lick the Clit Indirectly: This is the most sensitive part in the vagina kissing act. The clit is considered to be like the tip of a man’s penis. By playing your game nice and licking the clit gently, you will have satisfied the girl.
  • Show your Excitement: Whether or not you are excited about licking the clit, you should your undisputed excitement when doing it. This will make the lady get emotionally connected with you and of course that works to give you an upper hand in satisfying her. But this excitement should be controllable. You should be relaxed also so that you keep watch of what you are doing to avoid messing her up. Ladies are fragile and a simple act may get her off tune.
  • Establish a Rhythm: You should establish a rhythm that is favorable to both you and your partner. Once you have established a fine rhythm, you should stick to it to not to deviate from it. Girls do not like it when you change the rhythm that they enjoy.
  • Multitask: While getting the work done in her vagina, you should also get time to touch her other body parts to increase the sexual sensation.

The above mentioned are some of the beginner tips that will get you started in this fine sexual act. If you completely new and don’t want to make any mistake then I would suggest you to apply this tricks on fake pussy and once you feel better go and apply it on your partner.

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