How to use Stud 100 Spray for Men and Review

Most men have a problem when it comes to controlling premature ejaculation. Controlling premature ejaculation naturally has proven to be hard. How about getting a spray that will solve this problem? The stud 100 spray for men can help to prolong their ejaculation. This spray is undoubtedly men’s best companion in making love for longer with much pleasure and it even works while masturbating. In order for potential users to fully understand this product, a complete review of the product will be done here below detailing all that needs to be known about this wonderful product.

Review the main Ingredient of Stud 100 Spray

Earlier we reviewed Hollow strap and now it’s time for one more male sexual product. The main ingredient of this product is known as lidocaine. This is an amazing ingredient that helps a man to prolong his hours in making love. It temporarily reduces penis sensitivity to avoid premature ejaculation. This ingredient works fast to reduce premature ejaculation.

How to Use Male Stud 100 Spray

It has an easy instructional for usage. There is no technical ability needed for a person to start using this product. Here below is a step-by-step guideline on how to use this amazing product.

  • The first step is to open the package and remove the cap
  • Spray stud 100 on the head and shaft of your penis. You should spray at least 3 times and a maximum of 8 times. The more sprays you have the lesser the sensitivity of your penis
  • Give it about 10 minutes to absorb before having sex
  • Go ahead and engage in a sexual intercourse after absorption.

stud 100 spray side effect and review

Using condom immediately after spray is recommended if you want to the spray to be more effective. However, the use of condom is at user’s discretion and not part of the instruction of usage on the package. Please don’t combine any lubricant like Gun Oil or anything else.

Benefits of Using Stud100 Spray for Men

There are many benefits that a man and his partner will get from this product. These benefits are what make this product to stand out as a better option in the market among other similar products. Here below are some of the benefits.

  • Easy to Use: This product is not as hard to use as other products. It has a simple user’s guideline.
  • Absorbs Easily: The spray absorbs easily to the penis. It only takes from 5-15 minutes for it to be fully absorbed by the penis.
  • Reduces Sensitivity: The product works well to reduce the sensitivity on the penis and hence increase the bed time.
  • Doesn’t require prescription: You do not need to have a prescription written by a doctor to use this product.
  • Safe and effective: Stud 100 has been clinically tested and found to be effective and safe for human use.
  • Sold over 25 million units: They say figures don’t lie. Over 25 million units of stud 100 have been sold worldwide. This makes it many people’s choice.
  • Unbeatable Price: It has a fair price that is affordable to many people. The price ranges from $9 and above.

Caution to be taken and Side Effects

  • You should not use this product if your partner is allergic to lidocaine
  • Avoid this product if the place of application is inflamed or has broken skin
  • Also avoid it when your partner is or might be pregnant.
  • Do not use it with Sasha Grey Vagina or any other Pocket Pussies.

If you follow the given instructions on usage and take the cautions right, you will have a wonderful experience with this amazing product.

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