Fleshlight vs Autoblow 2 – Comparison and Review

The Fleshlight vs Autoblow 2? There is always the contention between Fleshlight and Autoblow 2 on which is the best sex toy in the market. This review will compare the two leading products and offer finality on which is the best between the two.

Fleshlight or Autoblow 2 comparison

Fleshlight is a leading pocket pussy that has been in the market for quite a long time. Many people have been using this sex toy to get pleasurable moments. There are many Fleshlight products that you can choose to use.

Autoblow 2 is an amazing blowjob toy that is invading the market. It has come with new and amazing features that are making people fall in love with it quite fast. It has a good appeal and makes one to like it even before using it.

Comparison between Fleshlight vs Autoblow 2

Here below are the comparison features that will guide us.


When buying a product, one of the most important considerations is the price. There are different types of Fleshlight products that you can buy. For the sake of developing this comparison, we will pick on Pink Lady, which is available at $69. This is against Autoblow 2 price of $209. From this, it is clear that Fleshlight has cheaper options than Autoblow 2.

Skin feeling

The Fleshlight vibro lady uses the patented Real Feel SuperSkin, which is a soft and pliable material with no phthalates.

On the other hand, Autoblow 2 uses realistic artificial skin material. It is the best fully automatic simulator toy for blowjob. If you want to fuck real like pussy or ass then try Fleshlight Launch for automatic strokes.

Based on skin feeling alone, Fleshlight has an upper hand because their patented Real Feel SuperSkin is just amazing.


Fleshlight designs vary depending on the model. The Autoblow 2 design is a better one since it uses a new spring-loaded design that enhances sleeveā€™s lifespan. Furthermore, Autoblow 2 is much more appealing to the eye. However, this is not definite since Fleshlight has a wide variety of products from where you can choose.


They are both portable. You can easily carry them around. The only distinguishing feature is that Abella Danger Fleshlight products are relatively small and discreet. This makes them good for carrying around compared to Autoblow 2.


Both have their own distinct accessories. This feature cannot distinguish between which is better than the other since the accessories are to enhance the performance of individual product.

We will look at the pros and cons of the brands.

Pros and cons of Fleshlight


  • Very cool design
  • Has various chambers for complete satisfaction
  • Easy to use
  • Real Feel SuperSkin
  • Option to choose from wide range of sleeves inspired by vagina and ass of popular port star.
  • Add-On – Sleeve warmer, Fleshlight Launch, STU and other add-on tools to enhance your experience.


The sleeve is glutinous.

Pros and cons of Autoblow2


  • Unique design
  • Erotic stimulation
  • Vibration


It is a bit expensive than lady lager sex in a can toy.

Final thought:

Deciding on which between Fleshlight and Autoblow 2 can be a bit problematic. You need to be very careful on what you want to get the best deal. Based on the comparison above, it is clear that both brands have their pros and cons. Therefore, you should choose one based on the specific feature that you want. For example, if you want an affordable one, Fleshlight is the option for you. Similarly, if you want a unique toy, Autoblow 2 is the option that you should take.

Are you still confused about Autoblow2 or Fleshlight review? add your comment here. I will reply you soon.

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2 thoughts on “Fleshlight vs Autoblow 2 – Comparison and Review”

  1. i do have the autoblow 2.
    do i need a fleshlight for different stimulation or is the result about the same as the autoblow 2.

    1. Fleshlight is totally different. In fact, It has wide range of sleeve that gives you real like penetration. So go for Fleshlight, you won’t regret at all!

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